Islamic Sexuality A Survey Of Evil

Islamic Sexuality A Survey Of Evil

NOTE from Angel4Light:

This was video was uploaded on Nov 2011, but needs to be watched today to understand the reason for so much security needed in America.  Especially since the Obummer and Sorry Soros let in thousands of radical Muslims with fake passports and provided them with free food, and shelter and secret backup via the liestream media and the many traitorous pedophiles who have infiltrated the highest offices in America. These evil entities ultimate 911-2017… Is to declare war on America and bring the ISIS terrorism within our cities starting with Gun Free Zones. Have you noticed that all the false flags have been in a gun free zone? It is easier to behead or kill people when they can’t defend themselves.



Do some research on George Soros and you will be shocked. He got rich by gathering up the positions of the Jews who were exterminated in the Camps plus the money given to him by Jacob Rothschild to help bring in the NWO.

This is a spiritual battle and one of light vs dark and LIGHT always wins.

We need to all come together in love and prayer and please meditate often to bring in the light.

This is posted to help you see truth in this chaos that the Nazi faction (George Soros and the Vatican) are trying to devide and conquer, the way their breed have done for EONs, but no more.

The light wins!




Secret terrorist ISIS Camps are training in America


They Live - Wake up


The evil are the Dracos and Reptilians

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