Special Message From Ashtar On Donald Trump


President Donald Trump

“Just do your work and bring the Higher LoveLight energies in to assist in accomplishing these uplifting changes! And, rather than be in fear, give thanks for the Great Awakening which is occurring Worldwide, for Mr.Trump is indeed a most effective alarm clock! And so it is. Salut!”” – Ashtar



“Greetings, Beloved Family! This is to answer your many requests for my perspective upon the current status of the government of the United States of America – most specifically upon the one who has been inaugurated as President, Mr. Donald Trump. I shall first make the observation that since that event occurred, and although much talk of change and new ways of doing things has occurred, there is still a preponderance of confusion about him.

“On the one hand are those who have welcomed him, yet are puzzled by some of his announcements and appointments. For instance, consider the top echelons among the drug companies, who are literally afraid that their livelihoods – and lifestyles – are in jeopardy. And yes, among them are those who supported his candidacy.

 Meanwhile, we are seeing huge and non-stop openings for education about the so-called alternative methods – a veritable tsunami of information coming to Light as they become more and more known!
“This knowledge is not confined to the area of the FDA and ‘Big Pharma,’ as it is known, but rather is radiating throughout all 3D programs and institutions. The one thing they all have in common is that, whether Mr.Trump’s ideas about them are agreeable or not to each person, his announcements are literally attracting the Bright Light of Truth to shine everywhere! And so it is that record numbers of people are waking up and looking at things to which they never gave much – if any – consideration before!

“From here we can report that we see Humanity is rising to resolve and go beyond the numerous challenges of life on 3D Planet Earth, as never before! Yes, I can assure you that the necessary healing and uplifting changes are already taking place! And this is only the beginning, because the Light is so Bright that it radiates Hope from the Higher levels of Love, and all that springs from there. In this Hope is the assurance that Humanity CAN accomplish it all, and indeed, is doing so!

“I also remind you that we are here with you, and that we are able to do more than ever to assist you, because you have stepped up to partner with us!!! We do have the entire situation well in hand, and are moving with all haste to accomplish ALL that is to be done, in accordance with Higher Laws. Among them is NESARA, which WILL be announced, despite any attempts by members of any current governments or groups to stop it! “So, let not yourselves be troubled by one or more of the situations you are presently observing in 3D. All will ultimately be transformed to benefit everyone – Humanity and all of Mother Gaia’s Kingdoms! Just do your work and bring the Higher LoveLight energies in to assist in accomplishing these uplifting changes! And, rather than be in fear, give thanks for the Great Awakening which is occurring Worldwide, for Mr.Trump is indeed a most effective alarm clock! And so it is. Salut!”

Given through Susan Leland, February 11, 2017. www.AshtarontheRoad.com

© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2017. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.

The game of life has changed as we the planet, know it… partially thanks to Trump for shaking things up!

The galactics continue to support the notion that Donald Trump has what it takes to catalyze some big changes for the US and the world…. HOWEVER… Trump is not that big into the galactic scene.. ya know… rubbing shoulders with aliens and christ-like beings… ya know… comparing who’s spaceship is bigger… ya know… having a chat with Creator, and doing things His way… so we the world and the universe, look forward to Trump’s and everyone’s spiritual awakening…

Trump hints about world economic reform…

Trump Hints NESARA/GESARA World Currency Re-valuation, “All Currencies Will Be On An Even Level”

Extraterrestrial Agrees Earth Is Like A Live Reality TV Show Televised To The Universe

Your world leaders aren’t in a big hurry to announce ET presence…

World Governments Preventing ET Disclosure, Because Of Fear Of Loss Of Prestige, Power And Finances

ET presence is not a big priority for Trump…

Donald Trump and ET Disclosure Not a Priority for a President Who Wants to Do Things His Way

Trump is learning about the galaxy and his presidental role

Extraterrestrial Tekkr (Lyran) Says Trump Will Be Astral Visited By Aliens, Like Other Presidents, But That He Is Not Comfortable With It Yet… Trump Aware Of Secret Space Program, But It Is Self-Governed Area… Supersoldier Program Is Of Alien Origin

Meanwhile, North America is being ripped in half…

Zetatalk: North America Under Intensifying Bow Tension, Causing Bursting Water And Gas Main Breaks, Carbon Monoxide Emissions, Sinkholes, Earthquakes Lights, And Snapping Rock!… Rock Line Around Ramapo Fault Line Now Pulling Apart! 

Peace is reaching every far corner of this planet…

Zeta Grey Ruler Confirms Treaty With Earthlings And Galactic Council!

Trump wants to build a wall, but what about human drones… people will just fly over the wall… lickety split!

US Mexican Border Wall Not Be Realistic Considering Drone Taxis, Human-Carrying Drones Are Here 

At the bottom of the rabbit hole…
America ruled by Washington which is a different country…

America Still Dreaming! US Inauguration Is A Fraud In Front Of A Giant Penis! This Is True Because US Election Was Fraudulent, And Washington DC Is A Different Country! 

Indian in the machine


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