Intel One Who Knows: “The Public RV Saga” – 2.23.17


February 23, 2017

“The Public RV Saga” – One Who Knows – 2.23.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 12:23 PM EST on February 23, 2017

The Public RV Saga
I will give you a clear understanding about who should get the higher rate offer and who should not and why. And I will explain what Yosef means when he says that they are going to make the RV public. What are the benefits and consequences of this action? Here is the latest post from Yosef:
“Saga” – Intel SITREP – 02:00 EST – Thursday – February 23, 2017 (8)
Who is entitled to the high Sovereign rates?
I used to think it was those who are paying attention to the internet, but I have come to realize that is wrong. The correct answer is “Everyone who holds first basket currencies.” You read that correctly: EVERY SINGLE HOLDER OF THESE CURRENCIES. Of course these include the Dinar, Dong, Zim, Afghani, & the Rupiah.
Then what makes the Internet People special?
Nothing. It turns out, we are NOT more special than the “average Joe on the street,” who has some Dinar in the proverbial sock drawer. The one and only thing that is different between us is that the internet people CAN BE REACHED EASILY and the others cannot. The proof of this is that ANYONE & EVERYONE who holds these currencies and calls the 800 number in time, gets an appointment. EVERYONE!
That being said, we might not be special currency wise, but we are more educated, enlightened, and informed about what changes are coming to our World than most. That is a “Light Worker” distinction and not a currency holder difference. So we, the internet people, ARE SPECIAL because of our knowing and purpose, not because we will have lots of money.
What is the problem?
The problem is that so many people have stopped following the Internet due to stop and go fatigue, that there aren’t many of us left. If they posted the 800 numbers now, only a fraction of the currency holders would be notified and get exchanged. The New Powers That Be (NPTB) want EVERY currency holder to exchange and have an opportunity to get the high rates. So how are they going to reach everyone without alerting and disturbing the sleeping public?
The Plan As I see It
Clearly they will have to make some sort of public announcement. While that will notify those who hold currencies, it will also cause non currency holders to start asking questions and looking into this GCR event. This makes Time the enemy. The longer it takes to get us exchanged and done, the more the non currency holding public will be asking questions and wondering why they weren’t told about this. This explains why they are bringing on so many more exchange centers and even including regular bank branches as well. The more exchange locations, the faster this gets done and the faster it can be closed down. Speed is the secret to operational success.
The Roll Out
If I understand this plan, the NPTB would most likely release the 800 numbers on the Net first to get us going. Once the call volume slows down, they probably will make a public announcement to bring in those who didn’t hear about it on the net or from a friend. Then the call volume will naturally increase again. Then when the call volume drops off again, the main 800 number will be disconnected. Then as the exchange centers finish up all their appointments, they will close down. Of course the banks that were functioning as exchange locations will revert back to normal banking locations.
I am sure the NPTB want this whole process to happen so quickly, that the non currency holding public has no idea what happened, and when they do notice and start checking it out, it is already over and closed down. Those EXCHANGERS with “Special” arrangements such as high rates and/or high interest payout programs will be under an NDA keeping them quiet. There will be no 800 number to find, no exchange centers, and no one talking about it. THIS IS A GOOD, EFFICIENT AND EFFECTIVE PLAN.
The Bottom Line
The bottom line is that speed and efficiency are very important. They want to give EVERY SINGLE CURRENCY HOLDER a chance at the special rates and perks. It is a tricky balance between notifying those who have the currencies without informing the non currency holding public. This is EXTREMELY FAIR, after all many could not take the constant stop and go we have endured. It reminds me of the saying “No man or woman gets left behind.” That is also congruent with the phrase “All go, or none go.”
It looks like it is all coming together now in a final crescendo of Worldwide hydration. The second flood is a flood of prosperity and freedom that will eventually reach every man, woman and child on this planet, not to mention all the other life and Earth herself. What a time to be alive!!!!
May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams
Signed: One Who Knows

Terra Zetzz


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