Nance Pelosi Top Idiot On The Hill

Nancy Pelosi LOSES IT On Camera!! Watch The BIZARRE Speech That PROVES She’s Not Fit To Serve!

We all need a good laugh. This witch who shoved OBambam care down the throats of America with her insane statements like: “pass it then you can read it”

Now she has dived off the diving board into an empty pool and has come up with totally loose screws.
Could her chip be failing her now? Or could it be due to all the special after hour pizza parties at the pink house with OBambam? Their is a sickness amoung these bureaucratic leftovers. They loose touch with reality and the LieStream Media says nothing about the insanity of the left, yet they spread propaganda for their NWO Nazis. I hope they find all the dirt on her and start the arrest soon.

Follow the money. The foundations and the rants. The louder these Nazis scream and spread lies and instigate violence amoung the brainwashed snowflakes.



Snake in the Grass who is sponsoring the take over


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