Shocking: Here is Proof and Plan to Destroy America from Within

Brigitte Gabriel: Radical Islam: The Plan to Destroy America from Within: Infiltration




Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952


NOTE from Angel4Light:

We know that Barry Soetoro who goes by the name of Barack Obama is he/she a MUSLIM Tranny? He makes no bones about being Muslim. We know he is married to a he / she and that he is our first and Last Gay President. It is shocking that he acts like a devout Muslim when they kill Gays.

Obama has never been for America, and even today he is trying to help the Muslims take over America. He had a Muslim Terrorist as an advisor and now she or he has moved into his headquarters very close to the Capital so he can be close to his minions to overthrow our Government.

Obama’s list of Treasonous deeds are more than I can list here, but lets give a tiny taste.

Obama robbed America immediately by saying it was a stimulus package for the car companies and the banks to keep them from failing… “To Big To Fail”, so he gave them how many trillions of dollars? America bought the lie. People were loosing their homes and our returning Vets were made homeless. Not one thing was done to stimulate the economy. Instead he brings in millions of undocumented illegals most or Muslim.

Obama got caught doing the drug running and gun running with Mexico operation “Fast and Furious”, do you remember? Did anyone get arrested? Yet according to many of the libtards, there was no problem with his reign or terror. Either they have had too much fluoride or the Chemtrails of finally got to their brains.

LieStream Media made him Man of the Year… Remember?

Then there was the set up murder of Seal Team Six who were Sent to assassinate Osama Bin Laden (but from various sources), it is alleged that Seal Team Six did retrieve some valuable documents, which could have sent many on Capital Hill to the Gallows. What is the truth on this? Why did they have Islam Extremist on the flight with all of the Seal Team? Why was everyone cremated? And all ashes mixed together? Clearly a snuff job.


Benghazi do you honestly think that Obama was not involved? It was a assination job for Ambassador Stevens and anyone else that got in the way. Allegedly ambassador Stevens had helped Obama and Hillary move some nukes years earlier and was helping run drug and guns for the terrorists, but had loose lips. The nukes he helped move earlier were the missing Nukes from a sunken Russian submarine, retrieved by the dark forces who want the NWO. One of these nukes could have been the nuke shot into the coast of Japan causing the 311 Tsunami in Japan causing massive loss of life and Fukushima.

This story and all stories have evidence and can be googled but I suggest you use a different search engine such as

Hillary had a MUSLIM Islamic Extremist as her personal aid and lover whose mother was an Editor for a Muslim Terrorist publivation. Humma and Hillery shared locations through their unprotected Givernment serverd located in Hillery’s home and crutial secrets of our military and Governmrnt were exposed to the enemy (which they were) where our service men and women were put in harms way and even slautered.

Obama was very much a part of this muslimbrotherhood take over, and he brazingly had as an Islamic Jahadi Comminist spy who served as his advisor, Valerie Jarrett.

Well the list is sickening and long, then to find out that Jeffery Dolmer was a hero to these sick perverts makes me ill.

Obama paid 65 thousand dollars of the taxpayers money for a Pizza / Hotdog party at the Whitehouse. What!? Isnt that strange?

Ted Gunderson tried to expose this evil child trafficing for years but was killed when he brought the Chemtrail genocide to light.

Hillery in an email to Obama scolded him for doing the pizza or hotdog parties at the White House when they already have pre-destined locations established. 

Obama deliberately tried to sabatoge our Military. Placing them in harms way with inadequate weapons. Then when pulling them out of a location, wanted them to just leave the weapons and tanks that the Army would be picking it up later (yeah by the radical IS IS army of evil)

Then there was the many Generals and high ranking officers who were purged because Obama vetted them by asking them if they could shoot an American if needed. Treasonous!

Then Obama allows Muslims into our military (islamic radical) the Barracks where our soldiers were not permitted to have a weapon, were sitting ducks. These are our Military, they should have access to weapons at all times to protect America. The Muslim shot how many of our soldiers? What was the final justice for this crime?

This Evil would have made Humanity extinct

I was constantly hearing that Obama would declare Martial Law so that he could be the Dictator of Amerika. Thank GOD that was derailed by the White Hats.

Remember that Obama was raised by a Tranny and was trained to be a Commie. His hero is Carl Marx. His friend a known Communist Terrorist financed his training and preped him. Track down his friends list and it is a virtual Mafia, Commie, and Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Organization. 

Obama was born in Kenya and is a infiltrator spy for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Why did he give Billions to Iran?

Obama went to Columbia University under a foreign student loan or program. Yet noone there recalls him attending.

Obama is a George Soros creation. He is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a Terrorist Organization.

Obama and Hilley and their Muslim cronies created IS IS and Obama has even stated so on camera that they were working hard to train and supply ISIL (same thing)

Obama should have been arrested long ago. We the People want to see Justice Now.

I think all Muslim Mosques are a fraud and a meeting place of evil and for the ploting of the taking over the world. They need to be brunt to the ground as well as all Satanic Statues, buildings and sick perverted art that worship Satanism or Lucifer. We do not concent. We rebuke evil and want Love and Peace.

Islam is a CULT not a religion. Just like Scientology. In a Cult you have to follow their sick rules or suffer punishment. These people have sold their souls and have been completely brainwashed to hate and do Satanic deeds. Their God is Lucifer plain and simple. Their so called profit was a pedophile and dressed in his wifes clothes. Maybe that is why they all still wear dresses today.
Below are a few other educational must watch videos below.

My thoughts about the Antifi: Cult or paid snowflakes? Where do they get the money? Obama or his evil minions, or the George Soros foundation such as (George Soros foundation)

Why are these libtards allowed to wear mask like IS IS? They Wear black and have been instructed to bring blood to Trump supporters. Why are they allowed to invade our Support Trump Rallies and start riots? Now they are trying to cause such an upheaval to cause martial law. 

What my instincts are telling me is that having martial law would mean the military is on our streets we would lose our constitution. The infiltrators and foreign military will come in and try to take over. I say “Nip It in The Bud“, like Barney use to say. Restore the 1952 law to make ISLAM banned. Deport all Islamic idiots young and old. Especially the Muslims in the Government.






Religion of Peace: A Brief History of Islam – Brigitte Gabriel #islam #religionofpeace


Trump Chosen by God To Stop America’s Destruction – Astounding 2011 Prophecy

Mark Taylor: “God is in Control”

God has chosen Trump to stop America’s destruction. President Trump is the anointed wrath of God that has come to the Luciferian establishments of the earth.

Kicking Evils Ass for GOD feels so Awesome



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