White House Intruder Was Pizzagate Whistleblower Trying to Contact Trump

White House Intruder Was Pizzagate Whistleblower Trying to Contact Trump

Originally Published Mar 19, 2017

If you happen to be someone who has refused to look at the evidence supporting the existence of #Pizzagate, because the same media that has lied to you about every thing else in your life says it’s “fake news,” then I have a simple question for you. It’s the same question I close this post with.

If there is no #Pizzagate, and there are no massive pedophile rings connected to the DNC outside the minds of crazy “conspiracy theorists,” then how is it that over 1,500 child sex offenders have been apprehended by Trump’s administration in just the first two months he’s been in office? Why has wasn’t the previous Democrat administration able to do something if Trump has rounded up 1,500 in about 60 days?

PizzaGate is one of two things:

  1. Either #Pizzagate is “fake news,” like the media and politicians would have you believe, but then that means that every arresting officer and agent involved in apprehending the 1,500 child sex offenders the last 60 days must have done so knowing the people they apprehended were innocent; or
  2. It’s far more likely the all the men and women on the ground making the arrests are honest people, there absolutely IS something to the story, which means the mainstream media and Washington politicians are lying to you. 

It’s that simple. It’s one or the other. It cannot be both. Once you realize that, then ask yourself who is more likely to lie? A handful of super elites, they very same elites who are alleged to be involved in the scandal, or the hundreds, if not thousands of every day men and women on the ground who apprehended over 1,500 child sex offenders? You tell me which is more likely… then buckle up for this one… 

The Following Comes from the Conspiracy Reddit:

A man has been discovered on YouTube, called Jonathan with a video titled “Trump-Russia” Dirty Dossier, uploaded on Feb 26th 2017. In this video he speaks about how people he knew tried ganging up on him to partake in sexual abuse. The guy decided to look into these people and why they were after him and sent the material to the police, but they weren’t interested.

In another video on March 4 2017, the guy speaks about how his room mate in 2016 was a cyber-stalker/pedo/predator with strange tendencies he didn’t realise till later on. He says he was unfortunately fooled into signing some life insurance scam through his family and that room mate of whom all didn’t like him. Later in the year he noticed his family and room mate was planning to kill him after discovering a well-set out plan of how such was to happen which he began to compile together to later take legal action. He soon compiled enough, handing it in to the FBI & police.

He says his “dossier” then got flipped around and parts leaked to press with what seems to be a rewrite to make it sound like it was Trump of whom did all these actions, which he says was totally false. He says the dossier he had handed in, which included info from his “creepy” roommate mentioned the DNC. Videos, photos and text of a setup to sexual assault. This part doesn’t exactly make sense, as he speaks about the Russian dossier as if it was about sexual activity but it barely mentions that – a possible sign there is more pages of the fake Russian dossier to come, or indeed a completely different one.

On March 8th, the same guy uploads a video called “Introduction” where he says he’s the author of the dossier that has been in the news, showing a Californian photo ID 0:15 to the camera with the name Jonathan Tran. He announces that he is in Washington DC saying he can’t speak why hes coming out of hiding and ends the video there.

Fast forward two days to March 10th and the white house grounds was breached by a man called Jonathan Tran.


  • Jonathan Tran, 26 Mr Tran, who comes from Milpitas, California, had reportedly been spotted “looming around” Washington’s Pennsylvania Avenue, where the White House stands, nearly six hours before his arrest.

BBC Reports:
The US Secret Service has released new details of last week’s White House fence-jumping incident, in which an intruder was discovered just steps from the main building.

Jonathan Tran, 26, was in the grounds for more than 16 minutes before he was detained, it said. He now faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.

In a statement, the Secret Service said it was “extremely disappointed and angry” about the events of 10 March.

Mr Tran did not gain entry to the White House, where President Donald Trump was staying at the time.

However, Congressman Jason Chaffetz – whose House Oversight Committee oversees the Secret Service – claimed the intruder had managed to rattle a door-handle at the South Portico entrance.

According to court documents, Mr Tran told federal agents that he was a friend of the president and had an appointment. He was carrying two cans of mace, a US passport, a computer and one of Mr Trump’s books, authorities said.

The president praised the Secret Service for doing a “fantastic job” in apprehending the intruder.
Mr Tran had managed to climb a 5ft (1.5m) fence near the US Treasury Department, which is next to the White House. He then scaled an 8ft vehicle gate, and a shorter fence near the east wing of the White House grounds.

CNN reports that he set off several alarms after jumping the fence, but was able to avoid other sensors.

Mr Tran, who comes from Milpitas, California, had reportedly been spotted “looming around” Washington’s Pennsylvania Avenue, where the White House stands, nearly six hours before his arrest.

The Secret Service said it had taken immediate steps to avoid further security lapses, and that over 50 people had been interviewed about the incident.
The intrusion was the latest in a series of breaches at the White House in recent years. 

Security has been enhanced. In 2015, sharp spikes were installed on top of the black iron fence that circles the property.

The Conspiracy Reddit Continues:
Jonathan from the youtube channel was the Jonathan who trespassed.
You can view his court sketch photo here, as seen in the media. Compare that to his selfie here discovered via his Google+ youtube page.

Using “search by image” I discovered this photo of him, found also on his google+ page links to his ResearchGate page which points out he’s from San Jose in Cali. Back to the video on YouTube and if you remember, he had a Californian photo ID 0:15.
One must wonder what information he had that we haven’t yet had…
If you happen to be someone who hasn’t looked into #Pizzagate at all, mainly because the very same people who’ve been lying to you about everything for years have told you it’s “fake news,” then I hope you’ll cease exercise contempt prior to investigation for just 17:00 minutes and watch the videos below.

Why not see and hear some of the evidence for yourself, and make your own decision as to whether #Pizzagate is worth looking into, rather than taking someone else’s word who refuses to show you any of the evidence. That’s rather suspect, is it not?

Furthermore, if there was nothing to the story of pedophilia rings and their connection to the DNC, how is it that over 1,500 child sex offenders have been apprehended by Trump’s administration in barely 60 days??? Why did the previous Democrat administration do nothing??? If there is nothing to the story, and it’s “fake news,” why did Jeff Sessions Tell Nancy Pelosi To Expect Pedophile Investigations to Begin, despite her threats not to?

Either #Pizzagate is “fake news,” and every arresting officer and agent involved in apprehending the 1,500 sex offenders did so knowing those people were innocent, or there is ABSOLUTELY something to the story. It’s one or the other. It cannot be both. Once you realize that, ask yourself who is more likely to lie? A handful of super elite politicians, or hundreds, if not thousands of men and women on the ground level making the arrests? 


The Last Great Stand

reddit conspiracy


For convenience, below are the Suspects (Jonathan) videos that will help you to understand or draw your own conclusions. Use your discernment and not the left wing fake news that has only spewed out one lie after the other. This is serious stuff. What would you have done. Perhaps when all is revealed, his life was spared by this desperate attempt to contact the only person he felt would listen. 

There needs to be a special division for whistle blowers to come and report these crimes and deliver their evidence without percicution or being suicided.  Perhaps there has been a place but somehow the whistle blowers end up dead, especially if the Bushes, Clinton and Obama Crime syndicate are involved. These are evil to the core soulless entities in human skin suits. Or just before trial, they drop a barbell on their neck to avoid showing up to testify against these evil, corrupt, satanic, enities. 

Jonathan YouTube Channel

Video 2-26-17

“Trump-Russia” Dirty Dossier

Published on Feb 26, 2017

Came close to being sexually assaulted / murdered in September 2016… Collected info and profiles on suspects in my circle. Turned it into authorities in 2016. Leaked to media… Media spin…?


Video 3-4-17

Blood Money, Predators…

Published on Mar 4, 2017

More details about my experience of almost being ‘done for’ or mutilated for financial gain…


Video 3-8-17


Published on Mar 8, 2017




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