May be related; Surprise! USDA drops plan to test for Monsanto weed killer in food


May be related; Surprise! USDA drops plan to test for Monsanto weed killer in food

Date: Tuesday, 28-Mar-2017

        Surprise! USDA drops plan to test for Monsanto weed killer in food.


        The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has quietly dropped a plan to start testing food for residues of glyphosate, the world’s most widely used weed killer and key ingredient in Monsanto’s branded Roundup herbicides.




NOTE from Angel4Light:

Why aren’t you outraged? Your food is being poison and now the USDA is refusing to examine the toxic mess, because the levels are most likely off the charts between the pesticides and Chemtrails and the Tainted cans that are sprayed with chemicals. They don’t want you to know about Agenda 21, and their Genocide Game.  So stop buying their poisons period.

Here is a suggestion I have been spouting out for many years. Grow your own food to ensure that you and your family receive the proper nutrition and to prevent pesticide poisoning of you and your precious loved ones.

In these days you will need to use a raised bed guarden for best results, since our soil is loaded with chemicals from the Chemtrails. Grow inside using an Hydroponics type system. It utilizes fish as the food for the plants and the roots of rhe plants provide oxygen for the fish. It can be small fish and a small herb garden to start, but do something that will safeguard your health and piece if mind. The rewards of growing your own nutrition is incalculable.

I suggest you stay away from using pesticides unless it is natural. Study up on companion planting, or natural pesticides that don’t use chemicals.

Pepper, orange, garlic, mint, and ginger soaked in a quart jar over the winter, makes for a great deterrent for pest. I strain the stew into a cheese cloth, add more water and some original dawn liquid (not much). The strained liquid is then poured into my sprayer the large one or a hand-held one. I find the plants I need to protect from the pest and give them a good dousing. Make sure it isn’t going to rain right away or your efforts are wasted.

Use fishing line to string above your grapes, to string around your crops that deer keep trying to munch on. It throws them off and they will leave you alone. Plant mint in pots around your crops. Many pest hate this. Mint will take over so keep it in check.

There are many clean and natural ways to keep pest out. If you have problems with rabbits, get some fox urine from your local feed and seed and spray it around, or use your dogs hair leavings from when you brush or clip your pet.

Pie plates hanging on cord on the end of the poles will cling in the wind and helps.

There are many more ways that will keep your harvest safe.

The best of all is the Harvesting of your own food. The taste is out of this world. I can’t go back to junk food or can foods.

Now this will take a little time and lots of love. Talk to your plants and thank them for providing the nourishment you need.

Pick up some books today, how to grow, how to can, how to survive.

This will be be best money spent. Get your family involved in this project. It will create stronger bonds and great memories and fabulous health for everyone involved.





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