Kim Clement on Gods Plan For America To Prosper

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Kim Clement on Gods Plan For America To Prosper (With Visuals)

Published on Mar 26, 2017
By Send Rain

And I couldn’t agree more. I grew up hearing all the gloom and doom. So negative words spoken over my country is something I have gotten use to until I started reading Gods word and realized that God is not my enemy and how there are more accounts in the bible where God has made a way. Now I question all the gloom and doom prophets where they got the idea that God has nothing good for His people. I am beginning to wonder if itchy ear prophecies ARE from the gloom and doom now that I see how people get all big eyed and almost feed off of the negativity. Most likely, those are the the ones who watch horror movies. I know I was once. I use to love all those creepy stories about witches and Satan and hell. I know that much of it is true but I use to listen more to that stuff than the good Word of God. God is not negative. Satan is. Only Satan has bad plans to destroy my country and others too. He never has a solution. But God does! That’s the good news! God is good!



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