“THEY ARE COMING TO KILL YOU!” Former Muslim WARNS America of the dangers of Islam. (SHOCKING)


Put on your Spiritual Armour and Rebuke the Dark. Prayers are needed daily. Pray for Gods Children to awaken and rebuke what is of Satan.


The sanctuary cities are a ploy to enable Satan’s army against the Christians. We are the Soldiers of GOD. Stand strong and proud, in love and support our President Donald Trump who has been annointed by GOD to bring America out of the belly of the beast.

Our President speaks with authority and knows GOD and truly loves America. Help to educate those who are taking the dark road, if they continue to choose Lucifer, then rebuke them and protect yourself and your loved ones from their vile serpent tongues. Be of peace unless you need to protect yourself.

Prayer is needed daily and in multitudes. Let us also give thanks for GOD’s LOVE.



Let the people pray to GOD our Father GOD who is of Love and Peace. Awaken those to the truth that Allah is Lucifer and the god of hate, war and evil.

GOD doesn’t want you to sacrifice innocents, to kill because others don’t believe as you do, or treat people worse than dirt on the ground. This is all works of Satan (Allah) and when you pray to Satan you are selling your very soul to him, he will not give you 72 virgins and paradise. It isn’t too late to repent and find GOD within your heart.

Many Great things are coming to pass, be strong dearest Angels of GOD who have come to bring in the light. Our victory is soon upon us.


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Thank You President Trump

Draining The SwampDecember 15, 2018
Pray for President Trump, the White Hats, our Military and all benevolent beings helping to Free Humanity . Be in JOY and in PEACE. Love others as you Love yourself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Be an example of Love and Joy. Peace will be ours and so it is.


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