Use Your Discernment – Shocking Bible Facts

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America Escapes The Beast System! (SHOCKING BIBLICAL FACT)

Published on Mar 21, 2017

By Bring Rain

Talk about laying aside doctrine of what we were taught! I heard Irvin Baxters understanding of the bible and how he puts all the scriptures together that gives me a much better understanding and it’s mind blowing! I was once a pre tribulations rapture believer but now that I see it all falling into place politically, I can see that we are in the time period where America is being set up for preparing during the tribulation. This is why God gave us President Trump! No wings for the anti Christ. We stand with Israel till the very end! We are truly a blessed nation! It comes to really show how today’s society, media and tv has been a blockage for our discernment in reading the bible. We really have to read it carefully as it even says to meditate on His word. A busy lifestyle can get in the way of a deep good study sometimes.

See full teachings on YouTube channel: endtimeministries

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