Part 2 by BG: Purifying Currents


Purifying Currents

by BG


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Cosmic Cushion



“… In endeavoring to understand the right use of the Sacred Fire, the student must first learn that the Sacred Fire Itself is consciously qualified, obedient, intelligent Life – eagerly willing and capable of rendering the service for which It is called forth! The acceptance in the outer consciousness (feeling world in particular) of the already gathered momentums of various Qualities and Activities of the Sacred Fire (such as the Freedom Flame, Resurrection Flame, etc.) is so essential to the success of Its use.

“The Sacred Fire renders two services – one manifesting as the power of Precipitation – the conscious creation of constructive form in any Sphere, including the physical appearance world; the other manifesting as the power of etherialization (dissolving) of form at the completion of its usefulness.

The Salamanders



“The Salamanders are the Beings which serve the Fire Element and are of tremendous assistance to the Directors of the Fire Kingdom. Many of these Salamanders are as large as the Empire State Building (in New York City) while many are as small as the head of an ordinary pin. They serve constantly under their Directors to dissolve the impurities released from mankind through the destructive use of their creative centers (thoughts, feelings and spoken words) and are a tremendous boon to the other three Elements – Earth, Air and Water. Perhaps it is difficult for you to conceive of Fire Beings acting as purifying agents through the Water Element but they do! Without these Salamanders (many of Whom come from the Electronic Belt around the physical Sun) the forces of the other three Elements would long since have rebelled violently, causing much cataclysmic action, fear and chaos to the people of Earth. I should particularly like you, from tonight on, to acknowledge and consciously bless these Salamanders for their service all through the ages, not only in this physical appearance world but also in the Inner Spheres where disembodied lifestreams dwell between embodiments.

“Fire, like every other Element, has given great blessings to the race by manifesting in a constructive manner; i.e., for incineration, heat, light, cooking, etc., and in a destructive way also, causing the loss of homes, lives and property. Therefore, mankind in general have a terrific fear (often buried in the etheric garment) of the action of fire. Tonight, we are endeavoring to remove this fear from the etheric consciousness (memory world) of the people and replace that fear with a love of the purifying Radiation and Activities which are within the Sacred Fire.

“Many individuals (particularly those who have been burned at the stake in past lives, or otherwise tortured by fire) have been deeply scarred etherically. The removal of the cause, effect, record and memory of such fear shall take place now! Then the activities of the Sacred Fire will be more welcomed by all the evolutions in the Earth, on the Earth, and in Its atmosphere as a liberating, purifying power. I so decree it!

“Through ages of misuse of the Fire Element, many disembodied lifestreams are also, very much afraid of Fire. Thus the purifying currents of the Violet Transmuting Flame, as well as the radiation of My Own Ray and that of the Elohim of Purity, are violently rejected by the souls (even at Inner Levels) who have utilized the Fire Element to cause agony and death to their fellow men. After the first Zarathustra brought back the remembrance of the use of the Fire Element to the outer consciousness of mankind on earth, for a long time that Fire was loved and blessed by the Priests and the people and only used constructively. Then came the time when, through many ages, unscrupulous Priests and Priestesses invoked the powers of the Fire Element for selfish and destructive purposes. Salamanders who responded in obedience to those who were practicing such Black Magic rites became bound to the lifestreams of those who had invoked them and have followed those lifestreams ever since. We are asking you now to help Us cut these Salamanders free from these lifestreams, many of whom are yet to be born on the Earth. Those with incendiary tendencies often have those tendencies stimulated by such Salamanders who have taken on the ‘mischief’ of their masters.

“I smile at the consciousness of those who refuse to believe that the Earth must first be cleansed and purified from within out, before the glorious radiation of the Ascended Master Realm can be manifest again for the sweet Earth and all her evolutions. This idea is just as foolish as to think one can ignore the weeds which fill a field and, sowing fresh grass seed upon them, expect to have a grassy lawn of velvety softness.

“My service to this Universe is to help remove the causes and cores of all the ‘seeds’ of human selfishness, discord, limitation and distress from within the four lower bodies of mankind, as well as the mass creations which blanket the Earth and Its entire atmosphere. Many of you individually are going through the process at this time of having certain destructive qualities, tendencies, and cores of impurity removed from your four lower bodies. It is sometimes no more pleasant to experience this than it is to have a tooth pulled from an abscessed gum – but it is just as essential to the permanent well-being of the individual.

“You would be amazed at the tenacity with which individuals hold on (in feelings) to certain habits and tendencies. They really enjoy them and are not at all either eager or desirous of letting them go; also – the humanly created entities of discord really hate the purifying activities of the Sacred Fire, fearing the loss of their identity. This resistance is what We must meet with the help of sincere students who will invoke Our aid, since We must have the call and authority from your (the human) octave – from those still in physical embodiment where the need is to be met.

“As I have told you previously, I chose to cooperate with the Beloved Elohim of Purity – creating, sustaining and expanding by use, the activities of My Circle and Sword of Blue Flame which I release at your call in, through, and around whatever destructive condensations of energy you designate in that call…”



Thank You for Taking Your Power to Make Peace,


Terra Zetzz


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