Part 4 by BG: Holy Innocents


Holy Innocents
by BG


Part I:
Cosmic Cushion

Part II:
Purifying Currents

Part III:
Deep Breath



“I AM Virgo – Spirit of the Earth – affectionately called by many ‘Mother Earth’. In a time long, long ago, My Beloved Pelleur (the Twin-Flame of My Lifestream) and I answered the call of the Mighty Helios and Vesta for volunteers to assist the Seven Mighty Elohim in Their joyous task of creating a habitable Planet for the mankind which, in time, would proceed as Individualized Lifestreams from the Heart-Flames of Helios and Vesta Themselves.

“Others, besides us, were given opportunity with Us to show Their particularly developed capacities to create and sustain a substance for this Planet, whose vibrations would be of such a rate as to make it solid enough to form a platform for the feet of the people of Earth, where they could walk in safety and in happiness. Finally, We were chosen for this signal honor and given opportunity to so serve. Then We were called upon to manifest the ‘staying power’ (centripetal force) which would keep the landed substance of Earth in its appointed place, cushioned by the Water Element. We were also called upon to create just the right amount of ‘gravity pull’ which would not be a distress upon the feelings of the people, but yet keep their bodies from flying off the Planet into outer space.

“Pelleur then offered His full-gathered momentum of centripetal force to create the Law of Gravity for this Earth – the magnetic pull which would hold the landed surface in its appointed place. Through the ages, this had to be adjusted from time to time, according to the vibratory action of the bodies of the people – the actual weight of their bodies as well as the weight of the substance which they had drawn about them to sustain and expand their civilizations. As My gift to this creation, I offered to mold Universal, Intelligent Light-Substance into the design for this planet, which design was created by Helios and Vesta. This Perfect Pattern was held within the bosom of the Silent Watcher for this Planet. It was necessary for Me to determine just the right density of substance required to allow the God Radiation which was anchored in the center of the Earth by Beloved Pelleur to flow through the Planet, out to and through Its surface, thus blessing the mankind and Nature Kingdom who were to live there.

“I worked in close harmony with the first Maha Chohan Who served the Earth, the Beings of each of the four seasons, as well as with the Great Nature Spirits Who ensouled the mountans, fertile valleys, trees, shrubs, and flowers, and the Gnomes, Fairies and smaller Nature Spirits Whose activities would be on the surface as well as within the very body of the Earth Itself.




“When the first inhabitants of Earth embodied here (called ‘Holy Innocents’), the Earth was garlanded in the most fragrant flowers; Amaryllis (Spirit of Spring) having prepared for more than nine hundred years to develop the greatest possible beauty for the incomingl lifestreamsimage


“In the beginning – the first Golden Age – the Earth’ substance was crystalline, pure and iridescent and the glowing radiation from the very center of the Earth was easily discernible, pouring up, in, through and around the Earth and all its attendant evolutions. This glowing center of the Earth was the place where My Beloved Pelleur focused His magnetic Ray, at the point where the Masculine and the Feminine Rays meet, the Masculine Ray of Gold entering the Earth at a point in Tibet and the Feminine Ray of Pink entering from a point in South America, near Lake Titicaca. These two Rays converge within the Earth Itself. This Heart-Center of Pink and Golden Light within the Earth created a tremendous buoyancy and raising power of Divine Love which surged out through the Earth and Its atmosphere, allowing the bodies of the people to absorb the radiant substance and to live, move, and have their being within that Divine atmosphere of Purity and Peace. This gave the people assistance in the speedy fulfillment of their own Divine Plan.

“As you look down through clear water and are able to observe the submarine life, so could any member of the race then embodied look into the depths beneath the Earth’s surface and see the Salamanders disporting themselves in the Pink and Golden Rays from the center of the Earth. These beings carried the surging, vitalizing energies of the Sacred Fire upward through the entire Nature Kingdom and to the lifestreams dwelling upon the surface of the Earth as well. In like manner could they observe the busy little Gnomes and other Nature Spirits (in that time all were in perfect proportion and symmetry of body) serving to nourish, develop and push up to the surface of the Earth, the plant life designed by the Builders of Form and the Directors of the Nature Kingdom.

“In those days, there were perfect harmony and rhythm in the changes of Season as each of the Great Beings Who direct the Four Seasons (together with Their Divine Complements) served to give variation of color and design, as well as variations in types of harvest, to nourish and sustain the bodies of the people.

“Then, as has often been described to you, there came the need of some Planet of our System to offer to be the Host to some souls from other Planets, which souls did not choose to progress along the Path of Life as quickly as the rest of the lifestreams evolving with them….

….to be continued

Terra Zetzz


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