Personal Notes from Cobra’s Ascension Conference

Personal Notes from Cobra’s Ascension Conference

Event Is Coming Soon 

Published on Apr 12, 2017

Event Is Coming Soon – Personal Notes from Cobra’s Ascension Conference. Overview of Ascension process timeline

Notes by Peter Reed

Personal Notes from Cobra’s Ascension Conference in Taipei, March 11th &
12th. Approved by Cobra

It was a work of joy to put these notes together…. Enjoy. The photo below, “Cobra Tandem” was taken in Jialeshui, Taiwan, the day I sent them to Cobra for review.

Synchronicity at it’s finest!
The following are key aspects from my notes and memory of the Cobra
Ascension Conference I attended in Taipei on March 11th and 12th. The
conference was beyond anything I imagined or expected and I shared at the end to everyone, that I have been down many spiritual rabbit holes in my life and that Cobra’s teachings in this conference truly felt the deepest, most relevant, and
most promising in fullfillng my own personal Ascension trajectory…as well as
our planet’s. Any word or phrase in brackets is from my own “inner standing” to help clarify or put into context the wonderful material that Cobra presented, or simply because I did not remember or hear clearly the word or phrase that Cobra used. I also took the liberty to paraphrase some of his material for the same reasons. These notes have been approved by Cobra for release to the public.

The words expressed here are as close to the essence as my hearing and note
taking could get to the material that Cobra presented to us. Much of the info (with the exception of some of the meditation/visualizations he taught us that I did not include here) can be found on Cobra’s website along with so much more material. However, from something that Cobra said to us and from my own “inner standing” and feeling, is that this material is what can be most beneficial for us to hear right
now for our liberation, and for the liberation of the planet. As you may sense, as much as I do, we are very fast approaching the threshold of the compression breakthrough which will trigger the Event. Also from what Cobra said and my own feeling is that what is behind Cobra’s words and material is a transmission of energy from the 70 million beings in the Resistance Movement. This transmission of energy could be felt when hearing Cobra speak at the conference. May what is presented here be of service and value to you.

Love and blessings and Victory of the Light! 

……..Peter Reed

Overview of Ascension process timeline

We have been born in this time to facilitate the removal of all darkness. Our Ascension process, both personal and planetary, is a Galactic process as well, and is part of the “great purification prophecy.” Every 225 million years our galaxy completes one rotation and approximately every 26,000 years emits a super wave or pulse from its center. We are in the initial phase of that pulse; which basically clears the primary anomaly, the source and cause for all darkness. The timeline window of 50 years for this clearing of the primary anomaly and liberation of our planet we are in, extends from 1975 to 2025. In 1996 there was a major set back with the archon invasion of the Congo portal in Africa, through which infiltrated much darkness and negativity. However, on May 17, 1998 there was a significant reversal reached that cleared much of this negativity. And then during the solar eclipse on February 26 we reached a critical mass with the global meditation, which exceeded expectations and resulted in more significant reversal of that archon invasion, and clearing of the primary anomaly throughout our solar system.

The the body of the Yaldaboath; which is the energetic form describing the dark anomaly, that existed throughout the plasma of our solar system, completely dissolved. Now only the head of Yaldaboath exists surrounding our planet.

This marks the beginning of the second phase of our ascension process. Our personal ascension process consists of the activation of our light body and becoming fully embodied with our I AM Presence. The Pleiadians are here to assist us in this and in our planetary ascension as well.

Cobra then went into a brief explanation of the products he had available for sale to assist us in our efforts in attaining our liberation, and briefly described how each one can aid us in specific ways. These included tachyonized Cintamani stones and other special crystals, stones and products. (Many are available on
his website)

A guided meditaion followed…

Relax your body and take a full breath into you plasma body… and slowly exhale fully. 

Now breathe into your energy body… and exhale.

Slowly breathe into your astral body… and fully exhale.

Now fully breath into your emotional body… and relax and exhale.

I am a being of light…..We are a being of light… We are one being of light, and are
connecting and creating with all other points of light. 

We are all ….. (?) points of
light and we are now confirming this.

All the 100 billion stars in our galaxy are connected to the Galactic Central Sun. Each star is sending light to our solar system, to our sun, and to our planet. When the Galactic prophesy is complete, only light will remain. We are all One Galactic Being of Light.” (This was a
powerful meditation and I felt it deeply in my heart and emotional body as tears welled up in my eyes)
Brief history and overview of Plasma

Billions of years ago the Galactic Central race expanded throughout our galaxy creating “light towns” in the form of pulsars….. positioned in Fibonocci sequences and golden ratios that oriented each one back to the Galactic Central Sun. Our galaxy is 100,000 light years across. (it takes light that long to travel across) Our solar system is positioned along a “galactic highway” or plasma filiment via Sirius, which acts as a portal directly to our sun, which is also a portal, so it does not take any “time” to travel that far. The Galactic Central race is now overseeing the liberation of our solar system and planet. A great plasma cloud surrounds our solar system and the Chimera group are using this to hide their plasma anomaly (darkness) inside of it.(this is dissolving or is dissolved now as previously mentioned) When the many angels and galactic beings traveled through to our solar system they got trapped inside this anomaly. This is exactly how and the reason why, many of us being here today! (exclamation mine)

The three forms of matter are solid, liquid and gas. When a particular gas is
heated to an extreme, it becomes an ionic gas, holding immense amounts of
energy – which is plasma. The incredible abundance of cosmic plasma filliments
throughout our galaxy holds the keys to free energy. Plasma is made visible in
our world in the form of lightning and the aurora borealis. Etheric plasma also
holds a tremendous amount of information. Reactions and emotions increase in plasma in our pineal and pituitary chakras and are transmitted to the physical plane and become “our” reality. (I think this is why feelings and emotions play a major role in the manifestation process and how we create our reality) The cabal has placed a scalar plasma network in the brain (similar to computer software programs?) to block our access to higher consciousness. 95% of all illnesses are created as a result of this negative plasma network.

Antigravity plasma propulsion can make a bridge or portal between the physical and non physical, and thus there is no “speed, gravity, or actual mass” involved. The same “meta-physics” are utilized in the plasma standing wave that transmits electrons across space, which is what Tesla discovered…. and he created devices that could transmit electrons (electricity) without the use of wire. He and his inventions werehijacked by the cabal.

New Atlantis Energy Grid

Originally the earth’s equator was located in a different place around the earth, running through the north Atlantic ocean through the continent of Atlantis that existed at that time, and down through South America through Peru and Chile.

The Atlantis pole shift which was created by technology, shifted the equator to
where it is today. In time the ley line system was hijacked by the dark forces. The New Atlantis project was started in the 17th century by certain individuals
including St. Germaine, who was Francis Bacon in that incarnation, (whose code
name was Shakespeare) to reclaim the energy grid for the light forces. The book
entitled, “A Work Unfullfilled” is about this such project. Antartica is a key point in this new energy grid, where the cabal is hiding remnants of past civilizations as well as intel that will be part of the disclosure in the (near) future. This is one reason the Nazis have bought much land and have occupied this area. Other key places are the Gulf of Eden (Saudi Arabia) Ceylon, and the Amazon river delta. Many of these remnants lie under shallow water and sand. Things have
progressed to the extent that the cabal is most dearly afraid of the Mother Ships
(Galactic Central Race) The cabal’s most powerful radar stations for monitoring
ET activity exist in Maui and Diego Garcia Island. However the Mother Ships cannot be detected due to it’splacement inside a plasma cloud. (the same
“technology hides many ET ships in what appears to be lenticular and other
natural cloud formations).

Northern Taiwan holds the largest underground project (of the Galactic (and
terrestrial) Light forces – (60km x 100 km) which can house 1 billion Pleiadiens
and is expanding to be able to house 3 billion. It houses teleportation devices
and 1000 tons of gold. On July 16th, 2016, at the Ascension conference here in
Taiwan, there was a huge energy break through for the planet. This area is a very
stategic point in the energy grid and is very much assisting in the compression
breakthrough for the planet with the help of the Dragon family. (In my first trip here, for the conference, i could feel and see the Light energy of this area, most tangibly in the hearts and eyes of the beautiful Taiwanese Lightworkers) The Dragon family goes back to the end of the Ming Dynasty, when the Manchurians in Mongolia (from the Ching Dynasty, who were not Chinese) came to China. The original Ming were a militant as well as a spiritual family and went underground and migrated to Taiwan. The jesuits and Rothschilds created the opium wars to stifle the spiritual progress of the Chinese. After WW II other dragon families infiltrated Chinese society. So the current day Dragon family is connected to this
underground base in northern Taiwan and is very active in the liberation of our
planet on many levels. The Taiwanese (Anthem Chang, founder) in Taipei have
grown a rather large group of Lightworkers to affect our liberation.

We, on the surface of the planet, are triggers for the Compression Breakthrough and are helping establish the Cintamani grid on the planet. Plasma energy (tachyons) exist in and flows through these stones and helps transmit and ground the Light to the earth. The Agarthians have asked to bring the Cintamani stones into caves… the deeper, the better, to generate vortex’s and anchor Angelic Beings. They are also helping to purify the plasma and clear the Yaldaboath’s head from around the surface of the planet. Another result of our global meditaion on the last solar eclipse, 4 of the 5 Goddess vortexes in Syria were liberated.
Before we can go to higher conscious states, we need to remove ourselves from the darkness…remove ourselves from the primary pact – which are contracts we made when incarnating…. and thus reclaim our sovereignty and become free again. These contracts are registered in the body as well as the mind, and so we need to cancel these contracts not from a personality level but from a soul level.
One way to reaffirm our soveriegnty is by repeating the following:

I AM, in the name of my I AM presence.

I AM in the name of the Light forces…

I cancel and nullify all my contracts to the Dark forces 

and I decree and command to remove all consequences and contracts from past, present and future.

Etheric Implants

One of the major contracts we agreed to, was to become implanted. Cobra
explained a little about the dynamics of what an implant is. Everything in the
universe is a torus.i.e. the dynamics of all energy can be displayed as a toroidial
shape. i.e. a donut, whereby the energy spirals in and out of the bottom and top,
…everything from galaxies, the earth, our body and implants. The nature of an
etheric implant is of a black hole that attracts negative energy plasma. After the event these implants will be removed (as the source of negative anomalies and plasma will be dissolved) Until then there are some methods and meditations to remove their negative affects. (One method was described by “Freddy Ground Crew” on Untwine’s blog, several years ago. Cobra revealed for the first time ever a (powerful) method called Implant Crystal Removal, (which in all my endeavoring with implants, feels very effective for minimizing their negative affects, if not dissolving them)
The pituitary and pineal chakras

The pituitary and pineal chakras are connected in the area in the middle of the head. They connect our physical body to higher electro magnetic fields,
frequencies and (and dimensions) The cabal has very strategically and successfully implemented ways that atrophy the pineal and pituitary chakras
and glands, thus blocking our connection to our Higher self and higher states of
consciousness. They also regulate the immune system, the other chakras, as
well as our emotional and mental bodies and have the ability to reverse the aging
process. In essense, they connect our physical body to our soul. There are
methods to reactivate them, one of which is the use of colloidal gold. Cobra then gave us a method/meditation for activation of the pineal-pituitary chakras.
I AM presence

When stating and invoking the I AM presence, we are affirming the presence of the Self. It is not physical or mental, it is pure light, and is our inner true soul
Being, having absolute power. One person with complete I AM presence and
total consciousness could liberate the planet.

It is our diamond light body
(Merkaba) and has the same geometrical form as our earth, the Mother Ships,
stars and galaxies.

It can be used for intergalactic travel as well as protection.

One way to picture this form or light vehicle is as a verticle hour glass shape with incoming energies from the top and bottom (north pole and south pole)
converging at the center (heart)

In addition there is horizontal disc shaped form that rotating at the speed of light around the center conversion point.
(I will be posting a diagram of this form in the future, with Cobra’s approval)

There is a process that activates our light body where by the I AM presence merges with the physical body through the ascension column.
The process involves invoking
this presence by stating the following:

“I call upon the Pillar of Pure White Light to descent upon me and to form around me. I call upon the Presence of the I AM
THAT I AM to join and merge with me.”

This is the core of our individual ascension process and can be invoked at anytime.

Galactic Rays Initiation

Cobra then took some time to talk about the various Galactic Ray and Ascended
Master Ray Initiations that we had the opportunity to register for that would be
given outside of the time alloted for the conference. We could sign up for a total
of three. Each Ray had a particular corresponding quality of initiation that he mentioned. He also talked about what would take place and how we were to
engage ourselves with the initiation as well as how to practice it twice daily.

Day Two – Manifestation

Cobra talked about the manifestation process and about how the Rothschilds
used it to come into power and basically control the planet. We have to be
completely honest with ourselves and have enough awareness in our lives to see how and why we are choosing what we are choosing…. otherwise our decisions become distorted and our lives can become diverted from our true aims. An example would be that if a man wants approval from his father he chooses to
study medicine to become a doctor. Finally later in life he realizes this and
chooses to do something totally different…. something his heart really wanted to do in the first place. Our fears can also distort and inhibit our power to see and choose what we really want to manifiest, which the above example shows clearly. Fear can only manifest with lack of honesty.

There are three simple steps to the manifestation process:

1) Decision
2) Will/Invocation
3) Choice

Every thought and every action creates ripples through the infinite field of
consciousness. We are far more powerful than we realize. Those that have the
most I AM presence knows this truth. Our I AM presence is emanating the
energy of our beliefs. Our thought filters that energy with certain frequencies and
then is filtered through our emotions and eventually manifest as physical reality.

Our beliefs can change the world. We are shaping reality on this planet and we
have strong forces helping us- above and below the planet, so don’t be afraid to
ask what you truly want.

St.Germaine said ask and you shall receive.
Decision is much more effective if coming from our I AM presence. We have to be crystal clear and consistent on what we want and not waver in our thinking. It is worth it to spend time getting clear. The cabal is distracting us by making us think it is selfish to know what we want and to work for it. After the Event, manifesting will take place much quicker – immediately in 5D.

Invocation and Will involves using our emotions to fuel the energy flow as well
as Imagination and visualization of the specifics and details of what we want.
Looking forward to it, yet not to obsessing about it and actually “letting it go”. And no matter what, not give up on what we truly desire. The Rothschilds knew this and contintured to perservere for 70 years no matter how hard it got for them.


Action is physically acting and doing something you are inspired to do based on your previous decisions and invocation of what you want….whereby you have an experience of the energy of your desired manifestation…. becoming a cellular language. An example of this in my own case would be my desire, decision, and invoking the meeting of my twin soul flame partner. I feel a presence of her energy through many of the women i meet and recognise as an embodiment of the goddess and recognize the qualities in them that i would like to have in such a partner. (and appreciating them which is part of step two) I recently decided to come to Taiwan (from the U.S.) and the Cobra. Conference with the possibility of
meeting her; which would be action, step three. Even though I may not have met her on my one month journey here I feel much closer to my I AM presense and
feel closer to her and meeting her through connecting with the women “angels” in Taiwan. What I am describing here is also an example the expansion and appreciation of energy in our “reality shaping”, in the next section. Cobra has also mentioned that meeting our soul mates will become much easier and much more likely to happen after the Event.

Demanifestation Filters

In the same way we manifest something, we can demanifest. Simply state, “I do
not want “
The many things we may have in our life that we do not like, exist simply
because we have not made the decision to say no to them. We have the power to
simply walk away from people and refuse to meet them. We can start with the
things in our own environment; posessions, home, relationships, etc. and expand out to the planet. 144,000 people saying absolute no (to the cabal having any power over us) would result in the compression breakthrough. We have to make the decision and keep focused.
Reality Shaping

Reality is always infinitely manifesting and being created in a constant flow…..
always from the present moment. If we recognise on what is working in our life
and appreciate what we already have, we can expand this flow of manifesting
and creating what we want. Pay attention to the flow of energy and have
gratitude and our power of manifest will increase. If we notice the synchronicity
of things we can also recognize how we are connected to this flow of our and
reality shaping and creating. Also by recognizing your inner guidance you will
cultivate it. Be willing to constantly and consistently take the next step towards
your desired reality and also to step out of your comfort zone. Most of our reality
spheres have a certain range, limited by our comfort zone. Be willing to expand it
by physically experiencing the increasing energy field around and within you
(with no judgement) Also by having creating higher goals and expanding our
beliefs we can expand our reality sphere. (I will possibly be including diagram of
the vortex of toroidial cones pointing towards each other and labeling of
manifestation time line, similar to what Cobra posted at the conference.

Cobra then instructed us in very physical way in engaging our selves in the
manifestation process. (The previous day he had asked us to bring magazines,
large paper, scissors and glue to class) We broke up into smaller groups to share
the resources we had brought as he asked us to cut images out of the
magazines that correspond to what we want to create and manifest in our lives
and living. Then once we had enough images, to paste them on each of our large pieces of paper. He gave us plenty of time to do this It was a fun and engaging process for me and I think for all of us. The images that I found and cut out felt very close to things in my heart that I have wanted in my life. When I glued them all together it created a powerful visualization of what i want to manifest in my life. After words Cobra said that we can visualize our images as a field of energy spiraling in a vortex coming towards us (coming into our being)

We can repeat to ourselves:

 “My I AM presence is creating a vortex of energy (exchange) with

the planet and attracting situations I have created and am creating in my

Creating the Areas of Light

Cobra introduced us to the movement to create areas and communities of light
around the planet, which will be part pf the New Atlantis grid. Each community
will have harmony of relationships within itself as well as with other
communities of Light and also be capable of cooperation with inner earth
groups. This will be the beginning of a New Reality on the planet. Cobra introduced Alex to us who then talked more about the establishment of this
community and how it will utilize laser technology, free energy sources and
devices. He talked about his Light Mandala technology (http://www.light-
) . there is also a link to this sight from Cobra’s website, ( which untilizes “sacred coherent light
through Light Mandala tools, that emit sacred geometric fields of coherent light
through the crystal lattice structure, producing uniquely resonating
bio-compatible photonic fields.” (When I heard Cobra and Alex speak at this time, I felt excited and drawn to the idea of being a part of this initial community of light. I was also drawn to have a light mandala session which was quite
Ascension Column – Pillar of Light

Since the recent clearing in the solar system of the Yaldaboath body, the
negative anomaly within the plasma fields, the Pleiadian mother ships have been able to station themselves in areas just outside of a 12,000 km range from the surface of the earth, which is just beyond the head of the Yaldaboath which still cloaks the earth. They, for the most part, remain invisable to us and to the cabal.

(although the cabal is aware of their existence and very much afraid of them) 

We can make a conscious connection to the Mother Ships at any time by visualizing a pillar of Light connecting our body, through the primary anomaly that still surrounds the earth, and up to the ship. They welcome our connecting and the more we connect to them, the more active they will become in engaging with us. Connecting with our Galactic brothers and sisters as well as with our terrestrial Lightworker brothers and sisters, is helping to manifest the Event. Every time this veil is pierced, either psychicly or physically, the primary anomanly dissolves more. Every time we connect our hearts and Light to the hearts and Light of others on the planet, we grow and ground the Light. Every announcement that is made my Cobra is from the 70 million Resistant Movement’s higher forces.

Victory of the Light !!!


Cobra then went into a brief explanation of the products he had available for sale to assist us in our efforts in attaining our liberation, and briefly described how each one can aid us in specific ways. These included tachyonized Cintamani stones and other special crystals, stones and products.
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