“Message from Lord Sananda” by Sierra – 4.30.17

“Message from Lord Sananda” by Sierra – 4.30.17
Entry Submitted by Sierra

Last night I went outside – it was a cold starry night – and I was blessed with two flashes of brilliant white light from deep space.

This morning before my meditation I asked Lord Sananda to bring through a message for the DC community. I often receive messages from him, as do many lightworkers because he is very accessible if you approach him with pure intent. Use your discernment: if you do not resonate with the message, then discontinue reading it…

Lord Sananda: ‘Do not be disheartened at the eleventh hour. The eleventh hour means it is almost complete. Now more than ever your faith is needed to support the mission. You will not want to look back and regret that you did not give of your best right at the end when it mattered most. And it matters most now!’

‘Be of good heart. You have reserves of energy and faith that you don’t even know you have because on a higher level you know the Plan. Find the peace in each moment. It is there if you search for it.’

‘There is great admiration for Earth lightworkers from the furthest reaches of the Universe. Know it to be true. Remember this is a spiritual mission, not a financial mission. The GCR is but one part of humanity’s Ascension, albeit a very important part. You will not have to wait much longer…’

Love and Light


Terra Zetzz





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Thank You President Trump

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