“Real Truth Call May 1st Yosef Notes!” by BB136 – 5.2.17

“Real Truth Call May 1st Yosef Notes!” by BB136 – 5.2.17

Entry Submitted by BB136

YOSEF on Real Truth Call today May 1, 2017. He came on at about 65 minutes into call. Replay number 1-712-770-4178

Yosef came in for a Quick update. i typed up what i could, and I am sorry this is not supposed to be transcribed. Since it is public record, it can be presented to the public.

YOSEF: Well you had asked me to come in and give an update… there are a lot of things I can’t say…ummmm…I guess the update is…there are a lot of things I can’t say…

Sometimes you say more with what you don’t say with what you do….I have been very chatty, I’m not one to hold back…I can say that I had released a post a while ago called “segments” and it talked about how the release would be in segments and we are progressing in those segments as was reported on April 16th I think I wrote it…so, boy I just don’t want to get caught

The general philosophy, I’ll just go into general philosophy, how ‘bout that?…the general philosophy has always been to eliminate threats before they become dangerous to the population, specifically the currency redeeming population so that when they finally did go, and they really went and started taking groups in and all of that, there would be safety by the nature of the reduction of threats, threat levels as they existed, so [for example] in a lot of times you go to a sporting event and have a good time at the sporting event, and they may pat you down when you walk in and put you through a metal detector and this and that, you don’t see the security in the stands, you don’t see the security that’s watching you through cameras, they try and give you the most organic experience at the game, so that you can enjoy the game and not have to worry about your family’s safety, your safety, …so the same can be said about the RV…and I don’t just mean that at the human level with cameras and drones, and different monitoring equipment, infrared, things like that, I’m talking about at the benevolent level they are monitoring the energies, if you will, on where there might be added incentive to create chaos.

And and, I don’t know how to say this. You know sometimes I wish Fisher would tell you more about what he knows , but he doesn’t, I understand why he doesn’t , but sometimes I wish he would. Because at some point we are going to have to be told this…and there are many that feel that the human race isn’t ready for this and we don’t resonate at a high enough frequency. Yet the mass is to receive this.

The problem is that there are some of us who do. And for those of us who do, we struggle with the lack of transparency of soul, and there are things that I would love to tell the audience here that I just know that if I tell you, it won’t make any sense.

I’ve said that about the ZIm being over $100,000 in terms it, central bank or T1 sovereign holding values and people just thought I was ludicrous, but yet if you understand the future and you understand what the value of a rare earth element is, if you go look at your periodic tables there will be twenty rare earth elements at the bottom part of the periodic table, and there elements and minerals that you compound that you’ve never heard of, that you couldn’t spell them, even if I pronounced them you couldn’t spell them, and those are the future,

Those will be what will be constructing the portals, light chambers, the bercabas [sp], the light chariots that will be taking us all over the galaxy at a blink of an eye, at less than a blink of an eye, and that’s what creates the value, a tangible value, to the rest of the galaxy, not just telling amongst ourselves here on earth, that’s why gold is so valuable. Gold on many planets, with many species is food, it is literally food. Like they eat it to sustain. We crafted the diamonds, or wrist bands, watches, necklaces, but there are a lot of species that understand the properties of it and use it as food, for sustenance, so,and when I say things like that who would think about eating a candy bar of gold, but this earth is so plentiful with such minerals such compounds that are natural and organic froth for the earth that really does have that kind of value in a universal or galactic financial system…so I know I’m off topic…

So Instead of a global currency reset what you’re looking at is a galactic, what I’ll call crystal reset or recalibration to the truth of how the universe really functions and that includes our own body at a cellular level..

And so the ZIM isn’t I’m not here to prophesize the ZIM, I’m here to tell you its my understanding based upon the new math of the planet and the benevolent force that is bringing in this understanding of the human experience one way through finance, that’s just what it is and whatever your expectation is going into your redemption later that will be your feeling if you will…and so to tell you that everything is good is an understatement, and so to tell that everything is peaceful, is an understatement, so to tell that everything is calm, is an understatement.

The issue is not are we safe to redeem, are we safe to execute and implement the changes that have been demanded of us by God, through these benevolent forces here to recalibrate the earth, the fascinating thing is the human fear of change of things being that good as the believability factor of us as a collective species as a whole as kind of a combined energetic unit actually allowing ourselves to resonate all at the higher frequency, and just allowing that to be okay


Example; talked to somebody today about war, and I said there is always peace…we don’t have to be in conflict with each other; and he could not understand the concept of human existence without war without strife…so I asked him if he could see us feeding everybody, he said yes…how about providing drinking water for everyone, he said yes; so why do we need war? Can’t we all just put down our arms and stop killing each other?

I’m not here to judge, but vibrationally, how this is working, they are allowing you to have a golden ticket to tell them what you can manage. It’s about matching your vibration with a monetary value. You will tell them what your vibration level is, where you’re at.

Now those are the people who are instant sovereign rates, the instant adaptors, you are a righteous being, that you are a righteous being, tuned into this channel, such as on the Real truth Call, this channel, and you are prepared with resources and your backpack full to go out into the world to disburse the mercy. We need many people. That’s why they have let the currencies still sell and the rates to climb and climb.

They want you to have more they want you to build up your confidence and tolerance level. And the time is now. Its here. Its now. You must deal with it now, all the preparation, the suffering, your time is now, to apply that. This is your miracle now. You were put here now for this. We know this because you are here.

Whether it’s half an hour, an hour, they will let us know. But the redemption structure is in place. Who is running the government is set up. That’s what I want to communicate, which is dynamic, instead of getting into it, it’s so peaceful and safe, and an infinite peace, abundance for humanity and a infinite security. There is no more threat, no more Cabal, and I understand it was all there, painful, deadly for some, and the chemtrails and pharma, and the vaccines and the prenatal stuff and the other stuff that we know about, they no longer apply moving forward. The momentum will pick up after the event and things will be cleaned up openly. They know every problem, every lineage, every corporation, they will be dealt with and eliminated. The energy that created these bad things is no long there. It is theatre, including Trump being allowed to be president, and has accelerated the Cabal end, and the change has been made. I know the depth of the truth, and I was also fed wrong information.

Be excited about the redemption, and only you are the limit, especially for ZIM holders. There is no threat anymore. There is no struggle anymore. It’s really here.

THERE IS MORE, he goes another hour or so, but that was the extent of the good RV/GCR good stuff. I’m feeling great!

BB136: So, here are my two cents, great stuff, for Yosef lovers, like me, and listening to him speak you will love him more…I love Dr. W.C. (although I want to buy her a new microphone and tell her to enunciate), but here is a test: if you can discern YOSEF’s inner frustration with Dr. W.C. at the end of his conversation with her, then you really are vibrating above 3D, IMHO); for the ”idiots” as Tony would say, like UBIETY and other skeptic/cabal/negative types who will still prosper despite their uselessness to our dinar community, stay grounded LOL.

The sad part is I’m pretty sure that when those skeptic/cabal/negative types go into exchange they will have to look at copies of their posts among other stuff the NPTB will have, and explain why they should be given a rate higher than the public rates. Maybe even why they should be allowed a contract deal with the Chinese at all if that is the public rate, I hope. Perhaps even the public rate is too much for them.

That said, with the public rates making a 100T note worth over 100 Trillionaire dollars, and without an NDA, it makes me think after listening to Yosef that the lower vibrators have been one of the biggest concerns for the NPTB to release this; meaning skeptic/cabal/negative types and the people who do not follow the blogs but were gifted, may very well have held us up to some extent as a result, cause unleashing wealth like this on ignorant, non-spiritual, greedy, low vibrating and/or negative people is a problem; and the NPTB have made Yosef and OWKs continue to keep expounding the humanitarian and philanthropic reason for this blessing. I have been in this almost 7 years and Yosef started the discussions about the Republic and galactics and 5D and God’s place and the conspiracy stuff (which is true); and he lovingly but sternly turned the majority of us into humanitarians. My first plan was to vacation for a year post RV/GCR. Not now…I’m ready, even at 59, after working 35 years as a lawyer, to roll up my sleeves and help our planet. That is what this is about, mercy and love, that 90% of the 30 million currency holders (which is barely .4 percent of the WORLD!) to take the abundance of the blessing and disburse it intelligently, benevolently and with love and mercy! The Cabal hoards riches and keeps the meek enslaved; we chosen ones will disburse it and assure first that every person has food, shelter and clothing, and then that they can strive to become prosperous, loving and equal beings on earth. Listening to Yosef speak was what was needed for someone like me to understand how this RV/GCR could financially happen. And then he showed me why it must happen. I have grown so much in the last nine months, and I was already an expert in the law, in research and had years of experience as an inventor, an entrepreneur and in finance and the business world. So anyone who speaks against him just does not get it. If you are a true chosen one and vibrating above 3D, you will ignore those folks. And that is a fact.



Terra Zetzz




This is going to be the most awesome Spring


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