Be At Peace by Commander 7

May 10, 2017
Be At Peace by Commander 7

Be At Peace With
Our Earth ~ Spirit ~ Galactic Families ~

They are always with us no matter what!
I have had many gifts and challenges on and off earth.
The ships I have been in them
I have encountered many off earth beings as well as on planet ones that live here now.
I have encounter the tall white men in black I was not afraid.
Telepathically I knew they where very curious about me.
I celebrate life on all dimensions and do not fear death or con/trolling species.
It is all an ill / usion by paying attention to it.
You surrender your will and power to it and give it strength over you.
It is a fragmentation of someone else’s need to be the amoebic center cell and have the follower cells protect it,
All base on fear.
You can not interfere in the will of a species to evolve. You may create unwanted cycles on the planet or else where for the,
So rest well wonderful beings from planet earth and remember that you are the creator of your path and destiny in peace and love for so many an earth cycles in your past and shall you have it again.

Commander 7
Terra Zetzz



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