“Re: Calling All Lightworkers” by Soulsister – 5.10.17


“Re: Calling All Lightworkers” by Soulsister – 5.10.17
Entry Submitted by Soulsister

“A Call To Light Workers, We Need Your Help” – One Who Knows – 5.9.17

Dear Patrick,

Dinar Chronicles has a Higher Purpose and it feels like it’s time to not allow negative, attacking posts.

This site should reflect the highest vibration possible and uplift, inform and enlighten all who choose to be open to this level of information and truth. It is for raising the vibration of the collective and bringing in the RV!

The wake-up call OWK’s received is that this site is having a big ripple effect that affects those reading it. It is about energy! These posts change collective energy!! Blocking is discernment and stops enabling a lower vibration to go out to the world. People should not take it personally that Dinar Chronicles wants to refine the vibration of this site and keep it high. “Tightening up” is “Growing up” and is part of being a higher version of our selves! I can hear the darker energies screaming as they fall off their platform to bring us all down and prevent the RV– We must take responsibility and not enable negativity to find a platform here. Dinar Chronicles is about supporting the RV- not preventing it. Freeing the planet with this money that will ironically free us from needing money– is the most important NEXT STEP.

I love what Victor shared and Pat and Sierra and Daughter of Terra and many others. So glad we are on the same page! To Patrick: You are supported to do the discerning thing and filter out the anger and meanness and hate. To OWK’s– a BIG THANK YOU for taking on SO MUCH! Yosef, glad you’re still sharing the political updates and sitreps, etc. SO GRATEFUL to ALL that are Supporting the Shift into Love, Peace and Harmony. Thank you Grandfather, Elders, White Knights, White Hats, and all those invisible to us that have sacrificed to bring this in–THANK YOU! We DO appreciate this opportunity. We DO appreciate all the work to get here!



Soak in the Love and OPEN to the JOY!!

Terra Zetzz







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  1. phair2
    May 11, 2017 @ 03:11:19

    Dear Angels For Light,

    The main problem that I have with the information on this blog is the same as I have with most blogs and Ascension websites. There are only 2 but I consider them important. There are a few websites that are willing to accept the possibility and allow for my comments and others who feel the same way.

    First: There are many articles, interviews, and comments being “put out there” on blogs and facebook celebrating victory. “We won” they even sometimes announce. I believe, that if chemtrails are still being dropped on us, we haven’t won yet. Light workers and people who say that they are involved with “truth” cannot remain authentic if they declare victory while we are still clearly under attack (literally air attack by “bombers”) by chemtrails from a secret enemy.

    The second point is HItler, The Nazis, World War 2, and even World War 1: It is not “racist” or “hateful and angry” to present the truth. As a long time (since I was in junior high) student of history, especially WW2 and later a published wargame designer and researcher I found too many lies and deceptions and false information during the process. At first my discoveries of these things were just related to specific battles, who did what, what happened, which side won or lost based on what evidence. I found the British always over exaggerating their role and disparaging all others including AMerica to make them seem smaller and not as important. I found that those who were belittled and brushed aside were more times than not, victims of the authors and editors story telling and not in fact represented by what was written about them by biased authors who seemed to be promoting an agenda and not just relating a historical story. This led to me questioning the very reasons for a war and who benefited. Up until about a year and a half ago, I still believed that despite great corruption on the part of the “good guys” or Allies, that we still remained the “good guys”.

    That all changed when the British archives were released in 2015 after 70 years of secrecy. ANd also certain Soviet documents became available which PROVED beyond any doubt that the Soviet Bolshevik Communists (who just happened to be 85%+ Jews in membership-sorry but that’s an inconvenient statistic) were committing the “atrocities” tacked onto the Nazis all these years. Germany also was forced into attacking the Soviet Union, because Stalin’s order to attack ALL OF EUROPE (not just Germany) has been discovered (which the mainstream press remains silent about) on July 5th and no later than the 12 th, 1941 weather permitting. Germany attacked on June 22nd, 1941 and took the Soviets by surprised. They initially smashed them and took millions of prisoners. It had been rationalized that the Soviets were just not good soldiers compared to the Germans and because of the world Depression they were not ready for war as Germany was. This was wrong. The Soviets lost in the beginning because they were in ATTACK or Offensive positions and were not prepared to Defend. They were not dug-in to the ground. They had no minefields laid. Their tanks were parked in parking lots so that one bomb in the center would blow up and destroy dozens of tanks at once. Big guns were similarly stored in large groups that were easy to capture and soldiers did not have trenches and foxholes set up. SO what? WHat does this mean? It means that Hitler prevented the Soviet Communists from overrunning ALL of CHristian Europe which would have led to a different “holocaust” of white Christian Europeans as the Soviets did within Russia during the 1920’s and 1930’s where anywhere from 66 –110 million were raped, tortured, and slaughtered—many in the Siberian gulags. The Nazis, and more generally the Germans, and even more generally the white race, have been saddled with and erroneously accepting the blame for all of this since the War. Other documents and proof have been brought to light due to the release of this previously censored and secret information, showing that Churchill wanted war as early as 1934, and Hitler constantly made peace offerings and did not want war, and the Polish president wanted war in order to take German territory. The Jews internationally declared war on Germany in March of 1933 and major newspapers carried this as their front page headlines at the time. This was before the war and before any internment camps. The communists (mostly Jews) were trying to use terrorism to over-throw Germany from within but failed several times. Once war broke out, they were considered an “enemy within the borders” and were thus stripped of their public titles and wealth confiscated. (If you announced war against your country and worked to undermine the government today, do you think YOU would go to prison? Even in the United States today? Of course you would.) So anyone would do this to people who had announced that they were an enemy. The Communists failed to over-throw Russia in 1905 after they were weakened from their loss to Japan. To top it off—so I don’t bore you with info and dates—proof that Poland attacked Germany every night from August25th – August 31st, inclusive, but was pushed out of Germany and defeated with a LIMITED military response on Germany’s part. After that, France and Britain warned Germany that even if they defended themselves from attack from Poland, it would mean World War. So Germany attacked Poland on September 1st and also freed the oppressed and ethnically cleansed Germans of West Prussia, Pomerania, and Danzig who had been suffering with torture and death and rape since March of 1939 at the hands of POlish and Communist militant groups. This is the truth. But you won’t hear it on the news or the History Channel. Not until the “big change” or shift or Ascension or whatever happens and they start broadcasting truth again.

    It frustrates me that people who call themselves “enlightened” still think other truths which they don’t like to hear or they are not yet aware of must be “hateful” and “racist”. The truth is that the most hateful and racist group in the world , in humanity are the Jews. It’s in their own writings, their own Talmud, and sometimes, when you catch them in the right mood, they admit to it. Non Jewish humans are considered to be animals on 2 legs and are fair game for sacrifice to their God who demands animal sacrifice. And we are “animals” by their definition. That is the TRUTH.


    Patrick Hair


    • Angel4Light
      May 13, 2017 @ 04:08:19

      Dearest Angel Patrick, Sorry I haven’t responded before now. I find your information very interesting and for sure we have been lied to for eons. Much more is behind the Curtin of OZ and all truth is being revealed.


  2. phair2
    May 13, 2017 @ 05:37:36

    Thank you for not just brushing it off. DOes that mean all Jews are bad? Absolutely not ! Jerry Lewis worked for years to raise 100s of millions of dollars for MDA and nearly died when the corporate suits told him “thank you but goodbye” because he presented, along with another researcher, proof of a cure for Muscular Dystrophy and they informed them that they knew about it for years and that there were several ways to cure it but they had no intention of sharing it with the public. That’s the real reason he was “let go” as master of the MDA Telethon. But he sure brought in tons of money for them.


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