The Pineal Gland: The Stargate In Your Skull

The Pineal Gland: The Stargate In Your Skull 

Video by Destroying The Illusion 

Who needs Artificial Intelligence when we have a magical “natural technology” inherent in our own bodies? Here I discuss the Pineal Gland, how it works, what it does, and how to activate it and keep it cleansed.

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8 Years Old Boy Talks About Pineal Gland The Third Eye And TV Brainwash! You Need To Hear This!!

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Thank You President Trump

Draining The SwampDecember 15, 2018
Pray for President Trump, the White Hats, our Military and all benevolent beings helping to Free Humanity . Be in JOY and in PEACE. Love others as you Love yourself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Be an example of Love and Joy. Peace will be ours and so it is.

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