Lisa Transcendance Brown: Choosing



Aloha LOVE family,

These higher light frequencies support your dreams, desires and what truly makes you happy. They usher in the ability to CHOOSE how you desire to spend your time, how you experience every situation, how you wish to think… yes, you get to choose the way you think….

Lack filled realities full of fear, anger and blame, waiting for others to make your decisions for you …


Love filled realities, happy realities, kind realities, peaceful realities…. that come forth when you DECIDE this is what you require in your own energetic/physical reality world.

If you accept less, then this is actually your choice…. How do you stay conscious of what you are allowing? By observing yourself and what’s really going on with YOU!

These higher timelines that are available to all, deliver peace when we choose to stop fighting inside. When we choose to just let go of the need to be right, the need to blame others, the need for chaos and drama in our world… all of a sudden there’s a shift in our own reality… we REALIZE that it is that SIMPLE…. all we had to do was choose and not allow ourselves to get caught up in the mind-playing-chaotic-games anymore. ♥

What would you do for utter and complete peace, for enough “time” to focus on what’s truly important to you? What would you pay or commit yourself to in order to experience a reality that’s kind, considerate and loving? Then you are the one that must BE this way…. it only happens when WE are the ones shifting our own vibration so that we can actually have these beautiful experiences ALL OF THE TIME…

Nature is imperative for us. Alone time is too. This is when we can connect up full with our own Soul, our own Light, our Higher Selves/Universe and receive clarity….

So many are starting to understand how abundance works and it’s nothing like we “thought” before. First we must FEEL abundant through a connection, a feeling and utter and complete gratitude for everything that we ALREADY have, for the GIFTS that are abundant when we are present and open our hearts… THEN MORE COMES…. it’s a vibrational response.

So many are starting to realize that from that abundant place inside WE SHARE…. this sharing, this generosity, this truly caring, this making a difference, this brings forth even more, because we stopped living in LACK INSIDE and WE OPENED UP and got out of our head.

Unity, working together, coming together is how we create MORE too. Sharing resources, sharing ideas, inspiring each other and making a difference together… this UNITY LOVE creates more flow too. Where one separates off and goes human (ego/separation), it’s noticeable and actually throws things out of balance and reverses the flow of energy “back into lack”…. Everyone “all in” and sharing/contributing/supporting… this is how WE together do what we “came here to do”….

The mis-perception that “we don’t work” or it’s only play is an unconscious program too. I meet so many who “think” they don’t have to “do” anything, put forth much effort or are only there to receive… this is pure lack programming. When we first “arrive on New Earth”, it is very easy to start. This is because of all of the supporting energies, yet there comes a point when your Universe will tell you to start getting busy, start getting out there, get to “work”…. this is a part of the Maturation Process that all must go through to fully experience Heaven on Earth….

What we do is not technically work, because it’s birthed from within. It’s our dreams and desires nurtured through fulfilling our own Soul’s Purposes here. It’s our CREATION, it brings joy, inspires and makes a difference for all of humanity (and multi-dimensionally too), therefor we are inspired… see how energy CREATES? We also don’t have a “problem” with “hard work” and getting our hands dirty to do whatever is necessary to support, take up the slack and make sure all gets done…. We don’t complain, we do it… because inside of us, we are happy, at peace, blissful and experiencing “the work” with magic, such gratitude and appreciation and have not one ounce of lack going on inside….

Focus on your happy and notice when you are not. Cellular cleansings are not comfortable, but necessary for your body to move into a higher/lighter vibrational plane of existence. If something in your physical reality is not awesome, then look inside and see why you are keeping that as a part of your reality, why you are not willing to choose a different one, why you have convinced yourself that this is the only reality….. because that is the illusion of human separation and it’s no longer true anymore.

Have a most magical and amazing everything! Surround yourself with nature, love and plenty of you time/quiet time to clear your own field of consciousness and maintain that connection that is beyond important for us all! ♥

Crystalline Consciousness is pure, simple, easy and profoundly sacred love shared with all as one. ♥

Highest Timeline Options are available in every moment now for us all! ♥

Aloha Nui Loa from magical LeMUria,Source Energies, Kauai ♥

Lisa ♥



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