Cody Snodgres (CIA) Blows Whistle On Clintons Evil

Cody Snodgres (CIA) Drops Truth Nukes! Wow!

Source: Project NSearch | By Glenn Canady

Cody Snodgres, former Black Ops CIA Contractor reveals huge new intel on the OKC Bombing, Barry Seals murder, money laundering of Bush Clinton crime families, how Tyson was involved, how the CIA keeps “blow back” down, hidden money and resources, US government behind the opium, operation mockingbird, MSM penetrated by CIA, blue rain to murder whole villages, plasma and laser weapons and much more! This one is going to blow you mind!

The information Cody talks about ties in exactly with what Stew Webb of has been discussing for over 30 years! You’ll hear the name Norman Brownstein that anybody who knows Stew Webb will instantly recognize. I’ve never heard anybody in alternative media except Stew Webb talks about the chief Illuminati lawyer demon – Norman Brownstein! Remember how in the movie, “The Advocate”, when Keanu Reeves ask the Devil how he took over the world and he said, “I did with with attorneys!”. The Devil’s attorney is Normal Brownstein! Cody talks about him in the first interview!

Cody literally just blew up their battleship with this show! Spread this around because it’s a Truth Nuke!

Is this the Clue from Q? Think Godfather III

Get this information from this patriot out to ALL your friends and family and tweet this to Trump @potus @realdonaldtrump and tell him to bring out ALL the truth about the Clinton Bush crime family on nation TV! The fake news will never discuss any of these topics and we must destroy them now! This is our time! Go nuts out there spreading truth! What you have all done to get Donald Trump elected is amazing! Leo Wanta might soon have some very good news to announce and when he does, I will break it on BeforeItsnews. Stay tuned! December and January are going to be wild!

Keep up the great work and never give up. God bless you and God bless the United States of America!

Paid Goon Squad - this needs to stop

Thanks President Trump for All You Do

Note from Angel4Light:

Below is another great interview you want to.hear it all and share, tweet, and post. This is a two part because it took two days, and there is still more information coming. Important to get this to Trey Gowdy and President Trump.


Thugs and Mobsters, right?


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Thank You President Trump

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