What Was President Trump And Marine Generals Doing At Camp David?

Retired Marine – What Was President Trump and Marine Generals Doing At Camp David? 

Published on Dec 18, 2017

Recommended websites:

***** (Full Version) General Wesley Clark – Wars Were Planned for Seven Countries https://youtu.be/B3B5xzApMZg *****

Mike Cerovich – Left Has Become Fully Sociopathic, Fully Demonic | Mike Cernovich https://youtu.be/hII4IMQrOzk

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Marine Corps Commercial: “Toys for Tots — Marine Guard Duty” https://youtu.be/kRMHNlL0StI

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Here Are Some of My Favorite YouTube Channels

Check Out My Friend Lionel – History Will Show That Donald Trump’s Presidency Was Our Greatest Ever https://youtu.be/M2RX-PlY4eY

BPEarthWatch – Fires Fighters Rush To Save Santa Barbara CA. https://youtu.be/9Zf_2J0Nhg4

Tracy Beanz – Q Clearance Anon: Is it #Happening? Part XI https://youtu.be/kMuJqNLNTKA


Total Eclipse – The Satanic Plan Revealed In Current Affairs & The Influence Of Secret Societies Today https://youtu.be/woY3Sv1Vaww

Sarah Westall – Deep State Take Down, WW3, Indictments, Zionist Info War with Robert David Stelle https://youtu.be/-RvZmYtfYTM

LtCol Roy Potter – https://youtu.be/VZfhLec5c9A

Matt Bracken (Navy SEAL) – News Blitz 12/6/17


Victurus Libertas -Love, Protect, Do Not Inject! https://youtu.be/qydsmXi2uUg

Jason – Destroying The Illusion – https://youtu.be/047r18PmzXg

The Alex Jones Channel – BREAKING: Mueller And His Team Are Under Criminal Investigation By The Justice Department https://youtu.be/icJpplaJbS8

The Savage Nation Podcast December 04, 2017 Michael Savage Nation 12/04/17 Full Show

Matt Bracken (Former Navy SEAL) – https://youtu.be/TKY_1EbD9dc

What Really Happened: Mike Rivero Monday 12/4/17: Today’s News Talk Show https://youtu.be/4i4-itKx9XQ

David Zublick – FBI: Huma ‘Saudi Spy’ With Proof Hillary Is A Pedophile https://youtu.be/kRs2xeAu60M

Mark Dice – https://t.co/jCpbNU2RAc

Dr. Steve Pieczenik – Opus 32 https://youtu.be/j2DMon3rpC0

Defango – Robert David Steele – War, Peace, insults AMA


LtCol Roy Potter – Draining The Swamp and Q Clearance Patriot https://youtu.be/79OX-wzvEJw

James Munder – Q POSTS+ THE STORM HAS BEGUN: OWLS & Y HEAD SYMBOLS https://youtu.be/fhpI64iBIlo

Lisa Haven – IT’S GOING DOWN: A “New Sheriff” To Make BIG Arrests? 4,289 Sealed Indictments In 3 Weeks


Black Conservative Patriot -Q Anon Said The Swamp Would Also Drain Itself: No Re-election 4 IMPEACH TRUMP Dem Scumbag Gutierrez! https://youtu.be/RYL1PUBBIks

David Seaman – Can Donald Trump Drain The Swamp + Ethereum / Bitcoin Chat https://youtu.be/WvzEVNyNh_o

Anti School – Q ANON POSTS: ‘OPERATIONS UNDERWAY’ 11/20/17 ‘POTUS REFUSES TO BE SILENT’ https://youtu.be/ZA6fdqcVZk0

Destroying The Illusion – Trump Verifies QAnon w/ a Retweet?



Retired Marine – QAnon Leaker Discloses Full Game Plan For Elite Globalist Pedophile Take Down! https://youtu.be/buZ-rjJqqhU

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Thank You President Trump

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