“A Time of Transition, a Time of Karmic Coalescence” by Restive Sage – 12.21.17

“A Time of Transition, a Time of Karmic Coalescence”  by Restive Sage 

Entry Submitted by Restive Sage at 9:11 PM EST on December 21, 2017

Every world civilization has its great day of reckoning. Every Napoleon, drunk with power, has his Waterloo. Every bad thing falls away. And every good thing endures. And why did we ever think war and strife between peoples was a forgone conclusion. Don’t ever buy into a negative illusion they also want you also to pay for and die for.

As our jetliner makes the final descent to a smooth and successful landing, I salute those who have given so much and sacrificed in the extreme for the ascension of this planet. I say thank you to those who have fought the good fight and battled for a transition that promises to change everything. Because of your efforts we can stand today at the threshold of a new dawn for humanity. We will be saving 3 billion souls now on the razor’s edge, reinforcing the comprehensive movement to world peace, knitting a refinement of the fabric of world governance, and reinforcing daily refined beliefs that will improve the core principles guiding the hearts and souls of mankind. Things are changing as we speak. We now know that the good are many, and the bad are few. Who should wield power in this world, I still would ask. And from which pool should we draw our leaders?

As we proceed, we remain cognizant that we are all indebted to the many who have striven and suffered, though not in vain, to save a world in dire need of balance and healing.

Do we dare to think that a time of revelation and remonstrance is nigh at hand. Today from my own vantage point, guided by an unseen presence, I can visualize our new world in the distance, and, with humility, I feel so very close to it I can almost touch it. I pray that faith, hope, love, karmic coalescence, and strategic intervention have carried the day.

Destiny runs its inevitable wending course; and yet, even Destiny must be chiseled by free will and alliances with those trained for victory and other unseen benefactors. Are things sorted out such that we can connect now with Source? It’s all about origins. In the beginning was the Word, the origin of all life and its governance, and it stands solid for all the myriad of worlds we can visit. Falling short, we hear the Word but heed it not. Too late we learned that mixing power with corruption is an infinitely dangerous thing. With this jubilee made manifest, the cognoscenti will never again doubt that we are not alone in this world. That will make all the difference. And of course at the point of its release, we will have instant proof that we still, in fact, have much yet to learn about mankind and its origins.

For the sentient being, the power of love is the real and true power. The challenges of this world can chip away at your self respect and turn love into contempt. The conditions of our slavery have whipped us down and taken away our joy. The corrupt elements of the elite have seduced tens of thousands to the hell of the hate gang, the gun-runner, the assassin and the killer. The weakling will always say: I had to do it to survive. Money and power are the graven God of the corrupt. And we are the sheep who, like banal serfs, feed the lust of the corrupted elite. Daily. Their power is not granted, it has been seized. Self love and self aggrandizement fuel and debase the integrity of the elite. What we wound up in the end is a world on the verge of economic collapse. Sadly, even the most intelligent among us have often fallen prey to mimicking their mockery of God’s incorruptible power. Now is the time to wake up. The jubilee will deprive them of our blind allegiance. And if they can’t inspire our allegiance, the sacred bond is broken. Stripped of financial dominance, they stop corrupting the political leaders, and then and only then will their residual power dissolve away and ultimately disappear. New leaders are coming. In your own lives, be that one who loves humanity and shows it. Be that one who is willing to wash the feet of the lowly and pull them up. Many of us will, I am convinced, find our way forward by listening to that still quiet voice that is inspired by the great teachings and the unity of those who have loved us and still love us. This is God’s imperative for us and that is why he forgives. And expects us to forgive as well. Whatever you do, even in the midst of utter despair, do not betray your immortal soul.

On Earth the energetic mind of the soul melds with the flesh and harmonizes to speech, mathematics, music and amazing humanitarianism. Here soon you are to be charged with remembering God in a world that tempts you to forget God. The challenge is most engaging. It is after all a seductive world. Some will find it difficult to live up to their promises. In that stark moment beyond the grave when you must face God and give your accounting, I hope He is kind.

Nothing in the way of ascension happens in this world until we are ready. To even be in the world at this hour, at this momentous turning point, is an honor and a privilege. Remember that all we are “owed” in this time and this life is what we have justified by our own soul’s refinement through the many lives we have led, some in this dimension and some in others. The chain of destiny never ends and your past has led you to this new day. If we are worthy and God needs us, we will be called. In fact, most of you who are reading this have been karmically chosen by God for this moment. All of your progression in this life and prior lives has led you to this moment right here, right now. By suffering yourself in this life and others, and by your prior good deeds and acts of kindness through the many millennia, you have seen here what it is that must be recognized, addressed, corrected and healed. You will aid the ascension and rise to your calling. As the jubilee unfolds you will be granted the financial ability to assist a global re-structuring that only happens at rare critical moments in the humanoid racial experience. There is much glory in this attainment. Forget the past, it is water already beyond the bridge. If you have been hurt, if you have wounded by life, if you feel broken, if you have lost until you can lose no more, you may soon awaken to learn you are now blessed beyond measure. In the Jubilee moment, the abundant love of God will manifest in a new covenant that will shine down and restore this planet. Some of you understand better than anyone else the power of this transition. You are an integral part of the Jubilee event. You will help usher in a new Age of Understanding. Soon we hope to manifest a level of power that will inspire, to the fullest extent we can muster, a huge surfeit of mercy, build the large new edifices of our future, and support key governmental changes that will insure that this ascension never lapses. You will stand guardian to further insure that we never again will succumb to the cruel governance of a Godless elite that are so entrenched as to require celestial intervention in the removal process. Your future work will insure that our ever-expanding Science, inspired by God’s love and the inventor’s desire to better the lives of all, is forever used only for God’s purposes. Never again will you support a corrupt elite of cruel warmongers and slavers who would use our own inalienable science to intimidate and coerce.

Life is challenging enough without being enslaved and abused Thus, the Jubilee MUST occur. If you have already given in to the horrors of this world step back now and find your new self. It has been a long journey. We have endeavored long enough atop the 50-foot balance beam of modern history, dominated by vile financial masters, embarrassed by our own participation in supporting their leadership. We in this community stand hopeful to be very very near to the promise of a wondrous and blessed new reality. Can we spare a small moment to dream that the wait will be over soon. Some who are highly expectant are battle-weary and emotionally damaged. But we will overcome it. There is an angst we suffer when told the world will ascend tomorrow, and then it doesn’t. But we stand strong in spirit. We question the delays and our own sanity. Nevertheless, we hopefully await the promised new age.

Every good heart and well-meaning soul on this site has been touched, molded and shaped. In getting to this point, some made the torch, some grabbed it and bravely lit the way, and now we who are left must use it to seize this new day and enlighten our Earth. We have been tested by a struggle we never dreamed we could endure. We have seen this exotic “financial investment” start as a small plant and, to our utter amazement, expand to a resplendent and mighty oak tree. We have learned that somehow, in some mysterious fashion, our souls have been honed through many karmic life times, through many births and deaths, to become God’s servants in assisting this glorious transformation. WE want to know that our oak tree will truly yield its lush rounded canopy. Ans then we will stand in awe. As a new breed of world leader, we will proceed to change the world and make it better. We will ally with other like-minded leaders and humanitarians for positive change. We will seek out problems, form teams of talented experts, and find solutions for the benefit of all. We will see to it that a world of false scarcity is converted to one of abundance. We will see our studied efforts turn sorrow and privation en masse to joy and happiness. True, we will also see that the world will always be the world, regardless of money, regardless of wealth. Birth, childhood, growth, love, reproduction, family, toil, service, pain, sickness and death are inherent. Whatever the world is, it will at some point physically end. And in that day we will still keep safe our immortal souls. It is God’s laboratory after all. All is at play for us to learn our new place and our new governance in the meanwhile. Everything you say matters now. Everything you do matters now. Both the struggle and the gain that have yielded to you the steady expansion of your own precious soul have coalesced for this new day. With this victory, in and out of this world and on into the vast corners of God’s universe we will go. Ultimately we may join other ascended souls laddering up to Source. Focused today on victory, we are the entrusted humanitarians of the moment, infused with love, allied with God in our new calling, eager to save our own souls by saving others. And in that calling we will see a new purpose for our lives.

In this season of hope and charity, I send torrents of love to my benevolent brothers and sisters.

Restive Sage
Terra Zetzz 


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