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  1. Thomas MacFarlane
    Mar 14, 2018 @ 18:48:22

    Can you help me my cousin has cancer but they took out the mass problem and now he is on chemo. Please send me the natural remedy for cancer treatments please.


    • Angel4Light
      Apr 01, 2018 @ 07:30:28

      Chemo is pure poison. It is what killed my Mother. Research Baking soda and molasses. Research vitamin B17. Research soursop this is a plant from Brazil. Research CBD oil. Research curing Candida. Cancer is a fungus. Cancer is Candida. Sugar feeds cancer. The diet is important. Research beet juice with apple juice and carrot juice.
      There are over 300 remedies for various cancers. Seeds are a cure as well. Your Cousin will need to detox from the Chemo poison. Research detoxifying from Chemo. Do not use Google. Use as your search engine. You will get better results. Look up Dr Leonard, Dr Ax, Mike Adams the Health Ranger has great products and a lab.
      Make sure your Cousin stops drinking Fluoride, this is the main reason for Cancer. Sugars, soft drinks, wheat, glycophate which is round up sprayed on most crops.Get your food from local farmers that don’t use pesticides. Drink distilled water. Do not use sugar. Use honey or maple syrup if you need something sweet but be light on it.

      Nuts and fruits and greens are extremely healthy and have helped people survive cancer. The most important thing is to not take the poison chemo or radiation as this distroys your immune system. Hope this is of help. Namaste


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