How billions were looted of Saddam Hussein

THE BIGGEST ROBBERY IN HISTORY How billions were looted of Saddam Hussein

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THE BIGGEST ROBBERY IN HISTORY How billions were looted of Saddam Hussein

By Vladimir Filipović

When in April 2003 the American troops first set foot on the soil of Baghdad, looters were already looting tresury of the Central Bank of Iraq, the fortress that housed most of the state money.

When the soldiers entered the bank, they saw the burnt door of central vault, which the robbers, in spite of explosives and high firepower, were unable to penetrate.

However, when the Americans entered the vault, they found out that this was one of the biggest robberies in history – during the night from the Treasury was taken out more than a billion dollars.

In other words, about 4 o’clock in the morning on the night between 17 and 18 March 2003, the day before the rain of projectiles showered Iraq, three trucks came to the entrance of the bank. From one of them came a man with a signed piece of paper. In the next moment, started transfer of 900 million $ and 100 million Euros, neatly packed in small boxes.

This robbery did not require weapons and explosives: the man with the paper was Qusay Hussein, head of the Iraqi defense forces, and the document was signed by his father Saddam Hussein. On paper it was written that it is necessary to draw that kind of money so it does not to fall into the hands of foreign occupiers.

On paper it was written that it is necessary to draw that kind of money so it does not to fall into the hands of foreign occupiers.

– Once you get an order from Saddam, You do not argue too much – a later described it for the “New York Times” one of the senior officials of the bank, reports portal “Ozy”.

However, despite all the efforts of Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi money ended up in foreign hands.
Money sent to Kuwait

When the Americans found out that a quarter of state reserve cash disappeared from the state reserves of the Central Bank began a general search for money. The greatest Pentagon fear was that Saddam will use that money to finance guerrilla war against America. However, their suspicions proved to be inaccurate very quickly, when in the villa of another of Saddam’s son, Uday Hussein, were found $ 650 million in cash.

Americans believed to have found the most money from the bank. However, it turned out that these was only Uday’s personal stock.

The money did not disappear without a trace, and soon it was discovered several hundred million dollars in one of Saddam’s palaces. The money was compounded in the aluminum boxes, and in each there were four million dollars in denominations of $ 100.

Americans were secretly sending money to Kuwait where they were to be counted to determine exactly how much you have. However, the story that receives the expected complication.

– Official Washington, namely Deputy Secretary for International Affairs John Taylor requested that the money be returned to the Central Bank of Iraq, but … American troops in that country decided that they distribute it by their own discretion. Little by little, Saddam’s pile of dollars began to decline, and often ended in lockers and backpacks of US troops – claims Rajsen James, author of the book “Pay any price”.

Rajsen claims that Saddam banknotes of $ 100 ended in the US, as the soldiers sent money to their wives and girlfriends.

More than $ 440,000 was discovered in the accounts of US Army Major Richard Fuller, a marine who was responsible for counting money in Fallujah. US Army Captain Michael Nigujen appropriated more than $ 700,000 during the period of service in the province of Anbar. when he returned to the United States, itself bought a jeep “Hammer” and limousine “BMW,” said the “New York Times”.

According to data that have appeared in public, a total of 35 US soldiers have been convicted of a similar theft from 2004-2008. years.


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