A “Night Before Christmas” poem for LIGHTWORKERS by Matt Kahn

Message from Matt Kahn

Source: Matt Kahn

In your new spiritual paradigm, the aim is to be open, loving, and positive without looking away from the hardships of life. In order to be this surrendered into love, it is so crucial to not put so much pressure on you, as if the fate of the entire world rests solely on your shoulders. Yes, you are an empath and all the patterns you are healing within yourself physically, emotionally, and energetically are equally contributing towards the tipping point of awakening the consciousness of humanity. And yet, you don’t have to hold your breath until the world wakes up or wait for some auspicious sign from the Universe to give yourself permission to live your most miraculous life.
It is simply your desire for a more miraculously-flowing, passion-filled reality that opens up pathways within you to bring you all the joy, excitement, clarity and support you deserve.

I, for one, am here to ensure you manifest this as quickly and easily as possible. No matter how things look in your life or in the world, there is a very positive and empowering expansion taking place across the planet that you are helping to bring forth. In support of your contributions to the whole during these critical times of transformation, I wanted to take this moment and offer you a few healing gifts. First, let me offer you the gift of gratitude. I am truly grateful for your strength and courage to remain in a body, no matter how turbulent things feel, or how impossibly life seems to stack the odds against you. I am grateful that, in a day and age when shutting down and zoning out in to technology devices is a socially acceptable pattern, you have chosen to keep opening back up, and remaining open, to the light awakening and expanding within you. There may be sarcasm and moments of cynical doubt in a greater Divine plan from time to time, but I honor you as a faithful one– an anchor of heart-centered truth who is here to bring forth a new humanity in the most peaceful and vibrationally-aligned way. I see you and I love what I see.

For the gifts you provide this planet, just by being willing to feel discomfort instead of hiding from it, or projecting it onto others, I humbly bow in your presence.

As a courageous love warrior, I bless you with the vibration of gratitude, so you may begin feeling your best without insisting what needs to first change externally before relief can be felt. In this newsletter, I am delighted to provide you the gift of laughter with a very funny holiday poem I wrote a week ago. I also offer you the gift of relief with a more specific outline of the teachings offered in Angel Academy 9.

From my heart to yours, thank you for staying the course. Your inner child is ready to let go and make the biggest shift you’ve been waiting for, but it needs your loving support now more than ever before.

All for the love of all,

Matt Kahn

Need more laughter this holiday season?!

A Spiritual “Night Before Christmas” poem for LIGHTWORKERS by Matt Kahn

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the home

All chakras were spinning and adorned with an OM

All stockings were hung on the chimney with care

As intentions went out with heartfelt prayer

When out on the lawn arose such a clatter

And so I perceived, an illusion of matter

When what to my wondering eyes should appear

Archangels and Masters—ascension is near

In timeless presence, through my window pane

It was Michael, Buddha, and St. Germaine

They asked for forgiveness for causing me fright

And held space for my process as I merged into light

We honored all the corners and took time just to be

Then gave me a mantra to repeat after me

I unwrapped a CD—it was Deva Premal

I’ve been so loving, are you sure that’s all?

They honored my presence and proclaimed me the best

And as for more gifts, please empath the rest

What a cruel joke, my ego appealed

As I loved all the feelings that came to be healed

I’m not one to blame, but please tell me Lord

Where did my gifts go that you can afford

As the masters dissolved and left in a flash

Leaving nothing behind, not even some cash

Then in front of my face, I saw so clear

It was Santa, his sleigh, and eight reindeer

They didn’t even stop, just continued their flight

Merry Christmas inner child, it just wasn’t your night.

Many blessings of laughter. Happy Holy-days!!


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