The Fluoride Agenda that’s Destroying your IQ

The Fluoride Agenda That’s Destroying Your IQ

Fluoride is a nasty poison that can wreak havoc on your body.

Countless studies have found that fluoride is associated with a lower IQ, fatigue, bone cancer, immune system disruption, thyroid disease, and even decreased fertility.

Even worse, the government’s agenda is to convince communities that fluoride is essential for preventing cavities, so it continues to be added to drinking water, toothpaste, mouthwash, and even prescription drugs.

While it is clear you cannot rely on the government to protect your health, the good news is that you can use this 2 step approach to fight back and reduce fluoride exposure and detoxify accumulated fluoride from your body.

Step 1: Reduce Fluoride Exposure Immediately

Repeated fluoride exposure causes accumulation in the body. Only around 50% of the fluoride you are exposed to is excreted and the rest is stored in your teeth, bones, pineal gland, and several other tissues. As a result, the more fluoride you are exposed to, the more dangerous it becomes to your body.

This is why it is essential to immediately reduce your exposure to fluoride.

Here are the most common sources of fluoride and how to avoid them:

– Teflon: Non-stick pots and pans can increase the amount of fluoride in your food by up to 300%. Stick to stable-high heat oils and you will not need non-stick cooking ware.

– Non-organic: Anything that is not organic, be it wine, fruit, or vegetables, are contaminated with high levels of fluoride. That is because non-organic farmers often use a fluoride-based pesticide called cryolite.

– Tap Water: If your tap water is not from a private well, there is a high chance it is fluoridated. Bottled water is not any better. The best option is to install a water filter that removes contaminants like fluoride.

– Toothpaste: Just because you do not swallow toothpaste, does not mean the fluoride cannot get into your body. Simply switch out your existing toothpaste for a fluoride-free toothpaste.

Step 2: Effectively Detox Fluoride

It is impossible to completely avoid exposure to fluoride, which it is why you must detoxify fluoride from your body. One mineral in particular, zeolite, has unique properties known for detoxifying fluoride and other toxins and heavy metals.

Zeolite is a natural mineral that chelates toxins. This means that it binds to toxins like a magnet, pulls them from your system, and helps your body excrete them.

Since around 50% of the fluoride you are exposed to is stored in the body, zeolite is considered an ideal option for detoxing this toxin. Plus, if you regularly take zeolite, it can detoxify fluoride before it even has a chance to build up in your cells.

Not all zeolites are effective at detoxifying fluoride. In fact, most are completely ineffective.

When mined, zeolite has already been in the ground awhile, soaking up lead, arsenic, and other environmental toxins and heavy metals like a sponge. If ingested in its raw form, freshly mined zeolite would be too big and too dirty to work properly.

The one you need is the liquid zeolite, Pure Body, made by Touchstone Essentials.

Why is this particular zeolite supplement so important?

Pure Body is specially processed so that the zeolite particles are cleansed and sized small enough to pass through the body where fluoride is stored. Pure Body is then tested by third-party labs for purity and sizing.


Fluoride is a dangerous toxin. Despite its massive list of terrible side effects, fluoride is still added to your drinking water, food, and toothpaste.

What makes fluoride even more dangerous is that it accumulates in the body. Only 50% of fluoride is excreted, so the longer you are exposed to fluoride, the more toxic it becomes in your body.

It is critical that you detoxify fluoride with a liquid zeolite supplement like Pure Body, before the exposure leads to irreversible damage.

It is only when you are no longer under the influence of fluoride that you can break free from the government’s fluoride agenda and take back your health.

Be a lion, not a sheep and start protecting yourself (and your IQ) from fluoride.

Terra Zetzz


Note from Angel4Light:

There are other ways to rid your body of fluoride.

First and foremost I suggest that you stop using city water, commercial toothpaste, and many bottled waters as they are from the tap and contain fluoride as well as many evil poisons.

Wow, that is hard for many to do because of the added expenses to purchase healthy toothpaste. I use the following and it works:

Baking Soda + coconut oil equal portions of each. For pain in the teeth you can add Tumeric or clove powder (very small amounts)

How about the entire body?

Boron will clean the body while decalcifying your Pineal Gland, strengthen your bones and provide you with a much needed mineral.

Where do I find boron and how much do I need?

Boron is available at the Health food stores and also in your local grocery on the laundry isle, if you live in the US. What? Laundry soap? No this isn’t laundry soap, if you read the box you will see that is a booster. It is actually a Trace Mineral that is extremely important and good for you.

There is a story many years ago about a Natural Path who was curing people from arthritis, osteosclerosis and other ailments. In fact he was so successful with these little pills that he had created, he wanted to manufacture these so that everyone could receive the help that they need. So, he submitted to the government for a license to manufacture these pills and distribute them for health. Of course big pharma steps in and has him shut down, run out of country and then the boron was classified as poison and labeled as laundry detergent because they still wanted to get money from the mining of this mineral.

You can find Boron in most every store in the United States under the name of “20 Mule Team Borax”.

So how do I make my own solution or pills so that I can strengthen my bones and decalcify my Pineal Gland?

  • Heat 1 qt pure water not boiling
  • Add 1 Teaspoon Boron and completely desolve
  • Set a side to cool and save this as your “Daily Solution”. Store this in a glass container.
  • Use 1 Teaspoon of your “Daily Solution” in your morning 8 oz Pure Water.
  • Drink on an empty stomach. It will have zero flavor so don’t fret.
  • You can double your intake as time goes by but do not over do it.

Below is a great video that can help you understand this wonderful Trace Mineral.


Boron, One of the Most Deficient Trace Minerals


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