Message from the Pleiadians: March 3

Editor’s Note: I received this “automatic” writing message shortly after waking this morning. This message is not a surprise given the spiritual importance of this date. Today is a day when all should slow down and spend time with themselves as we all contemplate and release.

Please read this message, look into your heart deeply, and be…



Hello Humanity!

We are the Pleiadians and we speak today to begin your welcome into another “time” and another “place” on this auspicious day of 333!

A new experience awaits all of you in…how you think, how you process new ideas, and most importantly, how you feel! The vibratory rate you hold inside of yourself (your heart) will determine how little, or how much, you physically react to the large wave of cosmic energy coming from the Central Sun. This huge wave of energy will envelop the entire Earth at the moment of the Spring Equinox on March 20/21. Even more waves from this same energy Source will follow in the process of your spiritual/physical evolution.

ALL will feel the effects of this wave of Cosmic energy. Again, the level of your vibrational rate (fear and anger = low vibrations, Love and Joy = high vibrations) will determine your experience. Some of humanity will feel tired, some will feel energized. Other members of your civilization will feel pain, and others will be elated!

At this time, we urge ALL to prepare for how this wave of high energy will affect you personally. Earth’s original intent as a place where all flora and fauna could exist together in harmony and peace was “taken over” by low vibrations. The result was war and violence causing humans ad animals to become “prey” for the other.

Now, we urge ALL to prepare for how this wave of energy will affect you personally. Eat vegetable-based foods and drink the purest water available which will release both low-vibrations and chemical toxins from your bodies. Information on how to do this can be found on (y)our “Internet”.

Making dietary changes combined with positive changes in your emotional attitude will allow you the best experience as this energy over-washes you! As the process of spiritual awakening for your civilization continues, we wish to help each of you with the best introduction into higher realms of existence.

We love each of you for taking on this “assignment” and welcome you home into a higher and more joyful way to exist…to “BE”!

The Pleiadians

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