Selfish Lightworkers

Selfish Lightworkers

Me: Ivo, seeing as your mandate is to help lightworkers awaken, in whatever way that entails, I need you to speak on this because I believe a reminder is necessary.

There are a lot of lightworkers who are confused. I pick it up empathically from the collective when I read posts, etc. and it’s overwhelming for me. So I think because there is so much confusion, we should address these issues, and we have been.
We’ve already touched on fake news as planted by the dark on social media, fake lightworkers (darkworkers) and how they twist your head around, what is 4D and what is 5D and who’s going… we have recent videos on all of these subjects.
Mira also channeled one on vibrational frequency and although you go into this all the time because all of our work is based on that, it’s helping people to understand what’s going on and why they don’t gel with everyone on earth. Because I think people think that when they deal with all their issues, that they should be able to get along with everyone but they’re finding they still are not attracted to some people at all. So Mira explained why this happens.
What I’d like to discuss today is selfish lightworkers. I see posts on, where else, Facebook where a “lightworker” is telling off other people in the group who put up posts asking for energy to help deal with their issues. This person told other people to learn how to heal themselves and stop asking for help!

So I realized this person is, for whatever reason, selfish. Can you help out Ivo?

Ivo: Yes, the person is either a darkworker, trying to create an argument between two differing sides of the same issue as is often the tactic of trolls, or it is a lightworker who is still vibrating at a third dimensional level – which is selfish. His annoyance at those who do this is part of his learning but apparently he is having a tough time with the lesson. Being patient with those who are of lower frequency than yours is the lesson. Allowing others to be themselves is another lesson. The person is attempting to control the group and who posts to it.

Me: When I was in 3D I wasn’t selfish.
Ivo: You are of extremely high consciousness. Being selfish is beyond you at most times.

Me: True. I have to keep trying to take breaks and unwind and have trouble with that even. I don’t plan on martyring myself to help others.
Ivo: So you are learning to balance your giving with resting. That is advisable.

Me: I keep hearing you tell me to take a break.

Ivo: And you do not always listen.
Me: It has to do with my non-existent memory. If I leave things to my memory to remember to do, I won’t finish the job.

Ivo: There are many in the lightworker community who are still selfish. They maintain their third dimensional matrix stance because there may be many things they do not realize.

All human beings in the galaxy who are of the light and are of higher frequency, are service to others. Those who are not are helping to control your planet right now. They are service to self or selfish in other words.

There are energy vampires who put up posts to attempt to extract energy from unwitting helpers. Yes, this does happen on social media.
There are lightworkers who do this because they are caught in the victim programming and are not taking responsibility for what they create in their lives. They believe life happens to them. Your e-course on this subject may help many people to relieve themselves of this burden. It is on our website

Perhaps this poster was fed up of people who do these things but there are many things he is missing.
The first thing is that all lightworkers are here to help other lightworkers and the people on earth. You did not come here, as Ashtar said in the recent video, out of selfishness, for selfish reasons. You came to be a part of the grand awakening of earth’s people and the ascension to the fifth dimension.

You came to help. You left your wonderful lives and your loved ones behind, at least as far as your daily lives go. You do see them and spend time with them in the astral however many do not remember these visits.
So to think of yourself as a selfish person is incorrect. To behave selfishly is to oppose the intention of your soul and to continue to be a pawn of the dark controllers of your planet.

To liberate yourself is to align with your soul. This is a process for many as you must move away from what you have been taught and move on to reveal to yourself your true self. And there are many who are helping in this regard on earth, but just as many who are attempting to hold you back. The key to understanding who is who, who is helpful and who is holding you back is to see if you make any progress under their tutelage. If you do not, or particularly if you find yourself falling back into old third dimensional patterns, cut off contact with this instructor immediately.

Me: Good advice.

Ivo: It is actually simple. But the thing that perhaps complicates it is the amount of interactivity you have with others of all vibrational frequencies and darkworkers. It is sometimes easier to just simplify your life, stick to what you know, have your trusted sources that feed you information, and learn to sense energy. Because when you sense energy you can sense the vibrational frequency of the information.

Me: True. I can sense people, especially ones standing in front of me really well. Two sales clerks in the store: talk to this one, not to that one, second one is not as friendly.

Ivo: Your energy field will reveal much to you if you can uncomplicate your life enough to listen to its subtle message. Yes. It is not for no reason that your controllers keep you on overload. You must have time to relax and give up the noise of your stressful lives. Then you can hear the subtle intuition and sense energy. In a peaceful state.

Me: Perhaps many of the newer lightworkers don’t realize this. There is much to be gained through spiritual messages, although many of them are not the complete message and tend to blame people on earth for their negativity.

Ivo: And as I said, for the lightworker who gave so much of themself to come here to earth, you are not negative. You have accumulated a shadow through having an ego that is manipulated by unseen forces, so disassociating with what it tells you and the emotions you feel, is the best way to go. Let them go. Do not act on them. They are not yours anyway. Your mental and emotional bodies, what many think of as themselves, are highly manipulated at the moment. This is the job of the lightworker, and this is what awareness entails – to rise above the physical mind and the external influences that hold it prisoner. Just in doing this much, you help all around you. However many have chosen more as well.

Me: Yes, to get spiritual. To become your Higher Self. To align with your soul’s purpose on earth. To bring heaven to well…. earth. All those descriptions are correct.

Ivo: They are. Venting at people on social media is not the way to go. Accept others as being on their own path in life, and disassociate with angry emotions that you feel. You are beings of love, nothing else.

Me: Thank you Ivo.

Ivo: My dear, we are together more than you know.

Me: Oh, I’m catching on. L.O.L.



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