Mary Magdalene: The Impossible Explored

Mary Magdalene: The Impossible Explored

by EraOfLight

Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! These are the times of profound changes taking place within the energetic constructs of inner and outer reality. That which was deemed and perceived as impossible before is now being explored as a viable reality and construct. This requires ones consciousness to expand into areas that can now be proven to be viable to self. In all things, these events are occurring for those who inwardly say ‘yes’ to the possibility and in the days ahead, this activity will become more commonplace for those who venture into this arena of potentiality. Humanity is beginning to live in those times of moving into ‘space, the final frontier’.

We, of the Ascended Master realms, celebrate this achievement and honor all those who had and continue to have, a part in this new direction. And we encourage you to explore all dimensional constructs, for this is how one can progress in expanding one’s consciousness in the direction of the Divine. It requires a total acceptance of full responsibility of all that you are and all that you have created in your life and your world. Everything you have ever created in your imagination has a life of its own and must play itself out eventually. As you begin to recognize this as taking place in all aspects of your life, you begin to see the universal mirror reflecting this back to you.

These times call forth a very strong sense of self-identity, a clear knowingness of who and what you are and what you stand for. This is not an easy state to attain in these times of now because of the energy fluctuations that keep occurring so often. All you can do is align to your Eternal Divine Essence, hold to your Light, affirm your Light several times a day and stand in it even if it becomes difficult. You shall make it through despite all seeming obstacles that are put on your path. This is happening more frequently to those who are increasing their Light quotient to an ever higher level because the counter-forces are desperate to maintain control over their crumbling empire. They are failing and will soon fade out of this reality.

In the new reality, those of pure heart who work through the force of love are making inroads in all facets of their society. The inner goodness of people is shining through and those who resonate to this force of love are drawn to each other. The wisdom of the Christ in his words, ‘by their works you shall know them’ very much applies in these times. Those who have pretended to be something which in truth they are not, are being unmasked by those who follow their higher guidance. This will continue to happen more and more frequently so we say to all humans – be warned…your falsity will be uncovered for there is no place to hide!

It is much better for all if each person works on aligning to the highest version of themselves in all facets of human living and really makes that effort their priority. The passport to the new reality is a higher Light and love quotient that is clearly discerned by looking at one’s auric field. Those who are already in that new reality can see those who have not yet made the requirement to enter in. Fast talking, bluster and charm will not get you in there, Beloveds, you must have done the work, gained the understanding and ring true as you enter. It can be no other way!

I AM Mary Magdalene.

Source Channel: Marlene Swetlishoff


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