Father God on Waking Those Who Are Still Asleep

Father God on Waking Those Who Are Still Asleep

Channeled By: Linda Li


The Divine Father has a short message for you all. Father God says that there are some of my children who are deeply sleeping in the human psyche. Their awakening time has come, and yet their forgetfulness has set in and preventing them from awakening. This scenario has been so prevalent and it has caused huge hurdles for the Divine.

Now I am here. I am going to take action and wake up these sleepers. I know some may resist the idea of waking up, and others may simply ignore the fact that their time has come. Nevertheless, being the Father of these souls, I am determined to bring my children home, each and every one of them. And that is what is to come. What is to come is that I am going to wake up my children.

In the process, you may see my children crying and kicking and screaming. I have seen that before, and I am going to say, it won’t keep me from waking you up dear heart. The Time has come. Come home with me. Let’s do it.

I am your Father, friend and I am here. Love you.

Divine Father through Linda Li


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Thank You President Trump

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