Pisces Full Moon, September 13 / 14th: Extreme Transformation

Pisces Full Moon, September 13 / 14th – Extreme Transformation

by Barbara Goldsmith

Pisces Full Moon, September 13 / 14th – Extreme Transformation With a T square to Jupiter in Sagittarius at the apex, this Full Moon is conjunct to Neptune and opposite the Sun and Mars in Virgo. 7 planets are in Mutable signs and 7 in Earth signs. This is a time to learn how to flow with change, and even to enjoy it and welcome it! Death is when the body is no longer animate. Life is about movement, change, and transformation.

Jupiter may have you going from one extreme to another. One moment you may wish to be quiet and peaceful and another moment you may wish to be out in the world taking action. Sun and Mars is all about taking action, being proactive and going for what you want Moon and Neptune are all about being, gentleness, surrendering, having faith and believing your dreams can come true.

The challenge will be to learn how to tune into when you need to take action and when you need to be still and wait to receive cues for your next move. It’s the contrast between Body and Soul

The key to successfully managing these energies will be to find the balance between listening to your body and its needs and listening to your soul and its quieter voice.

This is a powerful time when you can experience a total rebirth and transformation of any area in your life: relationships, family, home, work, spiritual direction.

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Thank You President Trump

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