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WeRe Bank of England Announces Commencement of Global Debt Jubilee Roll Out – UK – USA – EUROPE

By Peter Of England

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Originally Published on Dec 29, 2019

Global Financial Reset and Debt Jubilee Begins! UK – USA – IRELAND – COMMONWEALTH COUNTRIES

PLEASE ATTEND THE WEBINAR on the 15th January 2020 19:00 hrs London – Visit SHOP [https://www.removement.net]

This video announces the Global Debt Resolution and Reset Project initiated by WeRe Bank of England and White Hat benevolent entities. “You sell it – We Buy it!” WeRe Bank of England commenced activities in the UK in March 2015 and spread to over 25 countries within 10 months by showing the people that one did not have to rely upon a Central Banking Control Agenda in order to pay off debts. All you needed to do was create your own “money supply” via issuance of a promissory note, then attach a payment modality to it, namely a cheque book. Many successes were achieved – much trolling and shill activity, combined with massive “false reporting and innuendo” from the fake Main Steam Media, still could not stop the momentum.

PLEASE ATTEND THE WEBINAR on the 15th January 2020 19:00 hrs London – Visit SHOP [https://www.removement.net]

Over the past 5 years, now as we rest on the cusp of 2020, the debt burden has increased and as no Central Bank, political process, politician, pressure group or Governing/Regulatory body has stepped up to try to resolve the situation.

WeRe Bank of England has taken upon itself Christic-Self- Governance Principles to arrange to do what Man has refused to do! The struggle is of Biblical proportions – The toxic, usurious, Debt Death spiral must be broken and WeRe Bank of England has arrived to effect the solution. Five (5) years on from WeRe Bank’s launch, Peter of England unveils WeRe Bank 2.0 for the year 2020. WeRe Bank of England’s Post BREXIT offer to the world Simply put, this allows you to SELL any debt to WeRe Bank of England, an ALTERNATIVE SERVICE PROVIDER, and walk away from your supposed “debt obligations” FREE AND CLEAR. You free yourself from the debt – WeRe Bank of England increases its asset book by ACCUMULATING DEBT, as in this Alice in Wonderland nonsense world of “globalist Zionist Kontrol” debts are ASSETS and not “money” – “money (so called is a liability). WeRe Bank of England has established itself as an ASP (Alternative Service Provider) and can now assume your debt burden in all debt classes. WeRe Bank of England is a private bank and so is not restricted by regulatory authorities, governing agencies or corrupt and criminal Central Banking organisations. WeRe Bank of England (it) further shows you that at the time of the contractual agreement whereupon you signed for an “extension of credit” you were defrauded of your rights under a contract as not all “material information” was revealed to you – just the opposite! You were never loaned money BUT simply had “credit” extended to you. Money is not credit AND credit can never be money. Banks do not take deposits and banks do not make loans.

Freeman Legal Services is the legal catalyst for the Debt Assumption and Debt BUY-OUT Freeman Legal Services can also help you prove that virtually every court order which has allowed ENFORCEMENT ACTION to be taken against you, whether by bailiffs, Sheriff offices or debt collection firms. lawyers/attorneys and government departments is fraudulent and revocable.

We call this the Court Order Scam Exposed (COSE) In order to rectify the situation Freeman Legal Services (https://www.freemanlegalservices.com) teaming up with WeRe Bank of England will show you how to turn the tables on the criminal banking cartel by using common sense, GAAP and also showing you quite clearly why the bank cannot sell its “burden” under the contract to a 3rd party but you can sell your benefit!

The result of WeRe Bank of England’s methodology is to perform a massive and aggressive raid on ALL GLOBALIST BANKING AND INSTITUTIONAL DEBT and clear the slate via the oldest trick in the book, which is……

PLEASE ATTEND THE WEBINAR on the 15th January 2020 19:00 hrs (7pm) London – Visit SHOP to register: [https://www.removement.net]

You can check the time of the Webinar for your time zone here:


WeRe Bank of England Website https://www.werebank.co.uk

Freeman Legal Services Website: http://www.freemanlegalservices.com/

for emailing: Admin1@freemanlegalservices.com

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