Face Diapers – Behind The Mask

A few weeks ago I asked a doctor to put together a list of what masks do to our children and she sent it today….I hope this helps everyone! Love M M Masking children is child abuse!

Interferes with development of speech and communication

Sends messages to brain that child is under duress

Some children have regressed developmentally

One 4 year old child lost control over urination and began wetting herself

A teen with OCD, in my practice
drove his car into a tree while masked because wearing a mask exacerbates pre-existing mental health symptoms

Children are shutting down in the areas of both expressive and receptive communication
Masks are causing respiratory and facial staff and yeast infractions

Increases anxiety in children

Decreased intake of oxygen is increasing depression in

Increases feelings of social isolation

Those who have myopia can have difficulty seeing because the mask fogs their glasses. WSJ

Masks can cause severe acne and other skin problems. WSJ

The discomfort of a mask distracts some children from learning. WSJ

By increasing airway resistance during exhalation, masks can lead to increased levels of carbon dioxide in the blood. M

And masks can be vectors for pathogens if they become moist or are used for too long. WSJ

Some children compensate for such difficulties by breathing through their mouths. Chronic and prolonged mouth breathing can alter facial development. WSJ

It is well-documented that children who mouth-breathe because adenoids block their nasal airways can develop a mouth deformity and elongated face. WSJ

Facial expressions are integral to human connection, particularly for young children, who are only learning how to signal fear, confusion and happiness. WSJ

Covering a child’s face mutes these nonverbal forms of communication and can result in robotic and emotionless interactions, anxiety and depression. WSJ

Seeing people speak is a building block of phonetic development. It is especially important for children with disabilities such as hearing impairment. WSJ

The adverse developmental effects of requiring masks for a few weeks are probably minor. We can’t say that with any confidence when the practice stretches on for months or years. WSJ

Public-health officials claim to base their decisions and guidance on science, but there’s no science behind mask mandates for children. WSJ

A new research study by one of us (Dr. Makary) and his Johns Hopkins colleagues found that of the $42 billion the National Institutes of Health spent on research last year, less than 2% went to Covid clinical research and not a single grant was dedicated to studying masks in children. WSJ

Forcing a child to wear a mask is child abuse.

Cloth and paper masks worn outside of a surgical situation do not protect anyone from anything.

Children’s masks get wet and breed pathogens and stick to their faces.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gratzite
    Nov 25, 2021 @ 19:55:39

    Keeping the mask below the nose, and you are complying without the ill effects.


    • theredpilldoctor
      Jan 08, 2022 @ 03:10:46

      But complying says: I am a good slave and will do as I am told even that I know this is Agenda 21. I don’t comply. I was forced in a doctor’s office to keep the mask tight against my face. Why? These people have been bought off by Big Pharma. It proves several things to me. These beings have no soul, they don’t care about humanity. These are the Brown Shirts or the Romans who threw the Christians in to feed the Lions.

      If someone has a white coat or a sheep skin on their wall, they are assumed to be good and above you in intelligence, right?

      Reading the label on the box that is larger enough to read, yet the Quackery continues. These beings are programmed botts. I really can not see them as human. How could a doctor force you to wear mask when you clearly state that you have asthma?

      So I wait in my car or do online services. I will not consent.


    • theredpilldoctor
      Feb 16, 2022 @ 01:36:44

      I had to wear the stinking mask when I had to go get new glasses. The mask Nazis wouldn’t let me breathe and they lost me as a future customer. I will get my contacts from another location. I only complied because the price was so affordable.

      I do agree with you about complying but my husband had just passed away and I had no glasses in order to drive I had no choice.



  2. gratzite
    Jan 08, 2022 @ 03:20:38

    It is really amazing how the whole world wear masks which have been proved to be no protection, and are harmful.


    • theredpilldoctor
      Feb 16, 2022 @ 01:54:22

      So true. Watch the crazy ones wearing it in their car with the windows rolled up and they are alone. I stay far from them. The carbon monoxide has already eaten up their brain and all we have left is a zombie in motion. Sad to say but that’s the truth.



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