The Liver

By Dr Mugzzi

Originally Posted on July 10, 2020

As I always say, “The body is the Sum of All of Its parts!” Yet we lead by a medical system that has a multitude of specialists that only care for one part, disregarding its relationships with the rest.

I’d like to share with you the importance of the liver. Because the liver is responsible for 500+ essential functions, science shows even the slightest toxins in your liver can lead to Liver Damage and without you even knowing it, robs years off of your life.

Don’t think that if you don’t drink alcohol, you’re safe. You may not realize it, but there are 84,000 toxic chemicals in your home, our air, water, and food, that our body’s and our liver are responsible to filter daily.
I like how an industry Colleague, Drew Canole, summarized the jobs of the Liver:

💥House Cleaner: Your liver filters your blood, breaking down toxic chemicals with names you can’t even pronounce.22

💥 Power Plant Operator: Your liver converts food into quick energy (glucose) keeping your mind alert and your body active.23

💥 Protein Builder: Your liver creates “survival proteins” for clotting your blood, and fighting infections.24

💥 Matchmaker: Your liver balances your sex hormones. Without it, you’d have the libido of a dying sea cucumber… Oh yeah, it also handles weight-loss hormones like insulin, ghrelin, leptin, etc.25

💥 Nutritionist: Your liver regulates your essential vitamins and minerals, including iron and copper. It balances your cholesterol and makes bile for smooth digestion.26

Why did I decide to share this information with you? Because, regardless of symptoms, which I am choosing not to share with you today, you must care for your liver. You are affected by toxins every single day of your life.

I beg you to stop choosing how to take care of yourself based on How You Feel…and start doing things for yourself to improve How You Heal!

This is called being Pro-Active, Rather than Re-Active.

That’s how we move toward a future filled with hope for an Active life, rather than one filled with medication, pain, illness, and inactivity. This can be a choice! And it’s up to you!

So keep your eye out for our next email. I will share with you a great LIVER DETOX that’s easy to follow. There’s no supplements and nothing to buy, except for a few critical purchases from your local supermarket.

As always, I recommend you get informed. Let each week’s teachings lead you to learn more, on your own, about the information we are offering. Your body…your health…your choice! And good choices can only be based on proper knowledge.

So check in next time for more information on how to periodically, get your liver in check, get more energy, better sleep, improve cholesterol and blood pressure, and move yourself incrementally, toward a better, healthier, happier future! See ya next time!

Dr. Sugar Hill




Note from Angel4light:

To improve the function of your liver, try a potato skin tea. Just boil the peelings from one large white potato in one cup of water for five minutes. Strain and drink once cooled. Drink this daily to keep your liver and gallbladder at top performance.

Sliced raw white Potatoes

You can also place a slice of potato inside a tight sock to draw out toxins over night. Don’t be shocked if it turns black.

Another great way to detox is called AquaChi or Foot Baths. These baths use an small current in the bath with some sea salt to activate the process.

There are charts available to show what toxins are being released. You can purchase online or at a Health Food Store.

If you do the foot bath often you will notice the water is cleaner each time. Which is a great indication that progress is being achieved.

You can also add these foods and herbs to further help you cleanse your liver.




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