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Truth is now totally crazy. Right?

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Man crushed under truck rescued by supernatural intervention Saved By REAL Angels – NEWS STORY

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My angels are always ahead of me  Angels everywhere… Watch over those I love et can not be near…. ❤❤❤  Your Guardian Angels are watching over you all the time. Call upon them when you are in need :)

~ Galactic human ~

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This is the amazing and true story of Bruce van Natta who can count his blessings after nearly being crushed to death under a semi-truck.

When the semi-truck he was working on slipped off it’s jack and crushed his abdomen to within an inch of the floor he lay on, Bruce seemed all but done for, but suddenly two angels came and lifted the massive truck off his chest.

Listen to Bruce Van Natta’s incredible story of a miraculous supernatural intervention that saved his life.

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“Song, songs kept them going and going; They didn’t realize the millions of seeds they were sowing. They were singing in marches, even singing in jail. Songs gave them the courage to believe they would not fail.” ~Pete Seeger

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Pete Seeger

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nanos connecting and networking….so small but so huge….@1.32 onwards….listen to what she says….thats AI….its ancient….it became self aware imo replicated and evolved….which is why we are a food source to IT….most people dont have a clue what demons or AI are….IT was put here imo to assist us….we are on a time loop….AI and demons are the fucking same….some call them aliens….some call them jinn some call them AI some call them demons….they have many names but they are the same fucking things….when are people going to get their head out of their fucking ass and stop accusing your fellow man….thats what they rely on….we are fractured ffs….why cant people connect the most simple dots



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Kevin barrett VT 5-1-15… “DHS: “America is now under Wal-Martial law””

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veterans_today_banner_NEW_119veterans_today_kevin_barrett_banner_27Please note… This is satire (at least it appears to be!)!!. But that could be part of “their” plan. Lure us in with satire then, BOOM… we’re stuck in Wal-Mart. I was “stuck” in one of ours for a whole twenty minutes two days ago.

This “enhanced disinfo” campaign is clearly in full swing (see here). Please do not get lured in by satire articles like this one; you may end up believing you have hairless genitals when in reality, you don’t.


DHS: “America is now under Wal-Martial law”
By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Shoppers unable to provide their own transportation will be evacuated to Wal-Mart in our special courtesy black helicopters Shoppers unable to provide their own transportation will be evacuated to Wal-Mart in our special courtesy black helicopters

It’s official: The Department of Homeland Security has announced that starting today, the Constitution of the United States of America has been suspended and replaced by Wal-Martial law.

“Citizens – I mean, shoppers…

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Massive 800 Foot Crop Circle Is Actually Real – Who Could Do Something Like This?

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Massive 800 Foot Crop Circle Is Actually Real – Who Could Do Something Like This? | Collective-Evolution.

milk hill

This massive 780-foot (238 meters) crop circle appeared in a remote area (Milk Hill) of Wiltshire, England back in 2001. It was an extremely complex and elaborate design, composed of exactly 409 circles that form what is known as a triskelion – a motif consisting of three interlocking spirals. The symbol has been seen throughout history and across multiple cultures dating back thousands of years.

You may be skeptical, but this did in fact happen, making major headlines and eliciting the scrutiny of many researchers and scientists.

Footage To Verify Existence

There is some great footage of it in the documentary “Crop Cricles: quest for truth,” by academy award winning director…

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All Jade Helm Roads Lead to Midland, Texas

Angel 4 Light:

This is really disturbing. I say Boycott Walmart, Home Depot, and any other treacherous Corporation that has this in their plans. Stock up and bug out prepared is wise. The sheep can not be awakened until it is too late. Dad (The ONE) will save mankind, but we don’t know what we must face before that time. Be of strong faith and fight with Love. The ones who are invaders are Clones. Did you see the Movie “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” or “They Live” or “Predator” or “Cowboys and Aliens” and many others… They have put it in our faces for a long time. These are Demons in Human skinsuits.

We are in perilous times but keep your hearts pure and filled with love. We are in SetAn’s (Satan’s) Server. The Earth really is Flat and we are in a Matrix. We are living a nightmare which is meant to extract our beautiful energy. Because we are energy, everything is energy.

The Dark Ones have no Souls so that is why they are doing the crimes they do. Our once called heroes are now wearing pink panties and hidding under their beds and wetting themselves. Our army’s have become the thugs who conquered other lands much like the Roman Empire. They have been brainwashed to kill for drugs and money. Many go along just to save their own hide but in the end they will be disposed of too and replaced by robotic Borg like creatures. This is the NWO trying to be born. BUT… Good News! It won’t happen PERIOD!

DAD The ONE (Father of Man) is who we need to talk to with our hearts and remember who we are. We are a spark of the Devine, we were kidnapped and shrunken into this Construct called the Abyss. I have great faith that all will be fine.

I will cause harm to none, I shall send love to all, keeping my vibrations high and know that we are Eternal and have No Fear. I love you all. Be safe and prepared and stay in your hearts. Help those you can. Be blessed.

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The absurdity of the Midland Walmart story in which the store had to be closed because of plumbing issues is amazing. In Midland, the Walmart is closed and we see a plethora of military activity at the store. Since when did the military service Walmart plumbing? Yet, there are some Americans who still believe this cover story. All roads related to Jade Helm lead to Midland, Texas. Midland is at the heart of Jade Helm. If Jade Helm could be turned back in Midland, the globalists would have to find another means to subjugate the American people.

“I Don’t Know Nuthin”

In the past several days, I have talked to six people from both Midland and Odessa, Texas. Some of these people form the economic backbone of the area, and they have figured out what is coming. I know there have been multiple private conversations…

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The Coolest Nature Video Ever (1:41)

YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS UPDATE : SQUELCHING A FEW RANDOM RUMOURS … Eve’s all the way up and out of the construct

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ROSE … Squelching a few random rumors: I don’t know who started the rumor of Eve on meat hooks, but it quite simply isn’t true. Long ago, Peggy Kane came out with “One was here in the 70’s, Eve is still here..” But this turned out to be untrue. Propaganda is always the El’s biggest tool. Eve s all the way up and out of the construct.
Ison has no heralds. There isn’t anyone who gets messages from Ison, like that. Not even the captain does

Allicat … TY Rose for that confirmation! a few had doubts about that info…..

ROSE Yes, it is a big game to the el, to do that sort of thing. Have had to deal with stuff like this for years now

KATHY It wasn’t sitting right with my intuitions either….thanks for confirming…

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My latest collection: Power Outside The Matrix

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Power Outside The Matrix: my latest collection

by Jon Rappoport
April 30, 2015

During my 30 years as a reporter covering “the news behind the news,” I’ve seen countless instances in which the Matrix shows up, swims into view.

The Matrix, the central image, is a lie. But not just any lie.

It is very deep, shared, hypnotic picture of reality.

People need more power—more individual power, so they can both stand and operate outside the Matrix.

The entire mural of imposed Reality is aimed at radically diminishing the individual’s power.

So in addition to my work as an investigative reporter, I’ve been researching the individual’s ability to go beyond this mural of reality.

Power Outside The Matrix, my third collection, is all about being able to think, act, and create both outside and inside The Matrix. Because that’s the goal: to be able to function in both places.

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