The Ultimate Distraction

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The Ultimate Distraction


Elva Thompson

“There is nothing worse for the lying soul than the mirror of reality.” Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: reflections on life and the Human Experience

Encyclopedia Britannica defines distraction as: something that makes it difficult to think or pay attention.
Something that amuses or entertains you so that you do not think about problems, work, etc.
A state in which you are very annoyed or upset.


Distraction…it’s everywhere in our materialistic culture. It shouts at us through friends and relatives, cell phones, TV, computers, facebook, twitter, comment sections, politics, fake news and the entertainment or should I say, the distraction industry. We live in constant fear of a dozen kinds of holocausts; climate change, solar shot, methane, pole shift, ice age, pollution, nuclear war, terrorism, disease, poverty, poisonous food and water. The list of nebulous terrors waiting to engulf us is endless and many spend their lives distracting themselves to cover up there fear and apprehension of what might lie ahead.

There is so much information, disinformation and distraction in the media and our every day lives, it’s enough to make our heads spin…and spin they do. It’s no wonder we live in a state of confusion/distraction and information overload.

The busy mind

The mind of Impostor Consciousness [see my article] cannot be quiet and has to be constantly distracted. It has no inner being, cannot observe itself, and can only live through our emotions: our loves, intrigues and entanglements, our disappointments, fear and woes. It is a shell of desire, and when not tempered with spiritual understanding creates conflict within and without, for physical reality is nothing more than a mirror of human thinking.

Many people are busy prisoners of their beliefs, and often try to force their dogma on others. They are blinkered and blinded by the narrow spectrum of awareness about what is true or false, and many question nothing, they just accept what is dictated to them by their peers and absorb the lies as if they were the truth. The idea that we have been hoodwinked by deceptive information and blatant lies from ‘those in charge’ is often met with dismay and denial by our frail ego’s. Many of us can’t accept the challenge of information contrary to our programming and are quick to jump on the bandwagon of scorn and ridicule. In our self conceit, we can’t be bothered to be our own investigators, find out for ourselves whether the dogma we carry is true or even belongs to us! We allow our minds to be invaded and distracted with other people’s theories and conjecture, and if we can make it fit our beliefs we tend to look no further. We don’t realise that our minds no longer belong to us, and that from the cradle to the grave, we are sleeping slaves of a matrix of control.

The distraction of intellectual bullshit

Intellectual bullshit is a billion dollar industry; a self important salve for the busy mind that cannot face itself. Billions of dollars are wasted in re-hashing outdated paradigms and tweaking the results to keep the boat of bullshit steady, and when the truth is presented, it’s immediately dismissed by the experts because they all want to stay at number one in their respective fields. One example of this intellectual blindness is genetic modification.

The distraction of playing god

The materialistic mind of Impostor Consciousness believes in a mechanical reality where everything can be reduced to numbers and equations, but lacks the intuitive capabilities and spiritual understanding exemplified by Pythagoras and Plato. Most ‘accepted’ scientists and experts are blind to the fact that there is an underlying energetic connection between every organism on the planet.They do not realise that any interference with the ‘original blueprint’ of an animal or plant will cause stress and energetic discord within the vibratory pattern of the whole.

Genetic modification

“Human kind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread in it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.”  Chief Seattle.

Our reality is dual and the Law of Nature is predator and prey, and just as lions pick off the sick and weak, so do the bugs. A sick plant like a sick person attracts the undertaker. Any organism giving off a negative field will attract a predator to destroy it.

Nature’s undertakers

Genetically modified crops give off bad vibes, and the reason they are failing worldwide is because they no longer resonate in harmony with the natural world, the resonant web of life…and how does nature deal with them…she destroys them. It doesn’t matter how much poison is sprayed to control pests whether they be insect or viral, they dance to a different drummer. In line with the matrix programme and the Cosmic Law of Balance, it is frequency that calls the tune.

So called pests are nature’s undertakers and they have a job to do. If crops give off a sick energetic field they will be called upon by the matrix to destroy them no matter what we do. Poisoned insects transmit information about the toxins to their eggs and the next wave is immune, we call them super pests. And so it goes on: the pesticides become stronger and the super pests mutate into super super pests.

The upshot is that the intellectual bullshit of so called experts will lead to mass starvation.

The ultimate distraction

Impostor Consciousness and its reality is the ultimate distraction. It is the love affair with the ego self that wants to be king or queen of whatever jungle; to be a winner, to be on top in the world of glamour, sensation and self gratification. And, the third dimension is its geometric fractal backdrop for self congratulatory consciousness and the sensory driven game of ‘us and them.’

Mindset of the game

This materialistic mindset of ‘me versus you’ and ‘us versus them’ has soaked every inch of grass on this planet in the blood of mankind. Age after age its the same bloody story of conquest and greed, and the harvesting of human emotion takes place on every level of our being. It’s called the Loosh Rote. [see my article Meet the Firm]

For more information on the sacrificial nature of our reality:

The who dunnit distraction

There are all kinds of theories [and they are just that] about what has created the sacrificial dual world of which we are part; we want to know who the villain is, the creator of the human farm, and there are many faerie tales to fill in all the details, and vast amounts of money made printing bullshit to further distract our minds. Does it matter who built the fractal geometric matrix? Does it matter who or what enslaved mankind and chained us in a narrow band of frequency, a prison for the mind? Whether it be an archon; a reptilian frequency pattern; a parasite that changes our reality to fit its needs; it really doesn’t matter.

A being of frequency

What does matter is the fact that the architect of the matrix, the bane of mankind and all living things is a being of frequency, it has an energetic signature…the signature of the matrix. And, as long as we resonate within the parameters of its energy we are caught like flies in a spiders web where every negative thought and deed is calculated in the balance sheet of karma and drags us back life after life into the matrix reality of predator and prey.

Who needs prison bars when we exist in a self determined electronic prison!

The other side of the coin and the quiet mind

‘My young men shall never work. Men who work cannot dream, and wisdom comes in dreams.’ Smohalla.

Holographic reality

Quantum physics has proven that energetic fields create our ‘solid world’ and suggests that we live inside a computor simulated virtual reality, a synthetic world of fractal geometry, that because of our body sensors and mental conditioning, we think is real…solid matter, and for the intent and purpose of the game of ‘us and them’, it is. We are a physical being in a physical world and many of us are so absorbed in the ‘real life’ we have no idea about our secret energetic reality. We are so busy with the fast game of work, family, the matrix game of opposites, and the drama of existence that engulfs us everyday, that for many, spiritual reality does not exist. We have lost contact with our inner being and have no time for the quiet mind, no space to hear the small voice of our souls.

The reset

We soon will enter the final year of the reset: Dec 21 2012 to Dec 21 2016 and everything, including our survival as a species is up for grabs. The devil dogs of war are barking at our feet; electromagnetic smog tries to block our evolution, our food and water is being poisoned and distraction beckons from every door.

The owners of the farm will do anything to stop the ascension timeline engulfing and uplifting humanity, and they are adepts of deceit. They have cast the spell of divide et impere for generations, the game of distraction: ‘me versus you’ and ‘us versus them’.

Evolution of the life waves

We have a unique opportunity to leave the fake world of the matrix, and this opportunity occurs once in twenty six thousand years. It’s called the evolution of the life waves and it is happening Now. This is the shift in conscious awareness we are witnessing, but it needs us, the input of the quiet focussed mind to add to the power of awakening.

We are in the last thirteen months of the reset when the electro magnetic blocking system of our multi dimensional consciousness is at its weakest, and we need to take advantage of it.

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Disclosure? Wilcock Updates Suggests Yes


Disclosure on Our Doorstep? Wilcock Update Suggests Yes

I’ll be off to work soon, but here’s the link to David Wilcock’s highly anticipated, much lauded and delayed latest article for your analysis.

I don’t trust the military industrial complex, the secret space program, or anyone else involved with that/them to deliver truth, so we’ll see… manipulation is rampant these days.

(P.S. re:  “The syndicates are holding back technology that includes free energy, anti-gravity, portal travel and materializers — and tools that could heal the earth.” … the same people who are in charge of the Secret Space Program are part of the syndicate—the same people who have held those technologies from us when they could have healed our ills, our broken bodies and our planet, fed us, and eliminated lack. They also knew all about the reptilians who abducted and preyed on us—and did nothing. So ask yourself if you think they are ready to suddenly all out do you a huge favour and tell you the truth about EVERYTHING. I submit they will tell us what it serves them to tell us and will keep their cards close to their collective chest to protect themselves. If they withhold information they can later use that to negotiate favours from Humanity.)

I had trouble loading his website, but that could be because my internet is in January mode these past couple of days. (slower than molasses) ~ BP


Update: The Divine Cosmos site was victim to “hack traffic” but these links seem to be working now.

John Lennon

Watch The First 54 Seconds You Will Be Hooked


How did they turn something once regarded as so gross into something so beautiful?


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The Government Can Suck Their Chem Trails

Published on 27 Nov 2015

It’s time all the governments sucked in their own chem trails.
They’re intentionally destroying our planet, our lungs, everything.
There is no true global warming as they explain it so now they’re going to make it as they poison everything to death.
Look at your clouds. Many of them are not clouds, they are air-borne fields of death.
They are being told to do so. The orders come from the actual Annunaki and then filter down until the human hybrid controllers lay out the cash and their commands.
Fear of being killed, coupled with the offer of very large sums of cash, is a strong persuasive tool for those with no honor.
These are the people now in your governments.
They will be leaving before too long, along with their handlers.




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YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS UPDATE : They know that ed’s about to nova. They have no where to go, but did evac.

Originally posted on OUT OF THIS WORLDX:





Ed is collapsing inward. There are three ‘wires’ or cables, but unknown what for. Speculation centers on the ‘fell’ method for trees, as they are tied off, then pulled in the direction needed to fall safely. In this case it would be into the pit.




Ed lost a piece of a gasket, near the base.

These ‘strings of 3’ are evac ships. As the result of the collapse. There are also pieces blown out.




They know that ed’s about to nova. They have no where to go, but did evac.



Rose, did you see that CERN was destroyed the other day?.



yeah, I heard about that.

portals are all closed. Rather thought the other ‘cern’ stations would blow as well, during our leap.



So it is true that cern blew up?.



yes, one of…

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Angel 4 Light:

Great tead and food for thought.

Originally posted on OUT OF THIS WORLDX:










Bravo, yes Ballard certainly got a little purple cult going, but it was dame Edna who corrupted the already corrupted teachings; what only his inner circle, but not his followers knew is that his entire one leg had atrophied and was completely black by the time he ‘ascended’; luckily they split hairs so often that they never grow; still the smallest cult on this plane;

We believe that Blavatsky’s attention to the eastern teachings and her sponsors’ energy brought evil into the eastern teachings; as well as bringing it to the west while adding the usual occultics of “corrupt everything”, leave nothing un-touched; there is much spiritual guidance in these teachings such as Leaves of El Morya, a Rajput Prince who’s…

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Angel 4 Light:

Great post to share. I hope you read and even watch the videos. Please share.if it resonates with you. Be blessed

Originally posted on JOY TO THE WORLD:


Featured Image -- 10683





Happy Sunday to each and every member of my loving family!  Thank you so much for being patient and sticking with we through thick and thin!  What a treasure each of every one of you are.

Today…, I’m going to write an off the cuff appraisal of the progress that we’ve made in the last year (2015)…, and what I think is necessary to move forward from here.


While it looks very much like we are all very separate beings, living very separate lives…, nothing could be further from the truth! 

Just like the cells in the human body are totally and wholly interdependent upon the operation of the other cells…, so we human being are interdependent upon the operation of the OTHER HUMANS on the Earth.

If you don’t think so……

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KafkaWinstonWorld 37,163 views

Published on Nov 15, 2015

Please do all you can to circulate this interview far and wide. RT is MSM, but it does allow some truths that CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, ABC, Fox would never allow.

CBS News Investigative Journalist Explains How Mainstream Media Brainwashes the Masses [video] | Starship Earth: The Big Picture


CBS News Investigative Journalist Explains How Mainstream Media Brainwashes the Masses

corporate news propaganda

My webmaster, Patrick/Lightworker29501, shared this post on his blog this past summer and it may be a good time to resurrect it.

Perhaps it will enable people to see why they are not told what is really happening in the world, and how they could have been deceived to such a high degree. It might even be shocking.

After all, what WE, in the alternative media share is very different from what the talking heads read off the teleprompters and masquerade as factual articles on their web sites. 

What a different world it would be if we could only get our media back. Their sworn mandate is, after all, to inform the public of the unbiased truth. Everyone seems to have forgotten that and doesn’t hold them accountable. It’s criminal, really. They no longer serve the People, but corporate interests and the shadow government.

Nowadays, investigative journalists are a dying breed and TV networks all say the same thing, from the same script, leaving out the real news and the truth along with it; replacing it with propaganda or meaningless drivel that has no business in the news. It doesn’t even qualify as entertainment and often serves as overt disinformation to misinform the public. 

We must at some point recognize and accept that thanks to the mainstream corporate media, everything we see as good, wholesome, truthful and trustworthy, is most often the opposite. We have been had.   ~ BP

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Feds Finally Release Burzynski Cancer Cure Treatment

Source: Cancer Cure

Feds Finally Release Burzynski Cancer Cure Treatment

This was Published on January 22, 2015 in Overall Health by

A hold that was placed on a remarkable breakthrough cancer treatment invented by Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski has finally been lifted by the FDA.

It should have been news that sent shock-waves throughout the industry, so large that even the establishment’s media could not ignore them. Spilling out onto every radio and news station in the country, if not the world.

But once again, another huge victory against the medical establishment for a Houston-based doctor that has been using a breakthrough technology he invented to literally cure cancer on many occasions, who for all-intents-and-purposes should be a household name by now and an easy Nobel Prize winner, is instead nowhere to be found, as if it never even happened.


Image Credits

That’s because Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski and his cancer-curing discovery, “Antineoplastons,” including a remarkable, relatively new gene-targeted therapy, threatens the very way of life to which the Western medical cancer and sick-care industry has become accustom. Raking in billions a year off of the desperate backs of people suffering from debilitating and deadly diseases in which the Western medical industry does not truly want to find a cure.

Despite a track record dwarfing that of conventional cancer treatments, including outright curing some forms that, until now, were previously thought of as “incurable,” the government and the medical establishment has been fighting tooth-and-nail to prevent public knowledge of this technology from crossing the Rubicon and becoming too widely known to stop, without real public backlash. Well, now, it may soon be too late for that.

That’s because only days ago, the Burzynski Research Institute, Inc. (BRI) released a statement to the media explaining that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has finally ended their latest attempt to stifle his lifetime’s work and a breakthrough that will likely revolutionize the way cancer is viewed and treated. Surprisingly lifting a two-year “partial” clinical hold on an Investigational New Drug (IND) application for Antineoplastons A10/AS2-1 Injections and finally clearing the way for long-awaited Phase 3 trials for newly-diagnosed cancer patients. Initially for a specific form of cancer, known as Diffuse Intrinsic Brainstem Glioma.

Essential Stories:  He Holds The Patent That Could DESTROY Monsanto And Change The World!

Considering the already proven success rates prior to the government hold, for both Glioma during Phase 2 trials and many other forms of cancer individually, most of the naysayers, critics and skeptics are going to have a tough time pretending the opposite. Giving a much needed booster to an industry that has been suffering from almost total corruption and manipulation of the Hippocratic Oath for a very, very long time.

Although it would be more of a shock if the medical establishment actually stopped trying to put an end to what could end up helping the public at-large become aware of much more than decades of official suppression of life-saving treatments and cures, the FDA’s surprising decision now makes way for an extremely important step in the progression of Antineoplastons’ use for various forms of brain tumors and many, if not most other types of cancers in the US.

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