David Wilcock Update via Benjamin Fulford Blog – April 17, 2017


Monday, April 17, 2017

David Wilcock Update via Benjamin Fulford Blog – April 17, 2017

Comment #1

The intel I am receiving from various trusted sources, FWIW, is that the Alliance is behind the latest precision military strikes and they do have a positive purpose.

It is important to remember that the majority of this administration is Alliance personnel. The Cabal is not in charge of what is happening. They may throw some curve balls in the mix but by no means are they running the show. Nor could the president start making autonomous decisions when it comes to the military.

The Cabal seems to have been behind the CW attack in Syria, and the Alliance had to swiftly respond to that one. The type of things that we are hearing from one or more of the sources behind this report would be consistent with how the Cabal would then want to spin it against the administration, as well as constantly stoking fears of WWIII.

They know that any exercising of force in the world, and particularly by the US military, makes people very upset and allows for constant rumors of a world war to be spread.

My own sources have emphatically stated the Alliance is taking out the final pockets of the Cabal’s proxy armies and /or funding sources in anticipation of major announcements and prosecutions.

If these things were not done first, ISIS or NK could be used to hurt or kill a lot of people, and throw the world into chaos.

In the metaphysical sense we are going through a “dark night of the soul” on a global scale at the moment. Many people, including those giving intel to Ben in this report, have a very bleak sense of what is going on.

Yet, it seems that everyone in the comments thus far is expressing skepticism.

I have worked with the same trusted sources for years now and we are still anticipating major, if not gigantic leaps towards positive events. Contrary to the idea of someone trying to start WWIII, this is much more about PREVENTING it once the really hardcore intel starts being revealed.

The Cabal cannot make strikes directly. They have to use proxy armies to do their bidding. Those armies are on their last legs and an operation just like we are seeing now MUST be done before any of the stuff we’ve been hoping for can happen.

Intuitive data through dreams has been remarkably accurate and consistent for the last 25 years. Bearing that in mind, three mornings ago I had a powerful dream where I was working beside the president and talking with him for at least 20 minutes. We were cleaning up the mess in a fancy, dark house, opening the drapes to let the light in, et cetera.

He confirmed the intel I had already received, as I have shared it here, in this dream.
I am hoping to write this all up very soon. I have been benevolently distracted by some huge developments for the positive in my own life lately.

David Wilcock

Comment by dwilcock on April 17, 2017 @ 10:27 pm

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Comment #2

Let me be clear that the dream only came AFTER all of my sources had independently said the same thing, from very tangible avenues.


Comment by dwilcock on April 17, 2017 @ 10:30 pm

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Comment #3

Consider this in light of what I just said, from a source that has been incredibly consistent since 2000:


The Voice of the White House

Washington, April 12, 2017: “There are no secrets any more. The Internet is a splendid system but while the units of surveillance and suppression in the government can read all emails, so also can their putative enemies.

And also, many government computer experts have been opening doors for sites like WikiLeaks and hitherto confidential information no longer is.

One entertaining, if disgusting, aspect is that a number of very prominent American business and political leader have been accessing child pornography sites.

As most of these are located in the friendly Ukraine, the Russians have been able to tap into them and are considering a WikiLeaks release of which person is looking at which site.

This, I am told, is part of a new series of releases in train.”

Comment by dwilcock on April 17, 2017 @ 10:42 pm

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David Wilcox on Coast to Coast AM (With Notes) – January 2017


 January 14, 2017

David Wilcock Audio from Coast to Coast AM (With Notes) – January 13, 2017

Truth Earth Blog Was Generous To Share With Us His Notes from the David Wilcock Coast to Coast AM show.  Thank you!




(Note: I am not going to add or supplement the information from this interview with any other sources or intel. I will just be providing notes from this interview and won’t be adding anything else.)
David Wilcock just did an interview last night (1/13) with Jimmy Church filling in this time on Coast to Coast Radio. Now I’m not sure if this is video should be allowed to be up or not but someone uploaded it anyways and I will share it here until it is flagged or taken down or what have you. I will post it below along with some notes. I included the mostly major portions of the information released here. The interview runs from 6:34 – 1:54:38. The video starts at 6:34 so you don’t have to look for it.

I’d like to thank David and everyone else in the awakened community and all of those unseen people in the intelligence community for continuing to push forward with this information and this movement despite threats and other negative greetings as a result of this work. We will be victorious and there are noticeable signs that this is really happening. 

Much love everyone truthearth.org
David Wilcock Audio from Coast to Coast AM – January 13, 2017

They discuss the following information:

  •     PizzaGate revelations are a big problem for the ‘elite’
  •     Hillary implicated in the PizzaGate scandal
  •     Britain ahead of the curve about exposing ‘Elite’ Luciferian-related child abuse
  •     Election was a choice between two unacceptable candidates
  •     Alliance now stronger than the Cabal
  •     Alliance made up of majority of personnel of 15 intelligence agencies according to Dr. Steve Pieczenik
  •     Alliance doing active clean-up phase and Cabal will be completely removed and taken out before we hear anything about it
  •     History of fall of empires and fascist regimes shows that positive coups just happen and that they don’t talk about it before it happens
  •     PizzaGate information was result of positive forces in U.S. intelligence services
  •     Cabal knows they botched 9/11, it didn’t go exactly as planned
  •     Teams that were suppose to plant fake WMDs didn’t put them there as planned because they were killed
  •     Cabal were aware they would be exposed
  •     Cabal needed a get-out-of-jail-free card in case tribunals were started
  •     Cabal factions refusing to surrender mostly living in underground facilities
  •     Some of these bases are in Antarctica
  •     Marines ordered to take out/kill these people if they don’t surrender
  •     Some Marines were in shock to see some of these people as Reptilian-looking humanoids fighting alongside regular humans
  •     Most of this clearing is already mostly done
  •     We wouldn’t recognize most these people if we saw them
  •     Ending of California drought significant sign of change of power
  •     Cabal plans on announcing Antarctic ruins once when they are in the midst of war crimes tribunals
  •     Many bodies found in Antarctic ruins, bodies with elongated skulls being removed
  •     David being authorized by U.S. gov’t which is under mostly Alliance control to release information;
  •     All major U.S. military aircraft carriers have been brought back to port
  •     All being restocked and re-outfitted with technology that would have been released in 100 years, but is being loaded up now
  •     Includes three different types of drone that look like a quad-copter
  •     Floating aircraft carriers will apparently be released
  •     Buzz Aldrin’s health issue was the result of being taken on a craft over 200,000 miles away which was the back of the moon in 7 minutes
  •     Craft was a triangular and black that took off from Antarctica
  •     He did see the ruins also
  •     Many Cabal members have been defeated or have surrendered
  •     Many people have disclosed information on film and films will be played once all of this comes out
  •     Pete Peterson given 6 inch thick stack of briefing documents which will be handed over to David soon who will share it with us when the time is right
  •     Timeline given for things to start happening is very imminent



Disclosure? Wilcock Updates Suggests Yes


Disclosure on Our Doorstep? Wilcock Update Suggests Yes

I’ll be off to work soon, but here’s the link to David Wilcock’s highly anticipated, much lauded and delayed latest article for your analysis.

I don’t trust the military industrial complex, the secret space program, or anyone else involved with that/them to deliver truth, so we’ll see… manipulation is rampant these days.

(P.S. re:  “The syndicates are holding back technology that includes free energy, anti-gravity, portal travel and materializers — and tools that could heal the earth.” … the same people who are in charge of the Secret Space Program are part of the syndicate—the same people who have held those technologies from us when they could have healed our ills, our broken bodies and our planet, fed us, and eliminated lack. They also knew all about the reptilians who abducted and preyed on us—and did nothing. So ask yourself if you think they are ready to suddenly all out do you a huge favour and tell you the truth about EVERYTHING. I submit they will tell us what it serves them to tell us and will keep their cards close to their collective chest to protect themselves. If they withhold information they can later use that to negotiate favours from Humanity.)

I had trouble loading his website, but that could be because my internet is in January mode these past couple of days. (slower than molasses) ~ BP


Update: The Divine Cosmos site was victim to “hack traffic” but these links seem to be working now.

John Lennon

Great Things Happening On Our Biosphere!

Originally Posted on Starship Earth

International Announcement by Round-Op Alpha; Global Operation for the Arrest of the World Government

Update: June 15, 1:27 pm – Very interesting voting going on. You can see the results immediately after your vote.  ~ BP

I don’t know about you, but I feel like there’s a pressure building up, tighter and tighter, more intense by the day, maybe even the hour, and that at any time things could explode and make a really big mess.

What I attempt to do on this blog is post information that is representative of what is unfolding on our planet. Not all of it is good, of course.

I don’t want to post fear-mongering or purposeful disinfo, but on the other hand, I want to watch what is happening—whether it’s good or bad—because it just IS.

There are all sorts of “warnings” flying around the blogosphere and YouTube now and not all of it can be true. The cabal seems to be amping up the fear, and if David Wilcock is correct in his explanation of how we can inadvertently create negative events, it’s probably a good idea not to invest our time in the works that share extreme negative postulations.

David said about the cabal’s proposed zombie apocolypse program…

The benevolent ETs have blocked the “zombie program” so effectively that it has never been allowed to occur.

Simply put, not enough people genuinely believe that zombies are real for this to ever be allowed to happen.

The Cabal is very well aware of this. They continue to crank out a tremendous amount of zombie apocalypse films and TV shows, hoping to get another chance.

Again, this will never be allowed to occur. Every attempt to create mass depopulation, both conventional and unconventional, has been thwarted.

If we lend credence to that, I think it would be wise not to tempt fate and better to ignore the wild and hostile ideas they’re churning out to get us to create what THEY want, rather than what WE want. 

I have trusted Lt. Colonel Roy Potter, but he’s recommending info from Pete Santilli about Jade Helm and it sounds like pretty high calibre fear stuff, so I’m not going to listen.

Then there’s the Nibiru/Planet X stuff, the Earth changes, the cabal minions running for their hidey-holes because of an imagined catastrophic event, etc. I think there is better news to observe—and this is what IS going to happen.

RoundOp Alpha continues to roll out their mass arrest program, so let’s share some fear porn for the cabal, shall we? We’ll make sure they know we’re coming’ to get them, and they can’t hide—no matter how hard they try.

I wasn’t aware of this “vote”. I trust it will accomplish more than the next Godzilla; the farce of a 2016 election in America that is looming.

And check out the “Bounties for Justice” as well as the June 14th update on the global arrest status.  Thank you to those souls who are executing plans to end the tyranny and deceit in the world.  ~ BP


This is the direct Polldaddy page

Deception, Madness, Wars, Destruction, Financial Collapse? There’s an Alternative!

June 14, 2015 – Round-op Alpha S.I.N.G.J.A.


This is the RSS page for the Global Arrest 2015 voting system



June 15, 2015


At Bounties for Justice we post bounties that aim to stimulate the actual execution of arrests through financial compensations based on crowdfunding donations. Posted bounties are real and will be forwarded accordingly when 1) a bounty has been fully funded; AND 2) an arrest has successfully been executed.


Deception, Madness, Wars, Destruction, Financial Collapse? There’s an Alternative!

June 14, 2015 – Round-op Alpha S.I.N.G.J.A.

International Announcement, for Immediate and Unlimited Distribution

Honorable rebels around the world, it’s been three months since our latest public communication with you but nonetheless we have been working hard every day. Our operation and campaigns are still active, make no mistake about it.

As you very well know, we make no false promises and when we set the initial date back in 2014 we also told you that that date may very well not be feasible given the size of our intentions and plans. After all, how many formations can you name that seek the arrest of all major high-ranking and high-profile criminals? There’s only one, it’s us.

The purpose of today’s announcement is to inform the world of the fact that there’s a very real and very fitting alternative to the ongoing and increasing deception, madness, wars, destruction and fear mongering for a financial collapse. In part this insanity is to be blamed on complicit establishment press outlets who constantly distribute toxic propaganda and false news reports but they are not the only ones to be blamed.

The increasing subversion campaigns in the alternative media are of equal importance when you want to understand why no significant results can be documented yet for a cause like ours. Make no mistake about it, in order to achieve the arrests of those earlier listed, and their entourages, as the alternative to the deception, madness, wars, destruction and fear mongering we are facing both media blocks who in general equally harm our cause and operation. Both media blocks fear us enormously and we can say this with total certainty because it is an obvious fact that they won’t even dare to debate about.

The prospect of actually getting top figures arrested is real, no matter what anyone tries to make you believe. The list of crimes is endless and only one for each listed individual is more than enough to have him or her jailed for life. You know it and we know it! There’s no denying this.

In conclusion of this June 14 announcement we want to inform you that we are creating a new awareness campaign for Round-op Alpha, it is an interactive campaign that will allow everyone to contribute to the creation and promotion of an actionable list of 50 high-profile individuals that need to be arrested FIRST and ASAP in order to divert society away from its current course. This condensed list shall function as the catalyst for the arrest of the rest of the (not yet) listed individuals and their entourages.

We salute you for your patience and support.

Round-op Alpha


A good summary of past events leading us to the Golden Age

A good summary of past events leading us to the Golden Age…

Epic Paradigm Shift Poised to Unfold Within US and World Imminently: Are militaries around the world preparing for final take down of New World Order cabal?
Apr 6
By Scott Mowry
April 5, 2012

Major events across the US continue to accelerate towards a momentous breaking point with each passing week in the first quarter of the year 2012.

We are fast approaching a paradigm shift of epic proportions that will result in the total freedom of all US and world citizens. Many spectacular developments, long in the planning stages, are set to unfold that will alter the course of history forever and will place humanity permanently on the path towards the Golden Age.

Behind the scenes, heroic battles wage the likes of which have never been seen on this planet before yet go completely unnoticed by the people who will ultimately benefit from them the most. Along the way, intense negotiations are and have been underway within all sectors of our modern society to break an intricate control system that has been in place for a hundred years or longer. In some cases –– for thousands of years.

These include the stranglehold upon our monetary systems, our governmental organizations, media empires, religious institutions, energy resources, science and technology spheres, food productions and health care industries. All are about to be lifted out a state of suppression to be transformed into a state of dynamic activation for the benefit of all of mankind.


Most particularly intense at this stage of the game is the war to wrest control of the world’s financial power structures with major victories occurring at a near daily basis. This unseen war is the precise reason why we have yet to see any major news of currency revaluations in foreign countries, particularly with the Iraqi dinar which has long been anticipated

Although the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar was originally intended to be a secret held by a few insiders devised during the first George Bush, Jr. administration, current estimates are that as many as six million people around the world have discovered and subsequently invested in this classified plan.

Even a few select mainstream news media outlets are now beginning to report on foreign currency revaluations such as Bloomberg News and Fox Business News.

(Note: We learned from Peter from the G.F. that the new financial system will not be part of BRICS or what the White Dragon Society is setting up that Fulford talks about. Both are still based on 3D consciousness. The new financial system is coming out of Switzerland. –B)

On another note, the alliance between Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, also known as BRICS, has taken the bold steps to dump the US dollar as their primary trading currency and create its own bank. This is yet another nail in the coffin for the privately-owned Federal Reserve banking cartel as more and more nations seek to increasingly marginalize the dollar for a take down.

BRICS recently held their annual summit in New Delhi, India in late March 2012 where they made a series of major announcements. Along with the White Dragon Society, BRICS is now emerging as perhaps the most forceful global resistance vehemently opposed to any further aggressive overtures by the NWO cabal, such as World War III in the Middle East.
One significant person who continues to stand tall is Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who has miraculously managed to rescue his country from a total downfall to the New World Order banking cabal. Mr. Putin survived two assassination attempts in his home country recently in his bid for re-election and is now set to lead the Russian people into the promised land.

On Friday, March 28, 2012, Barack Obama appointed Jim Yong Kim, a physician and President of Dartmouth College to lead the World Bank. The irony of placing an Asian in charge of this major financial institution was not lost and was likely strongly endorsed, if not enforced, by the White Dragon Society.

Apparently, Jim Yong Kim has no ties the criminal cabal as previous World Bank Presidents have such as Robert Zoellick and Paul Wolfowitz. His appointment is yet another sign the world’s financial systems are dramatically changing for the better.

Further indications that the criminals are turning upon one another are another series of unprecedented reports arising from the Vatican –– the richest, most powerful institution and the very heart of darkness on planet Earth. The US State Department announced it has placed the Vatican bank on the “concerned list” for money laundering, while JP Morgan suddenly decided to close all of the Vatican’s accounts it holds. Astonishing news, to say the least!

(See video below, “Signs of the Illuminati Defeat Are Everywhere!” for further information on the Vatican.)

And finally, no less than the Queen of England’s own bank, Coutts Bank, was fined 8.75 million pounds for failing to carry out correct checks on “politically exposed persons” and prevent money laundering. And in an even more dramatic development, the Queen’s fortune has now has been officially linked to drug trafficking.


Meanwhile in the shadows, many, many heroic people are battling in the trenches with little recognition, yet they possess the most noble and altruistic intentions for all of humanity, often risking life and limb to do so. They have remained true to their purpose of fighting against darkness and evil with a strong sense of will and determination to see the job through to the bitter end.

In the not-too-distant future, we will need to recognize and honor these individuals for their courage, bravery and service towards not only to our country, but to the whole of the human race. These heroes come from the military, economic fields, various governmental departments, legal professions, intelligence services and average, ordinary walks of life –– all linked by a high moral fiber that propels them to serve.

Still others making a profound difference in our world include a large number of people in highly conscious states who are proactively meditating, consciously co-creating and envisioning a grand future for humanity. They can be found in far flung regions across the planet such as India, Tibet, China, etc. and they are literally birthing a new reality for us all to step into.

The Oneness University, out of southern India, and its leader Sri Bhagavan, are openly speculating that by the end of 2012, there will be 70,000 enlightened beings upon the Earth. This 70,000 is the critical mass number needed to shift the entire planet into a higher state of consciousness.

Enlightenment is a very real phenomenon that is transferable from one human being to another. It is a provable fact from scientific research known as the“100th Monkey Effect,” in which Japanese scientists observed that a learned behavior spreads instantaneously from one group of monkeys to all related monkeys once a critical number is reached.

Thus, for every one person who becomes enlightened, in turn affects 100,000 others around them. The numbers suggest that 70,000 x 100,000 = 7,000,000,000 –– the likely total population of planet Earth by the end of 2012 or early 2013. We can therefore conclude that critical mass guarantees a planetary shift.

We may likely never learn the names of these many enlightened beings due to the fact that they seek little glory for their efforts, preferring to operate from a place of anonymity and humility.

Together, all of these diverse cross-section of people have worked tirelessly to bring the Golden Age to planet Earth as rapidly and as expeditiously as possible. And they have made tremendous strides since the dawn of the year 2012.

If you can, imagine not having to worry about the basic necessities of life such as feeding your family, putting clothes on your back, affording your housing or having access to first class medical care. Soon, all the people of world will be provided with these basic necessities as a birth right, once the resources, technologies and monies have been freed up to be dispersed among all.

Perhaps this kind of scenario may sound fanciful and untenable. Yet, many are seeing and feeling the real possibility of this kind of lifestyle emerging for all of the human race sooner, rather than later.

We are indeed living in the most exciting times ever seen in the history of the Earth!


Soon, our news media will finally begin reporting on an unprecedented number of mass arrests that will sweep up many well-known political, religious, economic and social leaders, as well as other high profile individuals whose names will be familiar to us all. While many others unknowns who have stood in dark corners wielding great negative power and influence upon the world will be removed from their hiding places.

According to the latest report from Benjamin Fulford, these arrests will include those at the very top of the pyramid including within organizations as powerful as can be found on the planet. These groups that will be targeted are: the Committee of 300; the Bilderberg group; the Council on Foreign Relations; the Club of Rome; the Trilateral Commission and the European Commission.

(I don’t think Drake is a whistle-blower. The military group he is working with told him to get the word out. –B)

A whistle-blower by the name of “Drake”, a former member of the US military who served in Vietnam has emerged recently to act as a sort of quasi-spokesman for the US Pentagon and was interviewed by David Wilcock on March 28, 2012.

In this extensive nearly three-hour long phone interview, Drake and David Wilcock discussed a wide-range of topics including the impending mass arrests, the military’s role as backing law enforcement and Federal Marshals, and the return of the US to a sovereign nation state.

Particularly interesting was the final hour of the interview where David Wilcock and Drake discuss some of the suppressed technologies that will be emerging in the very near future, as well as the dimensional shift about to occur.

(More information on this interview can be found in our David Wilcock Audio section.)

Once these arrests begin in earnest, it is possible that some areas of the country may experience slight delays in services such electrical power, or perhaps even telephone or internet utilities. Although, Drake stressed that the military will make every effort to insure that all Americans do not experience undue hardships during this momentous transition.Therefore, it is recommended to have a three-day supply of food and water on hand for any possible short-term emergency situation.Of further note, a major shift is already occurring within our corporate news media as people in the US move away in record numbers and turn towards alternative news sources found on the internet.Reports are suggesting that viewership for the CNN channel has dropped by 50% this year alone. Other media empires such as News Corp, owners of Fox News, have seen numerous of their employees arrested in the United Kingdom.Polls are indicating that the majority of the American people no longer trust mainstream media sources such as newspapers, magazines and cable news networks, which spells doom for those in the compromised news media.Meanwhile, the hacker activist group known as Anonymous continues to grow stronger by the month. In their boldest move yet, the group recently released a sensational video that called for the outright overthrow of the corrupted, corporate US government.

Anonymous continues to prove that is more than the authorities can handle at this time and has become a valuable PR machine for the Occupy Wall Street movement. Occupy Wall Street itself is gearing up for a massive round of protests beginning this Spring that will last until the big changes start to roll out and perhaps longer. Anonymous is also to be featured in an upcoming documentary film entitled, “We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists”.

And finally, Foster Gamble, the creator and host of the landmark documentary film, “Thrive” recently announced his company will be making the film available for free, beginning April 5, 2012.

It will be available for viewing on their website so as to spread their message to as many people as possible, without any hindrances.


And while we are at it, cancel all plans for Martial Law, FEMA enslavement camps, a devastating world-wide financial collapse, World War III and Armageddon. They are officially off the table! We are full steam ahead for Heaven on Earth now.

What seems like an extraordinary synchronicity of events all occurring at once is merely the human race responding en mass to an enormous influx of energy emanating from the galactic center of the universe.

Assisting humanity along every step of the way, these energy waves streaming in are upgrading everything in their path, including human consciousness, human DNA and the very nature of human reality which is being transformed from a third-dimensional to a fifth-dimensional existence. All of these upgrades are part of a grand Divine plan now moving into hyper-overdrive, preparing humanity’s ascent into the Golden Age.

What may seem absolutely impossible and unfathomable one month, will suddenly become highly probable the next month. Therefore, it is vital not to cast doubt or dispersions on any of these seemingly unrealistic scenarios that many are envisioning for our immediate future. In other words, you may be quite surprised what becomes magically available to you from one day to the next.

At this point in time, anything and everything is possible and we should not limit ourselves in any way, shape or form. Go ahead and dream the impossible dream.


As these monumental historic events begin to unfold, it is important to be mindful to not go into a state of fear or panic. In point of fact, many of us will be called upon to assist others with understanding the true ramifications of these epoch-making developments.

Many of you reading this update are probably familiar with many of these planned changes because you have heard rumors or you have done your research on them for many years.
Perhaps you have even grown rather weary and impatient, knowing within your heart that changes of this magnitude were inevitable, yet the wait for their implementation has felt like an eternity. You will soon be rewarded for your patience and persistence.

However, we must be ever mindful that the average American has absolutely no clue of what is coming down the pike. Many may have just recently become awakened to the horror that our government, banking institutions and media sources are completely corrupt yet they feel incapable of seeing any kind of solutions available to right the ship.

Your role will become more clearly defined as a mentor, an educator, a psychologist or even as a spiritual advisor as these historic events unfold upon your television and computer screens. In other words, you will need to explain to your family, your friends and acquaintances, or your co-workers what is really going on simply because you may have a better understanding of the overall big picture.

You will become an invaluable asset to those around you who may feel bewildered or completely overwhelmed by the sheer number of changes that will occur, one after another, after another.

Above all, remember –– stay calm, stay positive and stay strong. Trust that all is unfolding is part of a vast amazing, miraculous Divine plan that will result in your personal freedom, as well as, the freedom of your loved ones.

The Golden Age is here, ladies and gentlemen, now it is time to get down to work.


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