“Re: Deaf Currency Holders and Special Needs” – One Who Knows – 4.28.17


“Re: Deaf Currency Holders and Special Needs” – One Who Knows – 4.28.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows

RE: Deaf Currency Holders & Special Needs

Got a question about how to handle the Currency Exchange for those who are Deaf. I am sorry I did not get to this before, I meant to, but it did not get answered. Here is the post:

“Deaf Currency Holders/Q for OWK” by Naia Spirit – 4.25.17

The basic answer is the same as it is for others who have some special issues that need to be addressed. Some speak a different language, they need an interpreter to be there during the exchange. In this case, you would need a sign language interpreter to be at your exchange as well as having the important information in printed form or on a computer screen so that you would be VERY clear on what is being said and what is expected of you.

In all cases of special needs, you should communicate your needs during your appointment call so that they will be prepared for you when you arrive. THEY WILL ACCOMMODATE YOUR SPECIAL NEEDS WHATEVER THEY ARE. You and your deposit are important, but, in the new Golden Age, you as a person are especially important.

In short, Ask for what you need at the exchange appointment, and expect to get it. Also, if you need to bring a person who can help you with your issues, such as interpreting what is said, or assisting you with some medical devices, by all means bring them with you.

The only thing I would remind you is that whomever you bring with you may be required to sign an NDA as well, if you do, as they will be exposed to & know the same information as you. Be sure to get your answers when you call for your appointment and go over your plans with then as who you will be bringing and why.

As an additional point, The Exchange Center may be able to provide the right person to give you the exact assistance you need, and if they provided the help, it will keep your people from A) Knowing your business, & B) from having to sign an NDA with you, in case that is what you choose.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

Terra Zetzz



“Up-Date On 800# Roll Out Plan” – One Who Knows – 4.25.17


“Up-Date On 800# Roll Out Plan” – One Who Knows – 4.25.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 4:46 PM EDT on April 25, 2017

Up-Date On 800# Roll Out Plan

We have all heard of the Early Segment Roll Out Plan, which by the way is still going.

I have given you plenty of information on that plan on the Zorra call, the Gary Larrabee Video Channel, and here on DC. Here are the links:

“Zorra Replay, GCR Info, Free Book Links” – One Who Knows – 4.25.17

“Procedures Upon Receiving 800 Numbers by One Who Knows”

“ZIM Exchange Process and 800#’s” – One Who Knows – 4.24.17

Many Are Concerned

Even though I have explained the plan as best as I can from what I know, it still leaves the question of “What If I am not on anyone’s list?” This is actually a valid concern because there will be some who are not contactable since their emails have changes or don’t have phone numbers or the like. I want to give you comfort now and a way to solve that possible problem.

The Good News

The good news is that when this goes “Live” which is the “On Time” release of the GCR, the FIRST 800 contact number will be allowed to be sent by email to you. It won’t be a word of mouth requirement. This makes sense since it is live to the World and no longer a secret. I can imagine that if you got the number on the early roll out plan and leaked it out, it would be a HUGE problem, because the operators on the phone would confirm the GCR to whoever called. THAT COULD NOT BE PERMITTED.

However, once it is “Live” any bank you call will confirm that there was a GCR and want you to come in and exchange with them. But don’t, of course, as it is way better to go through the special exchange process and get the higher rates, better perks, and interest. This means that emailing the First number will be permitted.

Intel Dinar Chronicles

This brings me to Patrick’s website, that we all know and love, Intel Dinar Chronicles.


He now has a sign up place at the top of his page to get on his notification list for the 800#s when they come out. It is called: TETELESTAI Notification List Signup

This is an Image of what it looks like:



I have been told that when this goes Live, he will be able to send out the First 800#s to everyone on the list. To me, that is the best place to sign up right now.

Sure you may still go in early on one of the Segments, but if you sign up on Patrick’s list, you will get a notification AS SOON AS IT IS LIVE!!!! How can you go wrong with that? Do yourself a favor and go there and sign up now.

Personal Request

I have a personal request to make of all my fans. I have gotten so many emails requesting to be on my segment list that I am quite literally unable to even reply to the emails I get, much less make contact when this goes.

I have G-mail which limits me to being able to send only a certain number of emails in a day. I am getting so many emails, that if I responded to them, I would quickly hit my daily limit and be prevented from sending any other emails including my posts on DC. I just am not set up to handle the amount of email I get. To be clear, g-mail does not limit the email coming into my inbox, just the amount I can then sent out.

My Request

I would ask everyone who sent me emails to get on my list to please get on Patrick’s list as he is set up to handle way more emails in and out than I am. Go to his site now and sign up to be sure you are on his list. As I said, I have confirmation that when this is live, he will be allowed to send you the first contact 800#. I just cannot, due to my limited email capabilities.

Understanding Requested

I am also asking for understanding from those who have sent me emails recently. As you know, I have not responded to your request as I am not able to send that many emails. I will sort through them and for the ones who have questions about my philosophy and book, I will reply when I get a chance. I will also answer any other questions I can. But those who requested to be on my list, I ask that you understand that I can’t even respond to those emails as it would immediately block my email account, due to maxing out on sent emails. Please forgive me, for not replying to your request, as I really wanted to and it makes me feel bad that I can’t.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that we are very near the end of this ride. I imagine that when this goes live, which is the “On Time” release anyway, the number will be sent to you by Patrick and most likely on the web page as well. There is nothing to fear as no one will be left behind.

As far as my list goes, I am sorry to say that I cannot accommodate all who want to be on my personal list. I can’t even reply to the emails I am getting, as the volume is so large. However, that being said, I still welcome email requests for information, and enlightenment related stuff. I just may be a bit late in getting back to you at this point.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

Terra Zetzz


Intel: Drinkin Again Hoss by B. Change U.

Drinkin Again Hoss

by B. Change U.


Dear Light Family,
A brief joke from the bar.

Three guys stranded on a desert island find a genie lamp and rub it and the genie says “I’ll give you each one wish”


The first guy says “I want to be home with my wife n kids, rich in my big mansion” and , poof, he’s gone.

The second guy says “I want to be home wit me girl, rich beyond and happy” and poof, he’s gone…

The third guy says for his wish,
“I’m lonely, I want my two friends back”….

Moral of the Story,

“Be Careful What You Wish For,
For You Shall Surely Get It”

ps… real friends talk s#!t to your face and good behind yer back.
Terra Zetzz


“Re: Bank Bail-Ins” – One Who Knows – 4.22.17


“Re: Bank Bail-Ins” – One Who Knows – 4.22.17
Entry Submitted by One Who Knows on April 22, 2017

RE: Bank Bail-Ins

2017 Bank Bail-ins, Financial Crisis, Putting your Money in the Bank


Banks are safer now, than they have EVER BEEN IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD.

What most people don’t know is that most, if not ALL Banks are already Basel 4 compliant which is twice as safe as Basel 3.

Anyone purposefully trying to scare people by claiming there will be Bank Bail-Ins will be guilty of harming people in a financial way. In the new Republic those seeking to harm others will be held responsible for their actions.

This, in my opinion, would be considered a “Financial Crime” and thus would prevent those perpetrating this disinformation from being able to participate in the currency exchange.


May You Take Heed of This Notice And Change Your Ways Before It Is Too Late For You

Signed: One Who Knows

Terra Zetzz


“A Manifesting Issue, Not An RV Issue” – One Who Knows

“A Manifesting Issue, Not An RV Issue” – One Who Knows – 4.22.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows on April 22, 2017


A Manifesting Issue, Not An RV Issue

I just read a post from “K” addressed to Grandfather and the Elders:

“Grandfather and Elders” by K – 4.22.17

It speaks of a possible and potential loss of property options and opportunities. It implies that if only the RV were to be released now, these specific properties could be saved and purchased for various reasons. I get this type of question all the time about certain houses, or opportunities that people are worried that they will lose if this RV doesn’t hurry up and happen already. But, this “issue” is NOT an RV matter, but instead, it is a Manifesting issue.

Worry Is An “Expectation”

Expectation is the “Activation” signal of a manifestation. Whenever Expectation is involved, that which is expected is being created, like it or not. When you worry about something, it is because you are expecting (Fearing, Worrying) that it might not work out, otherwise you would NOT be worried. So, the VERY ACT OF WORRYING is harming your manifesting. In short, the thing you are worrying will happen, is actually in the “Process” of happening (Manifesting) because of your worry/fear/expectation of it.

In this case you are worried that you may lose out on a certain piece of property if the RV doesn’t happen quickly. But is that really true? Maybe or maybe not, as the future is not yet manifested. However, your worrying about it is forcing it to BE(come) True.

Expect What You Want

Again, it is Expectation that is the “Go” signal for a manifestation. So instead of worrying that you might not get a piece of property as in this example, expect that you will get it, no matter how long the RV takes. After all, you are NOT going to make the RV go any faster than it is, so you might as well use your God-Given Manifesting ability to get what you want instead of pushing it away. Expect to get what you want, and let the Universe help you get it. However there is an even better “Position” to take on a Manifesting Matter like this one.

Expect The “Best” Outcome

To really get the most out of a situation like this one, instead of expecting to get EXACTLY what you want, EXPECT the BEST outcome instead. This means that when you go to buy that property, it may be gone, but you find a better one instead. Or, maybe it is not sold, but you still find a better one instead. By expecting the BEST outcome, you leave yourself open to opportunities that you don’t even know about. There could be the MOST ideal property that you could have ever hoped for, but it is not for sale, and you don’t even know about it anyway. Then on the day of the RV, you find that the property you were looking at is sold, but the real-estate agent tells you that a new property just became available today and it is not even advertised yet. That is how manifesting works when you are EXPECTING the BEST OUTCOME.

When It Isn’t Working Out

However, when it is not working out, you will find that not only is the property you were looking at sold, but there is NOTHING else available for sale either. When it rains, it pours. The worse it gets the worse it gets. So when you are worried that you might lose something, you are sort of on a potential losing streak. One bad situation, leads to another. But when you are on a winning streak, expecting the best all the time, no matter what happens, you end up with what you want, and may even claim “What a miracle!”

Another Point Of View

Just for fun, here is another point of view as well. I had someone tell me that the house they wanted in Hawaii, was sold and no longer on the market. I said “No worries, they are just holding it for you. I am sure you can make them an offer that they cannot refuse!”

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that all of life is a manifestation. You are always in the right place at the right time, with everything you need to get whatever you want. If it RVs “On Time” (Whatever that is), you get what you want from there. If it does not, you still get what you want or maybe something even better. When you master your meanings and point of view, NOTHING can stop you from getting what you want.

However, when you think getting what you want is dependent on some “Outside” person or event, you are at the mercy of Fate, and most likely will never get want you want. There will always be “Something or Someone” who caused you a problem, or prevented you from getting what you want. So, decide that you are going to get what you want, or something better, and it doesn’t matter how or when, and it will work out for you. That is powerful manifesting.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

Terra Zetzz


DISCLOSURE: “Cobra = Cabal” – One Who Knows – 4.23.17

“Cobra = Cabal” – One Who Knows – 4.23.17
Entry Submitted by One Who Knows on April 23, 2017

Cobra = Cabal

Cobra Situation Update: Lightworkers Targeted by Energy Weapons



This post by COBRA is a PURE CABAL AGENDA Post.

I have it on authority that The Cobra Organization, led by a female who goes by the name of Cobra, has been corrupted and is now FULLY engaging in PURE CABAL Propaganda.

This last minute blatant attempt to frighten Light Workers is EVIL and Cabal driven.

Do Not Pay attention to this Cobra post as I have it from the highest Authorities that it is not only pure Cabal propaganda, but that they will have to answer for this very shortly.

I have it from Grandfather and the Highest Authorities in the Republic, that you are safe and protected and that this post is the Cabal’s last ditch effort to frighten you.

Know that all is well for you, but not for the Failed Cobra organization.




The only Cabal Minions left are the Dregs of the Cabal organization who are about to be taken down. This pathetic attempt to frighten Light Workers is the most despicable action I have ever Seen the Cobra Organization stoop to. SHAME ON YOU!!!!

I called YOU OUT when YOU claimed that the Dinar and Zim would not revalue. YOU KNOW THAT IS A BOLD FACED LIE, SHAME ON YOU.


“Attention: Light Worker Cobra” – One Who Knows – 4.7.17

I called YOU OUT when YOU claimed that there were Toplet bombs that threatened us. THERE ARE NONE AS THOSE WERE REMOVED LONG AGO. YOU KNOW THAT, SHAME ON YOU.


“Attention: Light Worker Cobra” – One Who Knows – 4.7.17

I call YOU out again on this pathetic Cabal attempt to cause fear among our Light Workers when it is YOU who should FEAR. YOU KNOW THAT YOUR POST IS A BOLD FACE LIE, SHAME ON YOU.



Your time of respect has come to an end. You will be revealed very shortly and all will be disclosed as to who you are, who you represent and what your TRUE AGENDA IS.

Your anonymity no longer serves the greater good. By this post of yours, you have proven yourself a TRAITOR of the highest order and will answer to the appropriate authorities.

The grace and latitude that has been offered to you and your cohorts has come to an end. You will be dealt with and very soon.

May You Get What You Have Coming To You AND As Quickly As Possible

Signed: One Who Knows

Terra Zetzz


RV GCR INTEL UPDATE: “GCR Questions and Answers (Good Ones) Part 2” – One Who Knows – 4.17.17

“GCR Questions and Answers (Good Ones) Part 2” – One Who Knows – 4.17.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows


GCR Questions & Answers (Good Ones) Part 2

Post/Question: (12)

“Notification Question for OWK”

Entry Submitted by Arohanui at 5:38 AM EDT on April 17, 2017


Thank you Patrick for this site and the many who share and contribute.

To OWK, regarding your post that we will be contacted, I don’t quite understand how my contact details can be on any list as I got currency through ebay.

I did read your post on this but am left still wondering…..

OWK, can you shed further light on this?

Much appreciation for your time, energy and information,

Cheers brother,




You answered your own question. Ebay dealers have your email address from your purchase. If you are on record in anyway, you will get the early notice to set up your appointment.

Remember that if you bought currency by mail, or at the Bank, or at a Physical Currency Dealer or an internet Currency Dealer, they already know who you are.

If the sky falls, and worse comes to worse, then just wait till it is on the net and call in then. Don’t worry, all is well!

Post/Question: (13)

“Question about Segment”

Entry Submitted by Warrior of Light at 5:25 AM EDT on April 17, 2017

Just to calm people that they really are in one of the segments, wouldn’t it be smart idea to send out a pre mail to make sure that it comes to the right mailbox and is not lost in the junk mail?

Warrior of Light



I like your question, but, there will be NO OFFICIAL information or actions until this is public and going live all over the World.

If, it turns out that an email address has gone bad, they can still get the 800#s and information from the net as planned. Remember, this Segment contacting plan is just an early appointment plan. But not that early, maybe a day or two. Remember they are in a big hurry to get this started and done! All is well!

Post/Question: (14)

“Question to OWK”

Entry Submitted by lluvia de oro at 5:12 AM EDT on April 17, 2017

Dear Richard – OneWhoKnows 🙂

I’d like to thank you very very much for your service on humanity, and in particular for helping the community here on IDC „planet“ to guide us on all topics of our currency exchange and questions about ascension and more. Also a special thank to Patrick for providing us this „galactic“ platform for our great future, thank you very much Patrick. And also many thanks to all writers here, equal on which topic you write, if currency exchange, spiritual guides, the event, ascension and a lot more – I love it to read a lot of them.

Until now I have translated a lot of articles posted here for a german speaking chat group, and it helped me on the one hand to learn the language better, and of course on the other hand to increase my knowledge on all these different themes.

Since many years I live in Spain, and for this reason I will stay in the future here too, and I will start my humanitarian and infrastructural project in Spain (center will be in Barcelona, I will move to there, just the moment I live on one of the beautiful Balearic islands). My projects includes about 25 countries, or even far more than 50 countries, it depends on the rate I can negotiate. Also when I have a profound knowledge on different professions I studied in this life, I am sure that I am not prepared to build up a huge company (foundation) of tens of thousands of humans to realize this project by my own (as a „CEO“), for this I need someone, but I am sure at my appointment they can help me!? I will take over a part of the whole project, and I see myself also in the position of a „student“ who will learn from the „CEO“ how to build up a huge foundation. I have only ZIMs, and will invest nearly all in my project, and I will take only a fix amount for me in private. At least the percentage I take for my my own will be less than 0.01%, or even far less.

I want to ask you some questions, I’m sure you can answer them 🙂

1. I have prepared a PowerPoint presentation for the appointment. Do you think there is also the possibility that they have a beamer and computer at the appointment which I can use when I have a USB stick with me, or I can only use my printed presentation (My Macbook is broken, and the desktop computer I cannot carry with me ;-)? Or do I have to ask this at my #800 call?

2. About the language at the appointment. Like I said I live in Spain (born in Germany), I would like to have my appointment here; I think it will be in Barcelona, when I am right HSBC is there. The problem is, I want to do it in English language, even I don’t know if I can handle it perfectly in English, but definitely I am unsure to fulfill it in Spanish language, and I don’t think that at the appointment will be present German speaking peoples!? The reason is not really about the presentation, to handle it in English, it is more because of the NDA (yes, I want to and have to go for „sovereign“ rates cause of my project).

Do you think that it is possible also when I do my exchange in Spain, that I can have a copy of the NDA in German language beside the English version, which I can read before I sign the english version, because it is difficult for me to understand the business English in contracts? Or it will be better to go to Germany or Switzerland to do it there, even the project is in Spain? (My presentation is prepared in English language, because if I had to go to Germany or Switzerland, there is not the problem, they speak English too)

3. There were different opinions in the past about the number of pages of the presentation. Now I have two versions, a short and large one. The short one has nearly fifty pages, the large one nearly hundred. Or the short version still has to many pages (it is a PP presentation, so a single page has not a lot of text on it, and it is better to capture the content fast)? For me it makes no sense to have a presentation of a handful pages at this size of the project. Or what do you think or know about the count of pages?

For now that’s all I want to ask you 😉 … Thank you so much in advance for giving me more clarity on my questions.

LIGHT AND LOVE TO YOU … and all other light beings here at IDC planet :-)))

GG alias ‘lluvia de oro’

PS: „lluvia de oro“ means in English something about „golden shower“, I don’t know how to translate it correctly, because the meaning is figurative.
PPS: If someone out there is from Spain and wants to contact me in private, Patrick has my email, so please contact him.



Thanks for all the nice words.

First, you won’t be getting any help with your projects at your exchange appointment. That will be about agreeing to a rate, setting up your accounts etc. You will be able to enlist the help of your Wealth manager with your projects. He can help you pick a good contractor, manager, or whatever else you need. Importantly, you will have the money to get expert advice for EVERY AREA that you want advice. VERY EASY.

Electronics At The Appointment = NO

No phones, computers, recorders, or other devices will be permitted at your exchange appointment. If you have a Power Point presentation, print it out.

Your Project/Presentation

I have pointed out that it is not as much about your presentation on paper, as it is about you revealing your TRUE HEART. They are looking for passion. There will be people who have been living under a bridge who will get the high rates without any paper presentation at all. It is all about YOU. Your project presentation is more about them listening to your excitement, than it is about your project itself. If you are a Light Worker, it will show and that is all that matters.

NEXT: Language

This was a very important question and the answer will be as well. Tell them that your primary language is German and that you want someone there who can speak German to you, and you want your agreements in both German and English. There is NOTHING too hard to do for a future Trillionaire. Tell them what you want and expect to get it.

For others reading this post, if you have reading issues, or language issues, or handicapped issues, let them know so that they can accommodate you when you arrive.

Thanks for your great questions!

Post/Question: (15)

“Questions for OWK”

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 5:09 AM EDT on April 17, 2017

Dear owks, Firstly i would like to thankyou for all you do , as i dont own a credit card, i asked a friend to purchase zim on my behalf, i paid him and he gave me the zim, so my question is will i be able to exchange as you said everyone who has purchased zim is known i didnt purchase it but i have it, could you please give me your thought as i’m not sure what to do , Kind regars One whos not sure!



Your friend most likely will get some sort of notice from a segment-group. Just tell him to let you know when he does. If that doesn’t work, then the numbers will be posted on the net anyway, just like they have always said they would. Just keep paying attention to the net and the numbers will show up soon.

Post/Question: (16)

“Questions for OWK Re: Segments”

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 4:48 AM EDT on April 17, 2017

I do not belong to a “group” nor do I have friends who have currencies. I do not have Zim currency.

Quote: “EVERYBODY is connected to someone in some way that will get a special 800#.”

My transactions were done through Travelex.

Does this assure me of notification?

This is such a big deal for all of us. My concern with “being contacted” sends just a bit of fear coursing through me.

And, just to clarify: Are “screen rates” the same as “street rates?”

Might I be offered a rate in line with UN Operational Funds–since I’ve no Zim.

Thank you.



First, you should be in the system since Travelex is not just a dealer, they are one of the largest. So, I am quite sure you will be notified through the email address you used with them. However, no matter what, the 800#s and information will be on the net just like they said. If for some weird reason, you don’t get an early notification, you will get the information you want from the net anyway. No Biggie.

The street Rates will be the ones that regular people get for years to come. The regular exchange rates for that currency. We will have much higher rates available to us during a short time for ALL THE FIRST BASKET CURRENCIES. The Dinar, Dong, Afghani, zim, etc. You will have plenty of time to exchange and get these rates.

There will be the early notices, emailed in segments, then it will be posted on the net for all those who didn’t get any emails, or didn’t even have emails, and that will last for a certain number of days. Once the special exchange offers are over, all rates will reset to the street rate where they will remain.

Post/Question: (17)

“Questions to OWK about Segments”

Entry Submitted by Ands at 3:53 AM EDT on April 17, 2017

Hi IDC Family, I am an avid reader of this site (almost every an hour checking for an update) for almost a year now. Usually, I am first looking with OWK post before others….

Since I have a ZIM and have the written humanitarian project plan, I am reading OWK post as a priority. Now, I have a question for Richard/OWK, about his post

“Understanding the Segment, GCR Roll-Out Plan” – One Who Knows – 4.16.17″

As I understand about this issue, that the #800 numbers will “FIRSTLY” be given to “KEY people” or leaders who had their “segments” then from them it will be given to their followers, but if this numbers would leaked out because of perhaps excitement of others to share this #800 number to other by posting it. then it will be cancelled…

So my question is (just to clarify), how about the #800 numbers that is suppose to be will be posted in IDC website that says: “This is where the 800#’s will be listed which will be included in the TETELESTAI post once published.” (which actually I am waiting to appear)

Does it mean that there will be no number to be posted here or it will be cancelled also?

Thank you so much IDC family and OWK for answering this question..


Ands from Philippines



The segments plan is an Early notification plan. It is to get as many people through the process as possible before it is posted on the net. If someone posts one of the segment numbers publicly, it will have to be disabled and replaced. no biggie.

However, when the 800# is posted on the web site it will be the “Internet 800#” and will remain for a few days until all those who had not yet called in can do so. After a certain amount of time, it will be pulled down and turned off as well. This means that when you get an 800#, call right away to set your appointment. You don’t have to go in right away, just make contact right away, and then set an appointment time that works for you. Some will set a later appointment time due to travel sickness, or something else. Easy!

Post/Question: (18)

“Questions for OWK”

Entry Submitted by Anonymous Light Worker at 2:50 AM EDT on April 17, 2017

Dear OWK,

RE: “Understanding the Segment, GCR Roll-Out Plan” – One Who Knows – 4.16.17

Thank you so much for your wonderful work and posts here to help enlighten us her in DC land, your explanation certainly sound fees-able as there too many people to exchange all at once throughout the world, I have been on this ride for 7 years through the ups & downs patiently waiting and follow all your posts, I live in Australia and have currencies as many of us here do, how will this work for us? How will we get notified over here when we can go in, I have spoken to a HSBC Bank here in Aus several weeks ago and was informed that they new all about the RV/GCR and weren’t allowed to discuss it or mention anything about it until they received official advice to do so, another question is the HSBC banks here don’t do currency exchanges but all have a Travelex currency exchange centers inside the branch so who will do the exchange, Travelex or HSBC?

I am eagerly waiting to help the poor & hungry all over the world, I monitor all blogs and currency sites daily and can’t wait for this to go but it’s hard to get advice guidance when no one has your contact details, any guidance regarding this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You in advance.

Anonymous Light Worker from OZ



Remember that if you bought currency by mail, or at the Bank, or at a Physical Currency Dealer or an internet Currency Dealer, they already know who you are. Somebody has your email, and will email you when it is time. However, if it doesn’t happen for some crazy reason, it will still be posted on the net just as planned.

I am amazed that any bank admitted to the GCR, they could have gotten in big trouble for that. But, no matter what HSBC can do, or can not do now, after the GCR goes public, you will find that they can do it all! No worries.

Post/Question: (19)

“Re: Understanding the Segment, GCR Roll-Out Plan”

Entry Submitted by T at 2:37 AM EDT on April 17, 2017

“Understanding the Segment, GCR Roll-Out Plan” – One Who Knows – 4.16.17

Hello Richard,

I have just read OWK latest advice, and l look forward to his Godly knowledge daily, but this article is great for the US, but here down under there are no contacts, especially for me, as l just went and brought what l needed,,,,,, l really don’t have a contact other than you, Dinar Chronicles?

Thank you for being so gracious, T

Life is like being an actor who performs in a film without knowing the screenplay.



I repeat the same exact answer above since you are both “Down Under:”

Remember that if you bought currency by mail, or at the Bank, or at a Physical Currency Dealer or an internet Currency Dealer, they already know who you are. Somebody has your email, and will email you when it is time. However, if it doesn’t happen for some crazy reason, it will still be posted on the net just as planned. No worries!

Post/Question: (20)

“Question for One Who Knows”

Entry Submitted by Child of the Universe at 2:35 AM EDT on April 17, 2017

Dear One Who Knows-

Firstly-a zillion thanks and immense gratitude for your tireless enlightening articles-they are a gift to us all.

Patrick and all the other members of DC –you have made this space a welcoming educational zone for so many.



1.How does one get listed on your segment for notification, is it possible to be added to your mailing list,please ?

2.Most of my currency purchases were made via Ebay,over the last 9 years,with an occasional purchase from a bank-so cannot be sure that this would be the source of contact.

3.When I have listened to any calls,it has been via a computer connection,so no phone number or email address provided .

4.Many of my giftees are relying on me to notify them of a call number when it is provided- so how may I be sure to receive a notifying email?

5.Would Patrick be able to send out notifications of instructions if they are not being posted on his website?

Please advise us- One Who Knows.

Submitted by Child of the Universe



Thank you for your nice words.

Remember that if you bought currency by mail, or at the Bank, or at a Physical Currency Dealer or an Internet Currency Dealer, they already know who you are.

Basel III has strict standards of keeping track of these currencies and you MOST likely have an email address listed for your purchase for this VERY TIME IN THE PROCESS. They knew that down the road, when this actually went live, that they would be contacting people by email, just like it is being told to you. So don’t be surprised to find out that your email address was collected and saved for notifying you later…. Like now!

YES, you should notify your giftees as they probably don’t have any buying records or ways that the NPTB would know they have currency. Like you, I have many giftees and it will be our responsibility to notify them when we get the information ourselves.

Patrick will be getting the 800#s to put on his website when it is the right time. Remember, for all those who don’t have emails, or aren’t contacted for some reason, they will be able to get the 800#s and information on the website when it is posted. Easy.

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“Re: Segments”

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 2:22 AM EDT on April 17, 2017

“Understanding the Segment, GCR Roll-Out Plan” – One Who Knows – 4.16.17

I read Dinar Chronicles and I am registered to be able to respond to posted messages. So I believe from this that I would be contacted but asked not to pass on the information. My question is that I gave away some of what I purchased to about twenty people all whom I have been keeping posted what is going on. They are depending on me to give them the 800# so they can exchange at these rates also. One is in the Philippines, another is in Hawaii, one is in Texas and the rest is here in the Pacific NW. How am I going to be able to help these people to be able to exchange at the higher rates to they can do the projects they have in mind to do. Most of these people all have Zim the rest only have Dong.

Can I send you the contacts so you can contact them. I keep them informed from this DC site.



You are correct, you should share the 800#s and information with them when you get it. It is not an emergency however, in case you can’t reach them. It will be posted on the net as planned so they can get the number themselves. But the short answer is YES, pass on the info and instructions when you get them.

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“Question for OWK Re: Segments”

Entry Submitted by JJ at 2:06 AM EDT on April 17, 2017

“Understanding the Segment, GCR Roll-Out Plan” – One Who Knows – 4.16.17

Thank you Richard for all the love and clarity and guidance you offer, you bring much peace to our hearts in this amazing process. My question is asking for a bit more clarity on how we will know if we are on “a list” to be contacted, even if it is from the dealer from whom currency was purchased. I follow Zorra, DC, TNT, Bruce, but not quite sure my email is on a “list for contact”. Oh, and that leads to another question…. if a friend and I entered into this at the same time and have followed this together, may we share the number if one of us does get it first? Thank you for addressing this. Big love and blessings.




Remember that if you bought currency by mail, or at the Bank, or at a Physical Currency Dealer or an internet Currency Dealer, they already know who you are. Chances are you are on a contact list already.

As far as your friend goes, I don’t see a problem with that. It is an early contact roll out plan, and you are just helping the process to go faster. That being said, keep it to those people you have direct contact with. I know that there will be some overlap at times, and some people will be left out since they never bought currency themselves. But that is why the number will then be posted on the net so that whoever still has not set their appointments, they can do so then. It is a pretty good plan, and it can be tweaked a bit, especially if you want to go with your friend to exchange as well.

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“To OWK Re: Segments”

Entry Submitted by One Who Doesn’t Want to Miss the Bus at 2:04 AM EDT on April 17, 2017

“Understanding the Segment, GCR Roll-Out Plan” – One Who Knows – 4.16.17

I don’t know anyone here in dinarland. I have been an observant currency holder.. I have gifted zim to people who are not monitoring anything and rely on me to share the 800s when released.

I’m concerned that I will not be contacted at all bec I’m not a member of any group and I’ve not given out my email address except for subscribing to dinar chronicles email updates. Does that count?

-One Who Doesn’t Want to Miss the Bus



If you bought currency by mail, or at the Bank, or at a Physical Currency Dealer or an internet Currency Dealer, they already know who you are. You are most likely on a list. However, if for some weird reason you don’t get the early notice, it will be posted on the net as well for everyone who has not yet set up their appointments.

As far as your giftees, YES, pass on the information when you get it.


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows
Terra Zetzz


GCR RV INTEL UPDATE: “GCR Questions and Answers (Good Ones) Part 1” – One Who Knows – 4.17.17


“GCR Questions and Answers (Good Ones) Part 1” – One Who Knows – 4.17.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows

GCR Questions & Answers (Good Ones) Part 1

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“Did I Miss the Bus?”

Entry Submitted by K at 11:39 PM EDT on April 16, 2017

Is there going to be an RV this Easter, we have 25 minutes left? What is the call and wasn’t sure how I was on any calls list? Appreciate an update? K



No, you didn’t miss the bus, nor can you. The roll out is starting and I “Get” that you are on a Early Contact list. Just stand by and keep an eye here on DC, and one on your email account. Don’t forget to check your spam folder as well. As one who is paying attention, I know you will get your notification by #1, and if not, then by #2, still just as good as #1.

The GCR is rolling out and it will be:

#1) Early Email Notifications
(High Rates Available)

#2) Posting on the Net
(High Rates Available)

#3) (Last) Some sort of announcement to the World.
(Not as High Rates Available)

#4) Post GCR Exchanges (Exchange centers closed down)
(Regular, every day bank screen rates)

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“Hurting for Some Truth”

Entry Submitted by Bobby at 9:54 PM EDT on April 16, 2017

I have been following some gurus for 5 years now. At this point I am very confused about the sources these gurus get their info from and the post of others. I realize that none of the gurus can “make it happen”. I have not been sitting around just waiting for the RV to happen. I have beem working till November of 2016 at which time I was in the hospital with neck surgery and also had back surgery 4 weeks ago. So, I have been out of work for a long time. Now, I almost have to depend on the RV, What happened to “before Easter” and “after the Sunday Easter Services”. Someone help me understand why the “info” never seems to work out because I am very close to loosing about all I have. So, as I started, Hurtin For Some Truth. I Be Bobby..



Bobby, “Things” seem to be in high gear now. The way I know that is because we have just been notified on how we will be given the 800#s early, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of those notifications have already gone out. You wouldn’t know unless you were in those “Segments.” I feel that you are on an Early contact list, and will be getting notifications before it is on the net. Don’t worry.

Remember that if you bought currency by mail, or at the Bank, or at a Physical Currency Dealer or an internet Currency Dealer, they already know who you are.

The personal Notification idea, Segments, was to make sure that people who were gifted currency or are not otherwise on a Bank or currency dealer list, would get notified by someone they know. This was a very smart plan. Nothing to do now but look for that email or the posting on net.

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“The Latest Method of Exchanging”

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 9:44 PM EDT on April 16, 2017

I read Dinar chronicles and try to keep up with the latest news. I listen to Zorra’s shows and read the minutes of the calls. Will the military, listening to who is interested in exchanging currency, know I have Zim to exchange too, just from how I participate? I want to exchange now too. I know more than the public does about values. How can I get word to the right people?



We have been told over and over again that we would be contacted by email. Now we know who will be contacting us. It is just that simple. Most likely, you are on some currency holder list already.

Remember that if you bought currency by mail, or at the Bank, or at a Currency Dealer, they already know who you are.

You can’t miss out on it, because it will be posted on the net as promised. However, I am sure you will get personal notification before it is on the net. Don’t worry, all is well!

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“Question: Brazil and Canada”

Entry Submitted by Philipe T. at 9:13 PM EDT on April 16, 2017


Peace and divine light to everybody!

Can you help me? I have some questions.

I have dual nationality, Canadian and Brazilian,

1- Is it okay to make a redemption in each country in the first 7 days?

2- What document’s I need to bring with me for a redemption without NDA?

3- Do you know if there will be a limit on the number of currencies? I have DONG, DINAR and ZIM.

You doing a wonderfull and grateful charity of help us with all those information.

Thank you very much… GOD is with us ever and ever.


Philipe T.



First, exchange everything in only one country. In the new Benevolent financial system, there is no difference between countries, just the currency you get. Once you have done your exchanges, you can transfer your money anywhere in the World you want to, and exchange it again into any other currency you want. It is your money to do with as you please.

Bring whatever ID you have, since you are opening a bank account, they need to know who you are.

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Entry Submitted by Sandstorm at 11:03 AM EDT on April 17, 2017

So, I’m sure the same thing is pretty much on everyone’s mind; where are the 800#s? Easter has passed, Tax Day is Tuesday the 18th, and now we hear about the “Segments”.

So my question is- Is this still going to be a quick time frame to get everyone exchanged or will this be a drawn out process before the public goes? The way this “Segment” is explained… some of these releases could be days if not weeks apart from each other. It is my deepest hope that we all exchange before the end of April but I am really getting worn out hearing, very soon, very very soon every weekend =( How fast can we expect this event to complete?




Sandstorm, the overall exchange time frame should actually be quicker since it is so carefully managed through notifying segments at a time. I truly think this will make the whole process way more efficient and yes, I still think we will all be done before the end of April if not sooner. Yes, I am going out on a limb, but I have high confidence this is true.

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“How Can Anyone Know?”

Entry Submitted by The Swede at 2:37 AM EDT on April 17, 2017

I have read, One who knows most recent message and my question is:

How will anyone know that I have currencies to cash in if I had not announced it anywhere?

Will I get an email or am I out of the loop

The Swede



Remember that if you bought currency by mail, or at the Bank, or at a Currency Dealer, they already know who you are.

However, if for some weird reason, you never get the email, the numbers and information will still be posted on the net anyway just like it has always been planned. This is just a way to have an earlier and quicker start to getting this done using email addresses. It’s a good plan and after all, we have been told that we would be contacted by email lots of times. Now you know how it will be done. Don’t worry, you won’t miss out.

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“Segments, One Troubling Statement of OWK”

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 1:52 AM EDT on April 17, 2017

“Understanding the Segment, GCR Roll-Out Plan” – One Who Knows – 4.16.17

“However, if one of the segments gets out of hand, and one of its members posts their special call in number on the net, that number just gets cancelled.”

So what OWK is saying, if someone isn’t playing fair in a group EVERYONE in the group who hasn’t already called in for an appointment who is playing by the rules gets screwed because the 800 number gets turned off. I didn’t see where everyone not yet called in for an appointment where one idiot ruins it, gets another chance. This is VERY troubling. Someone is going to get screwed, maybe many, if this happens if a new 800 number isn’t issued by the group leader. Right?

And from what you said, since they monitor everything the NPTB will know WHO the culprit was, right? But then, he’s probably already called in for an appointment…




No worries my friend. I am glad you brought this point up as it is a very good one. However the answer is simple. They will just disable the number that had been posted so it does not cause harm to the plan, and then issue a new one to the same segment for the ones who had not yet gotten their appointment set.

However, I expect that the moment a number is sent out to a certain segment, everyone will be done calling in a few hours at most. It will go very fast. Thanks for that great question.

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“Questions Regarding Segments” by Harmony – 4.17.17

Entry Submitted by Harmony at 2:39 AM EDT on April 17, 2017

“Understanding the Segment, GCR Roll-Out Plan” – One Who Knows – 4.16.17

Thank you so much to both Yosef and Richard/OWK, for the very valuable and useful information related to how our exchanges will be working.

I’ve always had lots of questions in my mind about the process, but equally, have always trusted that all will come clear, and that the process will work.

Having said that, I do have a question now arising from these posts.

There will be no record of purchase of my Zim by me, as I didn’t purchase any directly myself. They were very kindly gifted by a dear friend on the other side of the world, who knew that I had held plans and visions for a long time, and wanted to help me to realise them, as well as resolve my own personal financial issues. I simply couldn’t afford to purchase my own at the time, even though I dearly wished to. However, I’m not one of those who was gifted who only has a passing interest (which has been suggested in some recent posts), as you know, but completely and fully engaged, as though I had in fact purchased them myself.

So, wondering how I might receive my instructions and number to call? I shall contact the friend who gifted them to me, as there is a very clear record of his purchase, so I’m certain that he will be contacted. I’m also wondering whether Patrick will be asked to provide contact details for those he knows who’ve engaged on this forum, perhaps to hand on to OWK, or to others who are part of the Segment process? (Although there are many many more who watch and read, and perhaps have never written in, but who are all important to this process nonetheless – but assuming that if they’ve purchased their own currencies, there will be a clear record of their purchases anyway).

So, having told myself I’d just trust the process, I find I’m now asking for some guidance!! But I felt that these were questions that others might also have, as I know from reading the posts on this forum, that there are many others here like myself, who are extremely engaged, but were also gifted their currencies.

Thank you, Patrick, Richard/OWK, Yosef, and all the others working so hard to bring this to fruition for the sake of humanity, the planet and all its wonderful beings.

I leave you with my love and blessings,

Harmony xxx



The Great Idea was to send out emails to all the Currency holders and get them in the process early. Clearly, as good as the NPTB are, there are going to be some giftees, or changed email address or whatever else, that make it hard to reach them. That is why it is still going to be posted on the net just as planned.

To Those Who Have Gifted Currency:

However, this is a great time to tell all those who have gifted to others, to be sure and notify them when you are notified. That is part of your gift, the currency and instructions on what to do with it when it is time.

To Those Who WERE Gifted Currency:

For all those who have been gifted currency, contact those who gave you the currency and have them notify you when they get the info. Remember, that even if you don’t get the emails, or notification from your benefactors, the numbers and information will still be on the net as planned. Don’t worry, You can’t miss out.

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“Question Regarding the Segment GCR Roll-Out Plan”

Entry Submitted by silverrose at 6:31 AM EDT on April 17, 2017

“Understanding the Segment, GCR Roll-Out Plan” – One Who Knows – 4.16.17

Dear OWK,

I am so grateful for all the valuable information and the help you give to us all in Dinarland. I have read your “Segments ” posts about the new roll-out plan, and I fully understand and accept it, it makes so much sense.

But I still have some questions, and I believe, nobody has asked them quite in these details. : So, I understand, this intricate new roll-out plan is mostly, for the people living in the US or Canada, or so, where there are those ( former Cabal) records of every single purchase on the net, where every single computer I.P was recorded for every call, and so on…But I doubt, that in other countries, this was done in the same amount as in America.

And so, for somebody in Europe ( like me) , or in other continents, there may not exist these records and evidence of currency purchase. I can not imagine, for the life of me, that this obscure little online company for collector items, where I bought my currency ( in fact, I purchased it with 3 different online sellers), that they have the advanced technology to record every single I.P, or that they would be contacted by the Elders with the 800 numbers, to give them out to their email list…

So my question is this: Can I , please, if it`s not too inconvenient, be on your “Segment ” email list ?? I would be so grateful for that, because I would rather go quickly in, and not wait for too long ( I could really use the funds now , and I am also in the process of purchasing a huge property for my future healing center in Hungary, all that´s missing is the funds :). And I imagine, other people in different countries around the world, may have the same concern too.

Or even better, could you obtain from Patrick the email list with all subscribers on Dinar Chronicles, to send all of us those instructions with the 800 numbers to our Dinar Chronicles community here?? I am sure, everybody would appreciate it, even if some would get 2 or more emails with the instructions. The more, the merrier, as they say…Just to make sure, everybody here is covered and taken care of. In the bigger picture, it would not make much of a difference, or to disrupt the overall roll-out plan, as I believe, we are not quite such a huge number. Just a thought and suggestion.

With that being said, I would once again thank you so much for your service and help to this community here , and for your comforting posts, they really bring a sense of peace and calmness to this crazy ride, and it is so much appreciated !!

Deep gratitude and heartfelt thanks,

P.S. And once again thank you to Patrick, who created this amazing online community, and a place for everybody to express their voice, and share their opinion. Thank you, and please keep this site up, even after the RV . You are so deeply appreciated !!



Remember that if you bought currency by mail, or at the Bank, or at a Currency Dealer, they already know who you are. By the way, based on the new financial system, the dealers have to keep better records than you know.

Remember also, that it will be posted on the net as well, as has been said many times. No worries there. And it will be very soon after the segment notifications start, since they what this whole process done, done, done, ASAP.


However, you do bring up an interesting point: Some of us may get more than one notification, as we have several places that we are connected to. Since you are only going to call that first number once to set up your appointment, then, if you get notices from other segments, just ignore them, since you are already done.

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Entry Submitted by Benjamin at 6:18 AM EDT on April 17, 2017

Hi Patrick. . Owk, Judy, and all others..

I just read the post about segment.

Here is my question:

I never “apply” to any segment or segment leader.. I supposed you already thought of that but in order not to be “left behind” what are the steps so I can include myself into a group.. is there a French group that exist ? I live in France.. that’s why I’m asking ..

Benjamin (French taxi driver)

Thanks in advance for your return

Entry Submitted by Benjamin at 6:24 AM EDT on April 17, 2017

Hi again..

Just for info..

I got 2 person to follow me in that “crazy” adventure… it wasn’t easy but they did it..

A very good taxi friend and my brother…
Can I give them the “800 number” I will get ?
My brother speaks English but not my buddy… we live in France so that might not be important..?




#1) Remember that if you bought currency by mail, or at the Bank, or at a Currency Dealer, they already know who you are.

#2) It will be posted on the net as planned as well.

#3) YES, notify those who you brought into this adventure…

ESPECIALLY if they are NOT paying attention to what is going on.

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Entry Submitted by a fool at 5:40 AM EDT on April 17, 2017

Dear OWK’s

26,000 people with zim in the USA, 50,000,000 people with currency in the world. The best you could come up with is to go to a Chinese restaurant everyday and wait for a fortune cookie with an 800 number in it to exchange. Any idea of how small that number is to the 7,000,000,000 people on this earth. Sure wouldn’t want to upset anybody except us that have been living this chinese fire drill for the last ten years. Don’t worry, it will be soon! Let see, everything has been completed and the time is at hand.

How’s about call HSBC at the top of dinar chronicles web site. Oh I’m going to be tipping the world off when I call in. You figure I’ve got a party line here in California? Or just wait around for an Agarthin to walk up to me and tell me I missed my time because no one knew I had Zim or whatever currency needed to be exchanged. It does sound like a nifty plan if you’ve been talking to grandfather.
Or in a group which you say not to. That’s the best you guys can come up with? After 20 years of planning! No wonder I’ve been asleep for the last 13 millenion. Least you got my email so you can get an 800 number to me now!

P.s. This is not a flame, it is a called for something that doesn’t resemble Gobbleygook, in all it’s glory. And you have your own group? I give up.

Yours truly, a fool!



I understand your frustration. I did try the Fortune cookie 800 number idea, but it never panned out. In answer to your questions, all is still going just as planned.

#1) Send out notifications by Email…. still the plan… Check!
(High rates available)

#2) Then post the 800#s and info on the net…. still the plan…. Check!
(High rates available)

#3) Make some sort of announcement on TV, …. Still the plan… Check!
(Not as High rates available)

So will you get an early notice to set your appointment by email? If you bought your currency by the net, from a bank, or a currency dealer, most likely yes. However, if you have deleted all your email addresses, and made yourself invisible, then probably not. In that case you will just have to wait till they are posted on the net. No biggie!


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows
Terra Zetzz



“Message To Light Workers: Status Report” – One Who Knows

“Message To Light Workers: Status Report” – One Who Knows

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows on April 2, 2017

Message To Light Workers: Status Report

This message is for the Light Workers ONLY. If you are Cabal, this is NOT for you.


Dear Light Workers,

We have reached the end of our journey. There are so many arrests that are going on behind the scenes that you can’t see. Frankly, I was personally involved one of the first “Take Downs” that netted 60,000 pedophiles and Cabal scum all over the planet. Since then there have been several operations, each one coming closer and closer to the public take downs. It is the “Public Take Downs” that I was talking about that you would see on TV. When you see that, “The Big Distraction” you will know it is all over.

Importantly, all of these different “Levels” of take downs, have always been planned to happen just before the public release of the GCR. These are the mass arrests that you have always heard about. I can tell you that they are happening as we speak. The numbers were so voluminous that I got involved with the “Amnesty For Cabal” posts.

Like it or not, most of them will be released back into society after they sign certain documents and agree under VERY strict penalty, to NEVER harm Humanity in any way for the rest of their lives. It is sort of a “Tag and Release” of Cabal minions since they really pose no danger since the heads of the Cabal snakes are being removed from the Planet or incarcerated in deep isolation.

For your information, there has been a flood of takers on the Amnesty deal, which speeds up our go time. Frankly, the fact that I was authorized to offer the Amnesty program to the Cabal minions should be evidence to you that we are at the end, the mop up part of the plan. The Big “Distraction” in about to happen. It will signal the end of the Cabal, and the Beginning of our new Golden Age.

I am usually tactful when I respond to the nay sayers, but some of the things I have been hearing are just STUPID. Apparently some think that the Cabal Amnesty Program is a Cabal Operation…. How ridiculous.

The military are the back bone of our New Republic and are 100% Light Workers in uniform. There is no way that any Cabal Master would say call a military Base and turn yourself in for Amnesty. Their Foot Soldiers are “Defecting” in droves because they can see the writing on the wall. It is over and they know it. As every minute goes by, more and more opt for safety, protection, and Freedom by taking the Amnesty program. Frankly, these minions are running to the safety of the most benevolent, Humanity based operation ever conceived in the History of this Planet.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that there is no more intel to be had. The Pre-GCR arrests are already completed on many phases and the final, publicly viewable phase is about to begin. Clearly they had to save the public arrests for last, because once those happened they would have some “explaining to do” to the sleeping public. But don’t worry, they already have the explanations ready to transmit to the World. It is called “Disclosure.”

If this wasn’t really happening, then why are the Cabal being offered Amnesty if they call a military base and give themselves up and promise to stop their evil ways? You have NEVER heard that before, and definitely not in a public message.

We are at the end, and are now way beyond the point of no return. While I do offer encouragement at every chance I get, I would never tell you something that I didn’t KNOW TO BE TRUE. I personally KNOW about the final arrests that are going on right now. I am personally involved in some of those operations, and I am the “Designated” and fully Authorized “communicator” to the Cabal, to offer a final chance for freedom through the Amnesty program. I KNOW what I am talking about and I can tell you that we are at the end. Relax, and KNOW that all is well and even better than you think. I promise you that it is.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

Terra Zetzz

Source: Intel Chronicles

Part 4 by BG: Holy Innocents


Holy Innocents
by BG


Part I:
Cosmic Cushion

Part II:
Purifying Currents

Part III:
Deep Breath



“I AM Virgo – Spirit of the Earth – affectionately called by many ‘Mother Earth’. In a time long, long ago, My Beloved Pelleur (the Twin-Flame of My Lifestream) and I answered the call of the Mighty Helios and Vesta for volunteers to assist the Seven Mighty Elohim in Their joyous task of creating a habitable Planet for the mankind which, in time, would proceed as Individualized Lifestreams from the Heart-Flames of Helios and Vesta Themselves.

“Others, besides us, were given opportunity with Us to show Their particularly developed capacities to create and sustain a substance for this Planet, whose vibrations would be of such a rate as to make it solid enough to form a platform for the feet of the people of Earth, where they could walk in safety and in happiness. Finally, We were chosen for this signal honor and given opportunity to so serve. Then We were called upon to manifest the ‘staying power’ (centripetal force) which would keep the landed substance of Earth in its appointed place, cushioned by the Water Element. We were also called upon to create just the right amount of ‘gravity pull’ which would not be a distress upon the feelings of the people, but yet keep their bodies from flying off the Planet into outer space.

“Pelleur then offered His full-gathered momentum of centripetal force to create the Law of Gravity for this Earth – the magnetic pull which would hold the landed surface in its appointed place. Through the ages, this had to be adjusted from time to time, according to the vibratory action of the bodies of the people – the actual weight of their bodies as well as the weight of the substance which they had drawn about them to sustain and expand their civilizations. As My gift to this creation, I offered to mold Universal, Intelligent Light-Substance into the design for this planet, which design was created by Helios and Vesta. This Perfect Pattern was held within the bosom of the Silent Watcher for this Planet. It was necessary for Me to determine just the right density of substance required to allow the God Radiation which was anchored in the center of the Earth by Beloved Pelleur to flow through the Planet, out to and through Its surface, thus blessing the mankind and Nature Kingdom who were to live there.

“I worked in close harmony with the first Maha Chohan Who served the Earth, the Beings of each of the four seasons, as well as with the Great Nature Spirits Who ensouled the mountans, fertile valleys, trees, shrubs, and flowers, and the Gnomes, Fairies and smaller Nature Spirits Whose activities would be on the surface as well as within the very body of the Earth Itself.




“When the first inhabitants of Earth embodied here (called ‘Holy Innocents’), the Earth was garlanded in the most fragrant flowers; Amaryllis (Spirit of Spring) having prepared for more than nine hundred years to develop the greatest possible beauty for the incomingl lifestreamsimage


“In the beginning – the first Golden Age – the Earth’ substance was crystalline, pure and iridescent and the glowing radiation from the very center of the Earth was easily discernible, pouring up, in, through and around the Earth and all its attendant evolutions. This glowing center of the Earth was the place where My Beloved Pelleur focused His magnetic Ray, at the point where the Masculine and the Feminine Rays meet, the Masculine Ray of Gold entering the Earth at a point in Tibet and the Feminine Ray of Pink entering from a point in South America, near Lake Titicaca. These two Rays converge within the Earth Itself. This Heart-Center of Pink and Golden Light within the Earth created a tremendous buoyancy and raising power of Divine Love which surged out through the Earth and Its atmosphere, allowing the bodies of the people to absorb the radiant substance and to live, move, and have their being within that Divine atmosphere of Purity and Peace. This gave the people assistance in the speedy fulfillment of their own Divine Plan.

“As you look down through clear water and are able to observe the submarine life, so could any member of the race then embodied look into the depths beneath the Earth’s surface and see the Salamanders disporting themselves in the Pink and Golden Rays from the center of the Earth. These beings carried the surging, vitalizing energies of the Sacred Fire upward through the entire Nature Kingdom and to the lifestreams dwelling upon the surface of the Earth as well. In like manner could they observe the busy little Gnomes and other Nature Spirits (in that time all were in perfect proportion and symmetry of body) serving to nourish, develop and push up to the surface of the Earth, the plant life designed by the Builders of Form and the Directors of the Nature Kingdom.

“In those days, there were perfect harmony and rhythm in the changes of Season as each of the Great Beings Who direct the Four Seasons (together with Their Divine Complements) served to give variation of color and design, as well as variations in types of harvest, to nourish and sustain the bodies of the people.

“Then, as has often been described to you, there came the need of some Planet of our System to offer to be the Host to some souls from other Planets, which souls did not choose to progress along the Path of Life as quickly as the rest of the lifestreams evolving with them….

….to be continued

Terra Zetzz

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