You Matter – Featuring Deborah Dupre

You Matter with Deborah Dupre Episode 2

By Deborah Dupre

You Matter is dedicated to helping those who are having trouble getting started on their journey whether your new to alternative treatments or a long time advocate, there is something for everyone in this series of shows. I would encourage you to view/listen to these with an open mind and an open heart. Each segment builds on the last one and will teach you tips techniques, tools and products that will sustain your wellness over time. I am the host of this show and it gives me pleasure to know that those who might have never been introduced to this material now have a choice. • I am not a doctor nor do I diagnose or prescribe substances, nor interfere with treatment of a licensed medical professional. Reiki is a companion modality to medical treatment and should not be considered a replacement to seeking medical treatment. Recorded and Edited by Janeiro Freeda


All Time Favz – with Lionel Cornelious

All Time Favz – Eve Interviews Lionel Cornelious

By evesorbit

N-Orbit – Don’t Mess with Grandpa – YouTube

N-Orbit – Don’t Mess with Grandpa

By EvesOrbit

Uploaded on Apr 23, 2011

Great line up of talent as we start the show with the lovely Lorrissa Holiday then Eve and Billy have fun joking around. Sir Jonathan Burton sings his hit song “The Two of Us”, A great performance with Billy Scott and the Party Prophets, Then a favorite Zodiac who recently was called to Heaven at such an early age – Fred Magnum sings his favorite solo “Amazing Grace” with Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs, Kerry Craig is as delightful as ever as he shows off his vocal range. This is one of my favorite shows and I hope it will be yours as well.

This is the weekly TV Show that my husband was the Producer of. He enjoyed this adventure as much as I did. In fact the cast involved all seem to enjoy themselves. I enjoyed all parts I played. When in front of the camera, my husband would be the director. Dan Honeycutt helped Direct our shows on a number of occasions. We truly appreciated his efforts and knowledge. We learned so much from each other. He was one of the best lighting techs I ever knew. My husband studied hard and was able to duplicate the magical lighting for our shows. Crappy lighting will distroy a good shoot, making it look amaturish or worse.

The volunteer camera help was important. We had three active studio cameras and lock down works fine if you are only doing talking heads, but with talent they move around and your camera talents needs to know how to follow directions (via headsets) in order to capture the best shots and effects from the Director.  

All n all it was a lot of work, but fun and a great outlet for my husband and myself. It was our journey. Now many years have passed and I don’t regret the many hours I toiled over putting the shows together. If I were young again, I might give it another go. 

I hope you enjoy the footage. 


All Time Favz: Having Fun With Billy Scott

All Time Favz – Having Fun with Billy

All Time Favz – Having Fun with Billy

By Eve’s Orbit 

Uploaded on Mar 31, 2011

More funny moments with Billy Scott. Great line up of Talent following. Eve and Billy perform a Duet, Sir Jonathan Burton gets us rocking, and Orlando Mackey & Lebo Blackmon perform the Hit tune “Shagging at Myrtle Beach” making us want to get up and Shag.

This was an exciting part of my life. My husband and I had several TV Shows that featured many well known and loved Southern performers… Beach Music, DooWop, Southern Soul, Blues, Jazz, real Country and even some well known popular tunes. 

We consider ourselves grateful to have known these talented folks, but even more grateful that they trusted us enough to come onto our show. We had a very low budget and relied on the good graces of the talents to want to come on our growing popular show. We may have been low budget, but we put out a classy show none the less. The talent actually became more than we could handle with our once a week hourly show, so we expanded into two weekly one hour shows. 

I have to tell you it was a lot of work. I spent hours on editing and the graphics. It took longer to edit when we would film live shows. I didn’t have the switchers and the fancy equipment to make it hapoen in the field. But it all came together. The hours of work would pay off. It looked seemless when presented on the screen and our audiance was loyal.

I wish I had the money back then to help promote the talented people who gave of their time. Such was not my luck. 

Many of my friends and great performers have moved on to higher plains and sing in a heavenly choir. I miss them but have them always in my heart. They left great memories of their time here and it will never be forgotten.

In Memory of these beautiful souls, I share with you today a small token of one of my shows. 

I did the graphics and editing, directing and producing. My husband did cameras, directing and producing for “N-Orbit” 

I have 6 years of musical footage, much has never been seen. My computer crashed which had many shows on the hard drive. The drive is dead but luckly for me I have the original tapes. I don’t know if I want to tackle that long arduous job of editing again. I will just habe to enjoy whatever I was lucky to put up on line. I can’t add more to my Youtube Account EvesOrbit, because I lost my Domain Name and it had the email address to get back into my account. So when I can, I will use my new account to upload my videos. I have supper slow internet,more like dial up. We shall see.

I hope you enjoy this footage. 

Have you had the opportunity to live out your dreams in this life? What if I told you that that chance is coming sooner than you know. So stay positive and believe it.

So many things are changing so fast now. Hang on to your hats and enjoy the ride.


About My TV Shows – DooWop and Beach Music

I have been blessed to have so many friends in Beach Music and was also very blessed that through their support I had a very successful TV Show in North Carolina for about 6 years. I want to honor those friends in my heart always for their contributions and talents.

I had a number of shows, it started with “Eve’s Orbit” this was more comedy and had DooWop and Beach. It was only a 30 min show and was shown 2 times a month. I started with a terrible time slot, but the station manager liked the show and perhaps saw favor in the clean cut entertainment I was bringing to Public TV.  I went from Tuesdays to Fridays Night the audience  grew immediately and so did the footage. As we had more Studio Time for the Big Camera.

My Theme Music was gifted by Maurice Williams and The Zodiacs – a very special friend. It would excite people just to listen to the music as they knew the show started.

I invested in Professional Cameras and equipment and Editing programs and effect software.

Then there was “N-Orbit” this was a duplicate of “Eve’s Orbit” I needed more Air Time but could only increase it by one hour per week, I had gained so much film that I needed yet another show to showcase the wonderful footage. We did a One Hour Weekly Show and still had plenty of footage and it was growing.

It was during the “Eve’s Orbit TV Show” (30 min show) that Billy Scott came on board.  He was first interviewed and then performed for us but I had known and loved his work for years and he is best friends with Maurice Williams and The Zodiacs who was always on my shows. During the interview Billy expressed his love and desire to have a TV Show and how he was doing a Radio Show and had worked in Raleigh on a series which he wanted to be published as a TV Series. It was still in the works but not solid. My Husband and I also had “N-Orbit” TV Show, with a different Intro and Ending but mainly the same show which aired on a different day. I took Billy in and had him as a Starring Feature during each show on both Programs, then I asked if he would like to be an Associate Producer and Co Star for all my TV Shows. This was his dream and he jumped on board. It was a perfect fit. We had so much fun together filming on locations and in the Studio, Billy was always there.

After about a year of these shows I changed the Name of “Eve’s Orbit” to “All Time Favz”  to feature Billy Scott as Associate Producer and Co Star and we kept “N-Orbit”  (1 hr show) for the Saturday Night time slot, we keep Maurice Williams and The Zodiacs Music Intro for “N-Orbit”. We also Featured One of Billy Scott’s Songs as the Intro. We now had two power packed one hour weekly shows and they were very well received. There was many names we were yet to get on the shows but our time ran out.

Billy only missed a few shows that I can recall in 6 years that we had these shows, this was during this lost time Billy told us he had throat cancer. He use to smoke and also singing in Clubs around the 2nd hand smoke did not help. My Husband and I did not know how far along Billy’s condition was and the operation on his throat may have cut his range but not his zest for life and his performances were always the top of the line.  He performed at a special event I had for the Troops and looked thin and frail but his spirit was enormous.

Personally I am into Natural Medicine and would not think to have the poison of Chemo injected into me, but it is a personal decision with each person, Billy and his beautiful wife Gail made the decision to go by way of the conventional means.

I had lost my Mother to Cancer and we had several other close friends who was suffering with it as well. None would listen to my plea to research before you let them poison you.  Not to put a damper on this, these wonderful people are waiting at the Gathering and I know I shall see them again.

It was in 2012 that I gave up my TV Shows. We had changed over to a more radical shows “Power Hour – Welcome Down The Rabbit Hole” and you know it, the black helicopters and nick picking on our shows were a bit too much to take.

I had all the footage from the Entertainment Shows and was going to give them to Billy. Keep the Name and Time, what would the problem be? I would do all the Editing and be his personal Director and Associate Producer if he wanted. The Power crazy Studio Management came up with new conditions that were insane for Billy to do. Taking more classes when he had taken the Producers Class which was all he originally needed be a Producer. I had all the stuff he needed and would edit and film for him. It is a shame this was a big let down for both Billy and us, we had moved out of town and could no longer have the production. Billy did tell me the last time I saw him: “Thanks Sugga, for making my dream come true, you will never know how much it has meant to me.” Then we hugged and it was perhaps the last time I saw Billy in 3D.

We had moved out of Charlotte and lost touch with everyone. It was in November of 2012 that my girlfriend from Charlotte phoned me and told me that Billy had passed. The shock was unreal. No one that knew us even tried to contact us. Footage from the Show was shown at his funeral yet no Mention that he had a TV Show for 6 years that meant so much to him. I don’t understand why, because it really was very important to him and he told everyone about it. We had stars lined up all the time. The Tams, Clifford Curry, Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs, Cesar, Sir Jonathan Burton… well the list is long and at the funeral service I met Sonny Turner and he said that Billy had asked him to be on the Show and he wanted to come on and for me to contact him. The show was over and Billy was gone. I was nice and I thanked him for his special words. Sunny Turner (The Platters) did the most amazing performances for Billy’s service.

Everyone got to get up and speak about Billy, I don’t think Billy’s Wife every liked me so I was not included and that is fine. I did offer her footage for a fundraiser, but she never called. I guess she wants to forget. It is hard after all when the one you love is gone. It was a year before I could watch footage of my mother.

I wish that I knew what was going on and could have visited him. Billy was one of the sweetest men I have ever known. My Husband and Billy had a very special relationship, they always cut up and truly loved each other. Billy was everyone’s best friend. He was contagious.

The footage here is from only one of our All Time Favz TV Shows: I hope you will enjoy it. It was a pleasure doing these shows with Billy.


The following:
All Time Favz – Featuring Dr Wallach 3 parts

This is my TV Show that Billy Scott and I had for over 6 years. This one is packed with a lot of fun. We have a great Interview with Dr Wallach “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie”, Music by my friends; The King of Beach Music “Maurice Williams and The Zodiacs”, Freddie Magnum sings his newest hit “Momma Didn’t Know”, Billy Scott singing his famous hit tune “Ready To Party”, Sir Jonathan Burton sings his hit tune “Too Much Booty Shaking Up In Here”, Larry and the Spasms called “The Laryngospasms” – These are real Anesthesiologist who are friends and Singers. Credits music by a dear friend and great performer Jim Livingston.

Many thanks go to all who helped in the making of these shows especially my better half who is my light. I love you.


Watch “N-Orbit Featuring Sir Jonathan Burton” on YouTube

One of our DooWop / Beach Music shows. Produced by Robert Davis / Billy Scott Director and Editor Eve Evans

These were fun memories in this crazy 3d place. Still looking forward to going home. Many of our friends are already there and “Ready to Party”.

If I get to Wifi before the leap I have other footage you will enjoy. Be blessed


I love you all dearly! Be blessed, AnGeleve.

Watch “All Time Favz – Eve Interviews Lionel Cornelious” on YouTube


I love you all dearly! Be blessed, AnGeleve.

Ready to Party…

My dear friend and Associate Producer of my former TV Shows.

Billy Scott the Ambassador of Beach Music, is waiting at the gathering for us all to party down. “Ready to Party” was one of his big hits, some of you may recall. I felt it was perfect for all of us to get into the party mood!

Billy Scott & Party Prophets – I’m Ready To Party


Eve and Billy on the set

I love you all dearly! Be blessed, AnGeleve.

Watch “Orlando & Lebo singing “Shagging At Myrtle Beach”” on YouTube

This was performed live on my TV show and I had fun with the edit. The shaggers were a dance team that performed at one of Billy Scotts events so the footage fit nicely.


I love you all dearly! Be blessed, AnGeleve.

Thank You President Trump

Draining The SwampDecember 15, 2018
Pray for President Trump, the White Hats, our Military and all benevolent beings helping to Free Humanity . Be in JOY and in PEACE. Love others as you Love yourself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Be an example of Love and Joy. Peace will be ours and so it is.

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