Magnetic Fire: NESARA, Currency Reset, Eclipse

Magnetic Fire: NESARA, Currency Reset, Eclipse

By Era of Light

Greetings lightwarriors! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy).

The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. We hope you FEEL our LIGHT and LOVE in this message.

Magnetic Fire

This new energy, this new light, coming to Earth now, and continuously increasing, intensifying, this is what we call magnetic fire. Why? This Divine light is magnetic, it pulls everything towards itself and it is pulled by towards everything that vibrates, no matter how high or low the vibration of the receiver, because this is the essence of ALL THAT IS. It cleanses, it transmutes, it lifts up all in its path. This light seeks to break all barriers and not separate but CONNECT everyone and everything, and restores everything to its original blueprint.

The only thing that survives within this Divine Magnetic Fire is LOVE.

As it grows, as it reaches every single organism on this planet, every little pocket remaining of the old 3D will be infused and transformed by this light, or those that attempt to reject it will be completely rid of from this world. Light is now the new reality. Service to others is the new norm. If you still have doubt, than you are about to witness this first hand. You are about to see many crashing and burning because they are afraid and refuse to let go of the old. However, the time is NOW.

There is no future, there is no past, there is only NOW. And in this now, the old dream is dissolving fast. This is not about causing fear, this is about AWAKENING. This is about realizing that what we thought was real, was far from real. What we thought worked so good for humanity, did NOT. It only worked for those that sought to enslave humanity. What we have today is slaves supporting their masters. This too must end NOW.

Seek and find joy within. Release the old ways, release the “hollywood mentality” or prepare to be cleansed to the core by the tsunami of light.

What was once 3D, is being dissolved as we speak in this moment. There is a new breed of masters coming out into this world. One filled with the light and love of the Divine. One that seeks to serve this world in the most positive honorable way. One that seeks to serve others and not just the self. One that WILL uplift humanity and Mother Earth into the 5th Dimension. YOU are part of this new breed of masters. You are the new leaders of this world that will spread piece and prosperity to all nations.


In this moment there are wonders beginning to manifest on our beloved Earth. Words cannot begin to describe the magnitude of what is occurring. The anticipation by billions of beings on and off world. Theirs and our excitement, theirs and our commitment to SEE that the era of light is born on Earth and becomes our new reality, and so it shall.

The major domino to fall that will trigger many other events, one after another, is NESARA and the Global Currency Reset. This is closer than ever before to being released, and believe us when we say to you all is about to be cut loose. All the good things that have been held off from humanity until now are quickly to be released to the world.

You have continuously heard about NESARA, what it is, when it was supposed to be fully enacted, why it has been delayed for so long, and so on. Today I am here to tell you that all is completed. In this we also include the Global Currency Reset. All is prepared and ready to go. There is one being in particular that is in charge of this that gives the go ahead so to speak for pressing the button, this one being is no other than yours dearly Saint Germain.

Saint Germain with his cohorts are now more than ready to move forward with this mission, but he also has an old, old friend with him. This one continues to work behind the scenes on restoring the Republic. He is in embodiment now here on Earth, and fully aware of who he is and who he was. Many may know him, at one time he went by the name of George Washington.

The show will begin by the delivering of the prosperity packages first, and the rest will immediately follow.

This time around NO THING will be allowed to interfere, period. Zero tolerance for any shenanigans anyone may try to pull, they will be stopped out cold. Every thing is in order. With hundreds of thousands of benevolent beings watching every step of the way, there is no alternative but for all to go as smooth as possible.

We say to you now shine your light brighter with your heads high and fully open hearts, for it is time.

Full speed ahead, are the three words that came to mind when I first heard about the Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017 back in the Summer of 2016.

This event brings with it many great energies, which also means great changes in the physical level of reality.

The good things that have been set in motion for humanity many years ago are about to receive a huge energetical push with the occurrence of this Great American Solar Eclipse as it is being referred to.

Since ancient times eclipses have also been known to change the political order. Are we gearing up for this in America now? Resignation, declaration, announcement of the Republic Nation?

On a personal level the time of eclipses can be used to symbolically clear and cleanse stagnant areas in your life. Find time to go within so what remains of no benefit to you surfaces, this way you can observe, transmute and release.

Focus your energy on YOU to recognize and amplify your positive traits, to bring the light of the soul out. A new higher awareness, increased intuition and flashes of insight will lead to a deeper level of self-discovery.

We shall see what is to unfold. Until then and forever, be a source of the energy of love, that is your true essence. Release now the anger, fear, judgement, and all low vibrational energies.

You are made of the purest lightlove and within this lightlove exists the highest power, it is all within YOU, it is all YOU. You are all ready HOME, all you have to do is AWAKEN.

The brightest light shines from within.

From heart to heart, I am KejRaj.



Sheldan Nidle Consciousness and Coming Changes: There Are No Rules: All is Flow

Sheldan Nidle Consciousness and Coming Changes: There Are No Rules: All is Flow

Galactic Connection

Originally Published on May 9, 2017

Sheldan Nidle has been in contact with several ET races and the Galactic Federation of Light since he was a child. He is well known in our community for decades, and his weekly channeled messages from the Sirians are eagerly awaited and regularly posted on the Galactic Connection Daily Blog . This one-hour interview is followed by a presentation of Alexandra’s two new product lines of sacred alchemical oils and essences designed for this intense pre-Ascension phase we are presently experiencing. This tumultuous and promising chapter in our lives is also the primary topic of discussion here.
In this timely and exciting interview, Sheldon Nidle speaks with Alexandra about the big changes that are impending in our immediate future. The demise of USA, Inc. is imminent, according to Sheldan, and the establishment of the new NESARA Republic will closely follow. Sheldan and Alexandra discuss the desperate ploys recently undertaken by the failing forces of darkness to delay this plan, and especially their antics surrounding North Korea. Taking into consideration the many factors of uncertainty, Sheldan gives here his best estimate as to when the political system will be overhauled and prosperity funds will be released. 

Alexandra and Sheldan also discuss the ultimate galactic and spiritual stages of the rapid transformations of Earth and society now already upon us: Ascension and the New Earth. They ponder whether we will be taken aboard the ships or into Inner Earth when Gaia experiences her great changes. Despite some uncertainty about the modality of our planetary transformation, Sheldan and Alexandra emphasize that the victory of light over dark forces is already sealed. They also agree that Nibiru does not present any present danger, and that there is no cause for existential fear and dismay about any of the coming changes, but quite the reverse. Joy and celebration are most appropriate. 

Sheldan discusses how the galactics have been keeping the worst abuses and catastrophic intents of the Illuminati in check, while allowing Earth’s inhabitants and starseeds to effect those planetary and political changes whose responsibility they took on with this incarnation. He also gives an overview of the future roles and tasks of our galactic ‘mentors’, once the ‘landings’ have commenced, or we are taken aboard the ships. The inner earth Agarthans also will play a major role in these events, according to Sheldan. 

A great deal of the conversation revolves around Sheldan’s deep understanding of physics, both the true physics of the universe taught by his own galactic contacts, and also the mistaken views of conventional science. In fact, the world is much simpler than our arcane and complicated scientific disciplines make it out to be. Sheldan is writing a new book on consciousness, the most profound and fundamental aspect of our many worlds, and the basis for all physical manifestation. Here there is but one rule, he says: there are no rules. Rather than the hard and fixed objects of our Cartesian paradigm, in reality, Sheldan says, speaking of the energy that lies beyond matter, “everything flows.” Or at least, it should. This is our birthright; it is what we all once knew and it is that which now awaits us, with New Earth.

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The Most Profound Message Kryon Has Ever Given to Humanity

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The Most Profound Message Kryon Has Ever Given to Humanity


Published on Jan 7, 2017

Kryon delivers a timeless incredible message to lightworkers and humanity. Having a bad day? Come back to this channeling and how could you ever go wrong? This is everything you need to know about what it means to be a human on planet earth. 

New Years Message From Prime Creator: January 2017

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An Era of Distinctiveness – A Crucial New Years Message From Prime Creator. Jan 1, 2017

Galactic Connection 

Published on Jan 2, 2017

December 30, 2016

To Alexandra

The final stage has been set for Ascension of All things with a consciousness, for earth and humanity which reside in the farthest point from which this event started.  This Ascension includes 350,000 billion quadrillion sectors that will be ascending simultaneously.  All will be where they are supposed to be at the time of full ascension.

This is the time we have all been waiting for, for such a very long time.  You all must well know your level of consciousness is a large part of what you will experience and how you will experience it.  It is directly correlated with what you believe to be the truth of what you will experience.

You all have created your own experience for this process so there is no one or no thing that should ever be blamed if your experience is not what you thought it would be. Remember you created this part for yourself and only you. You also may have chosen to be with others or even to do this as a collective.

Many have chosen to do this with grace, ease, love and companionship, while others chose less fortunate plans, due to their level of comprehension and how awakened they are.

All beings are receiving full comprehension on and off planet depending on your ability to interpret and receive this information.  You have never not been informed as to this process you are all experiencing and going through.  All of you have been attending class with me to fully understand and comprehend everything you need to know and understand, each and every night.  Did I say every night?  Yes I did, and this is specifically why so many are having a hard time sleeping.  You are all working very hard to get your work done at night in school with me, let alone the many other things that need to be completed.  This a huge undertaking and all of us must help get it ready, as there are quadrillions of sectors and we are all doing this at one time!!!!

Many should know that all this work has been done on your behalf with so much love for you and all things with a consciousness.

While you will be seeing many things breaking down and a release of everything that is and was of this old system collapsing, do not be afraid. Just trust and know this is a well thought out, a thoroughly planned-out course of action to make sure all things are taken care of.  So there is no need to worry about anything.  Trust this Divine Plan.

You must remember you chose to be here at this time so you could experience this! This ascension has never taken place before with beings on a planet ascending into a new frequency and dimension of existence of just pureness.  This has never been experienced before!!!! You will all be the first!   You should all be proud of yourself and all of your achievements and all that you have become, no matter what level of learning you have reached.  It is truly a great accomplishment by all….

You should understand there are souls on earth at all different stages of learning, and it does not matter where you have arrived. You only need to understand you are all graduating to a new level of learning wherever you are. And be assured you will be placed according to your level of learning.

At this point, you will be fully informed, with others of the same level of consciousness, about all of the things that you have experienced here and beyond.  Earth is a school for souls and there is far more to understand about yourself beyond earth.

Do not judge yourself or others, nor compare yourself to others if you are not graduating from earth school.  Remember the souls on earth range from the very old to the very young.   So there is no need to compare yourself to another.  You all created your own plan to learn while you were attending earth school, so why would you compare yourself to another if you created your own plan?

Yes, there are 20% of the beings that will be graduating from earth. These beings will go through additional training by myself to ensure they know all there is to know and then can be teachers to others regarding what they have experienced.

You must understand there are many sectors that have been watching you in all your successes as well as through the horrific things that have been done to you and by you. The Sectors I have created are all quarantined now because of what I have created to stop all the other ongoing problems such as miscommunication, war, violence, greed, conquer-and-defeat patterning and actions, and a whole slew of other unspeakable things that were not in my awareness until some of you created them.

You must understand I created this experience to find a real solution to a problem beyond myself that many were experiencing.  I chose to contain this creation within myself so all of you learn and experience all things at all times in all places you exist. I am experiencing all of this with you as you learn, as I Am You, and You are a part of Me, as I created all of you.  You were never alone, not even for a second.

My Love for you and all things I have created must be accepted on a conscious level, as you are awakening to what you would consider to be a “grown up.” You are awakening to the understanding of why I created all of you.  I am grateful for all I have learned about you, as I learn about myself at the same time.  Do you truly understand this?  As you are a reflection of all the imperfections and weaknesses within myself.  And this then allows for improvements and spiritual growth for me and you, together as a team, as co-creators.  For all the choices and all the decisions ever made by you and others has affected us equally – we share in the same experience – as you came from me.   Although you have been told this was an experiment and were quarantined throughout this experience, it is important to look at all that has been learned from this, and how to heal ourselves inside and out.  This helps you to completely and truly understand the meaning of being a being of just love.

This experiment has been completed and one of the original beings that I created has completed this task, has returned back to me with love and gratitude for making it home to a place they have sought for so long.  This original being continued seeking and hearing all the truth until finally finding the end which is finding Me, which is them.  This being never gave up and continued to heal all the copious nooks and crannies of all things created from looking at all imperfections within self. This being then proceeded to heal the entire lineage and all of you, because of the immense love for you, all of humanity, and all things with a consciousness.

I do not claim this to be an experiment, as this was well planned out and I saw the outcome before I even created this.  I have always taken responsibility for what I have created, while others beyond me have not. As the saying goes “that’s just the way it is.”   I could see the end result of this creation. I could see what could be created, as well as what the end result would create. I learned, experienced, and healed for Me and my lineage, thus creating a way for others to heal themselves and all things around them.

Many beings call this the brutal school of hell!  I see it as a reality with a new way to learn, trust, love, forgive and be 100% truthful with oneself and others. All will be in full transparency for all beings, including oneself.   This will be a new way to teach others how to heal all parts of oneself inside and out, and then to know all known and unknown parts of oneself beyond ones comprehension sometimes.

I am so grateful for all parts of myself and my lineage for participating in this learning and healing process. I am really seeing all of the imperfections and because of this, was able to have these necessary parts healed, healing myself from all stages of this process. And of course by healing me, this also healed all parts of you!

I am looking forward to our continued learning and experiencing together, while growing spiritually in quantum leaps.


Prime Creator

Sector of Creation


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Galactic Connection




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In this video, Alexandra delivers an exciting and historic message from Prime Creator. She precedes the message with a summary of recent events that attest to the remarkable changes the world is going through.

Good Morning Folks!

I did not get the verbiage attached to the video message in time but am sending it now. The statements suggested by Prime Creator are in bold. Thank all of you for the beautiful and supportive messages coming in. And many have asked about defining a sector.

Here it is:

1 Sector equals the following:

13 stellar galactics

13 cosmos

13 galaxies

13 universes

1 solar system

1 planetary system

Prime Creation’s creations make up 250,000 quad trillion sectors.

OK – lots of love



December 23, 2016

Dear Alexandra

I am here to give you an up-to-date message of what people are wondering as to what is transpiring with them both physically and spiritually.

There is so much happening to the physical shell as well as the physical world at this time.  I will keep it to a minimum so all have some sort of understanding without all the lengthy details.  As many of you are aware, you are all going through the last phases of Ascension physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Let’s look at all of these parts individually.

Physical structural changes that are occurring in the physical body:

Your body structure that you currently have was made of a clay based structure, with a carbon-based structure combined with elements that will not be disclosed at this time.  These structures include your essence, peptides, the nucleus, subatomic structures, atoms, and quantum entanglement with someone else’s genetic make-up that was not pure and did not come from the Prime Creator.  The original structure of the Prime Creator and that lineage is and was of a crystalline structure.  I have created a new crystalline structure never experienced before that you will have and are changing into.

These imposter beings created a plane that then created quantum entanglement that was not made from love, and therefore not made by the Prime Creator. These beings were all of a similar frequency and came from other sectors convinced they were the only beings who existed.  There were 75 sectors and a Creator for of each one of them.

These beings concocted a plan to conquer, defeat, and destroy the Prime Creator of all things that the Prime Creator was, is, and will be.  This was demonstrated through unspeakable acts done to the Prime Creator and his lineage.  Firstly, the beings created the big bang, shattering the crystalline structure of the Prime Creator and other beings that were nearby who were shattered as well.  This act allowed them to manipulate and experiment on others that were not shattered.   These beings then proceeded to pillage the Prime Creator’s Library of Books of Creation and other assets of the Prime Creator, with the hope that they would someday be what the Prime Creator was, is and will be.  They hoped they would be and obtain all the Prime Creator’s wisdom, knowledge, Intelligence, abilities, attributes, and spiritual tools.  These acts were then repeated on the Prime Creator’s lineage with the intention of amassing all the benefits of Prime Creator’s gifts strictly for themselves. They were driven to be the greatest rulers there ever was.   What they did not understand is they may have destroyed the physical crystalline shell that housed My essence and My soul but they never really destroyed Me or my lineage.

Now with the simplified explanation provided, I can now explain what you are transforming out of.  I have created a brand new crystalline structure of a physical shell those who are ascending to a higher vibration will be physically transformed into.  This will be done while releasing all the old structures that you were made of.  There will be no recreating anything that was created prior to this ever again.  So, if you are being told to reactivate or recreate your old blueprint please steer clear of these things, as it is indicative of the imposters trying to trick you back into their looping system.

Now with this new information, I would like to bring something of great importance to your attention! You all must understand how badly you have been deceived.  You have been told many times that all is the illusion and false information.  Understand you exist at the farthest point of these events which took place, meaning you are the largest and most extreme amplification of those original events.  Think of the original pin hole being projected out and away. The farther away you get from the hole the larger the pin hole is.

The next piece of information I need to explain is that everyone has their own books of creation.  These books match your energy signature.  So, when someone else attempts to duplicate your touch and use your books, it creates another energy signature with quantum entanglement and can be identified. This is because once again everyone and everything has it’s own unique energy signature.  So hopefully with this clarification you can now understand the repercussions of what occurred when my books were stolen from me. When these beings were using my books, they found my formulas encrypted and did not understand them. Due to this lack of understanding, they changed My original formulas when creating things.  Because these were My books of Creation, it appeared that what was created by these beings came from Prime Creator and naturally all felt that it was my responsibility to correct their miscreations.  It was never My responsibility to save them from what they did and whom they did it to.

Their plans had always worked with other beings in other sectors. Frankly, this is how they went from one sector to 75.  They always used the same devices, same patterns, same plans, and same repeating templates to create how to get what they wanted at no cost to themselves.  Nor did they care what they did to achieve that.  They were and are missing many genetic structures and a lack of intelligence, knowledge, and abilities.  Everything they have every created is miscalculated, distorted, what they call imperfect, and incorrect.  They never looked to review the future of what they have created or how these creations have effects anyone or anything.  They just create a plane and move on, disregarding what they do or what effects they have on all of life.

Now, with this knowledge presented, I would suggest you stop participating in the following, because the energy that it creates and comes from is these same beings. I refer to them as the false Gods that many follow religiously. These suggestions are as follows:

Refrain from all things that are invocations, incantations, covenants, ceremonial magic which includes some sort of ceremonial religion – (for example, the sign of the cross literally shatters your energy and gives your power away to another giving the service).  Even a blessing is stronger than a curse. And this is only highlighting what these things do to you.

When you participate in these sorts of things, you are giving up parts of yourself! Here is how:

1st You are being bound, embodied through righteousness, entitlement, ownership, and enslavement – giving up all the good things you have created to these beings and leaving you with bread crumbs. Also, you are allowing and accepting it which means you are giving permission to have this happen!

2nd If this is done on earth, you are also allowing, accepting, and giving permission for them to exchange whatever they desire for their services rendered.  You actually receive all their karmic debt that they transferred onto you and it is done in the manner of a repeating infinity symbol, meaning no exit point…or should I say the debt can never be paid off.

I want you to stop looking outside yourself for truth. it is within you and has always been there all along.  You have your own team of you and your aspects of you

You can start by talking to your I AM who is a part of you. Start by saying the following:

“I AM only working with my I AM and my Divine Self and the Prime Creator.

I AM only to receive all work and hear all information from the one’s I have consciously chosen to work with.

I AM, please remove all impersonators, imposters, and shapeshifters who at this time I AM unable to discern who the true being is by their energy signature.

I AM please teach and show me how to discern a true energy signature of myself, my Divine Self and Prime Creator so I may stop being deceived. 

I AM please teach and show me how to discern true information from false information.

I AM please bring me the Prime Creator’s truth on all this information as mine is distorted.  Thank you it is done.

You all need to understand you are in class with me, the Prime Creator every night. I am teaching you with full comprehension everything that is happening on earth and off earth at this time.  You are never uninformed as to what is happening with you.   You have the latest information each and every night as to all the work that is being done for you, humanity.  This is why I am telling you to go within to receive this information! You already have it! What I am going to tell you is that this is a time to keep this information to yourself as many of you are not able to discern who is around you that fell from grace.
For example, there are only 125 of my direct lineage on the earth at this time. (thus, the proverbial needle in the haystack these beings are looking for).  80% of the population that is leaving are mostly beings that created this illusion, what is coined as the grand experiment.  And this reference has been made because these beings do not understand what it means to create with accountability and taking full responsibility of what one creates.

You may be surprised to hear that anything created with a triad and expands out from that triad, connects to sacred geometry. They create a triad of 3 beings to create a force of energy. Everything they create is mechanical and from a triangle. All triangles are being uncreated and everything connected to them is being uncreated, dismantled in all sectors from all things with a consciousness. The triangle was a creation after their original “V” which traverses energy from a beginning point through the being they are traversing energy to, and then to whatever they are creating.  They also use binary code, vector codes, and algorithms to keep us bound, as well as to conquer, defeat, and separate you. Look up the definition of an algorithm and absorb it’s true meaning! This is a binding action which creates a force of energy that is not made from love.  Love is free flowing energy and never bound to and by any shape! Remember to let go of all you thought to believe to be truth, and include all the identities of who you are were, or would have been. The Identity keeps you separate from you, all of your aspects, and your soul.

Time does not exist – time and all its wheels and all it connections have been uncreated – time keeps you on the wheel of perpetual motion with no exit point once again.  It keeps everything repeating in cycles of 1 millennia, which = 25,000 years – repeating the same process from the beginning of this “Illusion” with an infinity symbol. The question is “are you done playing this game of theirs yet?”

At this time, you may be experiencing with your mind, and physical body a loss of time, a loss of thoughts, a sense that your surroundings seem the same but different.  This is part of the quantum shift of releasing out of the old energy into a higher energy that is different.

Again, there are amplified reactions and symptoms of flu, sinuses, chest congestion, sore throat, ear congestion and pain, and intestinal detoxing going on. It is up to the individual to be an active participant in releasing all that is being released from the physical body. Meaning the more one resists the longer and the more amplified these symptoms can be. 

You can say now:

I Am removing wherever I AM is resisting these changes coming into and out of my body.

Please remove them now with all aspects of myself.

I am choosing grace and ease for this process. Thank you. It is done.”

All the events, repeating patterns, effects, and things described in this letter are in the process of being released in all sectors. All original beings have been located, contained and their aspects are being picked up and removed in all sectors. These beings will be and are being held accountable for what they have created.

There is so much healing being sent to all things with a consciousness now, so please accept the work that has been done on your behalf. State daily

I accept and receive the work that has done for myself, all aspects of my being, and my lineage. Thank you. It is done.”

With Love

Prime Creator

Sector of Creation




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Galactic Connection 

Published on Dec 25, 2016


In this video, Alexandra delivers an exciting and historic message from Prime Creator. She precedes the message with a summary of recent events that attest to the remarkable changes the world is going through.



Get Excited!!!




Published 12.8.16

I have been sitting on much information for some time and am called to put out this latest message:

As of 8:18:46 pm Tuesday night PDT A Great Event Occurred! The final “pillar” of the matrix came tumbling down. All curtains fell and all as we have known to be this reality is no more. There will be a delayed effect from this anticipated Moment and occurrence and all will begin to see an even greater acceleration in the dismantling of what was once The Matrix, all Matrix Systems, programing, and its components.
As was previously stated, all systems of control have been uncreated. A VERY specific sequence of uncreating has occurred and is complete now!!!!!!!!!

There will be a greater number of strange and sudden news flashes relaying groups of people killed/passing in unexpected ways. Do not be alarmed with this. This is not The Dark but rather all of those who have chosen another path and another destination. Copious exit plans will begin to become evident.

More and more information will come forth challenging us to release attachments to ANYTHING we have believed to be the truth. This is because sometimes what we believe to be true is not necessarily from our hearts but from programs, looping patterns, and other life time experiences where it seemed and felt right then, but will continue to feel “off” now. New information will rattle us to our very core and cause us to look at everything through a new lens, that is if we are up to the task of allowing, accepting, and participating in the destination we have been living in and the binding, distortions, and fallacies we have been quantum entangled in on and off planet.

With this release, all of The Enlightened Community may experience some discomfort with releasing what you feel you need to do or want to do to “connect” with your Higher Self and beyond.

Many of us are already noticing that a knowingness has taken the place of needing to meditate for long hours, or sit a certain way, or use mudras or chant or what have you. All of these tools have played an important role when we were living in The Matrix but now The Matrix is dissipating and being uncreated so all that we have become will be effected as well. It is our choice to release what is old and make room for the new!

It is now time to see this dismantling with greater joy, recognizing it represents the harbinger of a New World unfolding, both within and outside ourselves.

Those public officials and world leaders who have been serving the Dark agendas have received their notice to vacate and make room for exceptional higher dimension beings.

Only the 3rd wave volunteers will be leaving.  Their vessels will be used by higher dimensional beings to step in (into their physical vessels) with the intention to bridge the new reality into our awareness.

Those that are not ascending with the planet will have a different experience than what is stated here in this message.

Many alterations have been made by Prime Creator from the point of our creation with even more safeguards to assure no distortions can occur again. This truly is a time of celebration as well as a time to continue going within. Many of us are experiencing heavy purging in preparation for our New Home. This is due to our release of any of The Matrix, all Matrix Systems, programing and its components that is tied in with the 3D and 4D programs within our physical vessel. All directly connected to our DNA structure and nervous systems will require restructuring, reconfiguration, assimilation and being at ease as our bodies continue to return back to an ever new crystalline structure never experienced before!!!

A brand new blueprint has been created, so ask Divine Intervention for assistance in releasing all old matrices, belief systems, programing, pain, memories, tension, control elements and more.



State this aloud with earnest.

The KEY IS you must ACCEPT THIS WORK CONSCIOULY AND BE aware to make the choice to free yourself and surrender to the process at hand. This is not done for you. YOU MUST MAKE THE CHOICE INTENTIONALLY.

What a great gift we have received! Now we must consciously CHOOSE the work and healing that has been done for us!

Have a wonderful holiday folks! I am so excited and just can’t hide it….

With love from my heart to yours,
Alexandra and the GalacticConnection Team

(GC ed. note: We ask that you send this far and wide. Our usual channels of dissemination on the web seem to have been somewhat blocked. Galactic Connection was among the 200 websites mentioned on Propornot’s The List, cited by Washington Post in a hatchet job on “Russian propaganda” and “fake news.” Many of these have reported similar problems in recent days.)

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“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
Martin Luther King Jr

Alexandra Delivers an Urgent Message and Update from Prime Creator

Alexandra Delivers an Urgent Message and Update from Prime Creator – November 15, 2016 [VIDEO]

Galactic Connection

The text of the message is as follows: To Alexandra:

1) The dismantling and release of various matrices has finally occurred as follows:

(a) The Mind Matrix of: Control, Conquering and Defeat, Death and Destruction, Polarity, Duality

(b) The Mind Matrix of Consciousness, Subconsciousness, the Known and Unknown Minds of consciousness, dream state, innate consciousness. They are being removed with all things with a consciousness.

(c) The 3d and 4D Matrix Systems of all things known and unknown.

(d) The Matrix of Mother Earth and Her assets and resources.

(e) The Matrix of Meridians, Vortices, Power Sources, Longitude and Latitude Grids

(f) The release and dismantling of these systems are also being released from all physical shells that are connected to and run through the nervous system and of all physical shells of all things with a consciousness.

(g) These Matrix Systems were devised to run on their own through mechanisms and various complex delivery systems – including those delivered to physical shells as separate components, that would connect, create a device or mechanisms, and then later be activated through a coded frequency to turn them on in your physical vessel and sabotage you indefinitely. They also created kill switches in the brain.

(h) These Matrix Systems connected to your cellular structures, DNA, essence, nervous system, spinal cord and brain.

(i) Delivery Systems were enacted upon you through:

    Vaccinations with implants and chemical components

    Chem-trail disbursement – though the air which allows these chemical components and implants to be absorbed through breathing, skin and food

    An encoded Frequency to activate and trigger emotional reaction.

    Once the encoded frequency was sent, it then is activated to combine with other components that were delivered and ingested into the body, to combine to make a device or mechanisms in the body. This directly effects the physical shell by inherently causing destruction of itself and others. This includes manipulating you on their terms. Now they are ready to use you at their will, while the host has no clue nor did they ever agree to participate.

    Creation of Destruction in all known and unknown ways through the means of others without ever taking ownership of their own creation. This has in turn created an arm of enslaved beings, races, worker bees, who have never awakened which that alone creates further enslavement.

Here are the updates of things moving forward and completed for humanity.

2) The Dark Seed of Dark Matter has been removed from Earth along with its matrix system, and the web-netting connected under the earth, above the earth and to all of the sectors and beyond.

(a) This also has all been removed in all sectors.

(b) This is a component of the Quantum Entanglement Matrix Systems

(c) All Seeds that were created from this Dark Matter: Including all seeds of Creation for all life forms with a consciousness have been removed.

(d) Removal of the Black Sticky Goo from its existence has occurred.

(e) All fabrics of energy, and Holograms have been removed.

(f) Even a removal of all connections to all things in this letter, which provide a feeding source of energy, supported energy, to those who created this has been completed.

3) Beings should know all that has been described in number 1-2 has a direct effect and connection to one’s own physical shell, mentally and spiritually.

(a) Beings need to understand removal to these things and systems is the releasing of all the last carbon structures in the physical shell.

(b) Beings on this physical plane should expect to feel and may have a sense of confusion, an inability to think and function and be extremely tired. If you are on the path of enlightenment and feeling unable to integrate, this is short lived.

(c) Beings who are unawakened, or not ascending will have an amplification of fear based extreme symptoms of anger, rage, depression, anxiety, sense of loss, a sense of leaving need to figure out how to get off planet.

4) All Notices have been delivered to all souls on this planet who are exiting.

They are working on creating their own exit plans with Prime Creator individually. All will see the masses exit in various ways, chosen by individual souls and this will be starting shortly…. more than we are seeing now.

Prime Creator



Galactic Connection: Urgent Message, 11.8.16

YouTube video:


Radio Show broadcast:

Alexandra Conveys a Timely Message from Prime Creator :

(Note: Please see both the video interview, which includes the message from Prime Creator and Alexandra’s introductory comments, and also the accompanying text of the message alone.)

On November 1, Alexandra received a message of Divine Intervention onto our planetary collective, a notice of the start of an intensifying implosion of plasma light energy with multitudinous effects to be experienced over the next few weeks. These effects include successive frequency upgrades for those choosing ascension. This will occur in several stages and will culminate in the bridging our cellular structures into their higher-dimensional crystalline nature. It also will enact profound changes in our chakra system. Divine Intervention – with our collective and continuous intent, of course – also will oversee the takedown and a final metaphysical justice meted out to all reprobate-beings who continue to resist.

In her opening comments, Alexandra advises listeners to be “steadfast, committed, and calm” as all sides of the world are being energized. A week before scheduled US elections, chaos seems to prevail. The time of mass revelations is upon us, with Wikileaks and disgruntled FBI agents at the forefront of inquiries into heinous political corruption. This has even begun to beat and bash at the walls of Mass Media.

A significant part of humanity’s collective consciousness has made the choice; thus, timelines have been secured. A portal has opened and the Earth’s skies now are flooded with millions of new ET, ED, and higher dimensional arrivals. Our own final approach to what has been called ‘ascension’, ‘the pulling down of higher dimensions’, the ‘resurrection of the flesh’ and by countless other imperfect metaphors, has begun. The ground rules for the final acts are laid out in this message from Prime Creator, or, a “Sector of Creation.” Alexandra considers it the most important message yet vouchsafed to her, and urges all to listen and read intently.


NOTE from Angel4Light:

If you have ever listened to Alexandra Meadows, then you will know that she is speaking from here heart.

I don’t doubt this message and I encourage you to listen to the full message, and share with others.

I have been drawn into the crazy 3D chaos but it made me nauseous, as I am sure that many of you fell just as ill over the insanity being played out.

Let us now focus on the good that we can all achieve together. We have a very good man who was truly elected, not selected by We The People.

The Republic is being restored. Russia has extended their hands as friends.

We know the real traitors, and can expect still more turbulent times ajead as they are brought to justice.

Now the land grabbing Agenda 21 can be brought to a halt. The UN Inc, can either be revamped or replaced.

I am proud to see a man who doesn’t need a pay check from We The People. That means he is not bought off.

Let us keep a bubble of protection around Donald Trump and his family that he may fulfill his Destiny. He has the support of America behind him and those who are negative and filled with hate can move out or fade away.

I also want to share with you a small clip, taken via my cell phone,  to prove that the Matrix is desolving.

The Matrix is Dissolving – Here Is The Proof P1

Video by Angel4Light

Published on Jul 17, 2013 Ascension Information

These are all Photos taken my myself. Enjoy the WOW factor. No special effects applied. I am happy to share these with you.



special effects by GOD - photo by Angel4Light

Alexandra Meadors: Urgent Message 11.4.16

Alexandra Meadors: Urgent Message – November 4, 2016

Galactic Connection 

Published on Nov 4, 2016

Alexandra Conveys a Timely Message from Prime Creator :

(Note: Please see both the video interview, which includes the message from Prime Creator and Alexandra’s introductory comments, and also the accompanying text of the message alone.)

On November 1, Alexandra received a message of Divine Intervention onto our planetary collective, a notice of the start of an intensifying implosion of plasma light energy with multitudinous effects to be experienced over the next few weeks. These effects include successive frequency upgrades for those choosing ascension. This will occur in several stages and will culminate in the bridging our cellular structures into their higher-dimensional crystalline nature. It also will enact profound changes in our chakra system. Divine Intervention – with our collective and continuous intent, of course – also will oversee the takedown and a final metaphysical justice meted out to all reprobate-beings who continue to resist.

In her opening comments, Alexandra advises listeners to be “steadfast, committed, and calm” as all sides of the world are being energized. A week before scheduled US elections, chaos seems to prevail. The time of mass revelations is upon us, with Wikileaks and disgruntled FBI agents at the forefront of inquiries into heinous political corruption. This has even begun to beat and bash at the walls of Mass Media.

A significant part of humanity’s collective consciousness has made the choice; thus, timelines have been secured. A portal has opened and the Earth’s skies now are flooded with millions of new ET, ED, and higher dimensional arrivals. Our own final approach to what has been called ‘ascension’, ‘the pulling down of higher dimensions’, the ‘resurrection of the flesh’ and by countless other imperfect metaphors, has begun. The ground rules for the final acts are laid out in this message from Prime Creator, or, a “Sector of Creation.” Alexandra considers it the most important message yet vouchsafed to her, and urges all to listen and read intently.




beautiful Rainbow Waves coming in

Galactic Connection: Galactic History of Starseed Soulstreams on Earth

NOTE from Angel4Light:

I’d like to share this amazing interview. I suggest that you listen to the entire video and use your discernment.

I have heard so many different versions of the history of Spaceship Earth. I found this one very interesting and I wanted to share with you.

I have more amazing interviews coming your way and people who have incarnated here from the higher densities to help guide us. Service to others is such a reward to one’s heart. We are all connected. 

Don’t allow the fear peddlers to trap your soul here any longer. Find out how amazing you are and can be.

Wake up to your true self and embrace the change that is coming, for it will be glorious indeed.



We are...

LiAhRa: Galactic History of Starseed Soulstreams on Earth

Galactic Connection 

Published on Sep 27, 2016

This is the first eye-opening interview of an ongoing series that Alexandra will be conducting with Liahra. Liahra may be unknown to many in the GC community – but not for long. This is a riveting, mind-bending journey – an hour that passes fast but takes one to astonishing dimensional heights and historical depths. It may trigger memories as it passes into uncharted territory. 

Though working quietly out of the public eye, Liahra has a background in energy grid work and soul transport that parallels that of Alexandra and others. Her unusual perspective is that of a ‘soul-stream interpreter.’ She is attuned to the origins, in the future as in the unfathomable past, of the whole soul-stream of lightworkers incarnated here on Earth to help at a difficult, but unique time in inter-galactic history. 

Liahra is conscious of multi-lifetime connections with a “conscious bubble ship” near the Earth, inhabited by such souls, or ‘Guardians,’ coming from many galactic and inter-galactic races. Since before Tiamat exploded, this community, originally ‘streams of golden, conscious, liquid light’, have been involved with our collective human history. As we have heard from others, the struggles of light and dark have been fought in multiple timelines as in many different spaces, but Liahra gives an unusually clear and coherent view on how time-lines are made to cohere to a positive outcome in a free-will universe, and how ‘time-locks’ work. 

Liahra has an unusually whole and complete account of the war/play of light and dark in our free-will world due to her visits to the conscious bubble ship, and her ability to access its conscious memory stream. This is an ‘Akashic’ record of the ship itself, as well as that of the life-experience of every companion aboard. Her accounts may illuminate the nighttime experiences of puzzled light-workers, some beset with insomnia, others who sleep, but remember few dreams. 

Her perspective is that of a ‘mother of everyone on the planet’, indeed, it is that of the millions of souls with much longer histories going back to the tragedy of Tiamat and even further to Lyra. “As above, so below” plays out in extraordinary ways between Tiamat, Atlantis, and the US. Liahra’s forgiving, motherly Big Picture goes for ‘bad guys’, too, as a reptilian encounter reveals. Liahra’s experience is testament: love conquers all, because, as she says, love is not just who we are but what we are. “In the end there is only one Being here.”

Liahra’s account of Earth’s quarantine, as well as of the Earth-human energy system, are also revelatory. Many ‘adjustments’ that accompanied our historical descent through the dimensions/densities were set in place by light forces. 

The chakra system is properly distributed as a ‘rainbow body’ across the exterior of our ‘golden egg’ centered in our heart. But when we came under attack, Liahra says, the chakras were closed down, separated, and put into the body for protection. Times have changed. On her youtube channel, Liahra provides video instructions for methods to project the chakras out through the heart center onto the outside of our ‘golden egg’. Links will be found below.

The huge sense of scale — in times and spaces — that comes from Liahra’s soft-spoken conversation is truly dizzying at times. Listeners will be pondering her words for hours and days, or quite likely longer. 

All will be eager to hear more in the next of Alexandra’s projected series of interviews with Liahra. You are invited to submit questions for the next interview by sending them to: Please put “Questions for Liahra” in the subject line. 

Liahra does not have a website, but has posted much on her facebook page.

She also has a Youtube channel. This includes two short videos that demonstrate her techniques for connecting the chakras and attaching them to your ‘golden egg’.

YouTube channel

Regarding the incoming energies of ‘ascension’, Liahra also asked that a video on Cymatics be linked to demonstrate the way a complex system may abruptly transform into another. She says we are already vibrating at a higher rate, but that we have not yet crossed that threshold where we will bounce, en masse, from our present pattern into the patterns of higher-dimensional existence.



Do you see the cloked ship between the rays

Thank You President Trump

Draining The SwampDecember 15, 2018
Pray for President Trump, the White Hats, our Military and all benevolent beings helping to Free Humanity . Be in JOY and in PEACE. Love others as you Love yourself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Be an example of Love and Joy. Peace will be ours and so it is.

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