One Who Knows — Cabal Ultimatum: Preemptive Strike Authorized


One Who Knows — Cabal Ultimatum: Preemptive Strike Authorized


Source: Dinar Chronicles

Cabal Ultimatum: Preemptive Strike AUTHORIZED

Friends and Family I come to you today with news from the Light Forces. I have been authorized to write and post this notice. Certain Actions have been AUTHORIZED BY THE LIGHT FORCES and I want you to know about them. In that regard, this Post Serves both As OFFICIAL NOTICE to the Remaining Cabal Flunkies, as well as a Status Report To The Residents of Earth.

Previous Notices:

These are the previous Notices posted about the Ultimatum to the remaining Cabal actors to let the GCR proceed without interference or else face the consequences.

Here are the posts:

“Ultimatum: This Ends Now, One Way Or The Other” – One Who Knows – 6.12.17

“Cabal Ultimatum In Full Force Now” – One Who Knows – 6.13.17

To: The Residents Of Earth

As co-creators of the dawning New Age of Earth, you are entitled to know what actions your Beloved Light Forces are taking on your behalf. As always, your safety and best interest are of the highest priority, and will be considered above all else. In that regard it has been decided that the danger that these remaining Cabal flunkies pose is NOT ACCEPTABLE on this Planet. Certain actions have now been authorized for your safety and as a Resident of this Planet Earth, I am notifying you of these actions. They are outlined in the following message.

Declaration Of Preemptive Measures NOW In Force


A) Given that the bigger game is the interplay of the Light of Love vs. the Dark of Fear and Hate, is the background of the current situation here on Earth.

B) Also, Given that what we do here on Earth sets a precedent for other Worlds who are still embroiled in this face off of Light and Dark with the Cabal, is an important consideration as well.

C) Finally, Given that the Game has ended, and after due NOTICE, the Dark oppressors of Earth have refused to give up their fight, and thus pose a very real threat to both the Residents of Earth, and to the coming New Age of peace, prosperity, and ascension.


#1) It has been DECIDED & DECLARED that the Cabal Operatives at every level of Game play are now considered Targets to be dealt with and/or eliminated. There will be no questions asked and it will be an offensive, preemptive, targeted elimination, of ALL THREATS to the Well Being of the Residents of Earth, and the continued progress of the Ascension plan.

#2) Using advanced Galactic technology, and other means, all “Elimination” Targets have NOW been marked “Energetically.” These include, but are not limited to, “Kamikaze Cabal Operatives,” Cabal members whose Energetic signature is deemed un-repairable, and those who have demonstrated unwillingness to stand down from their aggressive postures.

#3) These “Eliminations” have already begun and will continue until ALL PRE-MARKED CABAL TARGETS have been put down.

#4) There is NO AMNESTY, NO SECOND CHANCES, NO REPRIEVE, NO ESCAPE, for these Pre-Marked Targets. If you have been marked by Your Energy signature as a Threat to the Residents of Earth, and/or to the Ascension Plan, you will NOW be Preemptively eliminated with extreme prejudice.

#5) This operation will be handled by the Ghost squad soldiers, as well as other high tech targeting and elimination systems. These Light Forces are highly trained and as a result there will be NO casualties other than the intended targets.

#6) While timing of an operation like this is hard to predict, it is expected to be completed very quickly. I expect to be able to report back to the Residents of Earth on the progress of this important mop up operation very soon.

To: The Remaining Cabal of Earth

Your time of oppression and continual threats to the People of this Planet and to the Ascension plan has come to an end. For those of you who have decided to lay down your swords and join the Light and Ascend with the Rest of Earth, welcome. To the Cabal who have decided to continue the fight, I bid you farewell, and may you learn in death what you failed to learn in life.

The Bottom Line

Today I bring the People of Earth this message from the Light Forces that you are loved and You will be protected. In the interest of the new age of transparency, you are hereby informed as to the actions that are now being taken on your behalf.

To the remaining Cabal Operatives,
you are hereby given OFFICIAL NOTICE of preemptive actions that you will be sought out and eliminated with no questions asked. The time of diplomacy has passed and it has been determined that these final actions are required to bring this game to an end.

In the remaining hours, some will be taken into custody, and the rest eliminated, and in all cases, the game will have reached its conclusion. No Cabal operative will remain Free, and standing in any way shape or form. All will be Handled with swift and decisive actions. No negotiations are required, or possible, as all Cabal have been energetically marked for arrest or immediate elimination.

While THIS POST IS OFFICIAL NOTICE of this ongoing preemptive strike, it is not required as all Cabal Operatives have already been previously NOTIFIED that we have reached End of Game status. Therefore no further notice or warning is required or offered.

It is requested that this NOTICE be posted on all appropriate websites and blogs.


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows


This Ends Now, One Way Or The Other – One Who Knows – 6.12.17


“Ultimatum: This Ends Now, One Way Or The Other” – One Who Knows – 6.12.17

Ultimatum: This Ends Now, One Way Or The Other

This is the most important post that I have EVER written, for we have reached “End Of Game.” I have been given the Responsibility to give the Final Message to the Remaining Cabal, their Minions, and Trolls alike. This is not a warning, it is a Declaration of “End of Game” one way or the other.

To: The Remaining Cabal:

This is your last, and only notice. I am going to spell out what is to come next for you. This post is a “Gift” to you as it outlines your options, Life or Death. It is that time in the Game when YOUR life is NOT as important as the Ascension schedule for the rest of Humanity. I write this final message with great care as it may be the last thing you read in this life. The GCR completing successfully has now become more important than you living. While I am going to explain in more detail below, why we have come to this point, I will give you your Free Will Choice right here:

#1) Stand Down form your nefarious activities, and permit the GCR to proceed unimpeded and LIVE.

#2) Continue your fruitless efforts to stop the GCR and DIE.

Hear the sincerity in my words. This is REAL, and this is FINAL. This does not violate Free Will, as you have a choice, nor is it a violation of Human Rights in a time of War.

To: The Light Workers

My friends and family, this is a very real declaration as the NPTB and the Elders have reached their limit. While you may be concerned about the huge number of deaths that are about to happen, it is important for you to remember that we are at war and these are the same ones who would have killed us all if they could have. They are the ones who have poisoned our air, water, and the food we eat. They have raped and killed our children and committed untold attrosities upon Humanity. As I write this, I know it is hard to imagine that this could really happen, and yet it is. It is time. You may want to print off a copy of this message for posterity, for this was truly the end of the Cabal. I will finish off this post explaining to the Remaining Cabal why we are now justified in taking their lives in the best interest of Humanity.

The Game

In the “Other” times this game was played between Light and Dark, the planets were blown up and all Light Workers perished. That was FAIR game play in a Galactic sense. There was no case for intervention by the Galactic Federation or higher “Beings” to prevent that from happening. That is the nature of the Universe we live in, it is fair, and in the end we all have gained wisdom that we will treasure for eternity. In the big picture nothing had gone wrong.

The Game Is Over

But, in our case, the Game is now over and has been for the last 60 days. We have defeated the Cabal in every way. They have no chance of ever gaining back the military, control of the money supply, influence over any Governments, or control of any resources. The Game has been called and the Light Workers have been declared the Victors.

In prior Games, the Dark were declared Victors and they killed every being on the planet. But in our case, we have been declared the Victors and we still have thousands if not hundreds of thousands of Cabal left still alive. In all truth, it is fair game play to terminate them all, as they have done to us many times before. But as Light Workers, it is against our nature to do so. That is what these pathetic minions rely on as they keep preaching “Love Your Enemies” when if the shoe were on the other foot, as it has been 5 other times, they would have just wiped us out and it would not have bothered them in the least.

First Time For This

Now that we have won this game fair and square, the remaining Cabal still will not relent, and press on causing continuing harm to those in our World. THIS WILL NO LONGER BE TOLERATED AND IS NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE. This is the first time that we have been at this juncture, of “After Game Clean Up.” We have tried and tried again to give them amnesty deals, even arresting some others, and frankly we have already executed many of them as well, but still they continue their disruptions unchecked. By the way those “Ghost Squad” executions are ongoing as I write this.

The Tipping Point

The Cabal no longer have the support of the Universe in this game as it is no longer winnable for them. So, their fates are in our hands now, as we are the Victors this time. We have been giving them all the chances possible and now we have reached the Tipping Point. Now, people on our Planet are dying every day due to the Cabals actions, lack of medical care, and lack of resources that would be otherwise available from the GCR. This is the point in which saving their lives is more important than sparing the lives of the Cabal and their minions.

The Decision Has Been Made

The decision has been made that any person who stands in the way of the GCR will be executed on the spot. There will be no more discussion and no more negotiating. Not only will the perpetrator be instantly eliminated, but the ones who gave them the orders will be tracked down and executed where they stand. For every person eliminated in this way, every single other person involved will be immediately eliminated so that no further delays from those people are possible. Clearly, there will be some of them who get put down, that may not have been directly involved in the issue, but those can be “Chalked” up to casualties of war. It is not an exact science, but it is effective.

Preparations Are Being Made

As I write this, preparations are being made to ensure a smooth GCR launch. The “Ghost Soldiers” will be positioned at ALL key locations on the Planet for immediate action. They have STK (Shoot To Kill) authorizations and have been trained to put down the target in the most painless way possible. They will be dead before they know what happened. It is more Humane that way. By the way, the Cabal minions will NEVER see it coming because these special forces soldiers are invisible. They have technology that “Shifts” them into a higher frequency dimension where they can standing right next to a person and they will never know it. They are “Cloaked” if you will. All key locations will be monitored and watched very closely. These Soldiers are given the order to execute their targets without questioning. At this point, STK mistakes are acceptable as all remaining Cabal and their minions are expendable anyway.

The Big Picture

In the big picture, no one can die unless their soul contract “Allows” it. Unfortunately for these Cabal and their minions, they are all expendable. They would have had us all killed if they had had a chance and it is that reason that they are proper targets in this final take down. In the big picture, there are way too many people suffering and dying due to the delays of the World Wide Reset. These “Innocent” lives are more valuable than the lives of these evil Cabal, their minions and trolls. In the big picture, the need of the many outweighs the rights and lives of the few who are still causing harm to our World. In the Big picture, execution of all Remaining Cabal is acceptable, as they have executed entire populations of our Brothers and sisters on other Worlds. So if executing them all is justified in this epic battle of Light and Dark, then executing the few who stand in the way of our freedom is MORE THAN JUSTIFIED.

The Matter Of Free Will

On the matter of free will, this post is fair notice. This plan in no way violates the free will of those who will be executed. They have been given notice here in this post and have the Free Will right to decide if they will stand in the way of this GCR and be immediately executed, or allow this GCR to proceed unimpeded and live as a result. That is a Free Will Choice. Frankly this order was already given and it was I who wanted to write this post giving fair notice of what is to come. This post more than satisfies my sense of what is Right and Wrong in killing Cabal and their minions. They have tried to kill me so many times (and did kill my son), that I have no personal issues wiping them out. This is not vengeance, but instead, a recognition of who they are and what their intentions truly are. Make no mistake my friends, we are at war with this soulless enemy who would kill you as soon as look at you. This post serves as “Just Notice” to those who would stand in the way of our Freedom.

God Speed

For those who will soon be executed, I bid you farewell, and God Speed. You have served your dark masters to the very end and well I might add. You have been a worthy adversary, but have violated the “Spirit” of the game, by not allowing us to continue on our journey to ascension unimpeded. This is beyond acceptable game play and will no longer be ALLOWED. I wish you the best on your Karmic journey, and I hope you have learned in death what you did not learn in life. May you gain the wisdom that you seek and find your way to the Light.

COBRA Side Note

As a side note, to my IDC family, TPAO IS COBRA. IT IS TIME FOR TRUTH. That slimy snake is also AreLian, and has also infiltrated the real truth call as well. The COBRA website is going to be taken down and she will be dealt with as well. If you want to hear what the great and mighty Cobra sounds like without the voice distortion, go listen to that slimy snake on the Real Truth call. By the way Dr. W.C. was in on the plan to try to take me down. IT IS TIME FOR THE REAL TRUTH W.C.

Real Truth Call 6-6-2017

@ (01:21:00) 81 min

Female caller calls (Area Code 410) (COBRA)

@ (04:13:00) 253 min

Fisher & COBRA (Area Code 410) Bashing One Who Knows



The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that I have brought a somber and yet grave message to the remaining Cabal, their minions and trolls. The order has been given to execute (on the spot) anyone who stands in the way of the GCR. Not only are the perpetrators to be executed, but all the ones involved in giving that order will be tracked down and terminated as well. While it is “just & fair” to execute them all, it has been determined that only those who oppose and delay Humanity’s scheduled Ascension will be terminated on the spot along will all involved. This message is VERY REAL and should be heeded by all. This is a time of war, and tolerance is no longer an option.

Stand by my friends, for the GCR is about to conclude. This has been decided and this is the final message to the Cabal on the matter. Their next message won’t be heard, it will be experienced.


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

Please post this message on all websites and post on all boards.

Terra Zetzz




“How To Change Your Past” – One Who Knows – 5.23.17


“How To Change Your Past” – One Who Knows – 5.23.17
Entry Submitted by One Who Knows

How To Change Your Past

How To Be Happy & Successful Now By Changing Your Past The Quick & Easy Way – Richard Lee McKim Jr.

This is a Discussion and explanation of how we can easily change our Past to improve our Current Reality in the present. The Distant Past is as “Fluid” and Changeable as the Present and the Future. The Key Is in changing the Reality of The Past which is very easy to do. That is Your God Power, The Ability to Change and Alter Your Reality to Get Everything You Ever Wanted and Live the life of Your Dreams.

This Video is Listed on the Coaching Excerpts Menu. These Videos are selected Excerpts from the Personal One on One Coaching and God Power Training Sessions By The Author Himself.


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

Get The Book & Audio Book Free:

Terra Zetzz


“Judgement Day” – Channeled Message of GrandFather 5-19-17

“Judgement Day” – Channeled Message of GrandFather 5-19-17


Channeled Message:

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for the judgment day. To all the folks that acted like grown children, did you really think no one was going to watch your posts?

Did you think you were going to speak your mind without ramifications?

All the posts and calls were reviewed to see where everyone was. Why would you think you were going to get a free lunch?

It’s by far the worst thing I have encountered seeing so many of the negative childish posts pointing fingers at each other. You wonder why the world is like this.

You should be ashamed of your actions. I get that their are people who truly understood what this process was all about and you will be rewarded handsomely. Those of you who just ran your mouths thinking no one was watching… I’m sorry, YOU are not part of the spiritual group and you will at best get to work for the people who will redeem their currencies.

The work required after the redemption is far too important for just anyone to get on this train. You shouldn’t get upset at anyone because we were dealt with the cards and how you played it is how you played it. Only person to blame is you and your actions you took.

There were too many nights I was appalled by the posts that I couldn’t read anymore. How low can anyone get was the only thing that was on my mind.

Many have made sacrifices to be where we are today and it’s time we lift the vibration of our collective consciousness.

The plan was ironed out 18 months ago and many dates were given on purpose to fool the cabal, buy most importantly how you react to the delays.

Before you respond to this post, I ask that you reflect on your actions and repent. Starting today, I hope everyone uses their best judgement if you choose to post another one.

The list has been revised and everything we need to know about you has been updated again. Good luck and enjoy the process despite the fact that we have been playing the waiting game.

I also want to thank those who still had faith and wrote uplifting messages. We are here today because of you and the spritual work everyone has been doing.

Congratulations and always know that we have won this fight. Keep being the beacon of light because I know many will need it to push this through the last mile.


Terra Zetzz




“Message from Grandfather” – One Who Knows – 4.24.17


Originally posted April 24, 2017

“Message from Grandfather” – One Who Knows
Entry Submitted by One Who Knows

Message from Grandfather:

This information has been set forth at this time. Wheels are in motion and that which proceeds will be of the highest authority and therefore there will be no need for and no tolerance for any deceptive parties. This allows everyone to look at the whole picture and not just their part. If the whole is not in alignment with the big picture. It will be easy to single out who is working in misalignment and who is not. Forcing those who intend to harm to reveal themselves.. This post allows those affected to look around. At themselves and others and see who is working from light and love and who is not. As this will be the way of the Republic.The Governance. Move forward and Post.

Message From One Who Knows:

There was a time when misinformation was permitted as it served in some way at the time. That time of tolerance is over. Misinformation of any kind will no longer be permitted nor tolerated.

Therefore, Let It Be Known:


Publish this message on every public and private venue for all to see. This publication of notice, serves as just notification, and all shall be bound by its terms and intent. So Be It.

Further More:

“Ignorance of the law shall not be  an excuse nor a defense.”

Signed: One Who Knows

Terra Zetzz



“Confirming Grandfather’s Message & More” – One Who Knows – 5.19.17

“Confirming Grandfather’s Message & More” – One Who Knows – 5.19.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows


I Can Confirm Grandfather’s Message

There was a message that showed up on IDC last night that was very telling. It should be read by everyone!

“Judgement Day” – Channeled Message of GrandFather 5-19-17

It looks like these are the days of judgment my friends. This was not the first message that Grandfather has given us. He declared that Disinformation would no longer be tolerated and gave notice. Remember this one?

“Message from Grandfather” – One Who Knows – 4.24.17

Today’s (5-19-2017) Message From Grandfather:


From another “Elder”:


This means that it has ALWAYS MATTERED, who you think like and act like!

(It Turns Out, People’s Thoughts & Actions Did Matter)

Just in the recent days we have had many events and posts that tell us we are at the end and it turns out our actions DID Matter. Just as a re-cap, I am going to list the ones that come to mind.

The Republic’s “Operation Sand Paper”

“Republic ALERT: Operation Sand Paper, NOW ACTIVATED!” – One Who Knows – 5.15.17

“Re-Cap of the Republic’s Operation Sand Paper” – One Who Knows & Scarlet Fox – 5.16.17

In this operation, the Republic forces arrested people, closed down websites and searched the Web for people who were posting Fraudulent information about the Republic NESARA/GESARA. This is only the part we know about and saw with our own eyes. There was much more that we don’t know about.

(It Turns Out, People’s Thoughts & Actions Did Matter)


“Chalk” – GCR/RV Intel Update – Wednesday – May 17, 2017

It turns out that you will be judged by your posts, actions and the like that indicate what kind of a person you are, what you TRUE heart is. While the Elders and the NPTB, KNOW EVERYTHING about you, even parking tickets, the only things that matter are those that indicate the type of person you are. It all comes out in the end, as they say.

(It Turns Out, People’s Thoughts & Actions Did Matter)

Posting On IDC

Who’s stage Is It anyway? It turns out that it does matter what you are posting and we had several Cabal minions get taken down on this site. There are many more who got taken down just based on the posts they sent Patrick, which never even got posted. There is a new Sheriff in town and it is the Republic.

“Who’s Stage Is It Anyway?” – One Who Knows – 5.17.17

“If You Lock Your House’s Front Door…” – One Who Knows – 5.18.17

“IDC Light Warriors Brigade/Update” – One Who Knows – 5.13.17

(It Turns Out, People’s Thoughts & Actions Did Matter)

Time Line Split

We have been hearing more on the coming Timeline split. Where one time line continues to 5d, and the other one turns back to 3d. As it turns out, your TRUE vibration is the only way you will be “Judged” or selected, or segregated, into one timeline or the other. The choice is made for you, based on the TRUTH of your vibration. (You can’t Fake this, or talk your way out of it either)

“What If We Are All Correct?” – One Who Knows – 5.19.17

Here is a recent message 5/14/2017 from Sananda who was talking about the Timeline split as well. Sunday Call – May 14, 2017

Here is a direct quote on the matter from Sananda:

********** Begin Excerpt *********

And you will continue to have these events, these synchronistic events that will occur in your lives because as you are moving into these higher vibrations more frequently, more consistently you’re going to experience many more of these synchronicities in your life as everything is coming together into one timeline.

You have heard previously that the two timelines have split into two or more and that is correct. But eventually the two timelines will split completely and you will be left with the one.

That is the one that you are moving toward into the new Golden Age that is upon you.

********** End Excerpt *********

He is speaking to the ones who are thinking and vibrating at the higher frequencies heading to 5d. What he didn’t say is where the “Other” timeline was going to go. I explained that, and so did Zorra in one of his talks. On this call starting at 37 minutes I explain in great detail how you adjust your vibration so that you will end up in the 5d timeline when they split.

“Zorra Call Re-Play & Transcript (3-25-2017)” – One Who Knows – 3.26.17

Another important post on raising your Vibrations:

“How To Raise Your Vibration” – One Who Knows – 5.11.17

(It Turns Out, People’s Thoughts & Actions Did Matter)

Currencies GCR

It also turns out that speaking badly about the ZIM and the Revaluation could end up preventing a person from being able to exchange. We used to have quite a few Trolls on this website that would say that the Zim would not revalue. But notice that doesn’t happen anymore…. I wrote a post about it, and after I did, I heard that a couple of dozen CIA & FBI Trolls turned themselves in because they realized that they might get blocked from exchanging. (They were right, they WOULD get blocked) Many of them got an amnesty deal. BUT the NO-EXCHANGE threat is VERY REAL. Here is a post I wrote on it.

“Guilty of Financial Fraud on Zim?” – One Who Knows – 3.30.17

(It Turns Out, People’s Thoughts & Actions Did Matter)

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that I have been posting and bringing this message to Dinarland and have been having to deal with the Cabal Trolls and Minions, and even our own resident nay-sayers. BUT, that is of no consequence to me, after all, I know where I stand. I stand with the Republic, NESARA/GESARA, High Zim Rates, Disclosure, the Golden Age, and peace and prosperity for the next 10,000 years. My vibration is high, VERY HIGH, as I love nothing more than to help people, and yes “Hope For The World,” I did write the book, perhaps you should read it.

However, all that being said, I am NOT the judge, you are. You are the ones who DECIDE what you think and believe. You are the ones who set your own vibrations to happiness and hopeful expectation, or gloom and doom, and attacking whatever is new and different. All I can say is that those who are so certain that things have not changed, my find out they are absolutely correct, in their coming reality time line. And, those who believe things have changed for the better and that we are headed into the Golden Age, will also be proved correct as well. What an amazing Universe we live in. Each of us gets to be right and so shall we be sorted, selected, segregated according to our beliefs into the most appropriate time line for our Vibrational perspective. So, in the end, it is a choice that we all make. Is it “Working Out” or “Not Working Out?”


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

Terra Zetzz




“A Call To Light Workers, We Need Your Help” – One Who Knows

May 10, 2017

“A Call To Light Workers, We Need Your Help” – One Who Knows – 5.9.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows 

A Call To Light Workers – We Need Your Help

Situation Report To All Light Workers: Action Required

To All Who Read This, I AM Star Fynder.

That is my Galactic Name as this is a Galactic Level Intervention.

Mission Information & Plans:


I checked with my top sources to see how things were going and got a sobering message. WE ARE THE ONES PREVENTING the Completion of the Roll out. That was a hard thing to hear since I thought we were done already. But the reality of the whole situation, is more than rounding up Cabal, and taking control of Governments and Financial institutions. There is an ENERGY component that has been hinted at from time to time, but, as it turns out, is WAY MORE IMPORTANT than we ever knew.

At The Government Levels

At the Macro levels of the plan, there are 209 countries who get NOTHING unless EVERYONE does their part to make this happen. If any one country steps out of line, they have 208 other countries jumping on their case and sending in troops and support to “Correct” the problem. This is the “ALL GO, OR NONE GO” ultimatum that is SO POWERFUL. All countries of the World are in financial ruins and barely surviving their inner turmoil, and shortage of funds. Remember that the Cabal had owned them and when they were booted out, they took all the money they could with them. We here in the U.S. went bankrupt, as have many other countries, and many more are barely on life support with the meager loans that they have been given. These governments are like you and I.

Governments Are Light Workers For The Cause

So at the government level, they are passing laws, changing out politicians, changing their financial system and doing EVERYTHING a Light Worker would do to get this Life Saving GCR finished. That is a big job, But, EVERY government is depending on the other 208 Governments to do what they are supposed to do as well, and what is Needed to be done. This is a group effort for the sake of saving the World. Every beneficial change that they make at their level of this cause, is a “Light Worker” type Move for the betterment of the Whole of Mankind and the Earth Herself. They are “Self Governing” in that they make sure each one in the group is doing what they are supposed to do, or else it costs EVERY ONE. They are NOT GOING TO LET THAT HAPPEN, and neither should we. The days of war, and acting irresponsibly are OVER for them, and our days of reckless banter and ranting are over for us as well. They are doing their jobs, and now it is time for us to do our jobs…

We Don’t Get A Free Ride

We don’t get a free ride on this World changing event. We are the “Light Workers.” Did you notice the word “Work,” in the phrase “Light Workers?” I hope so, because it is now time for you and I to do our jobs. That includes me, and it includes all of us. Do you want to get paid? I do. Do you think that we should be entitled to Trillions of dollars for a $50 dollar investment, and NOT have to earn it? HERE COMES THE HARD COLD REALITY, we have work to do and until we do it, we will wait.

How does that sound? I know that I am the guy that is telling you that everything is all good, and it is about to happen, but, I got the Come To Jesus talk tonight and it shocked me. You want to know what I was told? I was told that “We are getting in the way of this going!!!!” I said what do you mean? “The negativity about it not going is stopping it from happening.” What? You mean it comes down to the amount of positive energy? “YEP, it does, and that is being ruined by the complainers.”

My friends, I realized in that moment that it was time for us to get to “WORK,” after all we are the Light “WORKERS.” It is high time that we accepted the responsibility that comes with that title, and I might add that PAYCHECK! We don’t get a free ride anymore, we are being asked DIRECTLY to tighten up on our vibrations, to HOLD THE LIGHT OF POSITIVE EXPECTATION TILL THIS HAPPENS.

The Good News & The Bad News

So, this is the classic good news, bad news story. The good news is that we have grown to be one of the most highly watched web sites in the Currency world, and even read at the Galactic level and every level of the Republic. We are the site that people come to find out what is going on in Dinarland. The good news is that our wonderful thought provoking posts and uplifting posts are positively effecting the World and beyond. We are truly the heart of the Light Worker Resistance, as such, we have more heart, more drive, more compassion and are more educated on what is really going on than any other group in the World. That is the very good news. But there is Bad news, and that is the problem.

The Bad News

The bad news is that negative Nellie’s and ranter’s posts are also going all over the World spreading negative energy that is resisting this GCR from taking place. Ironically, if we were a lesser known site, that was not as well known and followed as we are, this GCR may have already happened. BUT, because it is as far reaching as it is, and as influential as it is, the negative posts and rants cause HUGE damage to the overall energy of this pending event. This is why it is so important to the Cabal that they get a foot hold on this site to drag the energy of the Event down. While We have driven off those Cabal trolls whenever they raised their UGLY heads in our house, we still have an In-House Problem.

We Have An In-House Problem

Our own nay-sayers, the negative posters who constantly find fault with gurus, or other posters about anything and everything they can, are causing a delay in the GCR. It is like they can’t wait to see what was posted so they can take a shot at it. I had paid no mind to what I thought was just a minor nuisance. BUT, because of the influence of this website, and all the places it goes in the World, and out of this World for that matter, those seemingly tiny problems are keeping the rest of us from getting paid. As was told to me, we are literally getting in our own way, with the negative posts, and preventing this GCR from happening. Ironically, we look around to Trump, France, Cabal, or wherever else we can think of, to see what is stopping it from going, and all we had to do is look in the mirror to find the problem.

If We Were a Country

If we were one of the 209 countries, they would be all over us to get our act together and get on board with the program and the plan. That is what they do. They make sure not one of their members, the other countries, get out of line, as it hurts everyone, and THEY ARE NOT GOING TO HAVE IT. Neither should we.

It is time that we monitor ourselves and take responsibility for our own vibrations individually, and our vibrations collectively. We ARE Light Workers and that is what a Light Worker does! Come on man! That is called holding the Light, the work of Light Workers. What you are getting paid Trillions of dollars to do for the World, is JUST hold the darn Light! Please! How hard is it to hold your words from harming us, and preventing the GCR from finishing?

Time To Earn Your HUGE Paycheck

What the public can’t do, we have to do and we are being paid VERY well for it. The public can’t do what we are doing. They still think there will be war, and strife, and other disasters. WE KNOW BETTER. That makes it easier for us to be happy and excited about what is coming. We are the few, is it, the 144,000 that it takes to hold a positive vibration long enough to shift the World and Finish the GCR? It is time to earn your paycheck! Do you want your money? Do you want it soon? YOU BETTER GET YOUR VIBRATION RIGHT, FOR YOUR SAKE AND THE REST OF US. The time of the free ride negative rants are OVER.

You Are Helping Us Or Hurting Us

Remember how the countries do it? Self monitoring? Hear this: all those who feel inclined to post some negative rant, don’t do it. STOP IN YOUR TRACKS. You have been given notice. If you are not thinking and posting positive thoughts for us to read, YOU ARE WORKING AGAINST US. It is now up to us. Don’t complain, if you complain don’t expect it to happen, and by the way, hold yourself responsible, as we will definitely hold you responsible as well.

I Propose a Blockade

I am the first one to stand up for free speech, but, I think it is time to consider a Blockade to Cabal trolls who are coming up in our house and using our good name site to transmit their Cabal propaganda to the World. The alternative is for them to post and then for me to fight them in public causing even more negative energy and fear.

This is drastic, but we are at the end of this. I was told that there is NOTHING LEFT to get done, and NO Geo-Political issues left. It is an energy problem and we are the cause. Frankly, I love free will, and free speech, but I think that we are at the end and it is time to tighten up our ship for battle. The Cabal are doing their best all over the World to cause doubt, and worry, and we need to counter that with optimism and high expectation. WE ARE THE ONES WHO CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN. WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR & WAITING FOR!

The blockade for Cabal agenda outsiders is important, but so is the blockade of our in-house nay-sayers. We should not put up with someone posting some post about how this is wrong or that is wrong, this or that isn’t right, or it won’t happen till next year. If we were the countries in this GCR and one of them was screwing it up for the others and the World, they would send their armies in and stop them at all costs. It is that important. Lives are literally at stake for this to go.

Sorry to say, if someone rants, they are Cabal, and I don’t care who they are. We have been told what the problem is, and what to do about it, and if one of us rants anyway, they are suspect in my book, and should be banned just as the Cabal trolls are.

This is GO TIME for us to do our work and our work is holding the Light of Positive energy, and remember you are getting paid Trillions for this. So do a good job, a job that lives up to the pay that you are getting for it.

The Hand Off To Sephora

Remember, we here on Earth, are the first ones in the history of creation that had made it this far in the battle of light vs. dark. Maldek and the rest were completely destroyed by these Cabal psychopaths.

This matter is so important at this stage of the game, that I asked Sephora to come in on this post and add her insights as well. By the way, You think that I am “connected….” Please, you have no idea how Connected she is. I would say that she is one of the most well connected Beings in this World, bar none. Now you know.

Sephora, would you please add your thoughts on this important matter? The energy of the planet is vitally important at this time, and no one knows more about that than you.



If You Could VISUALLY SEE The ENERGETIC RESULTS Of Your Thoughts, SPOKEN/Wrytten Words & Actions AS I & OTHER HEALERS CAN and SEE Howe They Really Do Affect & Effect EVERY PERSON, THINGE & BEing Around You… You MYGHTE, Just Myghte, Start Doing What Richard/Star Fynder Is ASKING.

Whyle Richard/Star Fynder IS NOT The Fyrst To Bringe This Request Out To Us, He IS One Of The Most VOCAL About This Stuff That I Have EVER KNOWN! And THATBeLoved Family Is Going SomeWhere Gyven Howe Many Incarnations He & I Have Shared Together.

As I See This, Star Fynder has Had The Republic & Galactic Federation Backing Him For A VERY LONG SPAN. The Information That He Got ToDaye Came From A VERY PowerFull Person In The Republic Leadership! To Saye That This Very Information Came As A COMPLETE SHOCK To Him Is An UNDERSTATE- MENT To Be Certain. And It Came As A Shock To ME As Well! Lyke Star Fynder, I Too THOUGHTE That We – HuManity in General & LyghteWorkers SPECIFICALLY – Had Beene Doing A GREAT JOB.




Thank You Sephora!


May we all recognize the gravity of our current situation, and stand in our Knowing that this GCR is done and ready to complete with our exchanges. May we know that energy and vibration are the basis of manifestation in this Universe, and that Holding the Light, Holding a Positive View Point, is the only way that this Manifestation can complete on time. May we recognize that the Cabal already know this Universal truth, and are doing their best to bring the vibration of the planet down, by the actions of their minions. May we recognize and know that Holding the Light, is our sacred work, at this time in the history of the World, and the ONLY way to raise the energy enough for this GCR to complete.

Please hold your expectation, excitement and energy as high as possible, and it will help this GCR to complete quickly. Let us keep the negative influences out of our house, since we are the link to the whole World. Shine your light and I’ll shine my light, and together we will complete this very import event in the history of man, and the history of Creation.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows & Sephora FyreByrd – Unified In Purpose
Terra Zetzz 


“The Blooming Light Worker” – One Who Knows


“The Blooming Light Worker” – One Who Knows

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows

Re-posted (from 3-23-17) by request of One Who Knows. ~ Dinar Chronicles

The Blooming Light Worker

In these days, us Light Workers are under great pressures. Most of us hardly have the funds to take care of ourselves, much less help another. It is hard to tell much about our True Greatness, when we are just trying to survive day to day.

It is like the Flower bud before it blooms, it is hard to tell just how magnificent it really is, while its beauty is still unmanifested and hidden out of view. While it is still just a bud, it seems plain, unremarkable, and hardly special, but, when it is time to bloom, and the Budding Light Worker comes into their own, it will be truly spectacular! The beauty once hidden on the inside, will bloom in all its glory, for all to see on the outside.

Beloved Light Worker, the World, has no idea of how special you are right now. You are ridiculed, laughed at, and barely able to pay your own bills, if that. But, when the time comes, and you are fully hydrated by the glory of God, you will bloom with such magnificence, that the World will be forced to take notice. Your compassion, benevolence, and love for your fellow human being and mother Earth, will be so Beautiful, wonderful, and special, that it will bring tears to the eyes of those who witness and experience it.

Who knew that those seemingly unremarkable buds, had such potential, and contained such beauty within? We did, and soon, everyone else will as well, for our season to Bloom is here!

May Your True Beauty Within Become Fully Manifested For All To See And Experience In The Days To Come

Signed: One Who Knows

Terra Zetzz


“Calling All Light Workers” – One Who Knows – PLEASE MAKE VIRAL!!!

“Calling All Light Workers” – One Who Knows – 5.7.17
Entry Submitted by One Who Knows 

Calling All Light Workers

I am calling all Light Workers to take a stand against the Cabal, their Minions and their Trolls. This is the final push to get the GCR over the finish line and the Evil ones are doing their best to keep it from happening. I am glad to call them out for who they are and to expose them and their agenda to the World. While IDC stays clean and clear for the most part, we are needed to stamp out this nonsense wherever it is.

I have a plan so that each and every one of our Light Workers in our SUPERIOR numbers and forces can trounce them once and for all. They are on the run, and have no power left but Fear and Disinformation. We can help our Light Forces Brothers and Sisters put an end to that nonsense once and for all.

Time To Take ACTION!!!!

Whenever you find a video, or website or chat room that is spouting the No GCR, No ZIM, FEAR PORN, I want you to post THESE TWO LINKS in the comment section, or send them to the website administrator, or the website comments section.

This way, I WILL TAKE THE HEAT, not you. These are my posts and are putting these nay-sayers on notice that they could and will, be held responsible for what they are saying in their posts, their videos, and their websites. Frankly Notice is not required to be guilty of Harming the Public, but it makes it that much better if they notified about it.

We Will Trick The Minions

The FUN and genius of this plan, it that the link looks like it is “Against” the ZIM and the GCR, because it says “guilty-of-financial-fraud-on-zim” and this will make the nay-sayers read it thinking it supports their cause, then BAM! They realize that they could be in BIG TROUBLE instead. It actually tricks the nay-sayer into finding out what they are saying will keep them from being able to exchange themselves. Then the Message from Grandfather says that Disinformation will no longer be tolerated in any way shape or form. This gives them notice. PLENTY OF NOTICE!!!!

Also, not only does posting these two links give notice to the video owner, and the web page master, it is there for the ones who watch their videos to click on as well. This will neutralize these Minions and their dirty work. To be clear, don’t go looking for this stuff as it will only lower your vibration, but instead, post these two links in places where you already visit anyway.

How great would it be to have these two links SUDDENLY posted all over the net, for all to see? Where ever these links show up, those people have been outed for all to see. Also, it makes a great case for later when the good guys stop them from exchanging, as they have records that these links were posted on their site and videos. Remember, “Ignorance of the Law is NO excuse!!!!”

Pass This Post To Others, We Need EVERY Light Worker To Take Action!

Pass the link to this post to everyone you know. WE HAVE A BIGGER NETWORK OF REAL LIGHT WORKERS THAN DOES ANYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD. We ARE the heart of this Resistance against the Cabal.

Let’s Let Them FEEL Our Presence AND Our Numbers!!!!

Let these links show up EVERY WHERE. I can’t do it all myself. I’ll handle these minions who show up in our house, but I need you to help me reach those minions who are harming people elsewhere. Interestingly, I can imagine videos that are particularly harmful, having lots and lots of comments on that one video from different Light Workers who are tagging that video as harmful by putting these links in the comments section. Anyone who doesn’t know what is going on, will see all those DIFFERENT posters putting these two links above, and will click on them to see what it is all about, and when they do, you have done your job to help save them from the Minions who want to harm them.


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows
Terra Zetzz 


“The Role of Money In Ascension” – One Who Knows – 5.9.17


“The Role of Money In Ascension” – One Who Knows – 5.9.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows

The Role of Money In Ascension

I have been seeing some posts that are suggesting that Money is somehow NOT related to Ascension, and Frankly, NOTHING could be farther from the truth. Money IS VERY MUCH A PART OF THE ASCENSION PROCESS. There are basically two groups that say that money is not part of the process, the Cabal based operatives that are using Ascension to somehow separate you from your currency, and the other group are those who want to be as spiritual as possible and think that money is somehow not ascension worthy. I am going to explain why it is one of the most important parts of the Ascension Plan For Earth.

What Is Ascension?

We start here with a discussion on what does ascending mean? It is basically evolution, rising to a higher frequency that has way more to offer than where we are now. One of the nice things that it has is Abundance. That higher vibration of Love and Abundance of everything is going to be wonderful. Importantly, You can’t exist in the higher vibrations if you are in lack, for that is not Compatible at that level. Neither is worry, hate, sickness, or fear. It is all love and abundance, only.

Choosing Your Time-Line

Remember a while back that I wrote a post on choosing your timeline. There would come a time that the two timelines would be splitting and you would either be a “Match” for the lower vibrations of 3d, or you would be a “Match” of the higher vibrations of 5D or higher. Whichever one you were a match to at that time, you would automatically be in that timeline, no matter good 5d, or bad 3d. Here are several posts on the matter and Audio as well. It is worth a re-read and/or a Re-listen, for this topic:

Time Lines Explained In Detail – YouTube Starting @ 37 Minutes
“Zorra* Zaraya * Jane” March, 2017 Updates, Peter Sterling and his Near-death experience!

Written Post On The Matter:
“Pick Your Time-Line Reality” – One Who Knows – 3.27.17

Original Time Line Message From AAM:
Sananda, AAM, OWS: Timelines are Going to Begin to Split

Partial Transcript of Zorra Call:
“Zorra Call Re-Play & Transcript (3-25-2017)” – One Who Knows – 3.26.17

What Is Step One To Ascension?

Simple, raising your vibration from 3d related vibrations such as lack, worry, fear, sickness etc. That sounds great and all, but it is not as easy as you might think, and YOU are the proof. If you could sit there living on the street, or having no food to eat, or dying of some disease, or worried about crime, war or sickness, and think very happy thoughts that all is well, and nothing is going wrong, no matter how it looks, you could rise up to 5d frequency. So if it is that easy, why are you NOT there now? IT IS HARD TO DO WITH OUT HELP. When you are hungry or living on the street, it is hard to “Feel” abundance, and not feel lack. If you are dying of some sickness, It is hard to “Feel” safe and worry free. It just is. Sure if you were some monk who does nothing but pray all day, and has a roof over his head, and food on the table, you can get to that higher vibration without money.

Remember The Time Line Split

The time lines are splitting and you are either going to go one way or the other, and time is not on our side on that matter. It is coming like it or not. So, you better get your vibration together and be at the right frequency when they split or you might not be happy where you are going. You say, “That is easy, after the RV I will have everything I ever wanted and I will be happy, fed, have a roof over my head, and feel total abundance…. I’ll be ready.” Good for you. What about the hungry guy who is living under the bridge?

Here Comes Money To The Rescue

Well here is the crux of the matter. You could hire a Life Coach to go and visit this hungry under the bridge guy, every day and teach him the ways of feeling better and blocking those hunger pains and feel abundance instead…. Or You could just buy him a house, feed him and get him a job. The first way may get him to the feeling of abundance and raise him to the 5d frequency in a matter of months? Years? But, the second way, using money, as the tool it is, you could make him feel abundant with food on the table, a roof over his head and a life worth living in days. So, which is better coaching the hungry and homeless man until he feels better? Or getting him a home and feeding him so he feels better? Of course there is no comparison and that is why the Elders are giving us so much money, so we can raise up as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time possible.

In A Different World

In a different World, where we were not beaten down by the Cabal, we could meditate, and go UMMMMMMMMMMMM all day, and all that until we raised our vibration high enough to be in the 5d time line. But, that is the reason the Cabal were so ruthless, to bring us so far down, so low that we could not get to a higher vibration of abundance, without money, and they kept us from having the money. They used money to keep us down, so we need to use money to get back up again, and fast!

The Cabal Agenda

Sorry to say, many of those who say that Money is not part of Ascension, are preaching the Cabal agenda. Without money, you will have to talk a Hungry & homeless, person into a better way of thinking, and that is almost impossible. Dare I say that is a ridiculous way of doing it? The Cabal want to keep you from being able to do it. They want to take away your greatest tool, money. Money makes it easy for us to raise the vibration of every single person on this planet from Lack and hunger, to Abundance and happiness so quickly, and when that happens, the Cabal ENERGY will be wiped out so fast it will make their heads spin (Like Linda Blair). The Cabal cannot exist in a High Vibration World. That is why they want to make it hard for you to raise people’s vibrations.

Money Is The Plan For Mass Ascension

Don’t let anyone tell you that money is NOT part of the Ascension plan, as it is the MAIN part. Even Sananda, said that he is for the GCR/RV and is friends with St. Germaine. They have plans to help flood this Earth with so much money that it raises EVERY ONE UP out of lack into FULL ABUNDANCE, LOVE, and JOY. the corner stone’s of 5D. Here is Sananda’s message about the GCR:

***** Begin Message *********

I am Sananda in service to mother/father Creator. I come to you in light and love. I have heard some disinformation upon your placement. This disinformation states that I am not in agreement with the unfolding of the GCR/RV do ye not know, that St. Germain and I are close companions? Do ye ones not know that we come in service to the one source? How then could that great shift from hate and control to love and light take place. If we do not help you in retaining all control. What say you? It is high time you ones learn to follow your heart and not the words mentioned by deceptive agents. Do you not see that all this has only one goal and that is not to get you to believe…and know? All the treasures of the most high are indeed yours. Are you dismayed regarding the roll out? It is rolling out. Just not in your sight but it will be soon. And then you will know like I know all this was non sense. They are liars from the beginning. What makes you ones think they will not lie in the end?

I’m service to Mother/Father Creator, Salu. I Am Sananda.

***** End Message *********

You Are Part Of The Money Flood

You are part of the plan to flood the World with so much money, that not one person shall feel hunger, fear, lack, as all shall have their needs met. You will be the bringer of the Good News, the Messenger of Joy, Love and Abundance. You shall shower abundance down on all you encounter, and you will receive such Joy in return. That, my friends, is your payment, for it is not the money. It is this flood of MONEY that is so important to the Mass Ascension plan. And you are the bringer of the Flood!

What If?

What if you listened to those who preached “use no money for ascension?” What would you do to help the homeless? The hungry? The sick? Words of comfort? As nice as that is, it is no match for a full belly and a roof over their heads. You see, that IS NOT THE PLAN. Those who preach that are trying to hinder your ability to easily raise other’s vibrations up Quickly. They want to take away the most powerful tool you have to fight and relieve lack, hunger, sickness, homelessness, and even pollution. On the matter of Mother Earth and the pollution, what if you had no money, how would you help Mother Earth raise up in frequency by cleaning her streams, air, land and oceans? Even if you cleaned up her surface by hand, how long would that take? Clearly, Money Is The Answer and one of the MOST Important Parts of the Plan.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Ascension is basically going from feeling lack and fear, to feeling Abundance and Love. There is no more powerful tool to make that happen than money, and lots of it. Money wipes out the fear of no money, no job, no food, no home, no transportation, no schooling, and no medical care, just to name just a few. Can a good “talking” to the needy, to do that? No, talking does not replace food, shelter, safety, and health. Clearly money is the Answer for getting Humanity out of Lack and Fear and into Love and Abundance in the quickest and most efficient way. NOTHING else even comes close.

The ones who encourage ascension without money either have no idea what the plan is or how it works, or they have an evil Cabal agenda that would cause people to be left behind with the Cabal in 3d for lack of financial help. Remember, whoever is not up to the 5d frequency of Love and Abundance when the Time-Lines split, they will be stuck in the 3d time line. Well, that is not going to happen. Us Light Workers are going to see to that!

Calling All Light Workers: Make a note of the link to this post, and where ever you see someone saying that Ascension should be done without money, or that Money is somehow not appropriate to ascension, just post this link on their post, or video, or website. If they are of the Light, they will understand right away, if they are not, they will not change their message. But, all those who see their message will also have a chance to see this post as well. We have the power to change this World! Let’s Do It!

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows
Terra Zetzz


“Zorra Call (4-29-2017) Replay Links” – One Who Knows


“Zorra Call (4-29-2017) Replay Links” – One Who Knows – 5.1.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows

Zorra Call (4-29-2017) Replay Links

This is the re-play links & Information for the latest Zorra Call on Saturday, April 29th, 2017.


This was a special 50/50 call.

1/2 the Call Intel / Disclosure & Questions

1/2 the Call on Special Products and Questions about them

Here is their Message and the call details:

April 29, 2017 Conference Call with Zorra, One Who Knows and Peter Sterling

Our Conference Call today was very informative and up-lifting. First I would like to apologize for the interruptions and loss of connections that we had. Nevertheless, we made it and thank you all for your patience!

Zorra and One Who Knows spoke during the first hour and at the end of the show. Questions about Trusts, 800#’s, Zim, NDA, Cabal, pyramids, etc. Both Zorra and OWK concur that the exchange is happening as we speak but the announcement for “us” is very imminent. One Who Knows said that “things are really good right now”.

Our lesson is: Live your day in the joy and peace knowing it is here, in the present! That collectively, we are bringing prosperity to our world through our love vibrations!

Peter Sterling spoke and answered all the questions relating to Primemybody’s Nano-enchanced Hemp Oil. He informed us that research has shown that we are actually deficient of the cannabinoids.

He went on to say that we have the endocannabinoid system that plays a very important role effecting our glandular and immune system. He said that research has shown that it is the master regulatory system in our bodies that regulates all of our body systems and brings perfect balance with each other.

This unique Hemp Oil has worked wonders if not miracles for the many who have taken it! Listen to the call for more great information!


Zorra Call 4-29-2017, Length 2:35:07

(4-29-2017 Replay Call Link)

(4-29-2017 Call Download Link)

(4-29-2017 Call-In Replay Phone Number)

Dial-in: 641-715-0744,
Access code: 554387 #, Ref 19 #.

(All Other Replays)


The (4-25-2017) Call Replay & Information Link:

“Zorra Replay, GCR Info, Free Book Links” – One Who Knows – 4.25.17


Please feel free to share this information with others who are interested in Zorra’s messages, Intel, Disclosure, & Healing.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

Terra Zetzz




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