The Matrix is Dissolving by AnGeleve

2013 Our Magical Sun Rainbow Rays

“The Matrix Is Dissolving” Photo by AnGeleve

Feel free to click onto the photo here that I took. It clearly shows the Matrix. It shows mainly when there are Violet Rays and Aqua or Teal Rays showing from the Sun. The Photo will pop up in another tab, Use your Zoom Feature to look closer at the Aqua Green Rays on the Left side.  As you Zoom in you will see the Matrix

I have taken so many photos of these beautiful Rainbow Rays it proves that the Matrix is Dissolving and we shall soon see the difference. 3D is Ending and I for one happen to jump for joy.

We were hi-jacked sometime ago and our Souls placed into a recycle for the enjoyment and fuel for lesser beings. I think you will agree that the ending to this Play is past over.  We all have free will and are endowed with unalienable rights by our creator which means than no one can violate those rights.

I have some amazing links to share with you that should help you to stay abreast to what is going on.

People are aware that something serious is about to happen, yet many can not quite put their fingers on what it is and what to expect.  If you are just waking up from your long slumber, then you are starting to discover many Twilight Zone stories popping up all around you. The World seems to have gone totally Mad, while everything you thought you knew is being challenged.

Do not Fear.  Most importantly Do Not Fear. We are coming to the End of the Play.  Mother/Father God or Source is sending in the Game Changer to even the playing field and to free us from our long slumber.

What am I doing here, what is my purpose in life. The never ending questions in the Hearts of all Men and Women. We have been playing in the Sand Box, but another Race not of this Star System wanted to take control. These entities have not played by the Cosmic Rules and have reaped havoc on this Planet for far too long. Terra or as some call her Gaia, our Mother Earth had sent out a distress call to Source to stop the insanity that has been going on. She is tired of playing the game and wants to Ascend. So the Clarion Call was sent out and many Benevolent Races have come to watch, and be of service.

Here are a few more magical photos I took of what is going on.  These photos prove that we are moving into a most Magical time.  Click onto the Images to enjoy the beauty up close.

04 20 2013 sun rays (7)

“Rays of Hope” Photo by AnGeleve


“Healing Rays” Photo by AnGeleve

I want to point you in the direction of my YouTube Channel for many great Videos that should help you to see what is going on.  I am also providing several links that I know you will want and appreciate.

Be Blessed,


Here is some of the links I hope you will check out:


The Guardians – Daily Challenges – Channeled by AnGeleve

Every day is a new day to be enjoyed, and challenges to face with ease and grace. You should be getting use to the test by now, but many are still bucking and snorting like an untamed bull (as you would say).  These lessons are to be learned before you progress.

Here is a simple way to face these challenges and test each day.  Think twice before you speak: Take a deep breath and think:

Am I going to say something that is not divine?

Am I going to ridicule another when I respond to some accusations that others make about someone?

Am I being judgmental? Am I the kind of person that I would love to meet and trust?

Am I getting ready to fuss over a 3D issue that is pointless, and does not develop me spiritually?

Am I helping or hurting others with my words or actions?

Here are a few situations we will use to help point out a few daily lessons:

A car is speeding past you and makes a slight miss-turn when pulling back into traffic. You swerve to avoid the sideswipe and almost lose control of your car.  The car that almost ran you off the road sent your head in a spin and your heart is pounding and anger begins to whale up inside of you.

Question: What is the best way to respond to this action?

Suggestion:  No harm was done, so you go on. Take a few moments to relax. Gather your emotions, and be grateful that no one was hurt.  Send the other vehicle Love and Light and wish them Peace and Protection, so that they will slow down and not cause harm to themselves or another…

Another situation and lesson…

You are having a special Dinner Party for your Boss and some business Friends.  Your child is helping you to set the table and you ask that the Fine China and Crystal be laid out for the guest tonight.

The child is what you term as: having two left feet… a real klutz.

The Child picks up more than they can handle… the grip is lost and the stack of China along with a few Crystal goblets is strewn across the floor… and shatter into many pieces.

The child is just standing and looking in amazement at the damage that has been done. There is not much you can do to save the China, and the Crystal is so badly chipped that it will have to be tossed out.

Now, there are not enough good dishes left to make a setting for each of your guest… and the other dishes you have are not so pretty. This unfortunately you feel will not make the impression you had wanted to share at your Special Dinner tonight.

Question: How would you handle this situation?

Suggestion:  You need to think with your Heart… and not from your head or pocket-book.

Was the Child hurt?

Could the Child have been hurt?

Tell the Child that you love them… and feel grateful that they are not hurt, and not to worry. After all… it is only material things, which can be replaced. A big hug and kiss will help re-assure the Child that everything is fine and not to worry.

Call, and make reservations at a special Restaurant you know, that your Dinner Guest will enjoy, or change the Dinner at your home to casual. Stop putting up fronts… Be yourself and enjoy the moments with Family and Friends.

These are only a few scenarios for you to ponder today, as some of you have actually lived these moments and failed the test dreadfully… sad to say.

Those spreading lies and innuendos are being carefully watched. You know who you are… and you know that you are miss-leading others.

The Light is about LOVE and Service, not servitude. We of the higher dimensions are doing our service with such Love to help guide you back to where you belong. Many of you have been gone for quite a while and you have forgotten the Grace and Love that is who you are.

Be the Divine Being you are meant to be… and who you truly are… Think about that, every moment.

Ask yourself: What can I do to make life better for others? How can I make my life better?

Be Grateful: even with the meekest of means you are still richer far beyond your imaginations.

There are many tests that are a great deal more difficult than the few examples we share with you today, we have watched you and admire how you have surmounted so many of the challenges you have been given. Many of the challenges are created by you since these were lessons you required to learn from.

We know that it is seems harder at the last mile so to speak. Like a runner who is running for the finish line and nearly there they feel exhausted, overwhelmed and almost willing to give up but the goal post is just a few more steps away. So we say to you keep the pace and don’t lose sight of the final victory.

We want to offer hope for those who feel that they are almost ready to toss in the towel; can you not see the differences that are taking place today? So much is still hidden from you. We ask you to do your part to help share the information we send your way. Soon all will be brought to the light: That, which is hidden will be made known to all.

Do your part to bring a smile to another who needs it. Extend a hand and help those in need. Send your Love out to everyone and everything daily.  Meditate or pray 10 minutes or more each day. Open your eyes and see all the beauty that is before you.

You are not alone. We send you our Love, and want you to remember that we are here for you. Please call on us for guidance, for help, or to just talk.

We love you so very much.

The Guardians,

As Channeled by AnGeleve

YouTube Channel:


El Morya – Stay the Course

I caution you again as I have many times before, do not read the negative propaganda that is fed to you; on the Internet, your media or from negative people, it will server you not. Find truth within, from your heart center.  If you start to doubt things it will invariably bring your vibrations down, and is this not what the Dark Ones and their followers are trying desperately to do? It is their last ditch effort so to speak to keep you in a state of negative mind control as they have crafted so skillfully for Eons.

I say to you, dear ones; stay the course, you are on; if the path of ascension is what you want. When you feel doubt, call on us to help you. Ask us to clear your mind of doubts and allow us to speak to you. Many of you can do this now. Do not be discouraged as you can communicate easily once you have full consciousness, and that time is fast approaching. Do I hear many of you saying “Finally”? Yes, we hear you and know of your frustrations. These lessons in the final stages of your ascension are most important. You need to learn to live from your Heart Center, stop allowing negative information to penetrate your space.  Be the Light and banish the Darkness that surrounds you. You have the power to do so. We can help guide you but you must learn this on your own.

We tell you many times of the importance of meditation. Find what works for you. If you need help in this area, you can go on your Internet and find great lessons available to you. Many are from light workers who want to help and do not charge fees. Find what works for you.  You know how to pray, as you are quick to do so when things are not the way you want or if you need something or are praying for others. Try that moment of silence, of peace and go within. Close your eyes, slow your breathing down, relax totally.  You are then meditating dear ones.

Learn about your chakras and how to cleanse them. Raising your frequency is essential to your ascension process.  Get others to help you or join a group where you can practice mediation together; as you will then pick up some great techniques from others.

Very soon you will awaken to full consciousness, and the knowledge will no longer be hidden from you. Things you have known for so long will start flooding in. We will be there to help you so that the flood gates do not over whelm you.

For now, if you see or hear of negative information, tune it out and send it unconditional Love.

Call on me to meet you in your dream state if you need help or wish to communicate, or call on one of your Guides or Angels or Ascended Masters.

El Morya.

As Channeled by AnGeleve.

What a Month We Have in Store – April 2012

As Many people are getting restless, wondering what in the world is going on. This is suppose to the be big month of change. I hear the call of Angels to telling me that things are being done, we just are not getting the news of these events.

These Times Will Test Many Souls

Dearly Beloved Child of the Light, you are one of our Sisters and a Starseed sent to be a Beacon of Light on GAIA during these times. You are a Way shower. Your task is to hold the Light and Love on GAIA. To help calm the troubled hearts of those who are in need of your calm reassurance.  I offer my Light of Grace and Love to help strengthen you.

As I speak to all Way showers, it has been a daunting task for each of you as many of your friends and family have turned their backs to you thinking you to be odd or troubled, when deep down they feel something is happening but they are just not sure and fear takes hold of their emotions. Be there for them, as they will soon come to you for answers.

I say to you to release the fears, as we have not come to kidnap you or conquer you. You are one of us as we are you.  You will be meeting your future selves and perhaps this is a tad bit unnerving for some to face. What will my future self look like and what will they think of me. Will I be able to merge with my future self or higher self?

The lessons we have been giving you for so many years has not fallen on deaf ears we are certain of this. As there are some who have come a long way, yet they start to falter as we are coming down the last mile, so to speak.
I say to you to stand strong in you convictions, and be lead by your Heart; for it is your Heart that will take you to the finish line and the reward is more than you can imagine at this point of your existence.

The 3D world games are still being played out, as many of you have not let go of the illusion.  You will see that all we have told you will come to pass. These times will test many souls.  We hear you questioning the various dis-information you are confronted with almost daily.  Just know that it is the Dark Ones acting out for the last time. We see clearly who is trying to bring you doubt and who is also causing this because of their own fears.

You will be tested constantly.   Just know that those of the Dark and those who followed them blindly, for greed and power who have turned away from the Light will have their moments soon.  Some are already facing those moments of truth.

Do not think that we are coming to take over, as many would have you believe. Or that we have come to enslave you or steal your souls. We are your Galactic Family, your Star Family, if you will. We love you deeply and honestly, as we are all part of GOD and you are very special.

What you have endured for your Souls Growth is admired by so many. You have to remember (and you will), that you did volunteer for this.  You are the Future Ascended Masters and we honor all that you endured.  Looking back on these times will soon become a fond memory for you. Enjoy the Now. Live the Now. Soon Duality will be gone and you will be living in the Now.

We hear you asking about the stories going out about the Galactic Federation of Light being Satanic. I assure you that is so far from the truth, this came from the Dark ones and those who have been brainwashed by them. Be kind and send them as much Love as you can, as some of these people honestly believe this, because they have swallowed the lies with careless abandon. They have forgotten who they are and have been blindly led by the Dark ones for so long. This is, until we are able to shed the light on the truth, many of these truths will be so totally shocking, that some will offer much resistance to the real truth.  It will be a quick re-education and rude awakening for those in search of the real truth. For those who resist, we will not force them to believe, but offer the Truth for their awakening, they have free will to decide then, which way they will turn.

I leave you now with so much Love and Grace, Serapis Bey.

As Channeled by AnGeleve

We Want Disclosure Now! by AnGeleve

Blessings my Dearest Ones…

Changes are abounding. Yeah!! Rejoice and feel the Blessings that are raining down on us each and every day.

Light workers are aware of the happenings today and must stay ever vigilant in sharing this wonderful news to all our Brothers and Sisters. No time to rest now as there is much to do to get the word out.

We must spread the news as guided by our Ascended Masters and our Creator. Love is to be constantly manifested when you meditate and the manifest the removal of all Fear.

Brain DrainThe “Sheeple” or sleepers could be very frightened by the coming news, of all the arrest that will be happening shortly. Why? Some of these sheeple believe in the Dark ones only because the Dark Ones have been programming them for years.

People will soon find out the Truth. I have tried many times to awaken others to what was going on but was faced with resistance from many. Some have made fun of me, while others thought I was in a cult of some sort, yet others turned away not wanting to hear more because it was too much. I felt alone and forsaken, but not shaken from telling the Truth. The sad fact that these folks preferred their 3D world, it is fine. I cannot try more than I did with these Precious Souls, as I do not know their Karma or Soul Contracts. I send them Love and Blessings and pray that they will awaken soon, and want to Ascend with the rest of the World.

Facing the Truth, that we have been living in a wicked world; should not be a surprise to anyone, but many may not be able to handle the Truth right away, and their negative response is to make Fun or become rude or walk away. So what! Turn the cheek and move on. We need to continue on like a Duck in water and let it roll off our backs, while sending them Love and Light. We (the light workers) can only hope that the Sheeple will do some research. We have planted a seed.

I meditate each day as often as I can, sending Love and Light to all. I work on manifesting a better life for everyone on this beautiful Planet. I am personally excited about the wonderful changes that are about to happen. We are changing every day, and the Ascension process is hard at times on us physically but I for one feel that it is worth it.

This is not Healthy Folks.


Calling all Light workers to manifest that the Chemicals being dropped from these awful planes will be neutralized, and Stopped Immediately! It isn’t killing us like they wanted but it is causing breathing issues.

My precious pets are all having breathing problems these days and I have to work on them constantly. I know of elderly people now who are having serious breathing issues. Let us all manifest: All monies paying these criminals to spray us like bugs will end, and the culprits will be brought to justice immediately. We agree that these Dark Souls who are spraying us are just downright evil. I accept that the Angles and Heaven and our Manifestations will stop them.

Blessings and many thanks to all Light workers and to our Heavenly Host for their hard work and continued efforts. We are blessed and we are soon to be blessed beyond our wildest Dreams.

Awaken Dearest Ones and See the Light, find out what is happening and realize that we are all cherished by GOD that we made the decision to volunteer for this journey.

Close up shot of GFOL Ship - REAL

We want Disclosure Now!

I am looking forward to seeing my Space Friends and Family again, I am looking forward to being fully conscious and receiving the information about my past lives. I know that I may not like everything but it will be lessons that are very valuable and that made me the person I am today.

Let me ask you seriously. Don’t you find it rather silly that we would ever buy the stupid stories we were fed that we were alone in this massive Universe? I for one never could understand the reason for the secrets.

Deep within each of us we knew there was more to our life than what we were being fed. We would gravitate towards Si-Fi stories not knowing that much of it would speak of truth, in which cases it should have been titled Si-Facts.

We are not alone in the Universe and our Star Families want to greet us again, but we need to be ready for this. That is why we need Disclosure. Also, in order to get the Prosperity Program started we need our Galactic Family to be able to land. We cannot have negative feelings or fear as it will bring down our frequencies and they will not come here. We need to keep LOVE in our Hearts and truly want to see them again.

If it is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, then it is not possible to find it elsewhere.

Many Blessings to you my Brothers and Sisters of the Light.

With Love and Light Always, Namaste.


Council of 12 – Copyrights and Ego

– April 2, 2012. As Channeled by AnGeleve

Greetings my Dear Beloved Earth family,

This is AnGeleve speaking to you this day. I have recently been quite bothered by many 3D activities by sour Angelic Friends of Earth, specifically those, who are the light bearers or as we can call them the way showers. These personalities are placing Copyrights on their work, when this is a channeling from the Heavens. Why? I have asked GOD and have even sent a message to the higher Councils. “Why would these people put a copyright on the work of GOD or any Ascended Master channeling through them?” I asked.

This is the response I received from the Council of 12.

Dear One, do not let the copyright issue concern you as it does seem to do. It is only a deterrent for the 3D factions that would like to cause damage to our words. Many times the protection is set up because the Ego of the channeler has not evolved enough to know that we are All One and therefore the ideas that are sent to one can and will be sent to the collective so nothing would be classified as copyright works. It is merely a 3D issue. We do not use that term in higher dimensions as there is no need for such.

We have allowed many of the light workers through the years to be able to secure funds to help them during these times in 3D although many have taken more than gracious advantage of this. This too will change in the future, as there will be no need for funds as you will have all that you could dream to have. The good deeds of those who are stepping out as way showers will be known to all without the need to for the pat on the back at every turn. You are all special and have endured so much. Many of you will be doing speaking engagements far and wide throughout the Universe and this is a service that will be rewarded by the fulfillment of your heart’s desire. You will not be in need of anything, as money will no longer be the objective for anyone who has ascended.

Dear One, just know that for now, the copyright issue in duality is something that seems to help the mind set of those who still have not released the fear completely. They are in fear that their work would be stolen and that they would not receive the credit due, which is far from the truth. It is more of an Ego issue which they have yet to release. The copyright given by our light workers is not for the purpose of law suits, which by the way, the people on your planet (a large percentage of these are the dark ones), have used and have made a great deal of money in these past years against one another. This is again is strictly 3D.

It is known my child, that you do not agree with copyrights and rightly so. The higher self and collective consciousness is where many of your ideas come from. Have you noticed how many times you would have thought up an idea and would have loved to see it come to life but were limited because of funds? Yet, you would see someone else on the other side of the world come up with the exact idea, but carried it out because they had the backing? Then you felt betrayed because you would say to yourself. Wow, I was the one that thought up that idea and yet this other person got to cash in on it. Why? There are many reasons. Karma could be at play, or your manifestation was not working because you did not know how to employ it correctly.  You set up the rolls you would play in this life and if you elected not to win the lottery or have these opportunities come easily because you wanted to experience something else, then that is what you have drawn to yourself.

Do not worry over these small issues beloved ones; remember none of the 3D materialistic things that you think are so dear will be carried over into 5D. You will have a far grander life, more joyful than you could ever imagine when you ascend completely. The time is quickly approaching. Don’t let the little things build up into bigger ones. These are all nonsense, so release the negativity. If you feel that something is negative, cover the issue with Love and Light and the issue will no longer have importance.

We embrace you all with much Love and Peace.

We are The Council of 12.

As Channeled by AnGeleve.



My 2 Cents:  Today, I feel the need to update this posting only because many of us are dealing with this issue on YouTube by the Light-workers who are claiming to channel High Councils and such. It really is a shame that a Light-worker would lash out at another light-worker who is kindly sharing the information we are suppose to share without EGO attachment. I was given strikes on my YouTube channel for one such Channeler whose works I will no longer post here or on YouTube. Perhaps she is going through tough times, but aren’t we all? I noticed that the website she advertises does not connect and returns errors.

Let us send her Love and Light and hope that the High Council of Orion will help her with her finances soon, as she is striking back at several Light-workers who have kindly shared her Postings. It is now an EGO issue it seems. I am sorry if my posting of her work upset her. Karen, I can not write to you but wish you well. I do want others to know that anything I have posted is fine to share as that is what we are suppose to do. It is classified as Educational as that is what it truly is.

Today I could not log into my account as I was banned from my YouTube channel until I had to watch a most annoying 3D Copyright video and take a test before they would unlock my site. And now I have a strike against me, from her and the video removed. I was totally shocked.

Enough said. I will continue to post and share the works of other channelers who are not dealing with EGO and want the teachings shared. Be Forgiving for those who we do not understand the reason for their actions. We need to remember that WE ARE ONE. So know that I do forgive your actions my dear.

You may ask. So why would a Light-worker want to destroy another Light-workers YouTube account? Could this be the work of the Dark Ones who are trying to strike at us anyway they can?  It very well could be. For EGO means “Edging God Out”. This is one item we are to get rid of to help us in the Ascension.

I know that the Dark Forces are still sending out their Dark Frequencies, and we all need to Meditate on sending out tons of LOVE and the Violet Flames of Healing to clear all negative actions, emotions, and thoughts.

My Dearest Angelic Family and Friends I send you my deepest Love always, and please do not think that I am complaining, for I am only puzzled and wish to warn others to be careful of those who are so drenched in this 3D world. They have not learned to “Let Go and Let God”.

Copyrights and EGO are so 3D.

Be Blessed.




Visions By AnGeleve

– Re-posted from my original post on on March 23, 2012 –

Sometime I have found that if I just start writing, it will be downloaded into my fingers, and I am not sure if it is my Higher Self doing the writing or an Angel Guide.

I have been seeing a magnificent white light, it would see to come alive, as words started floating around but these are words that I am not familiar with in my current Earth 3D body. I have received a message that this is an encoding download, being sent to all of us. Some of us can see it and other can hear it. I am able to see things clearly but not always hear them. It is frustrating at times for me but an inner knowing helps me to understand that all will come about at the right time. Patience is key always. We need to clear our minds from all toxic parts of our current life’s existence and work on the joy that we received from this journey. We have gained so much and learned so much. Soon we will be able to share this learning with our Galactic Families.

We are on the brink of the most glorious and holy events to ever happen on the Earth. It is an Event that we were prepared to take before we accepted this Earthly vessel.  We knew the risk and the contracts at the time we parted before the veil was placed upon us. Little bits of my past lives are surfacing from time to time so I am feeling like I am making progress.  Mother Earth is ascending along with her children. We have a marvelous journey ahead in the coming months. There is nothing to fear and every reason to be totally excited about this. Let the child in you celebrate. Soon we will be able to see our loved ones again and rejoice. 5D will be similar to what we have here but so much better from what they say. There will be no starvation, or hate, no fear or war. All negative emotions and behaviors of the 3D world will be left behind. Those who do not want to ascend will be left behind, as well as those who want to stay.

I practice my April is Clean Up MonthMeditations daily and recently I have been receiving many visions. These visions usually happen during the Meditations. Here is a list of a few of these recent visions. See what you feel they could mean. I am giving you what I feel they could be but I am not so perfect with symbolism as yet. I am trying.

Recently: I saw a Number 2 so I am feeling that within Two weeks something really life changing will happen. This could mean two weeks, or it could have meant the 22 which was yesterday. Or something will happen on April 2, or 22nd or 2pm.  I believe that Gaia was to shift on March 22, 2012. Guess what … we are all still here. The Dark Ones wanted us to believe that it was going to cause cataclysms that would cause massive loss of life. We will have to see what happened. I felt nothing but twitches in my eyes. I guess I will need to go ground myself I feel over charged.

Another vision:  I see a Giant Vacuum Cleaner held over Gaia. This could mean several things. The big clean up of the Planet will be in full force at that time and / or the Dark Ones as our Star Family lovingly call them, will be cleaned up completely by then. I was given a month of April.

Another vision: I saw a Bull changing towards me and on his back sat a Goddess of pure Gold with many jewels. Rubies, Emeralds, Diamonds, Sapphires and other precious and semi-precious stones. She was smiling and sitting in a lotus position.  So I feel that this is the Prosperity Program which will come into full effect in Taurus. That will be soon my friends.

Another vision: I was shown a tiny peep hole in which I was allowed to view the 5D world. It was so beautiful that it was breath taking. I felt the Love and Beauty and the colors were rich beyond anything I could dream of. It was like a Fantasy Painting come alive.

Another vision: I was shown Gaia with a massive amount of fire around her. The fire was Pink, Violet and was dancing all around her like it was alive. It was really quite striking to view and strange as well. I could see her Oceans and Land as they were consumed in the flames. These flames did not burn but were like massaging her. So I believe this vision means the Healing of the Light workers is working and she is being given the healing rays of Love and Light to restore her health. We still have a long way to go in Healing our precious Planet. We can do it my Dear Angelic Friends. We are the stewards of the Earth.

Be Blessed Always.


Video Posted on YouTube:  This is 3 parts due to my time limit on YouTube

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Thank You President Trump

Draining The SwampDecember 15, 2018
Pray for President Trump, the White Hats, our Military and all benevolent beings helping to Free Humanity . Be in JOY and in PEACE. Love others as you Love yourself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Be an example of Love and Joy. Peace will be ours and so it is.

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