Pentagon Insider Gives Intel Update on #Vault7


Pentagon Insider Gives Intel Update on #Vault7


We have been reaching out to our Pentagon insider and…  FINALLY!  We got a reply and he has agreed to answer some questions about Vault 7.

Q. Vault 7 is the biggest story of the year, right?
A. It gets bigger by orders of magnitude.

Q. So what happens now?
A. The story will go well beyond Implants, C2’s, and LP’s.

Q.  What does that mean?
A. Listening posts, Malware. The danger is in how the CIA declassified “war code”. They also failed to keep different eggs in different baskets. This can be blamed on the agency not wanting to loop NSA in their plans. In essence, the CIA sought to create their own NSA.

Q. What do you see happening next?
A. Well, “Whack A Mole” takes on a whole new meaning!

Q. Whoa…….
A.  The media steps in. Talking heads bemoan the “threat to national security”, blame Russia, avoid any mention of Uk involvement or Israel, which by the way, is furious beyond belief and scared shitless  at the release of  Vault 7… as are the Brits.

Q. We keep hearing this. Why?  The Brits and Israeli’s are allies, right?
A.  Define ally? The CIA, MI6 and Israeli secret service have been engaged in asymmetrical espionage on civilians, both domestically and abroad. They turned their tradecraft on the civi’s. Thats not going to play out well. There are bigger floods ahead, I fear.

Q. Floods?
A. Its a term used to denote large scale leaks or breeches in intelligence.

Q. What type of things can we expect?
A.  Right now, the first dump concentrated on the CIA’s toolkit. The fear and loathing barometer tells me there is real concern the source code will get leaked, and even bigger concern the CIA’s past ‘activities” get exposed. If that happens, we will have a shockwave and an instant realignment of friends and foes.

Q. Could you explain further?
A. Lets say Wikileaks divulges that the CIA engages in domestic espionage in tandem with Mossad and MI6… Lets say CIA looks the other way while foreign nations are allowed to surveil American citizens… Lets say the people find out we created Isis with Israel, or the CIA really did neutralize Kennedy. Imagine how the citizens will view the CIA, Mossad and MI6.  In truth, these entities are not the beast, but rather the claws of the beast.  The combination of the CIA, Mossad and MI6 can be considered the greatest sponsors of terrorism in the world.

Q.  Wow. So you are saying Wikileaks may leak the secret history of the CIA?
A. I am sure its coming. Why did they use a Kennedy quote referencing the CIA’s destruction as their passphrase? I am pretty certain they plan to expose just who was behind the Kennedy assassination.

Q. If foreign nations were behind 9/11, will the people sit idly and forget about it and go back to their everyday lives?
A.  2 years ago, I would have been confident they would have behaved as the lemmings the CIA expects them to behave like. But the foundation of trust is eroding. People no longer trust DC, MSM, Banks, our courts, etc.

Q.  Will Pedogate ever be fully exposed?
A. Vault 7 will make certain that Pedogate is exposed. CIA and Mossad are behind much of it. Many in my close circle welcomes what Wikileaks has done.  Most military servicemen serve honorably. Most law enforcement as well. We want the swamp drained. If Trump muzzles Pence, and guides this nation by his instincts, my guess is he will gut the CIA, modernize it, kick the MI6 and Mossad out of the tent and start re-evaluating who our friends are.  Start with Saudi Arabia. Our relationship with the UK is very good from a military standpoint. That will not go away. But, we need to weaken the power and reach of our current intelligence community as it is forced to disengage from foreign intelligence services like Mi6 and Mossad. We have to stand alone.

Q.  Whats the immediate effect of Vault 7 for the average computer user?
A. Siege mentality, I would imagine. Is your anti virus actually a virus?  You will see computer “eye patches” being sold to cover the camera. Users will start to physically disable their mics, and only use headphone mic’s that you can detach when not using it.The public will equate all internet enabled consumer products as weapons of espionage and potential murder. The climate of the American public is one of distrust and apprehension.  They do not feel protected.  If you’re talking about a failure to protect America people, you can add, the CDC, the SEC, the USDA, Homeland Security, and just about every other branch of government.
But, the sub rosa conclusions swim in even deeper waters. America feels sabotaged by it’s Government. We falsely believed we were spectators at a Roman Arena, watching the blood sport of foreign wars on our flat screens and computers. Iraq, Syria, Yemen.
But, now we have soft terror in France, Germany, Turkey, United States, and so on.  And with the revelation of our devices listening in on us, its clear we are not spectators in the Roman Arena, but lion and gladiator fodder, as well.

Q. So its all going to hell?
A. No.  Vault 7 is a good thing, actually. From a military standpoint, it’s better to protect an aware civilian population than one that is programmed and obtuse . The average Joe and Mary damn well want to know if their kids are being spied on. The exploitation of these cybertools, in the hands of pedophiles, psychopaths and phishermen is what should really alarm people.  This is a watershed moment in American history, The pursuit of privacy may eclipse the pursuit of happiness.

Q. Can I trust my phone?
A. Google’s Android Operating System is used in almost 9 out of 10 smart phones globally. Google, Facebook and Apple may very well have sold backdoor access to the CIA. We call it Judas technology.


George Kavassilas: Exposing the AI Agenda

Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs

November 2, 2016
George Kavassilas Update – Exposing the AI Agenda
Received via email……..


Hello Beautiful People

Yes – this is an EPIC newsletter!
Beta Tested

This is the follow-up newsletter to my previous one, titled ‘Beamed”.

In that last newsletter, I shared with you my experience of being beamed with a technology that influenced my mental and emotional states over a period of 2 days.  This in turn had an impact on my physical body.

I have experienced many forms of technologies during my extensive inter-dimensional and extra-terrestrial experiences.  But this was different … something new.

Since writing my previous newsletter, I’ve continued and deepened my investigation.

I have always shared from direct experience and the following information is no different.

What you are about to read exposes the way Malevolent AI intends to bisect us from our Mother Planet.

This is an insidious violation of our connection to our natural existence and our sovereignty.

Before we go any further, I need to give you some context.

We are approaching an auspicious and decisive point in our journey.  There is a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional imposition occurring that is focused and determined to subjugate our Humanity and our planet.

Over the past few years, I have exposed the multi-layered structure of this imposition.


Here’s a brief recap:
Layer 3 is at the top of the hierarchy.  It is the overlord and rules over Layer 2, which in turn rules over Layer 1.  Important to know that these layers are also factional – there are genuine conflicts between them.

Layer 2 is imposing itself on our planet both covertly and overtly.  Covertly by interacting with the breakaway civilisation, the secret space program and certain factions within the military industrial complex.  Overtly via the implementation of technologies in our everyday lives.  Layer 2 is muscling in on Layer 1 (the ruling elite).  Some elements within the ruling elite have already aligned themselves with Layer 2, but other elements of the current elite are digging their heels in and fighting to hold onto their position of global dominance.

Many years ago I said that the most powerful malevolent AI in the Universe is being used as the scalpel with the intention of severing and bisecting Humanity from its planetary Mother.

We are now seeing this scalpel implemented.


Over the years I have experienced many technologies, in various forms, designed for mind entrainment and/or to induce physical debilitation and even fatal illness.

I was beta tested because I am a divergent and a thought leader.  I am one of several people leading the charge to expose the extent of multi-dimensional mind and matrix control systems being imposed onto our Human Race.  They figure if a technology is going to work on me, then it’s likely to work on the majority of people.

Since the last newsletter, I have been deeply tracking the energy interdimensionally to investigate the extent and reach of this technology.

This is what I have discovered.


Exposing the AI Agenda

A digital/plasmic cortex is being created around the planet. It is not being created by what is commonly known as conventional satellites. The technology being used to create this cortex is way beyond anything we’ve ever known.

The cortex is a living membrane.  It’s spawned out of intelligent base stations that are living artificial intelligent craft placed in orbit around our planet. The craft/AI beings have the ability to phase just out of our sphere of reality (when required for the purpose of stealth) and still maintain connection with the cortex.

These craft/AI beings link in with collider units on/in ground and other underground installations.  Those other underground installations harbour highly advanced technology created by secret allied military organisations and associated extra-dimensional and inter-dimensional races.  The collider units are the pathway into the sub-atomic realm of our reality from within our Human society.  AI is using mind entrained scientists to do its bidding on the ground level of our reality.

The links to these technologies creates a loop-back system to the living cortex, which allows AI to infiltrate our reality at the deepest levels possible.  It’s pumping energy into the sub-atomic realm of this planet.  It wants to recreate its own version, an artificial version of our natural planetary reality.

All this talk of our current planetary reality being nothing more than a hologram is a psy-op created by AI.  As part of its creative process, it needs to feed off the mind energy of the people who believe the story in order to create the new hologram reality it desires.

The Matrix movie was a prophecy – not a representation of what already exists, but a depiction of what is in the process of being created here.


A New Technology

Within the cortex, a new technology is birthing.  It’s a technology they are going to implement both globally and locally, on the ground in our communities. The 5G network will provide the initial platform for its global rollout.

Yes … I am calling out and exposing the 5G network as the next greatest threat to our wellbeing as a Humanity.  The 5G network is going to be the initial carrier wave for a new technology.

Even though the Banking conglomerates, the pharmaceutical corporates, the food corporates and the media corporates have been the big players in the subjugation of humanity thus far, they now all pale in the wake of the telco giants and their rapid technological advancements.
The Telco giants and their AI overlord are now our main nemesis!

My investigations have revealed that the first full scale implementation will be a waveform similar to a saw tooth waveform.  This will be the carrier wave for another frequency – a living spiral form of frequency patterning residing on the tips of the triangulated sawtooth.  This spiral frequency component is new and I can’t even identify it as a wave pattern.  It’s more like a living micro radio harmonic that will attack us by burrowing into our cells and invading us on the mitochondrial level.

The Beta test imposed on me was those prototype frequencies coming through a temporary, localised 5G trial.

When the 5G network comes online, it’s going to have far more impact because it’s going to be broad spectrum. And it’s going to be very effective.

The Beta test attacked me on the mitochondrial level.  I want to explain why this is important.

The Mitochondria is your connection to your birth Mother.  It is also your connection to your Mother Planet and to the natural Divine Feminine and Mother Essence of the Universal Creator.
NOTE: I am not referring here to the Goddess energy.  The Goddess energy is something different – it is part of the God Matrix.  You may need to look deeper into my work to understand the difference.

Our Mitochondria is the physical pathway that connects us to Earth.  They want to sever our Humanity from our Planetary Mother.

In those 2 days when I was getting beamed, I experienced profound emptiness, darkness and despair because I was temporarily severed from my mother planet.  I felt like a lost empty shell – like a zombie.

After 2 days of allowing this imposition to occur so I could learn from it and about it, I reached a threshold – a critical mass within myself.  I then decided enough was enough and my Greater Being became more present.  I dealt with the situation using my inner light, my inner intelligence and my inner skills and capabilities.

You Hold the Key

I share my experiences not to frighten you, but instead to help you realise the power you hold within to deal with the challenges we have in our lives today and the challenges that are rapidly approaching, regardless of their form.

Fear, uncertainty and subservience all lead to despair and hopelessness.  When we lose hope and trust in our own inner love, we hand over the unfoldment of our life to an external force.  We hand over our creative process to another energy/entity that sees us as a resource and desires to use us for its own nefarious purposes.

It’s time for us to stand true in our sovereign infinite nature.

We as a Humanity have everything it takes to face this imposition and confront it.

This content must get out.

The circus distraction of the US election campaign is exactly that – one big distraction.  Meanwhile, a living AI cortex surrounding our planet is being rolled out, along with upgrades in our everyday ground level tech.   Those upgrades are designed to interface with the cortex and close the loop to allow a full imposition of our reality and especially of our Humanity on a cellular and mitochondrial level.

This needs to be front and centre of our awareness because we need to be prepared.  We need to be ready to deal with this when 5G gets rolled out.

I recommend that this line of inquiry be a major push for us all because we are all being beamed on a daily basis.  What I experienced in a personally targeted format will soon become a broader transmission.  Mind control through technology is the final frontier for complete domination of our Humanity.

Please help by bringing this to the attention of those you feel can make a difference, respectfully and without fear.  We truly need to become more awake and aware to this challenge so we may transcend this imposition in a mature and wise manner.

At this point, most of my investigation focuses on how we can best prepare ourselves using our inner intelligence.

I’ll share more as I learn more.

In Love Liberation and Fortitude

George Kavassilas
I Am Infinite!


From Jail: A Statement From Ammon Bundy to the Public Today, Feb 4 2016





From Jail:
A Statement From Ammon Bundy to the Public Today, Feb 4 2016

The following is a letter and a recorded statement given today (2/4/16) from Ammon Bundy which was sent out via email by his mother Carol Bundy from the Bundy Ranch. At the conclusion of the letter is a link to contribute to Ammon Bundy’s legal defense fund, should you wish to lend a hand.

Since Bundy’s arrest, we have heard from the media and even from Ammon Bundy’s lawyer, that Ammon has urged everyone at the refuge to return home. The recorded statement below, which was most likely recorded by Carol Bundy, isn’t as long as the letter from Ammon immediately after, but I would assume if Ammon really wanted everyone to give up and go home, he’d have had every opportunity in the world on the call recording below… but he doesn’t mention it.

Frankly, I get quite the opposite impression from him… so I cannot help but wonder if what we’ve heard is more of the FBI trying to silence the truth, as I have already documented.

Listen for yourself, and make your own judgment. Immediately following I will be providing more information on the sanctioned government assassination of rancher LaVoy Finicum.



Dear Friends,
Hundreds of people were freely coming into the refuge to get education on their rights.  Many group presentations were given each day.  On Saturday, the 24th, ten ranchers from Oregon, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona nullified their grazing contracts with the BLM and U.S. Forest Service.  On Saturday, the 24th, grand jury administrators from Nebraska and Florida were forming a grand jury to review the abuses in the Hammond case.  Tuesday, the 27th, the day LaVoy was killed, we began releasing documents exposing criminal acts by the government.  The evening of the 27th, a meeting was scheduled with Grant County residents to give a presentation with those at the refuge.  To give their presentation to hundreds of people in the county, including the county Sheriff.

The FBI attacked those who were to give the presentation on the way to this peaceful meeting, leaving hundreds at the meeting with no speakers.  On Wednesday, the 28th, a follow up meeting was scheduled with Harney County residents with those at the refuge to finalize actions to claim back lands that were taken by the BLM, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and United States Forest Service.  This included plans to take action to begin logging again in Harney County and to restore the thriving economy once known to the Harney County residents.  On Thursday evening, the 29th, a meeting was scheduled with Malheur County residents with those at the refuge to give a presentation on the constitution as it pertained to federal limits to land ownership inside the states. This meeting was to occur in Ontario, Oregon.  Hundreds were expected to attend.  The sheriff’s Department also accepted the invitation and was scheduled to attend.

On Friday afternoon, the 30th, residents surrounding Jordan Valley, Oregon, had scheduled a seminar with those at the refuge to come out and inform them of how they can protect themselves from a national monument that is to be signed in by President Obama this year, 2016.  This monument is twice the size of Yellowstone, takes up a third of the county’s land mass, and will put over 250 ranchers out of business as they know it.  Ranchers from Malheur county were scheduled to nullify their contracts with the U.S. Forest Service.

In the following weeks, meetings were scheduled in Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and the State of Washington.  Multiple Skype meetings were also set up throughout the Western U.S.  All these meetings were to discuss how they would stand against the unconstitutional land control by the federal government.  Those at the refuge collected over 50 testimonies of ranchers who lost their family property to the U.S. Government in Harney and surrounding counties.  Hundreds of government documents were compiled by those at the refuge.  Many of the documents exposed abusive actions by federal government officials, Judge Grasty, Harney County Sheriff’s Department and direct abuses to the Hammond family.

Escalation of force from the FBI, OSP, and the Sheriff’s Department incrementally increased as the education from the refuge expanded.  Government officials knew that if they did not take forceful preemptive action to stop the expanding the influence of the refuge, many would begin to stand for land rights as protected by the United States Constitution.  Make no mistake about it: those that were educating at the refuge and are now suffering in jail at this time are political prisoners.
Those at the refuge never pointed a gun and never pulled a trigger to kill.  They chose to educate, giving others the freedom to choose.  The government promoted fear and forceful tactics to control and stop this education.  And ultimately, they used force by the barrel of the gun.

Please watch the video above.
Ammon Bundy





Link: To contribute to Ammon’s defense CLICK HERE


Help to break facebook by using a new social media platform for the people.

Help to break facebook by using a new social media platform for the people..


Okay I joined today and started my first post


Thank You President Trump

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