Max Steel Interview: SSP, Implant Removal, Frequency Healing, Fair Dealing

Max Steel Interview: SSP, Implant Removal, Frequency Healing, Fair Dealing

Awakening Cosmic Reality Show 

Published on Jan 7, 2017

In the Interview with Max Steel, Nicole Steel, Jesscia Marrocco, Jay Pee (Wolf Spirit Radio), and Elena Kapulnik we discuss what is going on with the Secret Space Programs, what is Implant Removal and frequency adjustments/healings that Max does, as well as treating people with respect and not taking advantage of others, this pertains to fair treatment/fair dealing of individuals on Earth.

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GoldFish Report NO 71, Message from Arcturian Council with Captain Max Steel

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GoldFish Report NO 71, Message from Arcturian Council with Captain Max Steel

The GoldFish Report 

Published on Jan 14, 2017
GoldFish Report No. 71, Message from Arcturian Council with Jerry, Capt. Max and Nicole Steel from Wolf Spirit Radio. Jerry presents a time sensitive message to humanity regarding the positive earth changes that include the cosmic energies, Trump Inauguration, and the karmic paradigm shift. For more information about the Arcturian Council messages please visit and WolfSPirit Radio and look for The Captain Max Steele SHow, every Wednesday 7PMPST /10PM EST.


Gary Larrabee Show on YouTube: Kent Dunn and Captain Max Steel Share Exciting News

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Kent Dunn With Max Steel Sharing a Channeled Message: “Everyone Pray and Discern Every Word” !!

NOTE from Angel4Light:

I don’t know about you, but I am truly very excited. 

It is like running a marathon which seemed to go on forever, but now the finish tape is in clear view and all obstacles are being removed.

Share your light with others. We still have a few bumps in the road but all will turn out perfect.

Meditation is critical or praying. It is however you want to sit and talk to GOD. 


Kent Dunn Update: Great Interview with Sam Mugzzi and Captain Max Steel

Captain Max Steel (Galactic-Commander) and Kent Dunn (Spiritual Medium)
The Quantum Shift
Hosted By Dr Sam Mugzzi

Published on Jan 4, 2017

Dr. Sam Mugzzi interviews Capt. Max Steel and Kent Dunn. 

This is part one of this interview. The second part of this interview is on Wolf Spirit Radio with Capt. Max Steel and Kent Dunn.

Tonight we are discussing the Star Wars, and Global Liberation. Pindar, Queen Lizzy, Denver Airport, Underground bases, Freemasons, Annuaki, and Clones. We also discuss the Pleiadian’s Healing Machines, and the Healing Frequencies that are now coming to the public. 

These Healing Computers will regrow limbs, reverse age, and retrain the body to heal itself from all disease. 

This transition that we are going through will take us to the Golden Ages and a happier reality. 

Who is the Pope and what is his role within the Washington DC Corporation. 

We also discussed the global collateral accounts, and the Strawman accounts. These are connected to the birth certificates and will be dissolved with the elimination of the Federal Reserve and IRS. 

For more information on the RV, GVR and other financial abundance programs; check Gary Larabee’s Youtube channel.

There is a lot mentioned during this show so you will want to join us and the Wolf Spirit Radio show Wednesday nights 2017. 

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