10 Amazing Dolphin Superpowers

10 Amazing Dolphin Superpowers

by Monte Richard

Everyone loves dolphins. They’re intelligent, inquisitive, playful creatures who have captivated people since the dawn of time. But dolphins didn’t get to be everyone’s favorite aquatic mammal just by lounging around all day. Having to adapt to life in the harsh ocean environment requires some serious skills. As a result dolphins, have developed some incredible abilities that continue to amaze researchers.


Everything needs sleep. The human world record holder, Randy Gardner, stayed awake for 11 days straight. By the fourth day, he was hallucinating. Not sleeping will eventually kill you and every other mortal creature with higher brain functions—except dolphins, which have apparently found a way around sleep. Baby dolphins actually forgo sleep for the first month of life—and so, therefore, do their parents. The trick is that these amazing sea critters can shut half of their brain off at a time. Scientists tested dolphin reactions without rest for five days straight and their reaction time never slowed. Blood tests for signs of stress or sleep deprivation turned up negative. Dolphins may be able to do this indefinitely. Another study showed that dolphins can use their sonar for 15 days straight with almost perfect accuracy. It makes sense that dolphins evolved a way to keep an eye out for predators while they’re dozing in the open ocean. But the truly fascinating part about all of this is that tests showed visual information was being passed from the snoozing side to the active side. Even though they shut down half of their noggin at a time, the other half can take over all the functions. It’s almost as if they have two brains.


Everyone knows about dolphins and sonar. With those trademark clicks and squeaks they use sound to perceive the world around them. You would think that would mean their other faculties would be diminished. But in fact, they have better eyesight than we do. To start, dolphins have an eye on each side of their head, which gives them a panoramic visual range of 300 degrees. They can see behind themselves, and each eye can move independently of the other, meaning they can look two different directions at the same time. They also have a reflective layer of cells just behind the retina called the tapetem lucidem. This helps them to see exceptionally well in low light. And as if all of that wasn’t enough, dolphins can see just as well out of the water as in it.


Why aren’t dolphins covered in barnacles? Whales are coated in the things, but the dolphin family seem to be immune. Look at Flipper or Shamu (killer whales are just big dolphins by the way): They’re clean and glassy smooth. So what’s their secret? Super skin. Dolphin’s unique skin gives them all kinds of advantages. To start, while their epidermis is no tougher than ours, it is about 10 to 20 times thicker than any land animal. It also grows about nine times faster than ours. An entire layer of skin is replaced every two hours. This rapid skin regeneration helps to keep dolphins smooth, silky, and hydrodynamic. Dolphins also have microscopic ripples in their skin, which help them travel faster through the water and prevent parasites from grabbing hold. But the real secret of why dolphins are so clean is that they secrete a special gel, which resists the mucus that barnacles and their ilk cling on with. So dolphins are covered in some sort of natural glue solvent. Even if something does find a way to latch on, this dolphin grease also contains enzymes that attack parasites.


It turns out that dolphins are pretty good swimmers. The bottlenose can hold its breath for 12 minutes and dive nearly 550 meters (1800 ft). Part of the reason dolphins can do this is because they’ve got incredible lungs. Though they aren’t much bigger than our own, they’re much more efficient. With each breath, a dolphin exchanges 80 percent or more of its lung air. We puny humans can only get out about 17 percent. Their blood and muscles can store and transport more of that oxygen, too. This is because they have more red blood cells, which in turn have greater concentrations of hemoglobin than we do. But this still doesn’t fully explain how dolphins can hold their breath for so long and dive so deep. To accomplish this feat, they can also restrict where their blood circulates. During long dives, blood is shunted away from the extremities and sent to the heart and brain. All nonessential tissues are cut off and forced to rely on their own internal supplies.


Dolphin healing is pretty much impossible. Seriously, scientific opinion can be summed up as “its healing is almost alien compared to what we are capable of.” They’ve been known to survive wounds the size of basketballs, and they will regrow that huge chunk of flesh in a couple of weeks, actually returning to the original contours instead of leaving a gaping scar. They don’t just heal, they regenerate. Their recuperative abilities have been likened to fetuses in the womb. But besides Wolverine-esque recovery skills, dolphins don’t bleed out either. Typically, when someone takes a shovelful of flesh out of your side you’ll hemorrhage to death. However, it’s believed dolphins use the same mechanics that enable them to dive to great depths to help them constrict blood vessels to stem the flow.


Dolphins don’t care about little inconveniences like mind-numbing agony. After receiving crippling injuries that would incapacitate just about any other creature on Earth, dolphins have been observed playing, swimming, and feeding normally. They give no outward signs of the gaping wound full of exposed nerve endings that should be screaming bloody murder. And it’s not that they don’t feel pricks and pokes. Dolphins are just as sensitive as we are. But when inflicted with a serious wound they shrug it off. It’s believed they must be able to produce natural morphine-strength painkillers . . . that are nonaddictive.Try losing a bucket’s worth of flesh then going back to work in the morning with only your body’s natural painkillers to tide you over and see how that works out for you. Since predators go after the weak, not showing pain or distress makes evolutionary sense. If you just got a hole the size of a melon blown in you, you really don’t want to advertise that fact to any sharks that might be lurking nearby.


In 1936, famed British zoologist Sir James Gray was amazed by how fast dolphins could swim. He’d studied their anatomy extensively and the best he could guess at was that dolphin skin had to have some sort of magical anti-drag properties. This was known as “Gray’s paradox,” and it wasn’t officially solved until 2008. Gray wasn’t completely wrong—dolphins do have anti-drag properties, but he grossly underestimated the power that a dolphin’s muscles produce. Olympic swimmers can produce about 60 or 70 pounds of thrust in the water. A dolphin moving at average speed hits 200. Swimming at full tilt, these aquatic speed demons can produce 300 to 400 pounds of thrust. That’s over five times what the most physically fit person on earth can do. And dolphins are extremely energy efficient, too. A human can only convert about four percent of their energy into forward momentum in the water. Dolphins, on the other hand, can turn 80 percent of their energy into thrust, making them some of the most efficient swimmers in the ocean.


Dolphins are able to swim with open wounds in the bacteria-riddled ocean and not die of infection. And the incredibly filthy teeth of sharks don’t bother them much either. Without hospitalization, humans would die of sepsis within a few days of a shark bite . But dolphins seem to do just fine. In fact, they won’t get any infection at all, which has been described as no less than “miraculous.” And yet dolphins have an immune system similar to ours, so how have they acquired this super resilience? Well, no one really knows. The best guess that science has is that dolphins have managed to siphon off antibiotics made by plankton and algae. Chemicals produced by these microscopic creatures have been found in dolphin blubber. As the blubber decomposes at the site of the wound, it gives off these natural antibacterial substances. How they can store these lifesaving chemicals just under their skin instead of metabolizing or excreting them is still a mystery.

Magnetic Sense

Why do dolphins and whales strand themselves on beaches? It’s a mystery that has confounded researchers for years. Theories include some strange disease, pollution, or military sonar testing. But autopsies have not produced a smoking gun. And when you take into account that strandings have been recorded for hundreds of years, it probably rules out humans as the cause. Now, some researchers are beginning to suspect that it’s all the sun’s fault. Dolphins and whales have magnetite crystals in their brain to help them sense the magnetic field of the earth. With this built-in GPS, they can navigate the featureless oceans with ease. One group of researchers plotted stranding spots along the US East Coast and found that they coincided with places where local magnetic rock reduces the Earth’s magnetic field. So a deep-sea dolphin or whale that depends on its magnetic sense might not see the shore till it’s too late. Other evidence suggests that when the sun throws too much radiation our way, it also screws up the magnetic senses of aquatic mammals. Researchers at the University of Kiel have shown that most beachings correlate with the portions of the sun’s solar cycle that produce a higher flux of radiation. This might explain why rescued dolphins and whales will often turn around and beach themselves again.


Dolphin sonar is pretty incredible. The ability to detect objects from a distance through some sort of aquatic beatboxing is just amazing. And combined with the other senses we’ve already covered, dolphins have some of the keenest senses of any animal on the planet. Yet Mother Nature isn’t done with these sea critters. They can boast one other super sense: electroreception. Dolphins can actually sense the electrical impulses given off by all living things. Guiana dolphins live around the coast of South America and resemble the common bottlenose. Researchers discovered a depression on their rostrum (snout) that can detect electrical impulses given off by the muscles of fish. Scientists liken the sensitivity of its electroreception to that of a platypus. They probably use this ability to search for fish hiding in the mud. Sonar is great for detecting objects at a distance, but not so much when you get up close. Scientists suspect that all dolphins and even some whales may have this ability.

NOTE: The original article has a lot of links to explain more information but were too many for me to provide here. Please go to original article if you are interested in more information. https://listverse.com/2013/09/03/10-amazing-dolphin-superpowers/


9 Things Only Awakened Souls Will Understand

9 Things Only Awakened Souls Will Understand


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Published on Jun 21, 20179 Things Only Awakened Souls Will Understand June 21, 2017

by Steven Aitchison stevenaitchison.co.uk

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The Event: Lifting The Veil by KejRaj (Era of Light)


June 19, 2017

The Event: Lifting The Veil by KejRaj (Era of Light)


The Event: Lifting The Veil

Greetings Beings of Light! As always, from heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy).

The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. We hope you FEEL our LIGHT and LOVE in this message.

Body of Light

Moving forward in 2017 and beyond, the vibrational level on Earth is fast increasing, our physical bodies are being filled with the purest light. It is essential that we are aware of what we put in our bodies. The food, the liquids, must all be natural and organic as often as possible. The number of people becoming aware of the animal consciousness is growing fast, and many are changing to a vegetarian diet, but that number still isn’t good enough. As we have said before it is all a matter of choice. Our bodies do not need meat. However the ego isn’t easy to balance, or be convinced of this.

There are more plants on this Earth than there are animals, and the less aware still ask, ‘how do you live without meat?’. Often they sarcastically say things such as ‘you know all the plants that die because of vegetarians?’. Well, for one, we don’t need to cut down the whole tree just to pick an apple. Secondly, the tree itself feels joy that it is able to share a part of itself with others. Can you say that for an animal that is about to get slaughtered? Surely the butcher must feel resistance from the animal. The energy of fear in the animal created by the moment their life is taken away is embedded in the meat. The toxins the animal releases into the flash when they learn that they are about to be killed. You are putting all of that in your body. Yes it will have many negative effects. Thirdly, we are not saying that vegetarians are better than others. For us, it was not an egotistical choice when we decided to only consume vegetables, it was not to be trendy. First reason was, we thought of the animals, and second, soon after eating only vegetables for a few weeks, we felt better in every aspect. Healthier, happier, lighter, more aware. Once again it is all a matter of choice. The eventual goal is to stop consumption all together as we move into the higher planes of existence. Live only off of the energy that our sun provides. And becoming vegetarian is the first step. However, you may continue in your old ways if you wish, but know this, as the energies become more powerful, the body requires nothing but pure light food, and if you fail to listen to your body, you become and ice cube in the sun.

Liquids. Drink purified, distilled water, a gallon a day, it may sound too much, it isn’t. It immensely makes it easier for the body to process the new light that is coming in. Of course all natural spring water is preferred. And for other drinks, choose 100% pure, natural juices only.

As far as medicine goes, no synthetic medicine whatsoever. If needed, use herbal medicine. You can find them now and days in your town, or purchase online.

As always, spend time outside as much as possible, no matter the weather. Nature is where you will find the more refined energies and relaxation.

New Perspective

As we make changes in our diet and eat lighter, as we choose to see things from a higher point of view, from the heart’s point of view, our vibration is being raised. We are becoming more aware of our true beingness and our surroundings.

The more you raise your vibration, the easier the process will be for you. The more the extrasensory abilities will be activated within you. Your chakras will be cleansed, fully activated, and become a spinning disk/wheel of light.

We are now approaching closer to the date of the Event, we will continue to feel different sensations in our bodies. The most common of course would be the physical pains and unpleasant dreams. Physical pain; Headaches, your forehead(third eye activations), rear of your head, lower neck, pain in the temporal branch of facial nerve area, sinus clearing, stomach pain(cleansing of your solar plexus). Left leg weakness and stiffness, also lower back pain(do to the kundalini energy rising).

The activation of our dormant DNA strands. Which are not ‘junk dna’, Creator does not create junk. Some of the symptoms of DNA activating; Flu like symptoms, dizziness, fear, anxiety, extreme fatigue, ears ringing, change in appetite, eating more or less than usual, emotions out of balance, crying one moment than laughing another, and more. These are just to name a few. But we must not forget that all are temporary. And soon you will begin to notice these symptoms less and less, ’til they are completely gone.

During this transition most of the activities will occur in your head part of the body. The activating of a larger percentage of your brain. This process will speed up once your third eye is fully activated. The pineal gland is the main, first receiver of the light, and it transmits it to the rest of the body.

It is our understanding that for all that remain on Earth right after the Event, every human being’s third eye will be fully activated. This will be the lifting of the veil on our transition from 4D to 5D reality Earth. This way most if not all, will be able to perceive the new world.

It is certain that once this occurs, there will be confusion among the masses, but not to worry, because this is where YOU come in. YOU will assist the Galactic Confederation with keeping humanity calm and at peace. This is when the answer to your question “What is my purpose in this life?” will be answered. You will put to use everything that you have learned in many, many journeys that you’ve had in other star systems.

Galactic Announcement

The Event has occurred, now the exciting part of your journey begins, if you have not found this process exciting all ready.

We do not wish to disappoint anyone of you, Starseeds and Lightworkers in particular, but we will say this with certainty, YOU are not going anywhere during or after the Event. You will not be taken by space craft to visit other worlds, at least not for now.

No mass evacuation will occur, this will not be necessary. Besides the souls that have all ready chosen to transition and incarnate on other worlds because they simply are not ready for this, the rest will remain on Earth through this life time and others will return and spend one or more life times on Earth after ascension, if they so choose. Reason being, as we stated earlier, it is after the Event that your real journey begins, of creating the new reality and returning Earth into her original pristine state that she once was. Like the Garden of EDON, a place that was once in the stars, not on Earth.

Mother Earth needs us. She has waited for millennia for this time and so have you, you have just forgotten this. Now, can you imagine how she would feel if we all just got up and left without completing the mission? She endured ‘hell’ for us and from us all these years because of the unconditional love she has for each and every human being on her outer and inner planes. It is only right that we do our part, though it may be impossible to return to her what she has given us, we must do all that we can to return her to the ‘heaven in physical form’ that she truly is, and in the very near future all will see this.

As the veil covering our hearts, our inner light, is lifted, as the disclosure of our true selves unfolds, before you know it, so too will occur the Galactic Disclosure on Earth.

The disclosure of our Galactic Family will be a world wide event, or we should say a galactic event. It will be ‘full disclosure’. All will hear, all will see, all will know. All will be aired on your televisions, computers, radios. The Galactic Confederation will take over the airwaves to make the grand announcement of their arrival. And other announcements soon after will follow. We will meet our cousins from Inner Earth. We will meet the Pleiadians, Andromedans, Arcturians, Sirians, Cetaceans, Venusians, and many many more. You will experience excitement beyond your wildest imaginations.

This is where you walk across the gates into the new light, into your new assignments. Once again, this is where you will put to use everything that you have learned in many, many lifetimes you have had. And this will be just the beginning of your journey.

All of this commences with the opening of the heart, unconditionally. Allowing the Creator’s essence of light and love to flow through and around you. Finding joy on your path, sharing this joy with all. Loving and accepting yourself, loving and accepting all others.

The brightest light shines from within. The more you realize and accept this, the closer to where you want to be will you find yourself. Stand in the center of your beingness. The time is now. Light, love, peace and joy are the new reality of Mother Earth.

From heart to heart, KejRaj(KayRy).

Source: Era of Light

Terra Zetzz


Thank You President Trump

Draining The SwampDecember 15, 2018
Pray for President Trump, the White Hats, our Military and all benevolent beings helping to Free Humanity . Be in JOY and in PEACE. Love others as you Love yourself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Be an example of Love and Joy. Peace will be ours and so it is.


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