All Time Favz – Having Fun with Billy

A trip down memory lane…

All Time Favz – Having Fun with Billy


Today I write:

This is one segment from one of my local TV Shows I use to have.

I just felt the need to go down memory lane. The show was well received and loved by many people.

We featured local talents. Many who you have heard of and enjoyed throughout the years.

The Show started out as “Eves Orbit”, then I increased the time from a 30 minute show to one hour, then I changed the name. Each change Billy Scott was there to help bring in the quality talents we wanted to feature. Billy went from being just a talent on the show to a Staring talent and he let me use his song that he wrote and performed as the show’s intro “Roll Around Rocking”.

Eves Orbit features Maurice Williams (“Stay”, May I” fame) and the Zodiacs, his song “I Remember” was given to me to use as my intro and even exit music if I needed. I continued to use Maurice Williams Song intro on N-Orbit.

I am forever grateful for Maurice Williams’ friendship and his talent. He added so much to our shows.

It was through Maurice Williams that I met Billy Scott at a Concert Maurice had. Billy and I just hit off immediately. But truth is, if you ever met Billy you couldn’t help but be one of his friends. He was so approachable and extremely friendly and very genuine.

I had been to so many of Billy’s concerts in the past but never got the chance to really get to know him, until we did the TV shows together.

Our friendship was priceless and enduring.

I couldn’t tell him when I left the show that my health and finances was the issue. His last words to me were “Thank you Sugar for making my dreams come true, by giving me a TV Show, it was always one of my biggest Dreams”.

I thanked Billy from my heart and told him the success of the Show was all his doing.

I had promised to still be his Editor and Director should he need me. I have tons of footage never shown that would keep his show going. I even gave him permission to retain the name of the show.

Sadly we had opposition, ego and pig headed people who were jealous or envious of our successful show and wanted my time spots. Actually I had two shows at this time and both were one hour shows. My Husband was the Producer and Director for our other TV Show called “N-Orbit”, which was the same genre as “All Time Favz” Doowop, Beach, Country, Blues, Jazz.

My husband and I traveled to various concerts and events to get the great footage that we got. And I still have tons of footage that has never been edited. One day I may do this.

Sadly the politics in TV are cut-throat. Even that the show made no money and was a community service, which I am proud to say, was very well received, high quality and very much loved and respected.

I told Billy that I have enough footage to keep him busy for the next 6 years, without him having to go to the Studio, and that I would be willing to come film for him if he needed, direct and even edit for his own show, but we (my husband and I) could no longer be able to have our shows since we were moving out of Charlotte, it was part of the Studios stupid Rules.

The TV station pulled some very dirty tricks on Billy by changing the way you could become a Producer. I didn’t hear about this until later. But it must have been heavens way of helping Billy. TV Production is very time consuming and the Studio set ups and break downs were a pain in the back side because you always had to rearrange the lights and sets.

Billy had late stage cancer and left us too soon. I only found out by a friend who saw the obituary and was able to go to his service.

Through the years I have watched many of my friends depart this Earth and break my heart. I miss them all, but to this day I am still quite emotional over Billy leaving.

He has visited me in spirit and even hugged me in Spirit. He knows how much we loved and will always love him.

This journey down memory lane is special for me and I thought you might enjoy the experience. I will try to share more as time allows.

For anyone wanting to see other episodes, I will be putting it up later, via my current YouTube channel “Angel4LightAndLove” because my “EvesOrbit” channel has locked me out and I don’t have my old email address or domain name so it has been impossible to add more footage there or answer emails or comments, but I do go in to write a comment in the comment section.


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