Very Important! Nesara & Gesara 1 – 5

Very Important! Nesara & Gesara 1 – 5

By Angel4Light

It is well worth your time to watch or listen to each one of these videos. This education is hard to find all in one place, and we know that the Lie Stream Media will never tell you or want this for us.
God bless America and God bless Our GREAT President Donald Trump.
Are you ready mentally for Nesara & Gesara Part 1 ~ It has Started ~
Are you ready mentally for Nesara & Gesara ~ It has Started ~ Part 2
Are you ready mentally for Nesara & Gesara ~ It has Started ~ Part 3 MUST WATCH
Are you ready mentally for Nesara & Gesara ~ It has Started ~ Part 4
Are you ready mentally for Nesara & Gesara ~ It has Started ~ Part 5
Now the Dream I had about numbers seems like it was in May 2020, in this dream, I was instructed 3 times to write down a phone number: 888 then 8315. Now it makes sense to me. 8315=17 also the several 8’s could represent the many exciting things that will happen this month. Also means Infinite years of prosperity and blessings. Could it have something to do with the Lions Gate as well? You decide.
Excited? I am! So this means Bank Loans, Credit Cards, Mortgages, and Student Loans will be forgiven.
Stock up on food and water in case. Better to be prepared than not.
We are at war with an unseen enemy of humanity and they are kicking and screaming. God wins!

Signs That You’re Here to Transform Human Consciousness

Signs That You’re Here to Transform Human Consciousness

By Lissa Rankin, MD

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

For many years now, a lot of people have been talking about “The Shift,” this mysterious transformation of human consciousness that is supposedly underway. Ever since the end of the Mayan calendar in December of 2102, New Age types tend to twitter away about the evolution of the species, the revolution of love, and other hopeful but fuzzy seeming changes in what it means to be human. I want to take a minute to help us all ground this floaty notion a bit.
See if any of this sounds familiar:

Do you have a vision of some aspect of a more beautiful world, and you know it’s your sacred purpose to help bring it into being?

Do you sense that something is out of alignment in the world, and you want to be a part of the solution?

Have you experienced a life-altering event that changed everything for you, and now you want to use that experience to help others?

Do you have an innovative idea that might make the world a better place?

Do you feel called to help others heal, transform, connect, love, create, succeed, and thrive?

Yeah, I thought so. I had a feeling you were one of us! Welcome to what my friend Martha Beck calls “The Team.” In her book Finding Your Way In A Wild New World, Martha Beck defines Team members by the following characteristics. You may not recognize every single attribute, but if you’re a Team member, you’re likely to be nodding your head a lot as you read through these characteristics of those whose souls incarnated here on this planet right now to facilitate this mystical shift in human consciousness.

See if any of these Team traits resonate with who you are and how you feel.

  1. A sense of having a specific mission or purpose involving a major transformation in human experience, but being unable to articulate what this change might be.
  2. A strong sense that the mission, whatever it is, is getting closer in time.
  3. A compulsion to master certain fields, skills, or professions, not only for career advancement but in preparation for this half-understood personal mission.
  4. High levels of empathy; a sense of feeling what others feel.
  5. An urgent desire to lessen or prevent suffering for humans, animals, or even plants.
  6. Loneliness stemming from a sense of difference, despite generally high levels of social activity. One woman summed up this feeling perfectly when she said, “Everybody likes me, but nobody’s like me.
  7. High levels of creativity; passion for music, poetry, performance, or visual arts.
  8. An intense love of animals, sometimes a desire to communicate with them.
  9. Difficult early life, often with a history of abuse or childhood trauma.
  10. Intense connection to certain types of natural environment, such as the ocean, mountains, or forest.
  11. Resistance to orthodox religiosity, paradoxically accompanied by a strong sense of either spiritual purpose or spiritual yearning.
  12. Love of plants and gardening, to the point of feeling empty or depressed without the chance to be among green things and/or help them grow.
  13. Very high emotional sensitivity, often leading to predilections for anxiety, addictions, or eating disorders.
  14. Sense of intense connection with certain cultures, languages, or geographic regions.
  15. Disability, often brain-centered (dyslexia, retardation, autism) in oneself or a loved one.
  16. Fascination with people who have intellectual disabilities or mental illness.
  17. Apparently gregarious personality contrasting with a deep need for periods of solitude; a sense of being drained by social contact and withdrawing to “power up” again.
  18. Persistent or recurring physical illness, often severe, with symptoms that fluctuate inexplicably.
  19. Daydreams (or night dreams) about healing damaged people, creatures, or places.


Magic Wand! 10 Reasons Why Kyanite Is An Essential Stone For Healing And Spiritual Growth

Magic Wand! 10 Reasons Why Kyanite Is An Essential Stone For Healing And Spiritual Growth

Video by Event Is Coming Soon

10 Reasons Why Kyanite Is An Essential Stone For Healing And Spiritual Growth. 

Kyanite is a high vibration stone that has a striated structure, which means that it has parallel grooves or recesses down the length of the stone. These striations act as amplifying channels that transmit higher frequencies of light into the human auric field. Kyanite literally acts like a wand that can deliver refined, spiritual energy for clearing, healing, balance, activation, and upgrade. If you could only have one healing crystal in your collection, Kyanite would be an excellent, versatile choice. Here are ten reasons why:

1. Kyanite clears blockages and corrects misalignments in all chakras, meridians, and subtle bodies.

If you want to be healthy, vital, and spiritually connected, it all starts with your bio-energetic system. Blockages in the chakras and meridians can lead to health issues and stagnation on all levels. Luckily, Kyanite is versatile and can be used over any chakra or meridian point to clear it. Kyanite also moves the energy centers into proper alignment, as well as the different layers of the auric field. Working with it can ensure that your entire energy system is flowing and functioning properly.

2. Kyanite seals and protects your auric field.

Energetic protection is especially important right now, because a lot of negativity is coming up for humanity to face and heal. Kyanite seals your aura, mending any cracks and fissures. This ensures that you are not leaking energy or allowing in unwanted influences. Wearing Kyanite jewelry or keeping it nearby will establish a strong protective field around you.

3. Kyanite can replenish your life-force energy or qi.

A lot of people are feeling exhausted and drained lately, due to the powerful ascension energies that keep increasing. You can work with Kyanite over specific chakras that are depleted to quickly replenish the energy. You could also experiment with placing Kyanite blades at the thyroid and adrenal glands to give them a boost. Just keeping Kyanite in your energy field will help to restore your general energy levels and stamina.

4. Kyanite helps you to release and heal deeply engrained emotional and mental patterns that keep you stuck.

Do you find yourself in a repeating loop of negative thoughts, emotions, or beliefs? See if you can determine where they are located in your body, and work with Kyanite there to initiate a deep energetic purification. After the clearing is accomplished, Kyanite creates an energetic pathway to higher ways of thinking and feeling, so that you create a positive, lasting shift. It helps to rewire your subtle energetic circuitry so that you can maintain the new outlook and state of being.

5. Kyanite is a mechanism for higher dimensional connection and spiritual upgrade.

Kyanite is often described as a bridge to the higher realms. When you work with it above the head, it creates a channel or pathway for higher frequencies and light codes to be delivered into your bio-system. It is even known to expand your subtle energetic circuitry and to strengthen the nervous system so that you can receive and integrate increasing levels of light. Being able hold and process this light catalyzes an upgrade process for your psychic senses and spiritual gifts.

6. Kyanite activates the third eye and crown chakras.

It is perfect for awakening the higher chakras and bringing your psychic senses to a greater level of functioning. Regular work with Kyanite will increase your clairvoyance, clairaudience, intuition, and telepathy. You will have an easier time connecting with your spirit team and soul to receive guidance.

7. Kyanite is one of the best stones for meditation, because it activates the causal chakra.

When I was studying at Katrina Raphaell’s Crystal Academy for Advanced Healing Arts, we learned that Kyanite was the best stone for activating the causal chakra. The causal chakra is located right behind the crown chakra, at the place where your hair can create a spiral and where a baby’s soft spot is located. This is the area where you receive higher mental impressions from spiritual sources. When the causal chakra is fully activated, it is easier to move into higher meditative states and to hold onto the fleeting visions and information you receive.

8. Kyanite has a calming and soothing effect on the emotions.

Anxiety and stress are on the rise lately, as the planetary energy and pace of life continues to accelerate. Kyanite emits a peaceful energy that counteracts worry, panic, fear, and turbulent emotions. Stroking Kyanite’s striations can send a calming transmission through your being, helping to bring you back into a centered space.

9. Kyanite enhances dreamwork.

It is a wonderful practice to sleep with Kyanite under your pillow or on your bedside table. Not only will Kyanite help you fall asleep faster, it can also stimulate productive dreams that bring in solutions to your problems. It also assists you with lucid dreaming and astral travel. If you have problems remembering your dreams, Kyanite will help you to hold onto them upon awakening.

10. Kyanite helps with channeling and communication.

For those who channel spiritual messages and healing energy, Kyanite can take your abilities to the next level. It can turn up the volume on your radio to spirit so that you can hear, receive, and transmit more. Kyanite powerfully activates the throat chakra, your center of communication. It promotes heart-felt communication that helps to bridge different points of view.

As you can see, Kyanite is a multitasking stone that can help you on multiple levels of the being. It’s a beautiful channel for the light, helping you to clear, heal, and evolve yourself so that you can become the same–no magic wand required!

About the Author: Adrienne Goff is an author, healer, and crystal energy expert who has addressed audiences worldwide on topics related to raising your vibration with crystal energies. Her book, “Crystal Healing for the Whole Being,” is full of diagrams, color photos, techniques, and clear instructions for creating crystal layouts and grids. She has been a featured speaker and healer at the Earth-Keeper gatherings hosted by James Tyberonn, the prolific author, geologist, and Metatron channel. These transformative events gather together light workers from all stretches of the globe to align with personal and planetary ascension. Her articles on crystal healing have been featured in Natural Awakenings magazine and her workshops have taught thousands of people how to connect with crystals and gems to affect healing, self-discovery, and spiritual advancement. Her website serves as a crystal resource that is updated monthly with educational crystal healing articles.


Dreams – Visions – Freedom


Logo YellowRose

Logo YellowRose

Yellow Rose has several new videos. I have found that by reading the comments, this sometimes helps us to get a grip on what she is presenting. I have to be honest, I couldn’t fully understand the last video about the Tree Of Life, or the video about “Ed is Dead”. Until we are completely awakened we can hold theories and hope that we are receiving good Intel. I feel positive about her so I will accept it. All I can guarantee at this point is our meditations and positive environments are helping along with our Star family.

I am excited to meet our Creator and look forward to helping others. Much like you and all awakened ones, I am really fed up with 3D and the Dark Ones who ruined things for everyone for so long.

I do hope August is our release date from 3D.

Do you believe that Dreams have meanings? Many times it is symbolically constructed and may seem totally wild or weird.

I have been meditating and practicing how to remember my dreams, because lately, I would remember for a brief moment as I would awaken, then zip it was all gone. I would get up out of bed and couldn’t remember a single moment from my dream-scape.

I had a dream recently that I was having a baby. It was crowning and I was calling not crying but requesting help with the delivery. My sister was there and asked me if I was going to the hospital for delivery and to register my baby. My reply was a firm “H… No! I am not registering a new slave. My baby’s name is going to be Freedom.” I had looked outside and it seemed like a huge amount of snow. Does my Dream mean that our Rebirth will happen in the Winter or after the first snow? Or would the snow symbolize purity or the Christ Light?

My dreams usually do come true. I am too old to have babies. So I have to believe that we are birthing Freedom and it will all come to a head soon. Pardon the pun. 🙂

I frequently listen to Andrew Bartzis and visit his website. Galactic Historian

One of the things Andrew suggest for us to do is to place a half cup of sea salt in a zip-lock bag and place it under you head when you sleep as well as place one at your lower back. The pink sea salt works best. I place my baggy into a lone sock to hold it secure and place it on the underside of the inside if my pillow. What does this do? It protects you from Cosmic Vampires and other things. The Dream-time where we travel out of our bodies, we leave our bodies unprotected so the salt provides the protection you need.

I suggest you meditate before you sleep and it would not hurt to have an Orgone pyramid near you as Orgone repels negative energy and turns it into positive.

I can speak from experience on this matter, because I have been attacked on several occasions and after I did the Orgone Pyramids and the Sea Salt as well as with meditation, which stopped these evil events that tried to unglue me.

As you know, that now all wickedness is being purged but the dark ones are fighting tooth and nail and trying to pull us down the drain with them.

I will not go into details of my negative experience with these Arcon attacks, but know that these protections I have mentioned do work.

Rob Potter has some great Protection Prayers on his website which Frank Stranges received from Commander Valiant Thor our Star friend from Venus who is helping with the protection of Earth. We have many Star Friends and Family who are helping behind the scenes.

imageThe above photo shows the Rainbow Rays but look closely if you can, do you see the DNA chains? I believe this is showing us that the DNA upgrade is happening.


I love you all dearly! Be blessed, AnGeleve.

Thank You President Trump

Draining The SwampDecember 15, 2018
Pray for President Trump, the White Hats, our Military and all benevolent beings helping to Free Humanity . Be in JOY and in PEACE. Love others as you Love yourself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Be an example of Love and Joy. Peace will be ours and so it is.

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