“True spirituality is a complete dissolution in unconditional Love to everyone and everything in the world. This is the complete absence of condemnation, criticism and control over other people. It is complete inner freedom from stereotypes and behavioral patterns and lifestyle imposed on people. When she wants to sing all the time and when not a single negative thought or emotion can even come close to such a person, because he is surrounded by an impenetrable curtain of love.”

….Father absolute


Marta Cheneling



Our Body Elemental Is Initiated Into The 5th Dimension – Invocation

Say out loud with feelings of Love:

I am my I AM presence, and I am one with the I AM presence of every man woman and child evolving on this planet.

I am one with my Father Mother God. I am one with the Solar logos from Suns beyond Suns beyond Suns.

I am one with the Company of Heaven, and I am one with the mighty Elohim the Directors of the Elemental Kingdom and all of the beings associated with the Angelic Kingdom and the Elemental Kingdom.

I am one with every electron of precious life energy evolving on this Planet. And I am one with every atomic and sub-atomic particle and wave of energy comprising the physical, etheric, mental and emotional body of humanity and Mother Earth.

I am also one with all of the spaces in between the atomic and sub-atomic particles and waves of energy on Earth.

Through the Divine intervention of this Collective body of light being, I invoke the most intensified frequencies of fifth dimensional crystalline solar light from the very Core of Creation that humanity and the Earth are capable of receiving at this time.

I asked that this crystalline solar light accelerate the maximum that the Cosmic Law will allow. The Devine Alchemy that is transforming the carbon-based bodies of humanity and Mother Earth into 5th dimensional crystalline solar light bodies.

On this Sacred and Holy Day I consecrate my physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies to be the open door for the 5th dimensional crystalline solar light that will permanently initiate the body Elemental of every person on Earth into the 5th dimensional Realms of Light.

Now under the direction of our Father Mother God, The mighty Elohim invoke the 5th dimensional Directors of the Elements to take their strategic positions in preparation for humanities body Elementals initiation into the 5th Dimension.

Thor and Aries and the Directors of the Air Element and the cells of the Air take their positions at the Cardinal Point to the North.

Neptune and Lenora the Directors of the Water Element and the undines of the water take their positions at the Cardinal Point to the East.

Virgo and Palar are the Directors of the Earth Element and the Nature Spirits of the Earth take their position at the Cardinal Point to the South.

Helios and Vista the Directors of the Fire Element and the Salamanders of the Fire take their position at the Cardinal Point to the West.

Amaryllis and Aolis the Directors of the Ether Element and the Divas and Davariges of the Ethers take their position within the Sun of even pressure in the center of the Earth.

Now as one breath, one heartbeat, one voice, one energy vibration and consciousness of pure Divine Love…

The Directors of the Elements sound a Cosmic Tone, signaling to Humanities Body Elementals that the time has come to reverse the adverse effects of humanities Fall From Grace.

It is at long last, Time to reclaim the original Divine Plan about picturing the perfection that is pulsating within the 5th dimensional crystalline solar light body of Humanities I Am Presence.

Every person’s body Elemental responds with deep gratitude and an exceptional willingness to transform the maladies that they were forced to create in our physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies after the Fall.

With elation and abounding joy Humanity’s Body Elementals accept the opportunity to transfigure our bodies into the limitless physical perfection of 5th dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies.

The mighty Elohim now place new Solar Record Keeper Crystals in Mother Earth crystal grid system.

Humanity’s Pineal glands are being adjusted by our IAM Presents to safely receive more 5th dimensional Crystalline Solar Light.

The Directors of the Elements now ask the mighty Elohim to empower Humanities Body Elementals with the ability to assimilate and integrate these higher frequencies of 5th Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light.

The mighty Elohim respond and every person’s Body Elemental is initiated into higher frequencies of The 5th Dimension.

Once the initiation is complete the Elohim invest every person’s Body Elemental with New Skills and Abilities that will enable them to accelerate the Divine Alchemy taking place within Humanities Earthly bodies.

It means our Body Elemental has graduated into a 5th Dimensional Elemental Being.

This will expedite our transformation into our Crystalline Solar Light Body.

My I AM Presents and the I AM Presence of every person on Earth now joins in harmony with our newly initiated 5th Dimensional Body Elemental.

Together we begin the process of co-creating the final stages of Earth’s Ascension into the 5th Dimensional frequencies of the New Earth.

And So It Is…


An Open Letter to Pleiadian Starseeds


An Open Letter to Pleiadian Starseeds

By Event Is Coming Soon

Published on Apr 3, 2017

An Open Letter to Pleiadian Starseeds

I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian civilisation, brought to you through my dear young friend, Zingdad.

We have reached a nexus in the flow of the timelines of your reality at which it becomes important for you to understand certain crucial matters.

You need to understand why you, as Pleiadian Starseeds, are here upon earth. What your mission profile really is. And you need to understand why planet Earth and why now. You need then, also, to understand what will occur next. What’s next for Earth and what’s next for you. You need this information so that you can make an informed decision about where you will go next. What your next experience of life will be.

There is no more important decision before you than the one I am about to inform you of. So this is crucial information. I will require your patience and your attention as I lay this all out for you and remind you of all that you once knew before you entered into incarnation here upon Earth.

Reproduced with permission from

For additional information



Book 3 of The Ascension Papers

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Part 4 by BG: Holy Innocents


Holy Innocents
by BG


Part I:
Cosmic Cushion

Part II:
Purifying Currents

Part III:
Deep Breath



“I AM Virgo – Spirit of the Earth – affectionately called by many ‘Mother Earth’. In a time long, long ago, My Beloved Pelleur (the Twin-Flame of My Lifestream) and I answered the call of the Mighty Helios and Vesta for volunteers to assist the Seven Mighty Elohim in Their joyous task of creating a habitable Planet for the mankind which, in time, would proceed as Individualized Lifestreams from the Heart-Flames of Helios and Vesta Themselves.

“Others, besides us, were given opportunity with Us to show Their particularly developed capacities to create and sustain a substance for this Planet, whose vibrations would be of such a rate as to make it solid enough to form a platform for the feet of the people of Earth, where they could walk in safety and in happiness. Finally, We were chosen for this signal honor and given opportunity to so serve. Then We were called upon to manifest the ‘staying power’ (centripetal force) which would keep the landed substance of Earth in its appointed place, cushioned by the Water Element. We were also called upon to create just the right amount of ‘gravity pull’ which would not be a distress upon the feelings of the people, but yet keep their bodies from flying off the Planet into outer space.

“Pelleur then offered His full-gathered momentum of centripetal force to create the Law of Gravity for this Earth – the magnetic pull which would hold the landed surface in its appointed place. Through the ages, this had to be adjusted from time to time, according to the vibratory action of the bodies of the people – the actual weight of their bodies as well as the weight of the substance which they had drawn about them to sustain and expand their civilizations. As My gift to this creation, I offered to mold Universal, Intelligent Light-Substance into the design for this planet, which design was created by Helios and Vesta. This Perfect Pattern was held within the bosom of the Silent Watcher for this Planet. It was necessary for Me to determine just the right density of substance required to allow the God Radiation which was anchored in the center of the Earth by Beloved Pelleur to flow through the Planet, out to and through Its surface, thus blessing the mankind and Nature Kingdom who were to live there.

“I worked in close harmony with the first Maha Chohan Who served the Earth, the Beings of each of the four seasons, as well as with the Great Nature Spirits Who ensouled the mountans, fertile valleys, trees, shrubs, and flowers, and the Gnomes, Fairies and smaller Nature Spirits Whose activities would be on the surface as well as within the very body of the Earth Itself.




“When the first inhabitants of Earth embodied here (called ‘Holy Innocents’), the Earth was garlanded in the most fragrant flowers; Amaryllis (Spirit of Spring) having prepared for more than nine hundred years to develop the greatest possible beauty for the incomingl lifestreamsimage


“In the beginning – the first Golden Age – the Earth’ substance was crystalline, pure and iridescent and the glowing radiation from the very center of the Earth was easily discernible, pouring up, in, through and around the Earth and all its attendant evolutions. This glowing center of the Earth was the place where My Beloved Pelleur focused His magnetic Ray, at the point where the Masculine and the Feminine Rays meet, the Masculine Ray of Gold entering the Earth at a point in Tibet and the Feminine Ray of Pink entering from a point in South America, near Lake Titicaca. These two Rays converge within the Earth Itself. This Heart-Center of Pink and Golden Light within the Earth created a tremendous buoyancy and raising power of Divine Love which surged out through the Earth and Its atmosphere, allowing the bodies of the people to absorb the radiant substance and to live, move, and have their being within that Divine atmosphere of Purity and Peace. This gave the people assistance in the speedy fulfillment of their own Divine Plan.

“As you look down through clear water and are able to observe the submarine life, so could any member of the race then embodied look into the depths beneath the Earth’s surface and see the Salamanders disporting themselves in the Pink and Golden Rays from the center of the Earth. These beings carried the surging, vitalizing energies of the Sacred Fire upward through the entire Nature Kingdom and to the lifestreams dwelling upon the surface of the Earth as well. In like manner could they observe the busy little Gnomes and other Nature Spirits (in that time all were in perfect proportion and symmetry of body) serving to nourish, develop and push up to the surface of the Earth, the plant life designed by the Builders of Form and the Directors of the Nature Kingdom.

“In those days, there were perfect harmony and rhythm in the changes of Season as each of the Great Beings Who direct the Four Seasons (together with Their Divine Complements) served to give variation of color and design, as well as variations in types of harvest, to nourish and sustain the bodies of the people.

“Then, as has often been described to you, there came the need of some Planet of our System to offer to be the Host to some souls from other Planets, which souls did not choose to progress along the Path of Life as quickly as the rest of the lifestreams evolving with them….

….to be continued

Terra Zetzz

Part 3 by BG: Deep Breath


Deep Breath by BG


Part I:
Cosmic Cushion

Part II:
Purifying Currents



“I AM Aries – the Director (with Thor, my Beloved Twin Flame) of the Air Element and of the Sylphs – these loving, intelligent beings who serve so ceaselessly in the atmosphere of the Earth to keep that air purified enough to allow mankind to live upon Earth’s surface.

“If you could see the amount of poison exuded just from the breathing out of polluted air from the physical bodies of mankind in one twenty-four hour period, you would realize much more fully the tremendous service which the Sylphs perform and certainly be much more grateful for it. These blessed beings – twenty-four hours a day – utilize the purifying Powers of the Sacred Fire to keep mankind and imprisoned Elemental life (four-footed creatures) here from poisoning themselves to the point of causing them to experience so-called ‘death’ – just through inbreathing again their own exhalations.

“As you have been told, the atmosphere of Earth has a ‘ceiling’ provided, in order to keep the dissonance and impurities released from the Earth from jarring the natural rhythm and harmony of the rest of the Planetary System, as well as the entire Galaxy to which the Earth belongs. This ‘ceiling’ beyond which no discord or impurity can rise, is a blessing to the Universe, but it is an added responsibility to Us because it gives Us much less space in which to perform the activities of purification. It also necessitates Our calling forth a much more powerful and therefore quicker, purifying action of the Sacred Fire – whereas, if there was no such ‘ceiling’, the tendency of the radiation from the Earth would be to rise and eventually transmute its shadows in the Fire of Purity which is the natural atmosphere of God and in which atmosphere abide the other planets of the Galaxy. Therefore, We are called upon to act much more quickly in a smaller area (relatively speaking) to make and keep the atmosphere around the Earth pure enough to sustain physical existence here.

“Whenever the Directors of the Air Element and the Sylphs under Their command withdraw from a Planet or Star (according to the Direction of Cosmic Law), you soon have a ‘dead’ Planet and even plant life cannot live upon it. It was just such a Cosmic crisis which the Earth faced when Beloved Sanat Kumara interceded on behalf of the Earth and its evolutions. All through the Universe, you can see drifting those ‘shells’ of former Planets and Stars finally disintegrate into Cosmic ‘dust’ and return to the Universal. There, the electrons which make up the former Planet or Star may be repolarized and returned to the particular Sun from whence they originally came. From there, they are sent forth again at a later time to help crate and sustain some new constructive creation which will benefit the evolutions of the Galaxy or System which has been chosen for such blessing.

“It is commonly known that mankind can live for several weeks without food; approximately twelve days without water; but only about three minutes without breath (excluding, of course, initiates who have mastered the art of the suspension of the breath and these are rare in the extreme). The newborn infant, breathing in the first breath, begins his existence in the physical appearance world. As lond as he lives, provision of the life-giving essence of breath and the purifying of his polluted breath (exhaled from the body) is Our responsibility and obligation. When the individual I AM Presence chooses to withdraw the Silver Cord from a physical form mankind gives up his last breath and no longer continues to be – at least in the world of form.

“To purify the entire atmosphere of Earth so that all the life evolving here may be provided with and sustained by the purity of air which God intended for all in the beginning, is the end toward which we are working. We are grateful, too, that to this end we have the loving, marvelous cooperation of the Directors of all the Elements which serve life and the beings who serve under them.

“The Beloved Neptune and the Undines provide the salt which anchors the substance of air into the lower atmosphere of Earth and gives assistance to the Sylphs to rise up and out of the polluted air in which they are compelled to serve. The Beloved Helios and Vesta draw the substance of the Water Element into the Air, giving the ‘ballast’, so to speak, to the higher atmosphere which We provide. By the use of the radiation sent forth from trees and various plant-life, the Beloved Maha Chohan and the Nature Kingdom help Us to transmute the exhaled impurities of mankind and the animal kingdom and They also assist Us to purify the ever-increasing fumes, smokes and stenches from so-called ‘modern’ factories.

“The Beloved Thor (My Twin Flame) moves the great air masses to the points where they are needed most, providing cooling breezes for those who may be sweltering in humid heat; filling the sails of ships becalmed on tireless seas; directing the purifying energies of the North Wind which carries snow (the beautiful gift of the Elohim of Purity) to blanket and nourish certain portions of the Earth’s surface preparatory to a new harvest. On the East Wind, Beloved Thor directs the precipitating clouds which carry the necessary moisture to arid areas. He directs the soft, warm breezes on the South Wind and the moisture-absorbing currents which etherealize excessive precipitation and dry up waters which are in the wrong place. It is certainly one of the tragedies of mankind’s expressed consciousness that Beloved Thor has been pictured as a great bloated figure, directing destructive energies through the wind to beset already distraught mankind!

“My service is to provide the essence of air! Like Neptune and Virgo, the events of the ages have required that I lower the vibratory action of the electrons which make up the Air Element so that the lungs of men could absorb, utilize and benefit by Its use. Beloved Thor’s activity is to move that Air in Kindness and Wisdom wherever it is necessary to give the greatest blessings to the Earth and its evolutions.

“Like the other Directors of the Elements, after the shadows of mankind’s discordant creations came upon the Earth, We had to draw forth much more power and God-control to handle the Beings of Our Element – the Sylphs. These have built, all through the centuries, an ever-increasing momentum of resentments, and rebellions against mankind because of his ingratitude for their service to him, as well as the continued careless and thoughtless pollution of the Air Element by human effluvia and that of mankind’s ingenious power plants and manufacturing units. Beloved Hilarion and the Brotherhood at Crete have helped Us considerably by directing into the outer consciousness of certain sensitive individuals of research and ability, the practical ways and means of dissolving much of the pollution of the Air Element, through mechanization. We bless Beloved Hilarion and His Brotherhood, as well as those unascended ones who have devoted their lives to this process of purification – i.e., placing smokeconsumers on the smoke stacks of great factories – this being one example of their expressed endeavor.

“Within the Air are so many spiritual forces, which the average individual uses not at all. By some, this spiritually stimulating energy is called prana and that was the ‘food ye know not of’, of which Beloved Jesus spoke. This sustained Him – not only during His temporal fast in the wilderness but also throughout the course of His strenuous ministry. Lord Gautama Buddha also used the essence of prana to keep alive His physical body while He was away from it in the course of His long vigil, seeking Truth by the elevation of His consciousness.

“The average member of the human race responds only to the almost involuntary inhalation and exhalation of the breath as regulated by the Holy Christ Self. The short, hurried, shallow breaths of man do sustain a certain amount of life within the physical body but do little to spiritually vitalize and nourish it. We do call now that mankind awaken again to the absolute necessity for developing the rhythmic breath, drawing deeply upon the spiritual energies in the atmosphere all about him; digesting the nourishment of the essence, expanding it and then giving in turn, a blessing to the Air as he breathes out the purified breath from his body…”

“As in other kingdoms, in ages past, many individuals learned how to use the breath to sustain life in the body for long periods of time in order to be able to perform certain feats of so-called ‘magic’, thereby gathering around themselves great masses of credulous people. Becoming bolder, such individuals invoked certain of the Sylphs to assist them in the producing of phenomena which awed the people. These Sylphs, like the Salamanders and the Undines) became attached to the lifestreams of the individuals who had so invoked them and followed such individuals through many embodiments – thus becoming often the master of the individual rather than his servant. Bold, blustery individuals usually have either the presence of such a Sylph or a momentum of such a Sylph’s power in their auras…”

“….During these four days of Class, We are primarily concerned with the purification of the entire atmosphere of Earth and the removal of the ‘Veil of Maya”…when this has been done, mankind will again be able to see his own individualized I AM Presence face to face, as well as the Angels, Masters and Beings of Light. You have no idea how much confidence, real faith, and spiritual strength, can be drawn into one’s consciousness by such confirmation of belief when the personal self actually sees the Reality of his own Presence and Ascended or Angelic Beings with his physical sight.

“Today, We are also concerned with the purification of the etheric bodies of mankind so that there are no longer desires to compel the forces of the Elementals to obey the destructive free will of human beings. We are concerned with the removal of the rebellions and resentments which exist at present between the Forces of Nature and mankind at large. When the Elementals know, through proven endeavor, that mankind really does seek to cooperate with Them, we shall see the re-establishment of that glorious Kingdom of Angels, mankind and Elemental life which will be externalized in Beloved Saint Germain’s Golden Age of permanent Perfection for this Planet and its evolutions.

“I AM Real! I AM your friend! Beloved Thor is real! He is your friend! The Sylphs are real too, and they want to be your friends. Despite so much ingratitude upon the part of mankind for the blessings received from the Sylphs, those Sylphs have proven their willingness to serve by making and keping the atmosphere of Earth pure enough to sustain life here day after day – human life as well as that in the Nature Kingdom.

“When you hear of or read about vortices of Air currents of a destructive nature attempting to manifest at any point on or around the Earth, call to Us! Ask Us for assistance and see how quickly We will come to the aid of you or those for whom you call.

“In loving Gratitude for your comprehension, your service, your desire to cooperate with Our Kingdom and Its inhabitants, I Bless you in the Name of the One God and the Spirits of the Air, whose direction I have voluntarily undertaken to assist in making Earth a happy, beautiful and habitable Planet. Thank you and good evening.”



I choose to evolve in a new and higher world consciousness,
one of unconditional love that freely flows between
All Kingdoms of Life on the New Earth: the crystal/mineral, plant, animal, devic, elemental, nature spirit and human kingdoms All in and of the One; a Universal consciousness without judgment
with regard to color, sexual orientation, gender or race that recognizes the One, expressing Itself in infinite form and variety.




Terra Zetzz

Part 2 by BG: Purifying Currents


Purifying Currents

by BG


Part I link:

Cosmic Cushion



“… In endeavoring to understand the right use of the Sacred Fire, the student must first learn that the Sacred Fire Itself is consciously qualified, obedient, intelligent Life – eagerly willing and capable of rendering the service for which It is called forth! The acceptance in the outer consciousness (feeling world in particular) of the already gathered momentums of various Qualities and Activities of the Sacred Fire (such as the Freedom Flame, Resurrection Flame, etc.) is so essential to the success of Its use.

“The Sacred Fire renders two services – one manifesting as the power of Precipitation – the conscious creation of constructive form in any Sphere, including the physical appearance world; the other manifesting as the power of etherialization (dissolving) of form at the completion of its usefulness.

The Salamanders



“The Salamanders are the Beings which serve the Fire Element and are of tremendous assistance to the Directors of the Fire Kingdom. Many of these Salamanders are as large as the Empire State Building (in New York City) while many are as small as the head of an ordinary pin. They serve constantly under their Directors to dissolve the impurities released from mankind through the destructive use of their creative centers (thoughts, feelings and spoken words) and are a tremendous boon to the other three Elements – Earth, Air and Water. Perhaps it is difficult for you to conceive of Fire Beings acting as purifying agents through the Water Element but they do! Without these Salamanders (many of Whom come from the Electronic Belt around the physical Sun) the forces of the other three Elements would long since have rebelled violently, causing much cataclysmic action, fear and chaos to the people of Earth. I should particularly like you, from tonight on, to acknowledge and consciously bless these Salamanders for their service all through the ages, not only in this physical appearance world but also in the Inner Spheres where disembodied lifestreams dwell between embodiments.

“Fire, like every other Element, has given great blessings to the race by manifesting in a constructive manner; i.e., for incineration, heat, light, cooking, etc., and in a destructive way also, causing the loss of homes, lives and property. Therefore, mankind in general have a terrific fear (often buried in the etheric garment) of the action of fire. Tonight, we are endeavoring to remove this fear from the etheric consciousness (memory world) of the people and replace that fear with a love of the purifying Radiation and Activities which are within the Sacred Fire.

“Many individuals (particularly those who have been burned at the stake in past lives, or otherwise tortured by fire) have been deeply scarred etherically. The removal of the cause, effect, record and memory of such fear shall take place now! Then the activities of the Sacred Fire will be more welcomed by all the evolutions in the Earth, on the Earth, and in Its atmosphere as a liberating, purifying power. I so decree it!

“Through ages of misuse of the Fire Element, many disembodied lifestreams are also, very much afraid of Fire. Thus the purifying currents of the Violet Transmuting Flame, as well as the radiation of My Own Ray and that of the Elohim of Purity, are violently rejected by the souls (even at Inner Levels) who have utilized the Fire Element to cause agony and death to their fellow men. After the first Zarathustra brought back the remembrance of the use of the Fire Element to the outer consciousness of mankind on earth, for a long time that Fire was loved and blessed by the Priests and the people and only used constructively. Then came the time when, through many ages, unscrupulous Priests and Priestesses invoked the powers of the Fire Element for selfish and destructive purposes. Salamanders who responded in obedience to those who were practicing such Black Magic rites became bound to the lifestreams of those who had invoked them and have followed those lifestreams ever since. We are asking you now to help Us cut these Salamanders free from these lifestreams, many of whom are yet to be born on the Earth. Those with incendiary tendencies often have those tendencies stimulated by such Salamanders who have taken on the ‘mischief’ of their masters.

“I smile at the consciousness of those who refuse to believe that the Earth must first be cleansed and purified from within out, before the glorious radiation of the Ascended Master Realm can be manifest again for the sweet Earth and all her evolutions. This idea is just as foolish as to think one can ignore the weeds which fill a field and, sowing fresh grass seed upon them, expect to have a grassy lawn of velvety softness.

“My service to this Universe is to help remove the causes and cores of all the ‘seeds’ of human selfishness, discord, limitation and distress from within the four lower bodies of mankind, as well as the mass creations which blanket the Earth and Its entire atmosphere. Many of you individually are going through the process at this time of having certain destructive qualities, tendencies, and cores of impurity removed from your four lower bodies. It is sometimes no more pleasant to experience this than it is to have a tooth pulled from an abscessed gum – but it is just as essential to the permanent well-being of the individual.

“You would be amazed at the tenacity with which individuals hold on (in feelings) to certain habits and tendencies. They really enjoy them and are not at all either eager or desirous of letting them go; also – the humanly created entities of discord really hate the purifying activities of the Sacred Fire, fearing the loss of their identity. This resistance is what We must meet with the help of sincere students who will invoke Our aid, since We must have the call and authority from your (the human) octave – from those still in physical embodiment where the need is to be met.

“As I have told you previously, I chose to cooperate with the Beloved Elohim of Purity – creating, sustaining and expanding by use, the activities of My Circle and Sword of Blue Flame which I release at your call in, through, and around whatever destructive condensations of energy you designate in that call…”



Thank You for Taking Your Power to Make Peace,


Terra Zetzz

Part 1 by BG: Cosmic Cushion



Cosmic Cushion by BG

In retrospect, I have to admit that it was one of those 1970s-era books that caught even the counter culture off-guard.

The Magic of Findhorn by Paul Hawken introduced the notion that there were “Nature’s Angels,” the Elementals, doing their thing among our fields, forests and gardens. They existed in the Now, as opposed to legend and lore and myth: benevolent/beneficent spirits referred to by various names including Fairies, Elves, Devas, Brownies, Leprechauns, Gnomes, Sprites, Pixies. They lovingly sought to be in harmony with and service to humanity, thus aiding their agricultural, gardening and earth-centered endeavors. Upon visiting the Scottish community at Findhorn, the skeptical author was turned on his ear once he experienced the mega-sized veggies, massive flowers and peace produced by this symbiotic human/nature/spirit communion.

Elementals are the spiritual personification of the major Earth elements of water, air, fire and earth (not including cosmic ether). There was a time when most people freely believed in Elementals, until the church convinced them they didn’t exist. On Zorra’s call today, he said that we have been programmed not to believe in Elementals. As he so eloquently stated, our concrete jungles have imposed upon us a naked separation from Mother Earth; unfortunately, keeping humanity from being grounded to the earth. This in turn prevents us from being one with nature, which hinders the raising of the collective consciousness.

In the next four postings, I will be presenting a history of the Elementals. There are different subgroups/creatures for each, but these are predominant groupings:

Water: Undines
Fire: Salamanders
Air: Sylphs
Earth: Gnomes



When our Solar Logoi decided to create a new System, three evolutionary intelligences were given an opportunity to develop and mature there. These were the Angelic, the human and the elemental. We also noted how Mighty Beings were called from the Cosmos to supplement the work of the Elohim and make this Planet Earth a hospitable and comfortable place for the individualized I AM Presences to reside. These Mighty Beings represented Water, Air and Earth; the fourth element- Fire – being provided by the Solar Logoi Themselves. In the following, the Directors of these four elements are giving us a picture of Their Work and Service and, also at times, details of Their Own Evolution.

They are: The Cosmic Being Astrea, Divine Complement of the Elohim of Purity, for the Fire Element. The elementals under her charge are known as salamanders.

Next comes mighty Neptune for water, with his Divine Complement Luara. The elementals under Them are known as Undines.

They are followed by the Cosmic Being Aires and Her Divine Complement Thor, for the Air. The elementals under Them are known as Sylphs.

Finally comes Beloved Virgo, Spirit of the Earth, affectionately known as “Mother Earth.” Her Divine Complement is Pelleur and the elementals under them are the Gnomes. Each of the above Directors of the Forces of Elements had received, through aeons of time, opportunity to develop the powers of precipitating the substances and beings they present, as well as the power to control and direct them.

(Note: the following four addresses/posts were presented during the Autumnal Conclave of the students of “The Bridge to Freedom”, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, between September 27 and September 30, 1956. (Bridge to Freedom Journal, November, 1956-February, 1957)



“Beloved ones! I greet you today in the Name of the Universal I AM Presence and the Beloved Helios and Vesta – Whose summons I answered, offering the full-gathered Cosmic momentum of My Lifestream together with that of Beloved Luara (My Twin Flame) and all the Undines at Our command. We offered to create and sustain the substance of the Water Element upon the Planet Earth.

“Each of the Directors of the Forces of the Elements had received, through aeons of time, opportunity to develop the power of precipitating certain substances as well as the power to control that substance and those Beings offered to serve with Us wheresoever We chose to offer Our services. Other Great Intelligences also responded to the call of Helios and Vesta for the service of creating the water element for the eart but, because of certain momentums and affinities in Our lifestreams, Beloved Luara and Myself were chosen to create and govern the Water Element which forms a cushion for the landed surface of this Planet. It also makes up the greater part of your physical and emotional bodies as well.

“All mastery requires the conscious control of the rate of vibratory action of each electron which is to be used for a specific purpose. Thus, to create the substance which you know as water, it “was necessary for Us to have learned how to consciously use Our creative power of thought (making the substance of the water) and Our power of feeling to sustain the harmonious quality of that substance and the Beings Who work with and through that Element.

“The vibratory action of substance required for the Water Element of the Earth at the time of creation was much more rapid that it is today. The waters of the beautiful oceans, lakes, and rivers then were crystalline and iridescent. The waters literally ‘sang’ and added to the Earth’s beautiful atmosphere. The Undines were happy to serve in such a beautiful Element and truly, all was Peace in the Kingdom in which We served. At that time the people of the Earth loved the water and enjoyed its purifying and refreshing service, as well as sailing happily upon its surface. In turn, the Undines and the electrons that made up the Water Element loved mankind and enjoyed serving them.

“Because the emotional bodies of mankind were happy, reverent, pure and free of discord, the people moved effortlessly upon the Earth – there being no weight of misqualified energy around the electrons in their four lower bodies – particularly in their emotional worlds. It was truly an Era of Contentment and Peace in the loving association among Angels, Masters, the mankind of Earth and the Elemental Kingdom. It is toward the re-establishment of the Era permanently that We are all now serving cooperatively in this Cosmic ‘push’ toward purification of all the Elements in the Earth, on Its surface and in Its atmosphere.

“After the pollution of the consciousness of mankind through the coming of the ‘laggards’ from other Stars, it was necessary for the Directors of each Element to lower the vibratory action of that Element so that it might be efficacious to the more slowly vibrating of Earth’s people. This required the mastery of which I just spoke changing the rate of the vibration of electrons and atoms in the Water Element, but still keeping them harmonious even as the slow, graceful rhythm of the waltz is just as harmonious as the rapid swirling rhythms of the great Salamanders and Sylphs Whose dances are a paean of praise to God just for the very gift and use of Life itself. Although the substance of the various Elements had been consciously conformed to the use of the ever-densening bodies of the people of Earth, the actual pollution of the Elements of Air, Water and Earth was affected by the very people who were guests upon this Planet!

“Then the control of the Undines, the natural obedience of the Water Element in the rise and fall of the tides, etc., took much greater upon Our parts. Natural rebellion rose among them from the unnecessary pollution of the Water Element, and only great patience and Herculean God-Control kept the waters of the Earth from engulfing the ungrateful masses.

“Only at times when Cosmic Law ordained the necessity for cataclysmic activity wherein landed surface should be mercifully sunk beneath the seas for purification, did We allow freedom to the Water Element to spread its curtain of purifying substance over polluted land.

“We, too, are obedient to Cosmic Law and act only upon Divine Direction! We, too, draw forth from the One Source whatever specific Powers are required to serve in the Element in which We offered to assist Life. Water is ordained by the God of all as a friend to man. Is man such a friend to the Water Element? Ponder upon this!

“As the Beloved Astrea told you last evening, mankind’s use of the various Elements to serve a destructive purpose always brings recoil upon the personal self. The Law of Cause and Its ultimate effect upon its creator is inexorable – except where expiation of the cause and the effect can be invoked and utilized by those who love their fellowman enough to consciously call for this expiation.

“Beloved ones, many atrocities have been committed by the mankind of Earth, using the Water Element to extinguish life (through drowning, etc.), not only of human beings, but of animals as well. Many lifestreams have participated in wars wherein many ships were sunk and great numbers of people passed from the body in excruciating fear and suffering. These records are still within the etheric and emotional bodies of those now in embodiment here, as well as within the the inner vehicles of yet to be born here. Fear of the Water element is due to either having suffered shipwreck and drowning, or having participated in causing others to suffer such agonizing experiences. In certain specific places where many ships have been wrecked, the ethers are filled with the moans and cries of those who have long since passed into happier lives and mercifully, no longer remember those tragedies. These destructive etheric records form vortices of distress in which hurricanes, typhoons and dreadful storms are born.

“What think you of the etheric substance which vibrates in the atmosphere around the location of the sinking of the one ship alone the Lusitania – not to mention the many other places where the tides, hidden sand-bars or rocky peninsulas have forced snares for the unwary seamen? The use of the hidden mines and the submarine warfare in your present day has also heavily charged the etheric substance around the Planet Earth with great distress besides the many other tragedies of the seas in ages past.

“You see, in cataclysmic action ordained by Divine Law, some of the priesthood voluntarily offered to absorb into themselves and dissolve by their knowledge and use of the Violet Fire, much of the general fear of the people. However, where there are deliberate acts of human cruelty, these vortices of distress remain to be purified by some of mankind who are willing so to do by their knowledge and use of the Violet Transmuting Flame….”

“…Some of the Undines too, (like the Salamanders), have been invoked and used for destructive purposes and these are often attached to the lifestream of such an individual who has so invoked them. In this case, the Elemental has become the master instead of the servant of such an individual, spurring that lifestream on to continue his practices of cruelty in the use of the Water Element. Call now that every such Undine be purified by the Sacred Fire and cut free from the desire to torment mankind ever again…”

“…What do you suppose the ‘Lorelei’, spoken of by Homer, really were? They were Undines bent on destruction, mischievously affected by their proximity to mankind’s destructive impulses.

“Deliberately and consciously make friends with the Water Element in your environment. See how the Undines and the electrons within the substance of Water will respond to your love! Jesus was able to master the Water Element and It obeyed Him lovingly, willingly and instantly because He had first mastered the Water Element in His Own world.

“The excessive droughts, the flash floods, the unequal distribution of the precipitation of water in various places, is due to mankind’s abuse of the Water Element in the past and present. All this can be remedied by your loving cooperation now. Beloved Luara and I have worked almost alone in this endeavor heretofore – now I say to you as Jesus once said: ‘Hitherto the Father worketh – now the Father and I work!”

“The creatures of the deep, such as the octopus, shark, killer whale (to mention but a few) have all developed their defense mechanisms as a result of their having contacted the ‘killer’ instincts in mankind’s outer consciousness. As you continue to call for the purification of the Water Element and the redemption of these creatures, you will see them disappear from the ocean depths. It is a marvel to Me to see how many defenseless creatures on land and in the sea hunted by mankind have not developed a greater antipathy toward the human race and submit helplesly to the unnecessary slaughter – just for the ‘sport’. However, these creatures so hunted really retrogress and, in each succeeding embodiment, carry more and more of a destructive and vindictive nature within themselves. Were it not for Our endeavors and the great assistance of the Elohim of Purity, Astrea and the Beings of the Violet Fire, many of the prehistoric monsters mentioned in legend and fable would still be a threat to those sailing the seas, bothe for pleasure and for business purposes…”

“…In such places as New Bedford, Massachusetts, – once a ‘whaling center’, as well as in smaller fishing towns where in the past men made (and today, still make) a practice of ‘following the sea’ for a living, the inner atmosphere of those places is filled with destructive etheric records of the fear and sorrow of the sweethearts, wives, mothers, and children who have lived in those places and have had the experiences of losing their loved ones to the sea. The removal of of all such destructive etheric records and the purification of all such places is absolutely essential to the preparation for the coming here of the New Race to give them purer landed surface and atmosphere in which to live so that they will not have to ‘tune in’ in the future to those records of distress of the past and present…”


Here is a beautiful story in “the present” that makes my heart sing. After 140 years of negotiation a Maori tribe in New Zealand won recognition for the Whanganaui River which means it must be treated as a living entity.

These are triumphant times for humanity and the tightening of the separation gap with our Beloved Mother Gaia.



The American Society of Civil Engineers 2009 Report Card For America’s Infrastructure gave a dismal score of D- to both our nation’s drinking water and wastewater infrastructure. There is about 2.8 million miles of pipe associated with both systems that have exceeded their lifetimes and are in need of replacement.

There are public/private investment opportunities for those who are prone to remediating this for the benefit of your Earth Family:



As Zorra intimated today, ground yourself to the Earth.

Take a walk in a park or in the woods or countryside.

This simple act is consciousness raising…what a joyous gift!

Better yet, double down and pick up some trash and stick it in your back pocket, whether it be a candy wrapper or a plastic bottle.

Be the Love.




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