The Elohim: Brave Souls

The Elohim: Brave Souls

by EraOfLight

We are the Elohim.

This is a wondrous but challenging time for those aware of the momentous and mysterious changes happening on your planet and within your species. In these remarkable “end times”, life on the ground can be confusing, disturbing and fatiguing.

Your sensitive nervous systems work overtime to keep up with deep and rapid vibrational change. You may often feel ill or overwhelmed. Certain personal difficulties may persist, and you may feel that some things you need are lacking. The sense of struggle in life has evolved but not entirely disappeared. Anxiety and fear can still rise up, despite all your knowledge and strength.

The old order is crumbling, but a new order shows no reliable sign of emerging. The flood of new information is potent but chaotic, and taken up on all sides for psychological and spiritual warfare. Many brave souls, working from their best intentions and abilities, still reflect many different states of spiritual, intellectual and social development; and so their visions and counsel for a better world vary widely.

Still you lightworkers stand by your inspiration and heartfelt mission. Even so, you may sometimes feel yourself wavering. Where is the change? Where is the help? Sometimes it seems you have only sprinklings of stardust to light your path. Celestial voices assure you of universal love and accompaniment, and promise that transformation is close at hand. But evidence remains elusive on the ground, where conditions often seem to be deteriorating. And so we sometimes hear you crying through the ethers.

Nothing in your Earthly experience can prepare you or anyone else for what is happening and what is about to emerge. Keep your feet on the ground and your eyes on the horizon. Above all, hold the centre in your heart, and trust in the One who lives and breathes there. Step by step, your path will be lit from within.

Long millennia of human suppression and exploitation – through metaphysical, religious, political, financial, military and scientific means – are now coming into human awareness. Many brave souls in each of those domains work diligently toward a quantum leap: where humanity is freed of long cycles of bondage, ignorance and suffering, and everyone can start fresh.

But most of you reading this message are brave souls of another kind. You apply your consciousness directly through intention, and make your contributions through vibration, frequency, the life force and the softly spoken word. This does not mean that you don’t take action. It means that your action is more about meditating, praying, contemplating, healing, hearing, appreciating, clearing, compassionate relating, demonstrating right thought and conduct, and spiritual mentoring. You have been practicing these things for lifetimes, and are uniquely qualified to do the work that you do.

Please do what you are good at and what you came here to do. You know what that is because you do it every day. Consider the principles that you live by, affirm them, and refine their application as you live your life. Give yourself some credit for doing your part. And as greater light pours in to flush out all the toxins, take the time you need to recover, adjust and reintegrate.

What will happen when Earth’s liberation warriors can finally reveal themselves and declare victory over darkened powers? Another round of transformation must begin. What will humanity do with its newfound freedom? How many people – scarred by trauma, trained to submit, in denial of God within – will be able to grasp the depth of their freedom and begin to use it wisely? Who will be there to inform, inspire or guide them as needed?

Humanity needs more – not fewer – people who have begun to live from higher consciousness. Needs, fascinations and fears cultivated by external powers have interfered much with humanity’s evolution. Few of your fellows are more aware of the antidote than you: discovering the infinite power within. And this is why the misdirection and neutralization of lightworkers has been a significant campaign in the war against humanity. Have any of you been taken for a ride?

In the heat of the moment, some of you can get obsessed with some particular thread of worldly life as a medium of transformation. Common focal points include money and financial systems, political information in mass media and social media, environmental trends, military and social movements, religious thought, secret societies, and secret space programs and extra-terrestrials. It’s fine for you to stay abreast of worldly things that interest you, but not at the cost of getting diverted from your own essential contributions. If one or more of such hot topics is intrinsically connected to your work, you will know it and carry on accordingly. But if it doesn’t help your work, you can equally recognize that and re-focus your attention.

Listening to informed others and learning about the world has its place. But some of you are working brilliantly on things that almost no-one has ever heard of. And some of you are working on things that everyone is concerned about, but in uniquely brilliant ways that almost no-one can really understand. You came here because your weirdness is crucially required, and freely given for an extraordinary opportunity to evolve.

What is happening on Earth today is not fundamentally about money, politics, religion, genetics, or peace and war among intelligent species. What is happening in the most fundamental terms is that many more people are waking up to universal truth, and preparing to live as sovereign exponents of God.

And so we wish to remind you that you need not define your future on the basis of your past. Why commit yourself to financial power – or political freedom, or space travel – when whole orders of possible experience that are entirely unknown or forgotten exist beyond them? Why attach your destiny to issues and struggles that may soon be obsolete?

Sweet relief comes with the remembrance of universal truth. Then you will all lay down your weapons, words, and wallets. For peace will not arise from battle. Liberation may not be argued. The revolution is not being televised, and your ascension will not be monetized.

You have only to live the truth.

We are the Elohim.

Channel: Tarashtan

Note from Angel4Light:

These pictures were taken by me to show you the magical Ray’s being sent to us to upgrade our DNA and flood this world with Devine Light. Light of Peace. Light of Love.

Our pathway to our Ascension. Keep your heart’s pure and filled with love.


Crystalline DNA Alignments and Codes : The Original Template of Divine Creation emerges at Equinox March 2019

Crystalline DNA Alignments and Codes : The Original Template of Divine Creation emerges at Equinox March 2019

Source: Celia Fenn

Beloved Family, as you move into and beyond the March Full Moon and Equinox, those of you who have chosen New Earth as your destination are experiencing the reactivation of your Divine Human Template within your DNA. This is a powerful process that involves receiving powerful incoming Diamond Light Codes that are not only activating the original template, but also throwing off all and any distortions and alterations in the DNA Genetic Key patterns.

The Elohim Angels were the original creators of the Divine Human Template, according to the Divine Plan. In this original Template, Humans were created as guardians and caretakers for the Sacred Planet Earth. They were created as Peace Loving and Gentle, designed to live in harmony with their fellow beings and the environment.

But, you should know, Beloved Ones, that there was a race of beings that we will simply call the “Draco-Sumerians” who coveted the planet and decided to make it their own and to divert it from its original purpose. To do this, they altered the Genetic patterns and keys of the human “keepers” on the planet, so that they ceased to be peace loving and harmonious and became greedy and aggressive. They did this by altering the patterns of the Masculine energy flows, so that where the masculine and feminine had been in perfect balance before, now the masculine was designed to seek domination and control through money, sex and power. All other beings were seen as subject and subservient to the human masculine energy.

Now, after thousands of years of this imbalance and distortion that is perpetuated through the DNA and its records, the incoming Diamond Light Codes are becoming so powerful that they are simply washing away the distortions and manipulations to the original DNA and allowing the Divine Human Template to emerge again. The Elohim knew that in time this would happen, and they designed the process of Ascension to bring the “Earth Keepers” back to an awareness of who they were and the inherent power and empowerment within them.

So, Beloved ones, you have reached that point where your DNA is being purged and cleansed, and you are reconnecting with your Divine Power. As this process continues, you throw off the old masculine pattern that was imposed on you and embrace what we call the new Divine Masculine, which was modeled for you on Earth by Jeshua as he walked the path of the Christ consciousness as an Avatar. Together with Mary Magdalene, they showed how the Masculine and Feminine could be brought into balance to create the Golden Star/Light within the Human Body and DNA. As these energies come into balance again, you will feel the Golden Light within your cells illuminating your life and your path.

This Equinox/Full Moon, with its emphasis on 1degree of Aries and Libra, focuses on the New Masculine (Aries) and the Sacred Marriage (Libra) within your cells and your DNA. Masculine and Feminine seek equality and balance and a new way of being that will allow the Divine Human Template of the Elohim Creators to emerge and to activate the true purpose of each human and the New Earth itself.

This will be both a powerful and a magical time. There will be an acceleration of the awakening process and an acceleration of the cleansing process within your bodies. It is important that you take good care of your physical body and that you rest when you need to. Now is not the time to be starting grand projects, for your body needs you to allow it the time and energy it needs to return to its original settings and align with its Divine purpose.

A New Earth: A New Life and a New Mission

Beloved Ones, as the Elohim remind us, the Earth was originally created to be a Sacred Temple Planet or place of Spiritual Retreat where beings from all over the Galaxy could come to enjoy the Planetary Garden that was the creation of the Elohim as well. The various Star Nations were invited to create Sacred Sites and Temples that would link back to their home worlds and be a mirror of their relationship with the Divine. The Earth would hold the “Temple” or Sacred energies of many Star Nations, and Humans were designed to be the Keepers of the Garden Planet and to maintain its beauty and harmony.

After the alteration of the DNA, that original purpose was lost, and the Star Nations withdrew from the Earth as the Elohim figured out what to do to reclaim the Earth without resorting to violence and manipulation. Their plan was to send out a call to Light Warriors and Workers around the Galaxy and beyond to come to the Earth to assist in the process of raising consciousness so that Humans would remember who they were and throw off the distortions and manipulations of their own accord. And so, that is why many of you are here, you answered the call and you came to bring your light and power in the project of reclaiming the Earth and birthing the New Earth, which would reset the Galactic Mission of Earth to be a Sacred Planet and a Place of Spiritual Light and Sanctuary for the Galaxy.

So, at this time, Earth is ascending to her new purpose as a Sacred and Pristine Planet of Spiritual energies that are anchored in the fifth dimension but ascend all the way to the 9th dimension. And those of you who have chosen to ascend with her are also opening to the higher dimensions and allowing yourselves to anchor those higher dimensions on the New Earth grids.

Not all are ready to ascend to the New Earth and cross the Bridge to Higher Consciousness. Those who can not yet move beyond the fifth dimension will continue on the present Earth which we call “alternate” Earth, a place where lower frequency humans can live out their lives through their choices, with the possibility of awakening being always present.

Alternate Earth and New Earth exist in the same space, but in different dimensions. That is why it is possible for you to move between them once you have got your bearings in the new quantum continuum of energies.

New Earth is a clear and pristine energy that elevates the Sacred and exists as a harmonious, loving and creative frequency. This is what we call the “Sanctuary” or “Temple” frequency.

Alternate Earth is a chaotic place where energies whirl as many people who have not mastered their energies attempt to create and co-exist together. They release much fear and anger as they have not sense of the damage that can be done by out of balance emotions and mental patterns. They have not ascended to love, but are still following out of date patterns of greed and domination to attempt to create what they need.

Let us explain it more clearly : in 2012 the old third dimensional Earth ceased to exist. It was replaced by Alternate Earth which was a fifth-dimensional Earth that could accommodate the populations of the old Earth. It also contained the seeds of New Earth that are coming to fruition right now, as the First Wave of Ascenders prepare to activate their inner bridges and cross over to New Earth frequency.

Service and Purpose in a Sacred Context

Beloveds, it is clear that with this huge shift in the Earth and her purpose, there will be a similar shift in your soul mission and purpose.

Those who shift into New Earth frequency will feel an intensified desire to align with the Sacred Mission of Earth, and to activate their Soul Missions as Keepers of the Sacred Earth energies. They will be the Keepers of the new Temples and Sanctuaries, which may be as simple as a room in a suburban home or as grand as a new building devoted to Divine Service in the New Earth.

There will also be those who are called to reactivate the Paradise Garden through the Paradise Codes. They will reconnect with the Earth herself and the Devas and Nature Spirits to manifest the energy of Paradise in those places on the Earth where the New Earth frequency is grounding.

For, Beloved Ones, you are the New Earth, and where you are that is where this new Diamond Crystalline frequency is grounded in you and through you.

However, many of you will choose to spend more time in the alternate Earth engaged in the processes of assisting those still there to awakened. You will be Teachers and Guides and Healers, and you will find that your work is rapidly expanding and growing as more people are guided to you.

Many are being called right now to step up and make themselves more available for those who are seeking the light and moving into the awakening process and who need support, love and guidance.

So you can see, that there are many options available to the Light Warriors and Workers as you move forward into this exciting new phase.

But, we would also say that the emphasis here is on service to the light and the divine plan, and not on making money and having a great and successful business. That is the old paradigm. In the New Earth energy you simply follow your intuition and your guidance and allow the flow of divine creative intelligence to sustain you. If you are aligned with this flow, then you will be supported in everything that you do. The purpose of the Earth is also to sustain all life, so that you should never have to be anxious and fearful if you follow your impulse to service and expressing your purpose on Earth.

Equinox March 2019 and Full Moon

So, Beloved Ones, we ask that you hold your awareness at the Equinox and be prepared to listen to your guidance and your soul.

Make choices as to where you would like to be and what you feel you want to be doing to express your Soul Purpose on the Earth/New Earth.

Above all, hold the energy of the Sacred and of Sanctuary in your Heart.

Perhaps you will even begin to build your own Sanctuary to the Divine Light!

Or perhaps you will begin to create the Garden in your Heart and in your Life!

We rejoice and celebrate with you at the returning of the Light and the Earth to its original purpose as “New Earth”……The Sacred Planet of Divine Light.

Thank You President Trump

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