Intensified Energy | The Council via Ronald Head

Intensified energy – The Council

via Ronald Head

We would like to speak today of the intensified energy field that your planet has entered. You are experiencing this as ‘incoming energies’. Many who are empathic or otherwise quite sensitive are struggling with this.

Perhaps the best thing we can do for you today is to offer you yet one more different image to work with.

Firstly, the image you have of incoming intensified energy is just an image. The reality is more accurately described as energy that you are entering. This is compounded by your individual and collective opening up to energy that seems to surround you. We say ‘seems’ because it is actually the greater field of which you are a part. You are becoming awake and aware of new things, new vibrations.

Some of these, as we have said above, are quite a bit more intense than what you are accustomed to. This will continue to be your experience. It is a part of what you have signed on for and of that which you have named ‘ascension’. Therefore we say, it will be of benefit to you to find a way to navigate these changes in the easiest way possible.

Now, as we have pointed out, and we admit to using the image ourselves just now, you think of this as intense and uncomfortable energy that you are newly encountering. We propose that you decide to, and then learn to, think about this in a new way.

As we said, you are the ones entering the new, and even becoming the new by raising your own vibrations and opening to the awareness of that. It is something that cannot be avoided given the destination you have chosen. So what can you do?

This energy is a field phenomenon. A field is rather like a sea or an ocean. Now what happens if one enters a sea and struggles against the experience? One sinks, do they not? What happens if one relaxes, lays back, and determines to enjoy the feeling? One floats, correct? And this is infinitely more enjoyable.

Now, we have said this before several times in our past messages. But even though it was just as true then, the change had not yet reached this magnitude. Well, now it has. So we advise that you fling your mental arms open wide, and feel the deliciousness of what you are entering. Feel yourselves adjusting to this new vibration that you are in and that you are becoming. You are becoming that which you have desired. Keep that in mind, as well.

This is not something that is being done to you. It is something that is being done for you. And the truth is that it is also something that you are doing. Keep in mind that there is, as we have been at pains to stress, no separation. You have infinite possibilities of things to learn, but your greatest lesson and opportunity lies in the remembrance of that. No separation. No separation. I am that. Tat twam asi. It is a field. It is only a viewpoint that you are seeing it all from. And you are free to choose a different viewpoint whenever you like, as often as you like.

Please enjoy your journey.

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Archangel Michael via Ronna Vezane, May 30th, 2019

Archangel Michael via Ronna Vezane, May 30th, 2019 – Sananda

Per Staffan

By Ronna Vezane Sacred Scribe

May 30, 2019,

Beloved masters, have you ever wondered about the true meaning of the phrase, “And God said, ‘Let there be Light’”?

It is a complex statement and it has been interpreted in many ways. Hopefully, you are beginning to understand how profound and all-encompassing it is. In your recent past history, as children of God you could only understand the story of Creation in its most simplistic form.

But as you awaken, raise your consciousness, and tap into the cosmic truth of Creation, you now have the ability to access all the wisdom and majesty of your Divine origins and birthright.

In the beginning of the beginning, all that existed was the great void – which was filled with unlimited, unmanifest potential. The Supreme Creator was in repose within a sphere of unimaginable power and magnificence. The mind of the ALL THAT IS stirred, and from within ITS Core Essence, a White Fire Seed Atom came forth with the desire to create and experience more of ITSELF.

The words, “Let there be Light,” were not spoken, but from within the heart of the Creator there burst forth a beam of radiance of gigantic proportions. This beam of the Creator’s consciousness radiated forth out into the void, illuminating the great void, and thereby creating what was to be the Omniverse of the First Cause.

Within this Light hologram were all the components of Creation, everything there ever has been and everything there ever will be: pure love, wisdom, the Divine Blueprint for all future universes, galaxies, star systems, planets, as well as the mineral, vegetable, animal kingdoms, and YOU, dear ones.

When we speak of Light, it is in all-encompassing terms. Within the Light are all the love, wisdom, power, virtues, attributes, and aspects of the Creator. And because each of you is a child of our Father/Mother God of this Universe, you were decreed to be a cocreator, and you were endowed with your own special Divine blueprint containing the virtues and attributes of our God Parents.

A White Fire Seed Atom of individualized God conscious – a precious Spark of the Creator is who you really are.

Oh, yes, you are in a dramatically stepped down form, and you carry only a minuscule amount of the Creator’s Light, but nevertheless, you are a Being of Love/Light. The Light is your life-line to the Creator. The Divine Essence of our Mother/Father God is what you draw upon to bring your creations into manifested form: either joy, peace, love, and abundance, or you turn the energy into the lower frequencies of fear, pain, and limitation.

Remember, you are a cocreator, and it is your choice as to what you manifest; however, it is a Universal Law that you must always experience that which you create.

The time has arrived. You are in the midst of a shifting of the Ages, and a great upward turn in the spiral of Cosmic Creation. You have journeyed down through the multi-dimensions to the farthest outward point allowable for this experiment in duality and polarity. You have existed in the DIM-ensions for too long, and now you are being given the opportunity to return to higher consciousness within the entry level of the Fifth Dimension, which is the next step in your never-ending journey back into the rarified realms of Light.

Fear, ignorance, lack, pain, and suffering are all a result of being cut off from the refined frequencies of God Light. The love of our Father/Mother God is contained within the Essence of Supreme Creator Light — all is contained within this radiance — remember that. All of Creation is manifested through Light vibrations, which create sound, pulsations of wave forms, and specific RAYS of consciousness.

Imagine yourself as a tuning fork or resonance receptor attuned to certain frequencies and vibrations. As you refine your frequencies, you begin to vibrate and attune to higher and more refined energy vibrations, which contain more and more of the Creator’s Light — the components of Creation.

And so we ask you, what is your Light quotient? How much of the Creator’s Light have you integrated and claimed as your own? We are not looking for a number, dear hearts. We already know the answer. We can tell by the radiance and love you project from your heart center. We can tell by the qualities of the thought forms that permeate your auric field, and by your deeds, large and small. As you tap into and integrate more of the Light, you begin to walk tall, with purpose, and you make a positive impact on those around you.

You become a leader instead of a follower – beginning by becoming the master of your own destiny – and by breaking free of the popular mass consciousness beliefs, thereby living and following your own truth and journey instead of that of someone else.

As we have told you before, this Universe is in a megacycle of increased Light impulses, which are radiating directly from the Heart Core of the Supreme Creator. The refined octaves of Creator Light are available to ALL at whatever level each Being has prepared their vessel to accept and integrate them.

The higher frequency Light cannot begin to infiltrate the static or jumbled frequencies that make up the Third- / Fourth-Dimensional physical vessel without the permission of the recipient and an opening of the heart center. Your Soul Self, OverSoul-Higher Self, and God Self are just waiting for a signal from you to begin the process — to open the Light line of eternal life.

Light is in your DNA, and every atom of your body is filled with Light to one degree or another. If it were not so, you could not exist. It is time to unlock the flow of God Light from within and from without.

Envision billions of tiny Light particles turning on within your body, and billions more radiating down from your White Fire God Seed Atom, your God Self, in the form of sparkling, diamond crystal pyramids of Light. See yourself surrounded in a golden aura of Cosmic Light, and then observe as your circle of Love/Light begins to expand.

Know that you are emulating the Creator as you say to yourself, “Let there be Light.” Now, watch as your unique beam of God’s Light streams forth before you, smoothing, harmonizing, lifting, and transforming via all the elements of wondrous refined creative energy.

As you learn to move back and forth between your Fifth-Dimensional Pyramid of Light and the sphere of Light you have built around you, you will be not affected by the negativity of the lower-frequency vibration patterns. You will create a sacred place within your heart and mind, and your world will begin to reflect your highest desires. Your sphere of influence will expand, and you will draw to you those who are in harmony with the refined frequencies and ideals you embody.

Together, you will begin to be active participants in weaving the gossamer fabric of the new reality that is being birthed. And eventually, if it is your desire, you will be allowed to actively participate in the formulation of a future Divine Blueprint of Cosmic Creation within this Sub-Universe.

As a part of your transformational process, you are once again becoming aware of the energies and uses of the crystals and gemstones found within the Earth. They, too, carry Creator Light, and they will assist you to clear and balance the energies within much more quickly, if you attune to their individual energies and program them through your higher conscious intent. They are eager to work with you, for as you awaken and come into harmony with the higher frequencies, so do they.

There are great sentient quartz crystals, which resonate with the heartbeat of your Mother Earth, and other huge strategically placed crystal clusters which are attuned to the pulsations of the new Divine Blueprint for this Sub-Universe. There are also huge Amethyst clusters that radiate the transforming Violet Flame, which were strategically placed deep within great caverns of the planet.

These powerful sources of Creator Light are now being activated in order to send forth the transmuting vibrational frequencies of the Seventh Ray of the Aquarian Age. As we have told you before, they act as receivers and receptors – transmitters and broadcasters of energy and information – both around the world and out into the solar system and galaxy.

There are also Record Keeper crystals, both large and small, and they will assist you to activate the Memory Seed Atom Light packets within your brain structure – your Sacred Mind. They can also help you unlock the mystery and wisdom of your and the Earth’s ancient past. The mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms are also in a state of transformation into a renewed, higher awareness. Beloveds, none will be left behind — all are in a state of transformation and awakening.

It is a time of liberation. The desire for freedom is growing stronger within the heart of every sentient Being on Earth. It is also a time of coming together. Even as you are being reunited with your Soul or Star families, so are we of the higher realms joining forces. For many Ages, you have journeyed your separate path in order to fulfill your particular part of the Divine Mission.

But now, you are reuniting in order to create a synergistic overlay of consciousness that will be available to all who are prepared to be a part of the TEAM effort. We use this term, for you are comfortable with it, and it creates a mind picture of many working in harmony together with purpose and a common goal.

As we have told you in great detail, there are great and magnificent Pyramids of Light in the Fifth Dimension, where they are easily accessible to those of you who have done your homework, and who have attuned your physical vessel to the realms of Light.

Within these Pyramids that you have access to and can draw forth are all the components of Creator Light you will need to create anything you desire, for the greatest good of all. Your angelic guides and teachers are waiting there to join you and to be cocreators with you. So, bring forth your visions and your pure intention so you may claim the miracles that await you.

What if we were to tell you that it is quite possible that your earthly spiritual contract is completed? Many of you would go into fear and you might say, “But that is not what we have been told by others.”

Allow us to explain and help you understand what is taking place. Yes, each of you have a contract that you made before you assumed your fleshly garment in this lifetime, and overlaying this is a more all-encompassing contract that you made when you came into your consciousness within this particular Sub-Universe.

When you reach a certain level of en-LIGHTEN-ment, it is possible to complete the contract you made before coming to Earth for this particular embodiment. That contract was to bring together, balance, and harmonize all the loose ends or the major unbalanced energies you left behind from all your previous earthly incarnations (these were energies, probable futures, and agreements you created from all your past learning experiences).

Remember, we explained long ago that in the higher realms it was known this would be the most important lifetime any of you would ever experience on planet Earth. As a condition for being allowed to return to Earth during these exciting times of great change, there were three prerequisites that you had to agree to.

First, much of your minor imbalances were eradicated via a special dispensation of grace. What remained in your auric field and memory banks were the lessons, energies, and creations that were most important for you to bring back into balance and harmony. Remember, we have told you, that the experiment on Earth was about polarity and duality / balance and harmony.

Second, you were given a general overlay of what you would have to experience during this one lifetime: all the trials, tests, challenges, and opportunities that would be presented to you in order for you to accomplish this assigned task.

Third, because of the overlay of total free will that was granted humanity at the beginning of this experiment on planet Earth, you were asked if you would allow us, at the proper times, to set aside your free will in order to nudge you onto the path of awareness – to help you awaken to who you are, and to reveal to you your earthly mission. EVERY ONE OF YOU AGREED, or you would not be here.

That is the beauty and wonder of what is taking place at this time on Earth. Many more Starseed than we hoped for have accepted the challenge, and via tests and trials, they have taken advantage of the opportunities to awaken in consciousness as they were presented to them. We are pleased to say that a vast majority of you have bravely triumphed.

Your numbers are growing by leaps and bounds, as you balance and harmonize your inner force fields of Light, and then project your Creator Love/Light out into the world. You are coming together in greater and greater numbers, and you are joining forces with us as Warriors of Light and as champions of peace. When you have reached a certain level of harmony within, and you have balanced the ledger of life via loving interaction, deeds, and by gaining the wisdom of past experiences, that is when you are given an opportunity to gain access to your new Divine Blueprint for the Aquarian Age.

Beloveds, we would have you know that you have experienced every major Facet of Creation – either personally or via one of the many Soul Fragments of your God Self. You are much more ancient, and you are encoded with more wisdom than you could ever imagine. Do you not carry all the virtues and components of God within you?

And so, as a part of bravely accepting this assignment on planet Earth, you were assured that at its successful completion, you would be allowed to choose your next assignment — you could join the ascended masters as they serve humanity and move forward on the spiral of evolution. Or you have the potential to experience and enjoy the many wonders and diverse creations within this Sub-Universal experience that you desire.

The return path that you chose before or during this incarnation is being modified. This is what your universal contract states: A candidate to partner with our Father/Mother God in the creation, seeding and overseeing of the mansion worlds.

Yes, this will happen far into your future, but you may begin to draw forth the components, gifts, and wisdom which will help you fulfill and realize your new contract. It is assured, for it is your destiny. Know that we are not your superiors, we are your friends and partners. Let us join together as we walk boldly into our grand new future. You are loved and cherished beyond measure.

I AM Archangel Michael


Equinox & Supermoon Bring Support For Transitions Into The NEW

Equinox & Supermoon Bring Support For Transitions Into The NEW

Published on March 20, 2019

by Kalayna Solais

Waves of love and frustration, moments of fear and movements into deeper trust… a thin veil that has helped me experience another Metasoul connection to a timeline that feels important to keep feeling into. One that influences and infuses my current one with pain that needs to heal on a deep level, especially as service of love continues to beckon and the desire to be in a new, even more self-loving place within me continues to deepen. These are the experiences I have personally had lately through this Equinox and Supermoon passage as I continue my own personal transition into my Higher Timeline and feel all there is to feel along the way.

This Equinox and Supermoon journey has brought with it so much to look at and feel. There’s always more to address as we discover more layers in our hearts and souls… the damage and pain, and the joys and gifts too. And this latest cosmic movement has been amplifying this process.

Not only has this Equinox passage been lighting up your shadow so that some parts of you hiding there can come out, but the more you are able to trust in this process and the bigger picture, you have been likely feeling lit UP too by the new possibilities even in the midst of the rubble.

Whether you are celebrating the Autumnal Equinox or the Spring Equinox as we are here today, these seasons are transitional seasons with much being pushed up to look at and feel, sometimes in what could feel like a highly dramatized or charged way. The point of this is to help us see what isn’t balanced and start to bring it back into balance, or into balance for the first time ever, as we move through this new ‘season’.

This is part of this transitional phase into the NEW… the new way of relating to ourselves and each other, the new way of living a life that is more aligned with the Divine, with love, with the ongoing Ascension process of Gaia Herself. We are always in this transition into a more sustainable and consistent higher dimensional consciousness, yet this process is amplified and in some ways expedited during this time of Equinox.

We must bring all polarities with us, leaving nothing behind. Polarities are not bad or wrong. They are what is real. You may at peace with certain aspects of your life in one moment and then as if everything is falling apart the next. These polarized experiences within and outside of you are part of this transition into greater balance and part of the overall learning, healing, and Ascension experience… the sacred ‘bliss mess’ of it all.

There are powerful and poignant energies coming in now from the Divine Father through the Sun and the Divine Mother through the moon and especially this Supermoon. This Supermoon seems to be a marriage of the two energies. Both are beaming down to support you… to feel, to heal, to move more into love on a deeper level, especially within, so you can make more health-based and self-loving choices going forward that will align you more with the infinite love they have for you.

It’s always time to choose to seek out all polarized energies within and to feel them with your warmest heart and compassion. It’s always an opportunity to feel deeper what it is you most want for your Higher Timeline. It’s OK to lean in… to ask for Divine love and support during this time, coming into more trust that it is always there for you and with you.

Much love to you during this Equinox and Supermoon experience of healing, new balance, and profound love harvest… ❤



Major Shifts at Play

In so many ways, we are here for This Cycle

Hello Beautiful Earth Family 🙂 !

I’m sitting here listening to Samson chew on his ball, to distract him from messing with the bandage on his front right paw. The halo collar, cone thing, the vet gave me, was taken off the moment we got home, set on a side table. He doesn’t need that, thankfully. He tore a toe nail pretty far back while running along the fence, barking at the neighbor’s grand-dogs. He is doing so much better, more like himself, today which is a big relief. Our pets really are family, aren’t they.

Ok, onto the update for today. I do have two amazing conversations to share with you, below and also here and here. I loved having these conversations and am excited for you to possibly enjoy them, even expanding and feeling that yummy confirmation from hearing another speak your truth, no matter how cosmically out there it happens to be.

We would usually have our live gifted message today but I feel like I want a day of rest, reflection, personal time, and, I’ll be honest, laundry. I will be live again next week.

For here, I wanted to share that we have some continuing shifts, major shifts in energy patterns underway, and I felt another big move earlier this morning. It all feels, to me, exciting. More opportunities for us to truly be our Light, with perhaps more awareness of how we are stable forces of Love in a highly unstable and unpredictable cycle. Take care of you. Ok? Give yourself the love, time, attention, self-care and self honoring that feels great to you right now, knowing we have other responsibilities and tasks that we don’t get a break from. Be savvy with your time and prioritize yourself, too, in these shifting energies.

It does all feel good but things are becoming even less predictable. Those who know me know that I love this. Because I love how humans can settle into their true free will, their more authentic layers, when they aren’t operating from scripts and programs.

Self-Awareness is the key for this group. Knowing yourself. And further getting to know yourself, as the dynamic, adaptable, loving form of Light that you Are in your humanness.

The Solstice is coming up fast and it does feel like we are preparing for that. Building a more solid structure, within ourselves, for the expanding light force that we are. Here.

Many of us have been involved in reconnecting with the mainstream, in sometimes surprising ways. We’ve learned that we, our light, is stable enough to handle these interactions with more mainstream energies. This is, in many ways, why the deconstruction within key mainstream structures is happening. The eternal light is there to provide the support needed, while the more phony, mask-like structures are set down (or ripped off).

We are our Light. Eternally and Here. We thank you for this, for you being You. Every single one of us is a divine, and enduring Light of Source, that is unique and distinct from each other. A celebration of soulful variety. Carefully designed and crafted by you, as your eternal self.

We see you. We celebrate you. We are here with reason and purpose. Not with what we do. But with who we are.

With love, blessings and gratitude for all that you are,
Jill and the Guardian Council of the Golden and Platinum Rays

Ever look around at your extended family and wonder “Who are these people?” With love, of course 🙂

The holidays tend to be a strange sort of realization of how different we feel from our loved ones. It can also be a strange invitation into patterns of ourselves… that we don’t like. It can be confusing and even disorienting.

There is so much to gain from distinguishing ourselves, our light, our sense of self relative to, well, our relatives. My team has shown me the value and purpose of being our own One… of recognizing the natural distinctions between us as humans, even within blood families.

We’ve created a three call series through the holidays to assist and support this special group, to be your Light, your One, even amidst the sometimes straining times of the holiday season and gatherings.

Relationship Alchemy live call with your questions this Thursday!

We provide insights, reassurance, tools, strategies and some humor for being your best One, liking yourSelf, even in these sometimes awkward family dynamics.

Purchase here then access materials here or here (you may need to refresh screen to show materials). Call one is already in replay and available immediately upon purchase. We have a great group in this series and would love to invite you into this space of openness, love, support, and expansion; recognizing the very unique ways that we are here on Earth and here within our families. We see You, the loving, caring, soulful You. This matters. You matter. Relationship Alchemy is available and welcoming you, now.
Major events going on in the Middle East right now. Very much a part of the shifting we discussed above. Yes, Egypt and Petra are still on, after careful evaluation, deep connection with our teams and solid guidance to proceed. We’ve realize that the timing and purpose of this trip is now even more divine… than we initially realized. 

Please contact me if you feel very much in purpose for unlocking the codes in these sacred spaces on Earth.

Jill at jillreneefeeler dot com
Thank you for Sharing!

Solar Eclipse Urgent Energy Update – August 2017

Solar Eclipse Urgent Energy Update – August 2017

Free Live Group Session Call Replay with Lisa Transcendence Brown

Free Live Group Session Call Replay with Lisa Transcendence Brown (June 2016)

Lisa Transcendence Brown 

Originally Published on Dec 30, 2016

Welcome to a recorded replay of a Live Group Session call that went out free to the public. We offer it here to reach more who resonate with the information. Lisa’s Live Group Session Calls are offered to assist as this is a huge process, so we work with the processes that assist you in stepping further into your soul purposes/missions/roles here. Opening hearts, opening minds through challenging and obliterating the old mindsets, limits and barriers held in place. This is about the energy of all and when we understand the energy, work with the energy, deal with all in present moment… everything gets a whole lot easier. We walk you through the “hows” so that you get to choose from a multitude of options according to your own inner guidance and knowledge and higher self aspect for you! We guide and assist from the other dimensions and higher vibrational realms so that you can fully embrace your most vibrant and magnificent you and awesome realities too! Original recording: June 2016 All things SOUL Awakening, Remembering, Ascension, Descension, Expansion, Transcendence, Embodiment, Multi-dimensional Mastery, Super Consciousness, Crystalline LightBody, NEW Earth, Advanced NEW Earth HUman Evolution, Global Expanded Consciousness. Register for newsletters and free Updates:…

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04-15-12: Update-Mushaba Movement 12 Sets of 12                                  

Anakhanda: Mushaba Greetings Hebechaia!

What is taking place in the world since the Mushaba Movement performed the activation on April 08, 2012?

Hebechaia; What is and has taken place is that the frequency of mother earth has risen to a higher degree. This includes every part of mother earth and all of its kingdoms including the human kingdom. Watch as the situation in Syria finds its end and the present situation is replaced with one that will be more for the people. This is a scenario that will take place around the world with governments. It has lessened many greater earth changes in various places on earth as well. The activation of the Mushaba Portals and Crystals around the world is slowly building, creating a great resonance that is establishing the frequencies of freedom and empowerment. It is saturating the very air that you breathe. It is saturating the land and water masses around the globe. It is emanating those frequencies from the core of the earth out to the universe. It is speaking a new language to all of creation. It has also accelerated the seeds of peace in them growing and coming into full fruition that was activated in the Ukraine by the Mushaba Aborigines tribe from Africa. It has caused the Mushaba Force that is within everything on earth and the universe to begin to awaken and this awakening will allow everyone and everything to evolve at an even greater pace because mother earth is moving forward at greater speeds than before. She decided that it’s time to move fully into the next level and cannot wait any longer. This activation has hastened everything on earth and everyone on earth to match her acceleration.

The activation will give many people that have information that need to come forward but have been in fear to do so, they will begin to come forward and the information will be nothing short of mind blowing. The people in general will have a difficult time believing what is being exposed. The Media is also experiencing a change where the energies will support those in the media that wishes to bring forward more truth reporting without fear of retaliation by their employers. It will give those that are within the politics greater courage and less fear to stand up for the people and begin to challenge the unjust laws against the people. They will work to have all the people of your governments to be held accountable under the exact laws that are held against the people.  No immunity from the laws that the people have to abide by. They will have to abide by the same laws. This will bring about a swift action in striking down these unjust laws.

The Mushaba energies are building and it is preparing to send a shock wave of deep and abiding love around the globe that will cause an awakening among many people as well as opening the heart flow of many people. It will also inspire people in general to do better, to pay attention, and to accept and have the courage to make change for the betterment of self and all of earth.  However, it will also bring great unrest to those who are negatively inclined and are resisting the heart opening and changes. They will find themselves shaken greatly and they will either accept the energies of the loving force or they will move off planet to places that will suit their vibration. Move off planet by mostly succumbing to the energies of death mostly by heart failure or brain aneurysms. It will be seen as a natural occurrence of heart failure because the love is being resisted and the heart cannot withstand the resistance of the love forces of all life. The heart was never made to emit and accept anything other than love. The very process of the heart filtering and pumping life blood is an act of love! Blood purifies when it enters the heart so any energy that is not love that is moving through your body and it reaches the heart, it goes in willing to be transformed into love. If it is resisted and the energy is being blocked through negatively include attitudes, thoughts and energies, it cause the heart to malfunction which interprets as heart failure.

The brain is also very inclined to accept the vibration of love. When the love energy flows into the heart, it also flows into the brain. It nourishes your brain stem and the electrical impulses of the brain. Its very process of being able to use the electrical impulses is an act of love by the brain. When these electrical impulses are thrown out of harmony and negative charges are being sent to it through the negative thought forces and energies that comes from the heart resistance to it, the brain electrical system malfunctions and the brain shuts down just for a  moment and in the body it causes instant death. So having the deep and abiding of the Mushaba Force is a beautiful thing and a wondrous glory to behold!

This is just the beginning of many greater changes that will result. You all will be called upon again to group together and bring specific changes to the world for the betterment of all human kind, and all of nature.

Now as to each of you,

It is very important to understand that this activation has and will cause for some of you many varying affects. Some will bring up old issues that need to be released and has been a hold back to you for long enough. Some of it will bring what appears to be having to deal with various issues that seem to suddenly arise. They were there, just not brought to light and they will be brought to light so that they can be seen for what they are and acted upon accordingly. They will cause great inner growth and opening to take place as the Mushaba Force within builds and become powerful and loving at the deepest depths of your being. It will bring and is bringing great change into your lives. Remember to look at this as a clearing or a releasing so that you will not be caught up in the drama or emotion of what is taking place so this way you can clearly see what it may be and what your next step is to handle it in the best of manners for a positive outcome on your behalf.

Your life is in the flow of becoming greater and more fulfilling than ever before! It will bring a greater peace and a greater knowing to each of you. It will assist in bringing your personal desires that you intended to come in fruition. However, it is vital that you do not go into doubt because of what may be transpiring in your lives. It is many times, very necessary to clear something before something else can manifest in your life. Don’t let the doubt and misgivings throw you out of the Mushaba energy vortex of creation and manifestation that was created by going through the activation ceremony. If you stand firm and hold in mind that which you intended for your personal service, it will manifest. You can look at it as a healing crisis where it seems and appears to get worse before it gets better bringing healing and well-being. Some of you may have a very different experience and things that you have been wanting will begin to manifest in your life seemingly without effort. It will reach this point for each one of you.

Remember that you are just in the beginning stages of all of this. There is so much more to come. It hasn’t reach its full potential and it is freshly out the gate so to speak.  You can perform the activation again if you so desire. There will be other activations coming that will be paramount to your freedom and empowerment and your creation, magic and manifestation. The Mushaba Symbol can be used for anything you can imagine as long as it is in integrity. The personal crystal can be used right along with it to carry your purpose within its crystal make up to full manifestation. The other upcoming activation that will be offered to those that feel called to participate, after this energy has reached a certain level, and its moving very fast toward that, we will be offering activations using the symbols of Freedom From Within, Spiritual Opening, The New Light, and the Light Being. They each carry a quality that is awesome and a part of what will catapult you into your true self.

Where does true freedom start? From Within! So many people have been asking for and intended true opening to the potentials of Spirit. The spiritual opening symbol addresses that. The New Light is where every single thing is going toward in its evolvement. Everyone will eventually become a Platinum Being. This is what is called the New Light! It will not be dark light, gray light, or light light; it will be a combination and perfect blending of them all becoming Platinum Light!

The light being symbol activation will be a blast of bliss to the light beings! They will come out and be more open and more involved since their very moment of creation! It will be a response that will shake the heavens! They will be of great and profound delight to you as one or more decides that they want to work with you, opening possibilities that you cannot imagine!

Do not in any way diminish the great and profound love and power that you generated by doing the activation of the 12 sets of 12! You have gotten the attention of all of creation! All of the galactic civilization has turned toward you and what you have done! What you have set in motion is huge and powerful and life changing and earth changing! You will soon see results that cannot be disputed not only in the world, but in your personal lives as well!

Now remember what we have said before; if you haven’t taken part in this and done the activation of the 12 sets of 12, you can still perform the ceremony and get the same results as everyone else! It was designed that way because some people will find out about it after it has been done and will want to have been part of it. They still can at any time even if it is a year from now! So continue to share and spread the word. The more of humanity that do the activation the more power it lends to the whole.

Anakhanda: Thank you Hebechaia for such a detailed answer!

 Hebechaia: It has been my joy! Mushaba Blessings to you all!

Thank You President Trump

Draining The SwampDecember 15, 2018
Pray for President Trump, the White Hats, our Military and all benevolent beings helping to Free Humanity . Be in JOY and in PEACE. Love others as you Love yourself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Be an example of Love and Joy. Peace will be ours and so it is.

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