James Gilliland Update – Discussion On Current World Events – August 17, 2017

James Gilliland Update – Discussion On Current World Events – August 17, 2017

First edition of the new ECETI Video Newsletter…James will be discussing currant world events and developments as they unfold…Keep Tuned!



Intel: “On The GCR, What Should You Do Next?” – One Who Knows – 2.27.17



Monday, February 27, 2017

“On The GCR, What Should You Do Next?” – One Who Knows – 2.27.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows

February 27, 2017

On The GCR, What Should You Do Next?

For one thing there are seeming conflicts about whether or not we will get SPECIAL 800#s or just call the Bank number. I have gotten several emails on this question alone.

Yosef says it will just happen without fanfare, no big announcement. That may be true, however, the moment one of us gets an appointment, it will be all over Dinar Chronicles in a Heart Beat. I expect soon after that, there will be so many reports of exchange appointments, that Patrick will have to put them on a separate post. (Heads up Patrick)

What We Know & Don’t Know

#1) We know that the Zim will be handled separately by HSBC at an offsite location, protected by the military. So if you have Zim you will be working with the Lead Bank HSBC no matter what. It is my understanding that they will handle your other currencies as well, while you are there.

#2) We also have heard that there are some special arrangements for LARGE VOLUME currency holders. There are some of us who bought suite cases of Dinar especially. Clearly this was way before anyone knew about the Zim and its final Rates. Just one $10T Zim would be more than ALL those large volume currency holders together. But that is hind sight and we all know that now. I understand these large volume currency holders will go to the offsite locations to be processed instead of a Bank location.

Heads Up: NPTB

The issue I see is that we have been told NOT to tell HOW MUCH currency we have on the first call, just which ones. So, how can they know which exchange location we need to go to for Volume? We are going to need some clarity on this issue and I am sure we will get it soon.

#3) We have also been told that low volume currency exchanges can (will?) be handled by specially selected and trained physical bank locations. THIS DOES NOT MEAN ANY PHYSICAL BANK. Again, how do they know we only have a few notes unless we tell them? This needs to be cleared up.

The Time Factor

We all know now, that what makes a currency holder get special treatment and high rates, is NOT if they are following the internet, but instead if they call to set their appointment in time, before the cut off. Again, no worries here, you will know when to call. Just because “It just happens,” doesn’t mean it will be unnoticed. Clearly, the whole idea is to GET YOU ALL EXCHANGED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. So the go time will not be secret, but it will most likely just SHOW UP WHEN IT IS TIME.

Special EXACT Instructions

I TRULY EXPECT that we will get some additional information and instructions. In fact it has been said that the intel providers will be receiving some sort of information package that they will share with their audiences. I am sure this is true.


As Yosef says, there may not be any announcements in Dinarland, except maybe some special instructions that show up out of nowhere. However, after we have been exchanging for a while, (hours/days?), I do expect some announcement on TV to alert those who have dropped out of Dinarland, due to stress or loss of belief. They have indicated they want to exchange EVERYONE who has these (First Basket) currencies in just a few days. BUT, I am sure the TV announcement will be coded & subtle, so that currency holders get the message and non currency holders think nothing of it.


We are still operating in the dark as far as exact official intel and instructions. While I do expect we will get that information when the time is right, for now, I will make a few suggestions.

1) When you call in, be sure and tell them you are going for the Humanitarian Rates, and want to Exchange at an offsite exchange center. That will get you in the right place for the special rates. However, we do know that some retail bank locations have been trained and are authorized to offer these rates and terms. We just don’t know which ones they are.

2) At this point, avoid telling the first telephone operator “How Much” currency you have. Limit that to which ones you have such as Dinar, Dong, and especially ZIM. We may get further instructions on this, but until we do, be safe.

Special Note: I fully expect that once we get our “Special Phone Number” that links us to the exchange center we chose, I am sure we will be telling them EXACTLY what we will be exchanging at their location. Again, this is all we know at this point. We may get more detailed and better instructions later.

3) If we don’t get some special number to call, I would only call the Main, Large Banks Phone numbers. At the Large banks, they will know what to do with your call. However, if you call the corner bank, they may not be one of the specially trained banks, and you will most likely get the lowest screen rates there. Again, we may get better info later.

4) Pay attention to the main lintel sites like Dinar Chronicles, and Bruce’s Big Call website for exchange info. I am quite sure that when this REALLY goes, even if it is unannounced and sudden, they will have the best, most accurate info and intel on what to do. Remember, the NPTB want to get us all exchanged as soon as possible, and the Last thing they want is confusion and misinformation. So they will make some kind of effort to get the real instructions in “Reputable” places that you can and will trust.

5) Remember to call and contact those who you gifted currencies to so they can get going earlier rather than later. If they do have a TV announcement, your giftees may miss it, or not “Get The Clue” that it is going. So if you thought enough of them to give them currency in the first place, then make sure they know it is going when it is.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that we still don’t have “Official” information and I am quite sure that we will not get it either until it is Officially going. However, I do expect that the correct, official and exact information will show up for us at that time. Until then, these points are just guidelines based on what we know now. They may be 100% correct or might be off a bit. We will just have to “Wing-It” in our planning until we know exactly what to do… and I am sure will get that info. I know we are so close, that I am even wondering if this will get posted before it goes! I am always EXPECTING Big Things!

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Signed: One Who Knows

Terra Zetzz


Saint Germaine: NESARA And Disclosure WILL Be Announced!!!

NESARA & DISCLOSURE WILL BE ANNOUNCED!! Saint Germain OWS & Ashira Galactic Federation of Light

Video by Family of Light 

Originally Published on Nov 23, 2016



Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco.


Saint Germain:
I am Saint Germain. I am here now to continue this process that has begun long ago. We are now together at this moment, at this time, like a moment in history. Just prior to the moment in history that changes everything.

We know in your discussion today you spoke of this. You spoke of these changes coming. You spoke of how everything is about to shift. Or that you want it to shift.

I tell you, as Saint Germain along with all of my brothers and sisters out there, you are all saying that the time is now. 

As you look out at all that is occurring, all that is happening in what you call the external world, that everything that is happening in the external world, is first happening within you in internal fashion.


We are creating this entire new planet, this new Golden Age, we are creating this together. You hear of those things called the revaluation. You hear of NESARA. You hear of many changes that have already begun. The advent of what has been known as Brexit. The advent of your recent elections.

There are so many things happening yet behind the scenes, much of this. Much of it is also coming out into the understanding, into the forefront. So that you can see with your own eyes, hear with your own ears. These changes are swiftly coming upon you now.

Up until this point it has been a trickle, but as our One Who Serves brother said, the floodgates will be opening. You will begin to see more and more truth come forward. More and more understanding that you have been the ones, all along, that brought this about. You, the Lightworkers. You the ones who share the light. And those you share it with are all a part of this great undertaking.


NESARA will be announced. Disclosure of the Galactic presence will be announced. The financial situation you know right now will not be much longer. It will go through a transition such as each of you is going through a transition. You are transitioning into a new level of understanding within yourselves. An understanding that you once had, and as understanding that is coming back to you as who you are.

As has been spoken, you and your Higher Selves are one. That is certainly true. We are all one with everyone, with everything. We are one with Prime Creator, Himself and Herself. We are all the same energy, the same love energy. There has never been a disconnect from this energy. We have always been one. We will always be one.

Together, you and I and all the others who mentor to you will lift this planet up to a higher state of knowing and understanding of itself, as the Collective Consciousness of man becomes all that it can be, and all that it is meant to be. The darkness that you have come to know and understand will be no more. For darkness cannot exist within the light. Even the smallest ember of light can illuminate a dark room.

I am Saint Germain. I will be with you shortly in what you call your Advance. We will be very much with you at that time.

All my peace and love be with all of you.

NESARA & DISCLOSURE WILL BE ANNOUNCED!! Saint Germain OWS & Ashira Galactic Federation of Light.


Thank You President Trump

Draining The SwampDecember 15, 2018
Pray for President Trump, the White Hats, our Military and all benevolent beings helping to Free Humanity . Be in JOY and in PEACE. Love others as you Love yourself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Be an example of Love and Joy. Peace will be ours and so it is.


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